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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 (No. 26)
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TODAY: Potential antagonists and music luminaries debate Downloading this afternoon at Vanderbilt's Langford Auditorium, 5 p.m., release here. Panel includes Public Enemy's Chuck D, BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa, RIAA's Mitch Glazier, Electronic Frontier's Jason Schultz, songwriter Lynn Gillespie Chater. VU's Mike Schoenfeld has volunteered to moderate. Earlier, during a 1:15 p.m. program at Belmont's Bunch Library, EFF's Schultz will discuss legal, copyright, technology issues arising and artistic expression (release here). Meanwhile, in Europe, downloading artists proclaim they want to circumvent labels, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 27, here.

FEB. 5: Nashville Technology Council "Tech Roundtable" dinner, with speaker BMI's David De Busk, assistant vice president - strategic development, who will discuss BMI deployment of technologies; impact of key technologies on BMI and the music industry; and, technology as a survival tool. BMI is the nonprofit performing rights organization representing 300,000 songwriters, composers, publishers. Vanderbilt University Club. 5 p.m. networking, 6 p.m. dinner, program 6:45 p.m. $25 NTC Members, $35 non-members. Register via or call (615) 743-3160.

Nashville Technology Council's annual Technology! Nashville IT Leadership & Innovation Conference will be Thursday, April 8, 2004, Hilton Suites Nashville, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. T!N4 plans also call for a report on the state of the technology in the Nashville region; an update on hot local IT companies; prospects for technology in the healthcare sector; the future of local tech employment during a time of increased off-shore outsourcing, and other topics. Speakers to be announced. For more info, write.

Matt Kisber, Commissioner of Tennessee Economic & Community Development, announced the appointment of Eric Cromwell as ECD's first Technology Director. Cromwell previously served FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis as associate director for business development. ECD Release, here. Memphis Commercial Appeal, Jan. 23, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 22, here. Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 22, here., Jan. 22, here. Earlier ECD job description, here.

Beacon Technologies Inc., just a year out of the Tennessee State University incubator, lands Metro Government and Metro Schools contract that will probably be the company's largest. Beacon has also launched a security-services division, p. 1, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23, here.

With high-tech ballotting under scrutiny, Nashville-based TruVote CEO Athan Gibbs is 'staking the future of his company' on his voter validation and paper-audit verification system. The City Paper, p. 11, Jan. 26, here. TruVote says its system is certified based on Federal Election Commission (FEC) standards, as implemented by the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED).

Andrew Duthie became president of Duthie Associates, Inc. on Jan. 1, 2004, and has entered into a multiyear agreement with Founder Bob Duthie for purchase of the 15-year-old firm that develops custom interactive e-learning courses and marketing presentations. Bob Duthie founded the firm in 1989, after serving as vice president-business development for Nortel Networks. A few years ago, Duthie described how, in 2000, he and son Andrew set in motion a plan for succession of ownership to the next generation, article here. Their Jan. 27 release, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27, here., Jan. 27, here.

Nashville gains and parent Active Careers Networks headquarters from Florida; CEO Charles Moore told NTC yesterday that in addition to his online career services for the Wireless and Mobile Internet industries, he'll soon launch here in Nashville an allied recruitment-advertising agency, dubbed ActiveJobNet -- as well as several new portals aimed at professionals in digital sectors. Moore, a 45-year-old native of Orlando, also plans a series of acquisitions, beginning with a "Silicon Alley" software operation he declined to identify, which he plans to buy and relocate to Nashville. Among his strategies for recruiting talented employees and candidates for ActiveWireless employer-clients: academic partnerships with Vanderbilt and Belmont that afford graduate students exposure to online enterprise. Moore cites Nashville's strategic location, relatively low cost of living and greater access to the nation's digital-industries talent pool as key factors in his relocation decision. Moore says he'll be targeting every U.S. university in the nation for digital talent, from Nashville. ActiveWireless' Nashville headcount should quickly reach 25. Related: Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 26, here;, Jan. 26, here; The City Paper, Jan. 27, here. Chamber release, Jan. 21, here.

Franklin's Think!Ventures offers SublimeMail's heuristic scoring to capture E-mail spam; Thompson Machinery offers a customer case-in-point, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 15, Jan. 23, here.

Nashville's expects traffic surge on website on Feb. 4 college Signing Day, Tennessean, Jan. 20, here.

