October 15, 2003 (No. 15)

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Note: The next edition of the news summary is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 23rd.

This morning, the State Building Commission (SBC) issued a major RFP in support of TN Office of Information Resources for statewide premise telecom wiring, equipment, related services. Roughly 35 firms showed interest before the previous RFP (317.03-091) was cancelled and the process resumed within SBC Capital Projects Management, as required by law. The new project SBC 529/000-06-03 is posted here.

File-sharer Grokster chief appears at Vanderbilt, becomes lightning rod for music pro's who fling questions as "60 Minutes" films, City Paper, Oct. 15, p. 13, here.

Asurion's new Davidson County headquarters will be at 648 Grassmere Office Park, the Deutsche Bank building, where they've signed a letter of intent for combined 70,000 sq. ft., anticipating a two-phase move-in during next 12 months, according to VP Michael Powers (10/14). Tennessean story, Oct. 15, here. Meanwhile, Asurion SVP-Operations Joe Rando says the real-estate deal at Smyrna in Rutherford County seems nearly done for Asurion's electronics repair/distribution center, with 500 jobs in prospect for the community. There, the local Industrial Development Board learned the benefit-to-cost ratio for supporting the Asurion-location deal is 20:1, Tennessean, Oct. 13, here. Asurion CEO Bret Comolli is keynote speaker for Oct. 30 NETWORK 2003 Business & Technology Showcase, details here.

TECH Initiative: State Economic & Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber announced yesterday (Oct. 14, 2003) that ECD will strengthen its focus on technology development and tech-jobs creation, creating a new ECD Technology Director position and partnering with Governor Bredesen's planned Technology Commission; with the state's regional Technology Councils; the TN Biotechnology Association; members of the Board of TN Technology Development Corporation, and others. Yesterday, also, Governor Bredesen toured a Cleveland, TN, plant and stressed need to create higher-skill jobs in Tennessee, citing inevitability of economic changes, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 15, here. In his Oct. 7 address at Chattanooga, the Governor proposed a statewide Technology Commission and emphasized the leverage inherent in a Technology Corridor for east Tennessee. The Governor spoke of leveraging UT and Oak Ridge National Lab. That Oct. 7 speech, here. Related story on Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit, Tennessean, Oct. 8, here. Webposting of new annual TN Economic Development Guide, here.

Nashville Capital Network officers, Angel investors and invited allies gather this evening, Oct. 15, for a briefing on the nonprofit organization's mission helping entrepreneurs acquire early-stage funding. For further information on NCN services, contact Executive Director Sid Chambless at (615) 322-3154 or schambless@nashvillecapital.com

Digital Reasoning information-technology (AI for national security and medical sectors) firm chooses to relocate to Nashville from Virginia. The move brings Digital Reasoning CEO Timothy Estes back to Nashville, and brings the company closer to a key subcontractor, Comframe Software Development Corp. in Birmingham. Nashville Business Journal, p. 1, Oct. 10, here.

Dialogic Communications Corp. of Franklin agrees to refund payments to 3 Arkansas counties, Tennessean, Oct. 15, 3E, here. Earlieron litigation, Oct. 14, p. 3E, scroll down here. DCC's 'Communicator' product was at issue in counties without adequate mapping data.

(NTC MEMBERS) Nashville Technology Council is identifying NTC Members who are creating proprietary software products that they own and re-sell, license, deliver via web, etc., with an eye toward possible creation of an NTC special-interest focus group focusing on software development and marketing. Initially, the emphasis is on firms that create products for sale to other enterprises. If your firm meets these criteria, please write Milt Capps at mcapps@technologycouncil.com or call (615) 743-3168.

Fisk University and Vanderbilt win NSF $2.9 million grant for nanotechnology, involving scores of Fisk and VU Engineering and Physics professors. VU release, Oct. 14, here. Tennessean item, Oct. 15, here. Fisk earlier announced NASA Physics grant, here.

