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Wednesday, January 7, 2004 (No. 24)
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Transcender Sale: Visiting Transcender this week in Nashville, Chip Schuneman, president of the Self Test Software unit of Kaplan Professional (division of Kaplan Inc., a Washington Post Co. sub), told NTC "HR due diligence" is underway among Transcender's approximately 50 Nashville staff. He said it will take several months to answer the question of how best to integrate Self Test's Atlanta and Nashville assets to leverage No. 1-ranked Transcender's "phenomenal brand" and fulfill other objectives during the next few months. The Tennessean reported Kaplan's planned acquisition, Dec. 24, 3E, here. More than one observer says Transcender has set the standard for training, e.g., TechRepublic (9/02).

Gibson Guitar adopts Altera solution to support MaGIC digital guitar system, Jan. 5 release, here. Gibson at this week's consumer electronics show.

Registration now: First NTC Tech Roundtable of 2004 is tomorrow, Jan. 8th! Shaun Carrigan, CEO of Nashville-based NetContent Inc. discusses how XML-RSS content syndication via web services is enabling executives to leverage high-impact third-party news and business information to grow revenue. Applications for CRM, sales force intelligence, employee- and customer-relations enhancements will be reviewed. Networking 5 p.m., dinner and program. Networking 5 p.m., dinner and program begin 6 p.m. $25 NTC members, $35 non-members. University Club at Vanderbilt. Details and registration here.

Nashville's Martin Renkis seeks new investors, partners for Smartvue wireless web-, phone-linked personal surveillance and security systems, The City Paper, p. 9, Dec. 31, here.

Beyond West End: Software Audit Associates Inc. should be bicoastal by spring, projects 50 offices to reach customers ahead of Business Software Alliance lawsuits, Nash. Bus. Journal, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 19-25.

E-Commerce question: Why is the E-Commerce work of Vanderbilt Univ. Owen GSM Professor Donna Hoffman cited with such extraordinary frequency? Theories offered via in-cites (12/03) here.

ClientLogic (Onex Corp.) purchases Service Zone Holdings to expand call-center services base, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 5, here., here. Tennessean, Jan. 6, here. City Paper, Jan. 6, p. 13, not on web.

Asurion leaves La Vergne, expands presence in Rutherford County's Smyrna industrial site, Tennessean, 1E, Dec. 19, here. Chattanooga Times Free Press, C2, Dec. 20, (sub and search), here. Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 22, (scroll) here.

Digital photography and electronic claims files enable State Farm Insurance to shrink Davidson County presence, shifting more transactions to Murfreesboro center, The City Paper, Dec. 18, here.

Franklin-based ValueTech, Comdata benefit from growing use of e-gift cards, Tennessean, Dec. 18, here.

Franklin's TalkinAuction offers Voice/Audio for e-Bay, Web offerings, Tennessean, Dec. 26, 1E, here. City Paper, Dec. 29, p. 11, here.

Bellevue's Alpha Omega Consulting Group's software for title-loan application boosted by keyword marketing, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 26.

The newly formed steering committee for Nashville Technology Council's Software Developers Roundtable meets for the first time, Wednesday, Jan. 14. For more information, write here.

Will 2004 be better for IT? This is the last week you can respond to the single question in NTC's informal Middle Tennessee IT Business Confidence Poll, located on our homepage.

Candidates to become the state's first Director of Technology reporting to Tenn. Economic & Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber may begin interviewing as early as this week, though applications are still being accepted. The job description is posted here and candidates may submit their materials for consideration via E-mail to Paula Davis, ECD's assistant commissioner for policy and administration; or, via the Office of the Commissioner, Department of Economic & Community Development TN Tower Building 312 Eighth Avenue North, 11th Floor Nashville, TN 37243-0405. For background on this initiative, please see the NTC News Summary of Oct. 15, 2003, here.


CentreSource has announced new partnerships and client relationships...with SiteMason (Monsterlabs) to provide content-rich XML-based website design; and, will provide tech outsourcing for Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee (including JA's Exchange City); and, for software designer TeamDME.

Nashville's Caterpillar Financial wins Malcolm Baldrige Award; CAT resources, here.

Mike Rustici of Rustici Software was named the Young Professionals Council Member of the Year, Tennessean, Dec. 28, scroll here.

Cybera Inc. represents a Nashville VPN play that bears watching, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 6, Jan. 2, scroll down here.

