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Wednesday, February 11, 2004 (No. 27)
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TODAY: TN Economic & Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber, (who, with ECD Technology Director Eric Cromwell is leading a statewide technology push), appears before House Finance, Ways & Means for departmental budget hearing, 1:30 p.m. CT, (click here then House, then Vid Streaming). He appears before Senate committee, tomorrow (2/12), 10 a.m. Related tech publication.

Today: Scott Hubbard, VU alumnus and director of NASA's Ames Research Center in California, free lecture on knowledge of Mars and Rover missions. 7:30 p.m., Rm 4327, Stevenson Cntr.

April 8th! Nashville Technology Council's annual Technology! Nashville IT Leadership & Innovation Conference will be Thursday, April 8, 2004, Hilton Suites Nashville, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Speakers already confirmed include Tony Holcombe, WebMD; Athan Gibbs, TruVote; Cliff Duffey, Cybera; Chris Pair, HCA; Jeff Duncan, Louisiana Pacific, and others. Executives address state of the technology in Nashville region; update on hot local IT companies; healthcare information technology; tech headquarters and employment, other topics. For more info, visit here or write here.

Edgenet Inc. reports changes in its top-management ranks,, Feb. 9, here.

From Nashville, BBX's Ortale launches suit against Kolleger in New York City,, Feb. 9, here. Previous reports on BBX, scroll here.

Fate of Williamson County's Progeny presence in the hands of Cendant, following reorganization, Tennessean, 2E, Feb. 6, here. Related stories, Tennessean, Jan. 30, 1E, here. Merger finalized, Jan. 31, 3E, Tennessean, here. Trilegiant release, Jan. 30, here.

Nashville CNA layoffs prompted in part by purchase Swiss Re's outsourcing strategy and contract with Computer Sciences Corp., Tennessean, Feb. 6, here.

Nashville Sprint call-center not only gets IBM, but Convergys injections, City Paper, p. 11, Feb. 5, here. The Tennessean, Feb. 5, here. NY Times, Feb. 5, here.

Ed Carnes, 40, launches Carnes Group LLC in Franklin, after stints as director-global IT for SonyATV Music Publishing, service with Dell Inc., and others. Carnes Group release, Jan. 5, here. Tennessean exec mention, 4E, Feb. 9, scroll here.

Paulette Jackson joins CAT Financial as exec vp over IT and HR, The Tennessean, Feb. 6, here.

Nashville's CyberAngel's Brad Lide gains U.S. recognition as stolen laptops are recovered and cybersecurity story is caught by Reuters, New York Times, Feb. 8, here. CyberAngel, Feb. 3 USA Today.

Preserving and branding Opry content: Although there's no further word from Gaylord Entertainment about deals with record labels, high-tech archiving of Opry content continues apace. Steve Gibson, music director for Gaylord Entertainment's "Grand Ole Opry" broadcast, is also designing and overseeing Gaylord Entertainment's audio archive of WSM 650 and Opry productions, and he tells NTC he's working mainly on the Nuendo Digital Audio Workstation; employs a high-end Euphonics recording console; and, most content is headed for Firewire hard drives. He's hewing closely to NARAS' recently developed guidelines. Simultaneously, video archiving is ramping-up under Gaylord's Television Archive Manager Sandy Liles, who notes the recent acquisition of a SONY MPEG IMX (MSWM2000) for use with beta-vid tape formats. The backdrop for this archiving initiative was provided in November by The Tennessean: Grand Ole Opry brand could extend to line of CDs, DVDs, according to Steve Buchanan, Gaylord senior vice president of media and entertainment, Tennessean, Nov. 23/03 and Nov. 20/03.

SCI-TECH RACE: Tennesseans in science, technology, government and related pursuits are participating the federal Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). Through a series of meetings that began yesterday (2/10) in Memphis, the collaborators are working to identify points of leverage in Tennessee's knowledge base that might enable groups within the state to pursue infrastructure and other grants designed to strengthen capacity to attract a greater share of federal research spending. Further forums are set for Feb. 19, Knoxville; Feb. 27, Tri-Cities; March 3, Chattanooga; March 22, Nashville. The EPSCoR volunteer committee then meets, March 23. The homepage for the Tennessee initiative is here.

Novell Software creates Nashville presence on heels of buying Suse Linux and Ximian, is represented here by Laura McAlister and Linux pro Jimmy Blakeny; Jan. 13 Novell release, here.

MUSIC: Songwriters' royalties drop due in part to technologies, while performing-rights organizations' fortunes rise, City Paper, Feb. 10, p. 11, here. Rep. Blackburn and Sen. Alexander to lead Songwriters Caucus in Congress, Nashville songwriters lobby for right to sue song-swapping sites like Kazaa and Grokster, seek tax relief on song-catalog sales, Tennessean, 1E, Feb. 4, here. Til downloading is easier and cheaper, cheating will continue, (opinion) The Tennessean, 8A, Feb. 2, here.