ISDN-Net says its pressure-tested VOIP service will become widely available Jan. 30, following a year of beta-testing and introducing VOIP commercially in middle Tennessee and other locations -- including one Tennessee customer's call-center in Bangalore, India. ISDN-Net says its service features "true bundled service," allowing voice/data bandwidth sharing, which GM David Wise says is unique here. ISDN-Net's release also describes steps taken to ensure voice quality over other ISPs. Related, Tennessean, p. 3E, Jan. 28, scroll here.

RFID technology for inventory control; BRS' Paul Reed in Nashville sees Wal-Mart shift to RFID as possibly the push RFID needs to become universal standard, despite costs of conversion, privacy concerns, Tennessean, 1E, Jan. 25, here. Related: In Knoxville, Fi-Shock sees boom in RFID cattle-tracking, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 25, here. Related, Tennessee cattle industry views tracking costs, benefits, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 25, here. Wal-Mart and Metro chains are introducing RFID, other technologies, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 26, here.

Recently launched Business Tennessee's next monthly issue will include a story centered around Tennessee F&A Deputy Commis.-Office of Information Resources Richard Rognehaugh. Meanwhile, the Nashville-based magazine and sister's websites are being created by iProduction (St. Paul, Minn.). iProduction will also provide the operation's push E-mail service; e-payment will be VeriSign. On Feb. 4, David Fox, editor of both operations, will present to Soc. of Professional Journalists, 11:30a.m., details here. Related stories: The Tennessean, Jan. 10, here. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 13, here.


NCN Event:Nashville Capital Network's program on the challenges of raising outside capital, while leveraging advantages and avoiding pitfalls related to legal, financial, administrative and structural aspects of the business. Wed., Feb. 18, 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m., Averbuch Auditorium, Owen GSM, Vanderbilt. Confirmed panelists are entrepreneurs, investors, services partners: Katie Gambill, Council Ventures; Stuart McWhorter, Clayton Associates; Eddie Pearson, Digiscript; Joe Maxwell, Investment Scorecard; Stuart Campbell, Stites & Harbison; Page Davidson, Bass Berry & Sims; Jon Billington, Ernst & Young. No registration required. For Owen GSM location on campus, map here. For other information, contact NCN Executive Director Sid Chambless. This program is one in a series of NCN educational offerings.

Failure of TennesSeed venture-capital initiative may have further damaged Tennessee's ability to cultivate venture capital, (column), Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 26, here. TennesSeed Fund shuttered after failing to win grant, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Jan. 17, C1, (sub) here. Venture-capital market slumped in Tennessee in 2003; some investment under-reported, Tennessean, 1E, Jan. 27, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27, here.

Cybera Inc. lands private-debt funding from Commerce Capital LP, will use funds to create new national data center in Chicago for clients of its broadband networking services, Tennessean, 3E, Jan. 20, scroll here. Cybera lands $2 Million in debt financing, sees growth fueled by VPN networks, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 3., Jan. 23, here.

Gibson Update: Gibson moving closer to Initial Public Offering, The City Paper, p. 11, Jan. 22, here. Sexy part of Gibson Guitar moves from Nashville to Memphis, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 24, here. Gibson Guitar Corp. to add estimated 150 jobs in Nashville; returns ES production to Music City, but shifts Custom production to Memphis, Tennessean, Jan. 21, here. AP via Commercial Appeal, Jan. 22, here. Gibson Guitar announced Jan. 16th (release) it has opted for Cirrus Logics Inc.'s chips and technology for "development of digital networking products, such as next-generation gigabit Ethernet-based products designed to provide high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency audio and video transport...[for] distribution and management of high-fidelity audio content for...recording and live music distribution." See additional Gibson tech-related news in news summaries of Jan. 14, Jan. 7, Dec. 17, here.

Lenders approve Private Business sale to Lightyear Fund, Tennessean, p. 3E, Jan. 20, here.

Chattanooga's E-Spin gets funding push for Nanotechnology mission, Times Free Press, Jan. 17, (sub) here.


U.S. Office of Homeland Security begins free National Cyber Alert System for viruses, other threats; initiative could strain relationships with companies that want to keep cybercrime quiet, as well as with companies that offer security services, The AP via Washington Post online, Jan. 28, here. Meanwhile, 'MyDoom' continues, Washington Post, Jan. 28, here. Earlier CIO story (10/3), here. Related policy background, U.S. strategy, here.