Mike Graham now vp-logistics for Tractor Supply Co., Tennessean, Jan. 2, here.

Steve Tisdell becomes president of The Compliance Partners ("Experts in the Whistleblower Provisions" of SOX) after departing Nashville Management Group,, Dec. 29, here. Tennessean, Dec. 31, here.

Tim Smith now manages CRM group at LBMC Technologies, LLC, Tennessean, Dec. 28, here.

Halcyon Co. founder Bogue Waller partners at Nash Lipsey Burch engineered systems, Tennessean, Dec. 25, 1E.

Evans to direct corporate e-business for E.J. Footwear Corp., City Paper, Dec. 23, p. 12, scroll here. Tennessean, 5E, Dec. 28.

Steven Kukulka joins Comframe's NV office as software architect, Tennessean, Dec. 28, here.

Access Control Technologies Inc. (ACT) and Progressive Technologies develop new offices, City Paper, p. 20, Dec. 19.


Analyst down on Private Business sale to Lightyear, Tennessean, Jan. 4, here. Private Business sets Jan. 19 for vote on increasing control by New York's Lightyear Fund, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 29, here. Tennessean, 3E, Dec. 30, here.

Fischer urges use of private funds to commercialize Oak Ridge National Lab spinoff ventures, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 18, here.

Symbion piling-up acquisitions prior to its anticipated IPO, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 23, here.

iPayment raises profit forecast: iPayment's focus of small merchants, community banks manifests in a deal with First Data Corp.'s Merchant Services Sub. for $55M cash, driven by expanded Bank of America credit. BW Release, Dec. 22, here. The City Paper, Dec. 23, p. 11, here. Tennessean, Dec. 23, here.

Essent Healthcare attracts $80 million from Vestar, Thoma Cressey, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 5, here., Jan. 5, here. Tennessean, Jan. 6, here. City Paper, p. 11, Jan. 6, not on web.

WebMD, Medifax deal completed, Tennessean, Dec. 23, 3E, here.

Payment processor Verus Financial Management gains assets of Global eTelecom, Tennessean, 3E, Dec. 18, scroll down here. Earlier Verus investment story, Nash. Bus. Journal, Oct. 28, here. Verus, Payment Data Sys agreement, Nash. Bus. Journal, Oct. 3, here.

E.W. Scripps appoints Lansing to head lifestyle media, including Shop At Home, HGTV, Commercial Appeal here and Knox. News Sentinel here, Jan. 6. Scripps buys balance of Nashville's Shop At Home, release, Dec. 19. Coverage: Tennessean, Knox News Sentinel, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 20. Summit America sells balance of Shop At Home to E.W. Scripps Co., City Paper, p. 11, Dec. 22. Shop At Home's call center model relies heavily on at-home operators, City Paper, p. 11, Dec. 22.

(Research in Motion/BlackBerry) RIM earnings report stuns analysts, ZDNet UK, Dec. 24, here.

Red Hat profitability continues, Tennessean, Dec. 20, 2E; RH release re: RH/Dell partnership.

IPO/VC Outlook: Investors more rational, less trend-driven this round, Wall St. Journal, Dec. 22, here. Though 75 high-tech IPOs are forecast for 2004, investors remain cautious, NY Times, Dec. 29, here. Not enough good tech start-up ideas for venture capitalists; unprofitable hopefuls abound, New York Times, Dec. 29, here. Nanotechnologies attracting venture capital, New York Times, Dec. 22, here.


Governor Bredesen tells Memphians their city is a linchpin as he prepares to kick statewide Economic Development into "overdrive," Commercial Appeal, Jan. 7, here.

Through F&A, Governor Bredesen seeks comments by Feb. 3 on whether or not "the State's standard contractor selection process and fee-for-service contract terms and conditions are commercially reasonable..." Interested parties are invited to comment by various means, as described in Request for Information 317.07-001, here.

CYBERSECURITY: Nation's IT execs meet again Jan. 14, as agreed with Congressman Adam Putnam (R-FL-12), to discuss corporate governance in relation to security issues. A source close to the process told NTC yesterday that Rep. Putnam seeks by March 3 to receive from the IT group recommendations regarding legislation and/or other measures that might improve cybersecurity, particularly among corporations. Related background: Wall Street Journal, Dec. 3, here. The Cybersecurity Summit Alliance workplan, ITAA summary, Dec. 4, here. Related: previous Putnam subcommittee hearings, here.