Discussing new Nashville headquarters, Louisiana-Pacific Corp. Chairman/CEO Mark Suwyn says he'll encourage Portland employees to relocate to Nashville, City Paper, p. 17, Oct. 10, here. See related item Oct. 7th news summary, here. Governor Bredesen stresses recruitment of high-tech businesses during L-P announcement celebration, Green Hills News (GCA), Oct. 16 edition, p. 12, not on web.

Engineer, technologist Marcus Shute named vice president-research at Tennessee State University, Oct. 13, Tennessean, p. 3 Davidson A.M., not on web. Shute's experience includes tech development for Luxcore Networks. TSU release, here.

BMI's Frances Preston named chair of Fast Track international copyright, which manages database of 11 million copyrighted works. Tennessean, 3E, Oct. 10, scroll down here.

Evans Internet Construction Company (E.I.C.C.) Proprietor Cal Evans says the firm he owns with Kathy Evans has been selected Internet-hosting partner for Mission Management, an artist management company based in Nashville; as well as by Little Bigtown, and Cross Music Group.

Southwestern/Great American, Inc. and IDS Scheer complete an implementation of mySAP CRM and mySAP Business Intelligence. This first pilot project was to support a marketing campaign effort for one of their subsidiaries, Favorite Recipes Press. Future plans call for rolling this out more broadly. IDS has been a SW/GA partner for six years. SW/GA VP of Information Services is Donna Lea.

Mailnet Services Inc. (direct marketing, e-campaigns) partners with J. Nissi Corp. (banners, specialty items) to serve churches and corporations.

NTC President David Condra will convene the Nashville Technology Council Forum, Thursday, Oct. 30, as part of the NETWORK Showcase of Business & Technology, Oct. 29-30, Convention Center. Other NETWORK Technology track sessions include CIO Challenges; Customer Service Technologies; Guarding Your Information Assets (Security); WiFi-Cellular Update. Tech, Management Ed track details here. Exhibitor sign-up, here. FAQ for attendees, here. More than 180 exhibitors, including about 70 tech companies, are signed-up, already.

Nashville market involved: United Online (NetZero, Juno, BlueLight) says it struggles to create profits via Comcast relationship, while Comcast exec questions value of ISPs, Wash. Post, Oct. 11, here.

DELL Roundup - Dell "Lonestar" Linux supercomputer cluster is humming-away in Texas Advanced Computing Center, boosting Dell's server sales; strategy arose as Linux moved beyond university labs and as Dell learned its customers were themselves clustering Dell's Intel-driven computers. Tennessean (Cox News Svc), Oct. 13, not on web. Related Dell release, Oct. 3, here. U. Texas release, Sept. 29, here. Dell ties to investment community described, NY Times, Oct. 13, here. Dell cancels orders for computer mispriced on web, Oct. 11, Tennessean, here.


Nashville's Tod Fetherling, vice president, First Consulting Group Information Services (FCGIS), says the FCG unit that's been home the past two years for Codigent and UCR Solutions stands to gain revenue and staff as a result of a projected $40 million healthcare IT services agreement announced Oct. 6 between First Consulting Group, Inc (NASDAQ: FCGI) and Stellaris Health Network (Armonk, NY). Fetherling says 40 of FCGIS' 90 FTEs are based here, with the balance onsite with clients elsewhere. FCGIS and two other FCG acquisitions -- Phyve and FCG Call Center Services, formerly Coactive Systems -- call the Nashville location home. FCG has offices in the Gulch and a 24K sq. ft. data center on 12th Ave, which Fetherling says is operating near 75 percent of capacity. Release, here.

Total e-Med merger with EDiX yields new Nashville company -- Spheris, Oct. 8 release here. Spheris management team, here.

NASHVILLE MEDICAL NEWS- October/03 edition: Renewed investor interest in biotech opportunities (Velocity; Qgenics; BioMimetics); TN Board of Regents' online Nursing Master's; HIPAA Information Security (Mark Fulford, LBMC IT Assurance Services); Compliance with Federal Regs (Baker Donelson; Waller Lansden); Financial Modeling of deals, transactions (Harpeth Capital).

Cumberland Emerging Technologies' Life Sciences Facility at Union Station gets RHIZOMA Corporation as tenant, release Sept. 25, here. RHIZOMA recently received an SBIR grant, funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Shared Laboratory at CET received a TN Industrial Infrastructure Program grant, awarded to CET and TN Technology Development Corporation. News, here.