Tech After Hours, NTC's business networking event was a hit, with 250 registered for the Jan. 27th event at Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. Sponsoring organizations in addition to NTC's co-host WilliamsonWorks were Dell Inc. and Veritas. Exhibitors were Anode, Bondware, Borland Software Corp, CITE, Computer Associates, Computer Professionals, Inc., Compuware, Duthie Associates, ICG Link, IDeACOM Networks, ISDN-Net, Lancope, LBMC, MDE Enterprises, Nashville Business Journal, NationLink Wireless, Southeast Electric, Stites & Harbison, Tennessee Technological University, VOLT Information Services. Look for 'TAH' again, May 18th.

NCN Event in 1 Week: Nashville Capital Network's program on the challenges of raising outside capital, while leveraging advantages and avoiding pitfalls related to legal, financial, administrative and structural aspects of the business. Wed., Feb. 18, 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m., Averbuch Auditorium, Owen GSM, Vanderbilt. Confirmed panelists are entrepreneurs, investors, services partners: Katie Gambill, Council Ventures; Stuart McWhorter, Clayton Associates; Eddie Pearson, Digiscript; Joe Maxwell, Investment Scorecard; Stuart Campbell, Stites & Harbison; Page Davidson, Bass Berry & Sims; Jon Billington, Ernst & Young. No registration required. Contact: Sara Tyler.


PatientEDU (VeriTech Corp.) has opened mid-TN office to provide patient-education videos via providers, promising benefits in terms of patient results, patient satisfaction, provider liability, etc. p. 3, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, here.

EBM Solutions' Keckley to Healthgate from Vanderbilt EBM, NBJ, Feb. 5, here. Oct. 28, here.

Graeber will depart Health Care Council,, Feb. 3, here.

First Consulting Group secures remainder of Codigent shares,, Feb. 3, here.

GTX biotech venture begins public trading, Memphis Bus. Journal, Feb. 3, here.

HIMSS/Phoenix survey shows healthcare providers not ready for HIPAA transactions, Feb. 2, here. HIMSS latest news, here.

Vanguard Health Management joins National Quality Forum, Jan. 30 release.

WebMD/Envoy subject of Owen GSM e-strategy competition at Vanderbilt, case statement, here.

The buzzword today is "digital hospital," says META Associates executive Warren Goodwin, Nashville Medical News, Feb. 04, scroll to p. 7 here.

Nine trends in healthcare informatics, Healthcare Informatics Online, cover, Feb. 04, here.

Nextrials says it will kill other bio-IT e-data-capture offerings, Bio-IT World, Feb. 12, here.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security internet-security expert Amit Yoran does live chat (transcription available later), with Washington Post reporter today at 10 a.m. CT, link here.

'Public Notice' expenditures: Tennessee newspapers are reportedly resisting legislation (Claybough SB2200, Shaw HB2201) that would amend the TN Code to permit use of radio, tv, cable, Internet, other electronic media to make mandatory public notices. Related, The Tennessean, Jan. 29, 4B, here. As part of effort to quash efforts of competing media, Tenn. Press Assn. Exec. Dir. Greg Sherrill urges newspapers to run public notices on websites, here.

TN Department of Correction offers virtual prison tour for the curious or incorrigible, via web here. Related story, Scripps Howard News Service via Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 26, here.

Nashville's VitalCheck (a ChoicePoint sub) proceeds with California business after regulatory relief regarding documentation of vital records,, Jan. 23, here.

MATRIX government database continues to raise fears regarding protecting privacy, AP via Times Free Press (sub) and Commercial Appeal, Jan. 25. Tennessee has applied to join Matrix, item in Jan. 7 NTC news summary, scroll here. Decision on MATRIX database in Tennessee postponed pending new TBI hire, Commercial Appeal, Feb. 4, here. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 5, here. Re: TBI director search process, Jan. 20,, here. Georgia pulls the plug on MATRIX database, USA Today online, Jan. 30, here; more on MATRIX and Tennessee in news summaries Jan 7 and Sept. 30.

Governor Bredesen's Virtual Budget Room launched prior to State of State Address, visit here. Budget includes $2 Million for grants for school districts' purchases of educational software.

Tennessee OIR chief Rognehaugh looks for creative financing to fulfill state's ERP and other IT needs, Business TN magazine, p. 12, Feb. 04, site in development, text not online.