BellSouth rejects claims of US LEC in TRA protest alleging Caller ID data not adequately updated, Tennessean, Dec. 19. Sprint sues BellSouth, alleging caller-ID service abrogation, Tennessean, Dec. 18, here. BellSouth appeared before the TRA Jan. 5 to discuss integrated services, TRA agenda.

State Department of Education hires Public Consulting Group of Boston for TN Student Management IS,, Dec. 29, here. Tennessean, Jan. 2, here and here. Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 2, here.

The Tennessee Lottery awarded its contract for Financial Accounting System Products and Services to Crow Chizek & Company LLC. Other bidders were LBMC Technologies LLC, CODA
Axis Accounting Systems Inc., ITA Corporation and Tectura. RFP here.

State RFP 316.08-168 seeks to replace TRICOR supplier system with hardware, server, applications software, services package, issued Dec. 18, due Feb. 3.

Tennessee Lottery's recent RFP for Web hosting services attracted nine bidders, including AT&T, Connetus IT Solutions, Digex, Eagle Electric, In10sity Interactive, Inflow, ISDN-Net, Stagistics Technology, Pacific Western Technologies. Vendor choice under review. RFP here.

Tennessee/OIR's invitation to bid (2051827) on Consilient2 and related services was issued Dec. 19 for a Jan. 2 bid opening; but, the ITB has been delayed due to errors in technical specifications and/or requirements and will be reviewed for possible readvertisement, according to General Services, Jan. 5.

Tennessee/OIR's invitation to bid (2050618) on Help Desk Software was issued Dec. 10 and bids, due yesterday, are under review, according to General Services.

Tennessee officials have applied to join MATRIX anti-terrorism data exchange, Tennessean, Jan. 1, here. Accompanying Gannett News Service story not on web. (MATRIX critics posted GNS story here.) Earlier related stories, Sept. 03: Some states enlisting in MATRIX to track individuals via commercial and governmental databases. Tennessee not listed (9/23) as Matrix member; but, uses ATIX. AP via NY Times site, Sept. 23, here. Related, Washington Technology, Sept. 1, here. Georgia RISS ATIX page, here.

TennCare sent data-verification report to Legislature afternoon of New Year's Eve 2003, confirming ChoicePoint's completion of its TennCare data-verification assignment, covering 1.3 million enrollees., Dec. 31, here. Tennessean, Jan. 1, here; Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 2, here. Columnist Chavez criticizes handling of TennCare analysis, Tennessean, Jan. 7, here. Earlier story: Scrubbing of TennCare enrolment data, key to fraud reduction, remains behind legislators' original unrealistic schedule, City Paper, p. 6, Dec. 19, here. Tennessean, 1B, Dec. 19, here. Earlier Dec. 11 Tennessean story, here.

Bidding for State Business: Tennessean editorial applauds State's contracting clearinghouse for minority, women and small business contractors, Tennessean, 22A, Dec. 21.

Motorola drives off with multimillion-dollar communications upgrade for Shelby County and City of Memphis, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 23, scroll here.

Metro Government issued Request for Information 03-02 on Dec. 19, asking for experienced providers to indepth information pertaining to Telephone Billing Services. The information might later be used to prepare one or more RFPs for outsourcing telecom BILLING services, which are budgeted at $4.2 million for the current FY. The RFI notes that Metro uses J.D. Edwards as Enterprise Business Software (EBS) for accounting. Deadline for responses is Feb. 10, 2004.

U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) says he'll go to the mat to fund solid projects, such as Memphis Biotech Foundation, AP via the Tennessean, 2A, Dec. 20.

Hybrid electric-bus advancement for Knoxville, thanks to federal grant (Alexander, Wamp, Duncan), ATTI rel, Dec. 22, here.

U.S. Rep Bart Gordon (D-6) tapped as senior Dem on Science Committee, Jan. 7, 13A, Tennessean, and release here. Gordon wants U.S. to beat Russian, China, Japan in colonizing the Moon, Tennessean, 21A, scroll down here.