CTI Molecular Imaging reshuffles exec team after CEO's departure, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 8, here. CTI executes Euro lease-finance partnership with Deutsche Leasing AG, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 14, scroll down here.

WebMD cuts profit estimate, citing software sales, HIPAA-related revenues, Oct. 14, City Paper, p. 13, not on web.

Vanderbilt program in Biomedical Informatics, portal, here. Informatics Center, here. Vanderbilt Center for Better Health "Clinical IT Bootcamp," Spring 2004, other events. Design Shop events, here.


King Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: KG) of Bristol is only Tennessee firm on Deloitte's new Fast 500 ranking, details here. Related USA Today story, Oct. 13, here.

Executive pushes Biotech corridor for Memphis-Little Rock axis, citing biomedical development, Angel investors near the I-40 path, Commercial Appeal, Oct. 11, here.

Oak Ridge clean-up contracting hits snag, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 7, here.

FedEx Institute at U. of Memphis to serve as pipeline, showcase for Memphis technology, two stories, Sept. 29, Memphis Bus. Journal. Story 1 and Story 2. FedEx Institute wins major Advanced Distribution Learning initiative laboratory, Sept. 15, MBJ here.

East Tenn. mounts "Jobs Now!" campaign to spur economy, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 12, here.

Memphis cited among cities trying hipness to reverse brain drain of younger professionals, USA Today, Oct. 10, here.

Memphis and Shelby County meet today (Oct. 15) on tax deal to keep Nike distribution facility as it upgrades supply-chain and materials-handling systems, Commercial Appeal, Oct. 8, here.

Memphis biotech conference represents big push, Oct. 9, Commercial Appeal, here.

Internet Pictures (IPIX) of Oak Ridge-San Ramon announces software sales partnerships, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 14, here.


Conditions improving for Entrepreneurs and Angels? Thursday, Oct. 9, Atlanta-based Angel investor Bill Henagan told an audience gathered in the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt that entrepreneurs seeking Angel investment must "work longer and harder to raise new money" than during the Dot.com bubble -- but, in reality, this means things have returned to normal. Henagan said early-stage investing is, more than ever, "all about management," in the sense that investors are once again looking for deep expertise within the entrepreneur's management team, and are seeking more than facile ideas about "the next big thing." Venture concepts must be mature, scalable, with "demonstrated saleability." Ventures must also be "morphable," able quickly to adapt to changing market conditions. In addition, seed and other early capital infusions must last longer before the company is reprovisioned, and actual customers are prerequisite to moving up the financing ladder. Henagan, who helped found Atlanta Technology Angels, said Angel investing is maturing rapidly in the southeast, where such resources have long been underdeveloped. Henagan's visit was sponsored by the Owen Entrepreneurship Center, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, and the Nashville Capital Network.

Veran Technologies seeks funding for Dynamic Track computer image-guided surgical technology, Nash. Business Journal, p. 27, Oct. 10, here.

In June, Digiscript gained Voyent and Claritas venture capital as Eddie Pearson became CEO. Related story, Nash. Business Journal, Oct. 8, here. Related item, Tennessean, Oct. 8, not on web. Related item, Sept. 18, Green Hills News, not on web. Pearson serves on board of American Retirement Corporation, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 9, Sept. 25, here.

Venture capitalists being forced to disclose more information, Oct. 12, Wall St. Jrnl. via Knox. News Sentinel, here.

Knoxville trust-management exec describes satisfaction of backing hard-working entrepreneurs, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 12, here.

Memphis-based Buckeye Technologies Inc. gains shareholder approved to amend notes, gains financing flexibility, Commercial Appeal, Oct. 9, here. Earlier related story, Memphis Business Journal, Sept. 1, here.

Young tech companies among potential beneficiaries of Southern Appalachian Fund launched in Knoxville, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 7, here. Tennessean, Oct. 8, here.

Heidtke & Co. Midsouth Investor Fund LP invests working capital in International DisplayWorks Inc., Tennessean, Oct. 10, p. 3E, scroll down here.