Dell Inc. is adhering to its agreement with Metro Government on hiring and incentives, according to audit, The City Paper, p. 1, Feb. 3, here. The Tennessean, 6B, Feb. 3, here. Dell Inc. incentive package from Metro Government works as it should, (opinion), Tennessean, 10A, Feb. 9, here.

ISDN-Net, Butler, other ISPs still discussing tax-collection changeup with Revenue Commissioner Chumley, The City Paper, p. 11, Feb. 4, here. TN Internet tax shift is hard on ISPs, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 29, here.

Tennessee Supreme Court upgrades Web site with polyglot video, City Paper, Feb. 5, here.

Today is national "2-1-1" day, as East Tennessee touts value of 211 social-services line, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 9, here. In Mid-Tenn, 2-1-1 social services helpline could function by August, thanks to United Way, Tennessean, 5B, Jan. 31, here.

Should BellSouth be deregulated? Opinions:Yes, by BellSouth's regional director, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 8, here. No, by attorney Henry Walker of Boult Cummings, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 8, here.

See previous News Summary issues for contracts, bid information, archived here.


Nashville Capital Network will hold Feb. 18th seminar at Owen on raising outside capital,, here.

Private Capital Advisors, led by John Gerber of Dealerskin and Cybera ventures, ups the ante,
Nashville Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, here.

Nashville's Heidtke & Co. leads MidSouth Investor Fund in $1.5 million placement for Plano's Engine & Energy Technology, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 10, here.

Brentwood -- Ntelagent Inc., led by Earl Winter, formerly of ClientLogic, purchases $1.3 million in equipment, opts-in with Lucent, Genesys ClientCare to push network-based call-center solutions, Nash. Bus. Journal, p1, Feb. 6, here.

Databases at Financial Markets Research Center at Owen GSM/VU supported by funding from Interactive Brokers Group, Nash. Bus. Journal, P. 14, Feb. 6.

Pomeroy IT Sols (NAS:PMRY) reports revenue, earnings increases, Feb. 10, release here.

Starlight investment banking for technology sector, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 29, here.

EDS announced Feb. 1 it is deploying "centralized, network-based infrastructure to accommodate the full range of [IT] needs for the 450-plus retail outlets of GM's Saturn unit," release here. Further report on evolving Saturn-GM relationships, AP via Commercial Appeal, Feb. 1, here.

HealthTrio signs clinic group in Washington state for e-health applications, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 10, here.

VU professor's Demeter Systems unveils clean-coal technology, illuminates controversies over royalties, management, 1E, Tennessean, Jan. 30, here.

Dollar General reportedly deposes Yahoo! representatives in pursuit of alleged inside leaker of corporate financial information, The Tennessean, Feb. 2, 1E, here.

CTI Molecular sued by University of Pittsburgh over revenue and rights linked to PET/CT scanner, B1, Time Free Press, Feb. 6, (sub and search) here. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 6, here. CTI exceeds earnings projections, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 4, here.

IPO by GTx Inc. of Memphis attracts $7 million first day, Commercial Appeal, Feb. 4, here.


Chattanooga's Accurate Automation Corp., with NASA contract in hand for jet-powered aircraft, could have role in Mars space initiative, also gains UTC SimCenter applause, Times Free Press, p. 13, Feb. 1, here.

UnumProvident signs GoodLink Technologies for wireless messaging and data access, according to CIO Bob Best, PRN release, Feb. 5. Also at UnumProv: Guy Fulcher, assistant vice president-information technology, Unun/Provident, earned CITP, Times Free Press, C2, Jan. 29, (sub and search) here.

TVA chooses Elance SPM 4 Services Procurement/Management solution, Elance rel., Feb. 2, here.

Chattanooga Technology Council announces officers, with Matthews to chair and T.J. Gentle to president/ceo, release, Feb. 2, here;, Feb. 7, here.

Lawson Software, St. Paul, Minn., won Knox County payroll implementation, offered discount to local school district to piggyback, now awaits March 3 vote. upgrade existing. april 1 deadline: March 3 voting session. march 1 workshop. Eleven bids were considered by the County for the primary contract. Hugh Holt, manager of purchasing for Knox County, told NTC yesterday none of of the bidders was a Tennessee-based firm. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 5 and Feb. 3.

"Nano Valley" and computer-driven ventures are reasonable goals for Oak Ridge Corridor, say Oak Ridge National Lab execs, Times Free Press, Feb. 10, C1, here.

Andrew Meyers, Univ. Memphis vice provost for research, to head FedEx Institute of Technology April 5, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, here. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 31, here. Departing Exec Director Jim Phillips leaves legacy at UM, Jan. 16, Memphis Bus Jrnl, here.

Noranda and Image Microsystems recycling tons of Dell, HP products each day, Tennessean, 1E, Feb. 8, here. Dell Inc. recycling grant helps eaststate deal with surplus computers, Jan. 29, release.