LOTTERY ROUNDUP: TN Lottery will kickoff earlier, Jan. 5, Nash. Bus. Journal, here;, here. General Assembly eyes debate of numerous Lottery issues, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 2, here. Wireless network positions Lottery to follow evolution of E-retailing, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 30, here. Scientific Games' stock jumps as TN Lottery approaches, Tennessean, Jan. 5, here. Other vendors might have saved Lottery $23 million, Tennessean, Dec. 21. Paul says reliability, not cost most important in contracting, Tennessean, Dec. 21. Adding products, services could drive Lottery operating costs higher, Tennessean, Dec. 21. GTECH's combined online and scratchoff bid was excluded from review, Tennessean, Dec. 21, 2A, not on web. Notes on Tennessean's methodology in comparing likely bid costs, Tennessean, Dec. 21, 2A, not on web. Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 22, here.

For additional Government contract and bid information, please visit the News Summary archive and the contract-monitoring links that appear later in this summary.


Tomorrow's the King's Birthday: Elvis sighting, here.

Attorneys' discovery continues re: litigation pending here against Streamcast Networks Inc., makers of peer-to-peer file-sharing Morpheus. A conference Dec. 21 with U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown resulted in setting deadlines for providing documentation, Jan. 19/March 24, with no further appearance date yet set. Related story, Dec. 19, City Paper, here.

Anode pushing dynamic digital signage in FireSign 3.0. Management sees new markets for product shaping the firm, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 3, Jan. 2, here.

UPDATE: Nashvillian Shane Messer, the young entrepreneur who gained global attention (and thousands of e-mails) by creating his "Find those Weapons of Mass Destruction" interactive game, told NTC Monday he's netted perhaps $50,000 from sales and licensing in the past three weeks and is contemplating a sequel to the game. ("Find Osama"?) He has phone interview scheduled this morning with a Tokyo radio station. Messer is a former Aladdin global IT director whose dayjob is IT director for Nashville's Extreme Beverage. He's also proprietor of Made to Order Websites. Earlier stories, Tennessean, Dec. 22, here; AP via Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 16, here. About the interactive boom, NY Times, Dec. 21, here.

Comcast seeks to differentiate based on customer service, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 20, here.

XM Radio among big winners among 2003 investments, Washington Post, Jan. 5, here. XM and Sirius: Radio's magic restored by digital, NY Times, Dec. 26, here; Dec. 18, here.

Intel to invest $200 million in digital home entertainment and related technologies, New York Times, Jan. 7, here.

Kroger's sales of Napster gift cards reflects mainstreaming of online music, content supply now constraint, Tennessean, 1E, Dec. 28.

MUSIC RIGHTS: Project Hudson consortium will unveil Music Rights Management technology in coming weeks, New York Times, Jan. 5, here. Gap between labels and download services widens, Washington Post, Dec. 23, here. Downloading said to decline at end of 2003, Washington Post, here; New York Times, here (Jan. 5). Government terminates online probe of Pressplay and MusicNet, Washington Post, Dec. 23 (pm), here, and Dec. 24 here. Court rejects RIAA tracking downloaders, Dec. 19 and Dec. 20, Washington Post. New York Times, Dec. 20. The Associated Press, via Tennessean., Dec. 20. Wall St. Journal, Dec. 22.


Alex Melendez trains Evolve Learning's sights on e-learning and management systems, Nash. Bus. Journal, P.1, Dec. 19-25, here.

By employing BellSouth TV-1, linked to Vyvx fiber-optic resources, Vanderbilt's VUStar service offers campus experts live, virtually on-demand for national and international television news coverage, City Paper, p. 4, Dec. 29, here.

DigiScript Chief Knowledge Officer Jeff McCormack writes about using technology to sustain, enhance learning, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 17, Dec. 19-25, here.

Knoxville's NetLearning Inc., a healthcare learning-management systems provider, allies with Omaha-based Inc., producer of peer-reviewed medical knowledge base, allowing NetLearning to offer eMedicine's CE courses for hospital-based professionals. BW release, Dec. 23.

Music City Miracles program: Dell-Metro Schools IT partnership gives "TechKnow" enrollees more reason to stay in school, Green Hills News, p. 11, Dec. 25 ('03), not on web. Earlier related story, The City Paper (9/20/02), here.

Statistics, Biology studied together in NSF-funded initiative led by VU in Metro schools, release Jan. 2, here.

Mid-TN Workforce Investment Board gets $3M federal Labor grant for higher-skills training, Tennessean, 3E, Dec. 19, scroll here. Tennessean, Jan. 1, here.


From 2nd Ave. offices, Dominic & Irvine Research study buying influentials indepth for GE Medical, MedAssets, Philips Medical, others. Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 7, Jan. 2, here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN cites dramatic ROI from implementation of ViPS MC Source (tm) care-management decision-support solution, release, Jan. 6, here.