Libyan nuclear materials are headed for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 28, here. New York Times, Jan. 28, here. Oak Ridge NL guards may have compromised earlier security exercise, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 27, here and AP via New York Times, Jan. 27, here.

Tennessee ISPs should stop collecting Internet taxes following Supreme Court ruling and Revenue announcement, Tennessean, p. 1E, Jan. 28, here. A few days before the Revenue decision: Tennessee tax commissioner sees rising Internet tax revenues in coming year, Times Free Press, Jan. 24, here.

Tech legislation: TN Sen. David Fowler (R-S11-Signal Mtn.) tells NTC he is finalizing proposals that would provide sales-tax based advantages for enterprises constructing facilities associated with commercialization of technologies that emerge from research and development work funded at Oak Ridge National Lab, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and/or UT/Board of Regents institutions. Similar advantages would be accorded businesses that adopt tech-related processes invented through R&D at the aforementioned institutions; and, a third proposal may support expansion of "certain high-tech research and development facilities." An earlier news report said Sen. Fowler's proposals would legislate Tech investment incentives for economic development, Chattanooga Times Free Press, p. 1, Jan. 12, (sub) here.

State of Tennessee General Services Commissioner Gwendolyn Davis tells NTC that a "Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise" (GDBE) will begin operations, Monday, Feb. 23, headed by Teresa Bills, who will be an assistant General Services commissioner. She previously served as coordinator of Vanderbilt University's vendor-diversity program. The office aims to assist businesses that are Woman-owned, Minority-owned or Small Business enterprises. The office will offer a "one-stop" point of entry for dealing with F&A Office of Information Resources, Economic & Community Development, State Building Commission, General Services, Transportation. Davis tells NTC that roughly 65,000 contractors are in the state's general database, and she and her staff are working to identify and verify firms within that number that are eligible for services through the GDBE. Meanwhile, Governor Bredesen's F&A division has asked for comment on the state's RFP and invitations-to-bid processes, and those comments are due by Feb. 3; see invitation to comment, posted here.

Metro F&A's Nancy Wittemore now director of Metro General Services, retains responsibility for Metro customer call center, E-Bid operations, other functions, Metro release, Jan. 16, here.

Metro government contracts with Rapidigm (Pittsburgh) for Metro Schools' content management support, RFP 03-137 here. Other bidders were Allan Analytics; Aquent; Cincinnati Bell; finalsite (Connecticut Computer); Conviveon; Digitaldog; Documentum; Fatwire; MGT of America; Monster Labs; Novo-solutions; PayMaxx (Internet Solutions); System Alliance (Site Executive); Web Associates.

Results of the State's evaluation of PowerBuilder Development, Support Services (RFP 0317.03-111) amended to issue Feb. 2. State opens tech proposals today, cost proposals tomorrow.

Knoxville Computer Corporation, the incumbent, learned Jan. 14 it again won State OIR's latest Data-entry RFP contest, 317.03-110.

Metro Schools' (Metro Gov) RFP 03-180 for employment-applicant tracking product and app-tracking system has attracted many IT firms' interest, and has a deadline of Feb. 7.

Metro's RFP 03-168 Professional Contract Services for IS Personnel, closed Monday (1/26), with 36 bidders. For list of bidders, write here.

Deadline for proposals for RFP 331.36-061 Web Based / Online Teacher Recruitment Service for the Tennessee Public Schools, State Special Schools and Private Schools is Jan. 30.

RFP 316.08-168 for Replacement of TN Corrections' TRICOR Supplier System, deadline Feb. 3.

Metro's Information Technology Services and Justice Information System offices have joined issued RFP 03-94 for Traffic Violations Management System (TVMS), with proposals due Metro Feb. 20, with short-list vendors' demonstrations now scheduled for March 24.

TN Lottery has invited proposals for interactive voice response system by Feb. 9, RFP of Jan. 22 here. Questions are due today (1/28).

See previous News Summary issues for contracts, bid information, archived here.


Sara Tyler to vice president of Nashville Technology Council, while Cooksey supports Membership, NTC release, Jan. 20, here., Jan. 20, here. The City Paper, p. 12, Jan. 28, not on web.

Internet banking company NetBank selects PayMaxx Inc. for payroll services, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23, here.

Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz implementing West km, integrating Baker Donelson's information archive with Westlaw. Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 20, Jan. 16, here.

Parthenon Publishing develops print/digital communications for Psychiatric Solutions Inc. and for Unum Provident, here.

MailNet adds Supercuts, Jan. 20, Nash. Bus. Journal, here.

Kelly Frey, attorney with new-product development background, joins Nashville's Baker Donelson, focusing on ventures and technologies, Tennessean, p. 5E, Jan. 18, here. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 18, here. The City Paper, p. 12, Jan. 21, here.

Kara Shea joins Miller & Martin LLP, specializing in intellectual-property, employment law, Tennessean, Jan. 25, scroll here.

"Baltimore-based Constellation Energy Source has named John Schaffer as general manager of the Nashville District Energy System, the $48 million facility which replaced the Nashville Thermal Transfer plant on Dec. 15," reports Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 16, here.

EnSafe Inc. of Memphis names Frank McInturff chief technology officer, Tennessean, Jan. 18, here. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 18, scroll here.

Memphis-based SoftwareEarnings, Inc., appointed Chris Hlebak to CTO from senior software engineer. He has been team lead and technical liaison for the imageCPCS project, high-speed image-capture technology SEI developed in partnership with IBM. PRN release, Jan. 23, here.

Former Ernest & Young Nashville exec Ed Cook joins SmartMail board, release.

Nashville Public Television (WNPT 8 PBS) web site supporting "Designed for Worship" documentary won national award from National Educational Television Association, with credit to Patricia Gear, web producer; Joy Holly, web designer; Bridget Kling, content producer. Tennessean, 5E, Jan. 25, scroll here.

Nashville State Community College announced his Board of Directors and officers, including IT community members Chris Beck, EDS; Robert Bundy, Security Electronics; Patrick Camm, IT Solutions; David Condra, NTC; Si Deane, Logic Media; Chris Ferrell, Marketing Ops; and, David McNeel, CITE. Tennessean, 5E, Jan. 25, here.

Kevin Kline, director of technology for Quest Software's SQL Server Tools division, has been elected to two-year term as president of Professional Association for SQL Server, 5E, Tennessean, Jan. 25, scroll here.

Smart DM, data-base marketing firm, added Janna Samuelson and Emily Jones to lead marketing campaigns and DM/E-mail projects, respectively, 5E, Tennessean, Jan. 25, scroll here.


Nashville Management Group expanding to Memphis, Jan. 20, Nash. Bus. Journal, here.

Chattanooga may be sight for design and engineering work for TMIO oven controllable via Internet and cellphone, Times Free Press, Jan. 24, (sub) here.

Nashville's RTS Nuclear Solutions has been hired to put the plug in the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge NL, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 27, scroll here.

Tractor Supply to relocate headquarters from Davidson to Williamson County, Tennessean, Jan. 22, here; Tractor Supply earnings jump, Tennessean, Jan. 22, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 22, here. Tennessean, Jan. 23, here. City Paper, p. 16, Jan. 26, here.

Iris Networks offers tandem switch to enable 11 indy phone companies to generate additional revenue, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 20, Jan. 23, here.

Chattanooga's KencoLogistics Services deploys LeanLogistics system as part of supply-chain solutions push, release, Jan. 21, here.

Memphis-based NovaCopy competes with FileNet and others on document management and storage, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 19, here. Tennessean, here.


Nashville-based Thinklink Learning's PASS system -- headed by Jackie Shrago and incubated with Vanderbilt assist -- looks to triple revenues in coming year, due to increasing emphasis on K-12 student assessment and instruction in the era of No Child Left Behind, Nash. Bus. Journal, P. 20, Jan. 16, here. Shrago notes ThinkLink active in TN, AL, KY, MS, WV.

Despite state contract with Public Consulting Group, not all schools rush to post student results on websites, Tennessean, 4B, Jan. 28, here.

In Metro Nashville, the Stratford High School IT Academy offers students college funding and career prospects, Jan. 21, Tennessean, 1B, here. Inaugural event summary and slide show, here.

Qwest Communications International Inc. won multiyear award from UT and TN Regents, release here. Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 20, here.

University of Memphis chooses RightNow CRM solution (Bozeman, MT), release, here.