Knoxville-based Southeast Capital venture fund (formerly, TennesSeed) faces closure as deadline for federal approval approaches, Knox. News Sentinel, Oct. 13, here.

Tips on relationships between early-stage companies and industry analysts, Tech2020 (Ackerman PR), Feb. 2002.

Digitalnet first government contractor IPO in nearly a year gains $85 million in a day, Washington Post, Oct. 11, here.


Provocatively un-identified "Nashville institution" lands share of nonprofit Draper Laboratory's Department of Defense work related to inertial guidance technology, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 9, Oct. 10, not on web. Draper overview here.

State Building Commission (SBC) is preparing to reissue an RFP for TN Office of Information Resources, for multimillion-dollar premise telecom wiring, equipment, related services. Roughly 35 firms showed interest before the RFP (317.03-091) was cancelled and the process resumed within SBC Capital Projects Management, as required by law. The new RFP is expected soon and will be posted here.

TN Lottery resists disclosure of RFP review panel, hires general counsel, Tennessean, Oct. 15, here. Lottery CEO hires two senior execs for corporate affairs, City Paper, p. 6, Oct. 15, here.

Homeland Security: Public disclosures of IT security measures may be required in firms' SEC filings, Washington Post, Oct. 9, here. Ridge advocates more government-private partnerships, GovExec.com, Oct. 9, here. OHS Research and Technology, here. U.S. House seeks to mandate tighter computer security in peer-to-peer networks, Washington Post, Oct. 8, here.

Oct. 31 is deadline for Metro RFP 03-139 for Business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Metro Property Taxes may be checked, paid online, here. Tennessean, p2B, Oct. 14, not on web.


Donate computers to needy Nashville organizations: Community Resource Cntr, here.

$1.7 million EdTech grant benefits 13 TN K-12 schools, Tennessean, 1B, Oct. 14, not on web.

CIO Research Report: State of Information Security, 2003, Sept. 29, 2003, here.

Despite potential losses, corporations not insuring against costs of electronic sabotage, NY Times, Oct. 12, here.

Intel's Andy Grove says U.S. technology losing edge to China, India, Washington Post, Oct. 10, here.

Microsoft's Ballmer outlines security plans, Washington Post, Oct. 10, here. InfoWorld, Oct. 9, here.

MUSIC: File-sharing coalition offers music revenue model, Washington Post, Oct. 9, here.

Music and the Internet, Special Report, New York Times, here.

NTC co-sponsored Management Skills for IT Professionals educational event, Nov. 5-7, registration materials now on web, here.

CNN reports on the quest for the perfect mobile phone, Oct. 14, here.

Monitoring Metro and State Requests for Proposals and Bids
Metro Nashville/Davidson County government, here.
State of Tennessee:
Tennessee Lottery, here. Lottery procurement policies, here.
Capital Projects Management,here.
Purchasing Divison, invitations to bid.
OIR Current RFPs. OIR RFP Archive.
State proposals, bids page.
University of Tennessee:
University of Tennessee purchasing, here. UT contracts list, here.
TN Board of Regents IT Contracts, here.

Scheduled Events: Asterisk ( * ) denotes new or revised item.

For more information, check the NTC home page and the NTC "Tech Links" page, featuring a growing list of Tech Associations, Educational institutions and related links, found here. Also check business calendars of The Tennessean; The City Paper (see Business); and Nashville Business Journal (see Community/Calendar).

(Oct. 16) ISSA-InfraGard "Hands-On Cyber-Security Workshop," with speakers from Gartner, U.S. Secret Service, Deloitte, Packet Leap Networks. 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Belmont University. For details and registration, here.

(Oct. 16) Premiere Conference for Businesswomen, "A View from the Future," Belmont Univ. Center for Entrepreneurship, here. Includes emphasis on transformative power of technologies.

(Oct. 16, 17) Sm. Busin. Innovation SBIR opportunities, meetings Memphis, Chattanooga, here.