CTI Molecular execs form Trident Molecular and Market Relevance medtech-oriented market research firms, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 29, here.

Prescription-ordering system at VU Children's Hospital improves accuracy, Tennessean, Jan. 5, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 5, here.

HealthTrust Purchasing Group - Annual Materials Managers conference, July 20-24, details.

Rural healthcare goes high tech, Tennessean, Jan. 2, here.

Evidenced-based medicine requires changes in docs' and patients' behaviors, Tennessean, 1E, Dec. 22.

IT must reflect every facet of hospital operations, says influential Hummel of Sutter Health, Information Week, Dec. 22, here. Hospitals get smarter as quality-of-care emphasis rises, supported by IT, Wall St. Journal, Dec. 22.

Consumer HIT: Using the Web for healthcare and medical information, UT Info. Sciences, via Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 22, here. Bedside computers for patients help them stay in touch with family, Tennessean, Dec. 21.


Jim Phillips of FedEx Institute of Technology at U. Memphis is forecast by Information Week to be one of IT's most influential persons in 2004, Information Week, Dec. 22, here.

BellSouth CEO Ackerman forecasts capital spending, Memphis Business Journal, Jan. 6, here.

Union Planters warns clients not to enter data at false website, Tennessean, Jan. 7, scroll here.

SCB's Remtech division wins U.S. Navy IT contract, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 25, here.

Californian 3D Systems Corp. snatches CFO from Memphis firm Thomas & Betts; Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 29, here.

Eaststate companies' 2004 budgets suggest technology-spending freeze has thawed, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 5, here.

Tennessee economy lagging the nation, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 5, here.

Metro/Davidson jobs less rate hit high point in November 2003, Tennessean, Dec. 24, 1E, here.
Nashville job-growth rate lags TN's major metros, according to BLS, The Chattanoogan, Dec. 18.

Leveraging tech and biotech among the keys to 2004 success, according to Memphis Chamber leader, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 4, here.

Memphis' Teksell Inc. targets firms without IT departments, moves beyond repurposing salvaged equipment, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 5, here.

West Tennessean's ingenuity with surplus technology breeds new products, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 30, here.

FedEx Corp. logistics is an exercise in controlled chaos, New York Times, Dec. 21, here. (Story also appeared on 1E, Tennessean, Dec. 21.)

Memphis' logistics advantage threatened by upstarts Indianapolis and Louisville, as well as Dallas/Atlanta, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 28, here.

BellSouth gains 3.4 million for long-distance service; Cingular IPO in the offing? Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 30, here.

Pomeroy IT Solutions (Ky.) Microsoft Certified Partner for Security Solutions, Jan. 5, release.


CIOs surveyed say they like to try-out IT pros on projects or contracts, before considering hiring them, Robert Half Assocs. survey, Jan. 6, here. AMA surveys shows improving hiring outlook for '04, Jan. 6, Nash. Bus. Journal, here.

More U.S.-educated foreign engineers are staying in America, says Oak Ridge National Laboratory study, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 21.

The corporate portal for that recent FedEx/Kinko's deal.

Michael Dell foresees increased IT spending, Reuters via City Paper, p. 13, Dec. 30, not on web. Reuters in Toronto Star, Dec. 30, here. Columnist sees execs' optimism growing, Wall St. Journal, Jan. 6, (sub) here.

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance less dependent on IT automation, CIO Magazine, (12/03), here.

Union Planters' corporate governance, whistleblowers webpage, here.

Goal: 100 million U.S. homes @ 100 megabytes/second: Networks and routers may be hard to recognize in the future: Thinkers mulling the next big Internet leap, Wall St. Journal, Dec. 22, here.

Pace of VOIP conversion slower than some forecast, NY Times, Dec. 24, here. VOIP technology may be "next Napster," but needed software is still airware, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 29, (sub) here.

The Cell-phone/GPS intersection creates business opportunities and privacy issues, NY Times, Dec. 21. Automobile telematics system could be target of federal wiretaps, NY Times, Dec. 21. Stalking someone using Internet, AP via Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 22, here. GPS tracking devices in autos, tires might threaten privacy, NY Times, Dec. 29, here.


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(Jan. 8) Nashville Technology Council Tech Roundtable, Shaun Carrigan, President & CEO, NetContent Inc., "How businesses are using information content services to educate
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