Owen GSM/Vanderbilt student-entrepreneurs participate Feb. 5-7 in the Boston round of the national Venture Capital Investment Competition. Georgetown and Notre Dame finished 1-2 in the wild-card round, recently hosted in Nashville by Owen students. For more info, write here.

Bill & Melissa Gates Fndn donations for TN libraries pass $4 Million, Tennessean, Jan. 15, here.


Meeting in Nashville, Healthcare analysts see strong 2004, and Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23, here.

Memphis biomed leaders see Medtronics' acquisition of Premier strengthening city, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 28, here.

Attentus Healthcare's $77 million vencap take from JLL Partners and Clayton Associates springs from management team's Province, Ortholink track records -- and gets a jocular "'F' for originality" from Clayton McWhorter, Tennessean, 1E, Jan. 28, here.

ePOM system eases prescription errors in Southern Hills Med Center test, Tennessean, 1E, Jan. 22, here.

Stinger Industries, maker of Healthcare IT workstations, buys a headquarters in Murfreesboro, p. 3, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23, here.

Vanderbilt's interdisciplinary approach to vision research, training, technologies gets boost through National Eye Institute grant renewal, release, Jan. 26, here.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital joins supercomputer users, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 19, here.

Healthcare Management Systems, Inc., celebrating 20th anniversary of founding, features integrated healthcare IT offerings via redesigned website, Jan. 21, here.

e-Health Initiative responds to President Bush's comments on importance of advancing healthcare IT, Jan. 21, here. White House "State of the Union" portal, including initiative to increase healthcare IT R&D funding to $100 million, here.


Q&A: Nashville Downtown Partnership exec Tom Turner touts 'Music City' brand, sees more office towers, corporate headquarters, paints bullish picture of central city's residential and business mix in coming years, Tennessean, p. 1 Davidson AM, Jan. 28, not on web. Nashville basks in afterglow of Expansion Management magazine's 2d-hottest city ranking, Tennessean, Jan. 22, 1E, here. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 17, here. Chattanooga doesn't make the list, Times Free Press, Jan. 27, (sub) here. Nashville 7th most-polite city? New York Times, Jan. 17, here.

The NTC Software Developers Roundtable's (SDRT) steering committee met for the first time Jan. 13 and, among other actions, established a statement of SDRT membership criteria: SDRT "participants will be executives with NTC Member-organizations that ship software products that they own, develop, market and lincense on a commercial basis, and/or which have demonstrated that their organizations are developing one or more software products, and thus contemplate such enterprise." During the Jan. 13 working session, chaired by NTC President David Condra, the steering committee drafted preliminary SDRT workplans for programming, Web/Internet support, Membership development and communications, Sponsor recruitment and other functions. Steering-committee ranks currently include representatives from Anode, Bondware, Centresource, Cleartrack, DecisionSource, digiChart, EdgeNet, Equinox IS, eTranX, Keystone Business, Monsterlabs, NetContent, Partner2Partner, SheerGenius, Zortec. These firms' executives volunteered to serve on the steering committee, following a Nov. 21, 2003, exploratory meeting of representatives from 25 NTC Member firms. The complement includes Acuity Marketing, BearWare, ColdFeet Creative, Ecteon, Healthcare Management Systems, InPhact, Optimum Solutions, Programming Resources, QuickScan, Spectrum Research. More information will be disseminated, as it becomes available. Contact Milt Capps, (615) 743-3168 or write.

Franklin-based IHL Consulting Group's Greg Buzek sees POS technology sales taking off, citing RIS News study, Release Jan. 27, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27, here. IHL moved to Nashville two years ago from south Florida.


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(Jan 28) - East TN Tech Council, Alan Hammersmith, CIO at CTI Molecular Imaging, "Taming Killer Projects," details here or contact or (865) 220-2020.

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* (March 4) NTC Tech Roundtable, speaker: Paul Cleckner, U.S. Director of Client Service Technology, Deloitte & Touche, covering Deloitte implementations of Microsoft .Net, CMS and Sharepoint, which Deloitte has leveraged in building its U.S. firm portal (now receiving 1 million visits per month); plus, knowledge-management platforms and applications that support service delivery.

(March 11) AITP Nashville - Field Trip,Tennesse Titans, Russ Hudson, IT Director, Sheraton Music City Hotel, details here.

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(May 6) NTC Tech Roundtable, University Club, Vanderbilt, speaker to be announced.

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