* (Oct. 20) 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Oak Ridge Technology Corridor at Pellissippi State Technical Community College. Speakers include Sen. Lamar Alexander, with Reps. John Duncan and Zach Wamp also attending. RSVP today via (865) 215-2005 if you plan to attend.

* (Oct. 22) Tech Council Monthly Luncheon at Technology 2020, "The Art of Modifying Human Behavior with Technology," Guille Cruze, Founder & CEO of The White Stone Group addresses how technology solutions are created with human behavior modification in mind, to ensure high user adoption and fulfillment of value proposition.

(Oct. 22) State of TN, Information Systems Conference, Nashville Public Library conf. center, here.

* (Oct. 23-24) e-Security/HIPAA security & Privacy Conference, in conjuction with AITP National conference, St. Louis, details here.

* (Oct. 28) "Wireless Technology": Trends & Solutions for Business, by Sumner County Technology Council, Forward Sumner and area Chambers. No charge, 4-6 p.m., Hendersonville High School, register (615) 822-9320 or rsvp@sumnertechnology.org

(Oct. 28) Women in Technology in Tennessee (WITT) program, details here. Business Continuity Planning: Corporate Pain or Corporate Gain? Panel: Gary Seay, CIO, Community Health Systems; Rick Henry, CTO/COO, Paymaxx; Belinda Watkins, IT VP and CISO, Federal Express; Mary Beth Wilson, Principal, Business Resilience and Continuity Services Consulting Practice.

(Oct. 28) PMI Nashville meeting with Herb Gabora on "No-Bull Project Management," details here.

(Oct. 29-30) NTC / Chamber - Annual "NETWORK Showcase of Business & Technology": Networking, educational tracks -- more than 100 exhibitors already signed, click.

(Oct. 29) Bob Chaput, American Technology Group on "Starting your own IT business." AITP Nashville, register, here.

(Oct. 30) Nashville Technology Council Forum, President David Condra, for details, registration, write here.

* (Nov. 5) Professional-Technical Career Fair, Nashville State Community College, details, here. Current exhibitors, here.

(Nov. 5-7) Nashville Technology Council, "Management Skills for IT Professionals," Jay Ress of TMA Seminars, TN Economic Development Center, 8:30a-4:30p., click.

(Nov. 6) NTC Technology Round Table, "Sarbanes-Oxley: Risk Assessment and IT responsibility," Steve Tisdell, Principal, Nashville Management Group, register, here.

(Nov. 10-11) Innovation Strategy: Identifying Barriers to Business, Owen GSM, Vanderbilt, here.

(Nov. 10-12) Healthcare Delivery Solutions Congress, co-sponsored by NTC, for details, click. Speakers announced, here.

(Nov. 12-15) American Society of Civil Engineers, national conference and expo, Nashville, here.

(Nov. 13) HIPAA Impact on IT, Ed Miller, CTO of Digichart, AITP Nashville, register, here.

(Nov. 17-19) TN Venture Forum, by TN Tech. Development Corp., Chattanooga, details, here.

(Nov. 19-20) ITEC, Memphis. TN OIR Deputy Commissioner Richard Rognehaugh and City of Memphis CIO Darryl Anderson are the keynote speakers, here.

(Dec. 3-5) Tennessee Education Technology Conference, details here. Related, here.

(Dec. 4) Seminar on Liability issues for engineers, Tennessee Engineering Center, Adventure Sci. Center, Don Friedman of Crow Friedman Group, presented by TN Society of Professional Engineers, et al, write ctoler@tnec.org for details or call (615) 242-2486

* (Dec. 4) NTC Technology Round Table, "State of Tennessee IT: Strategic Planning, Project Management, & Cyber Security," Richard Rognehaugh, Deputy Commissioner - Office of Information Resources, State of Tennessee, reception and dinner. Related resources, here.

* (Dec. 9) Nashville Technology Council "Holiday Business Mixer," Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., Two Doors Down, Demonbreun Street, cash bar. Map, here.

(Dec. 11) AITP Nashville chapter meeting, Dr. Sonny Reynolds (humor). Register, here.

(Dec. 18) InfraGard mid-TN, chapter meeting, presentation topic to be announced. Updates, here.

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