Memphis-based EnSafe Inc. will be cleaning up contamination in Baku, Azerbaijan, under a contract recently awarded by State Oil Company. Feb. 6 release, here.

Averitt Express of Cookeville will provide supply-chain management services for Mercedes-Benz Alabama plant, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 10, here. Tennessean, 3E, Feb. 11, here.

New Univ. Memphis unit will commercialize technologies, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, here. U. Memphis pursues $50 Million National Science Foundation grant with proposal for Artificial Intelligence and other applications to improve teaching and learning, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 30.

Memphis biotech drive gains momentum with Bredesen, City funding proposals, Commercial Appeal, Feb. 5, here. Commercial Appeal, Feb. 4. Memphis Bus. Journal, Feb. 3., Feb. 3.

Homeless Management Information System could link Knoxville's continuum of care organizations, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 31, here.


Video-on-Demand now in use in 15 Metro Schools from United Streaming via Nashville Public Television WNPT, Tennessean, Davidson AM, p. 2, Jan. 30, not on web. NPT continues to explore with potential government partners and other users the possible employment (for instructional, emergency-communications and other purposes) of the station's broadcast capabilities, which are due to increase as a result of all tv stations' federal mandate to establish digital-broadcasting capabilities. Resource: Public Television in Tennessee, here.

(further) Rapidigm wins Metro Schools web contract,, Feb. 10, here. See related item, news summary, Jan. 28, here.

Tennessee Tech student teams are excelling consistently in Association for Computing Machinery's annual programming competition, Tennessean, Feb. 4.

Joseph Dolan named coordinator, biotechnology program; and, Keith LeSuer to web/graphic designer, both at Center for IT Education, Nashville State Community College, p. 15, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 6. Tennessean, Feb. 1, 5E.

UT Knoxville's Exec MBA for Aerospace execs is unique, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 7, here.


Microsoft announces critical security flaws in MS software, Washington Post, Feb. 11, here.

Franklin-based IHL Consulting Group offers business intel database on major retailers' IT resources, IHL release, Feb. 11.

Current advanced research: Vanderbilt School of Engineering Research overview,here. Research Centers, Institutes and Groups, including software integrated systems, bioengineering, other fields, here.

How to Sink the Tech Comeback: One of greatest threats to High-Tech firms' valuation is public policy: To keep the High-Tech rally alive, policymakers must exercise forebearance on buyouts and mergers, recognize role of fierce global competition on anticompetitive practices, and give tech industries room to recover, (op-ed), Wall Street Journal, Feb. 9, (sub) here.

Is your Internet business a commodity? Here's an article on differentiating Web-hosting or other services that are in danger of commoditization and downward pricing pressure, theWHIR's WehHost news, Feb. 5, here. Related, price competition for domain-name registration, WHIR, Jan. 28, here.

Social networking for business may be the route to profit, New York Times, Feb. 9, here.

Model: Ingenuity Inc. (Birmingham) promises first to optimize telecom expenditures, then spend clients' savings on web and other technologies. CEO Hayes tells employees to look for ways to contribute to client improvement, Birm. Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, here.

OFF-SHORE: (1) Offshoring is 'good' for America, op-ed, Wall St. Journal, Jan. 28, (sub) here. (2) Education is no protection from offshoring, (opinion), New York Times, Jan. 26, here. (3) Report warns that services and research and development may follow manufacturing; economist says offshoring IT hardware and software lowers costs to buyers, helps economy, Wall Street Journal, p. 1, Jan. 26, (sub) here. (4) Outsourcing option is a crutch for managers of obsolete organizations, Letter, WSJ, Jan. 15, (sub required) here. Original pro-globalization opinion (1/6) that triggered writer's response, here. National IEEE launches local forums on globalization issues, Jan. 23, IEEE statement here.

Jobs shift from higher-paying to lower-paying industries in 48 of 50 states, Economic Policy Institute, Jan. 21, here.

"Basics of Patent Law" briefing paper by Richard S. Myers of Stites & Harbison PLLC has recently been posted to the NTC Legal Corner, here.

McElroy of Nashville Management Group offers "Seven steps" for eliminating project-management stress, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 19, Jan. 23, here.

Intellectual Property: The Tyranny of Copyright? Internet has forced consideration of new business models and suggests further shifts in our understanding of the commons, NY Times, Jan. 25, here.

Move over Blog: "Wikis" are hot new tool for collaboration in public, behind firewalls, San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 25, here. E.g.'s of Wikis: Wiki FAQ...Wikipedia...MeatballWiki.


(further) Andrew Duthie named president, majority owner of Duthie Associates, p. 15, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 6. Tennessean, Feb. 9, 1E, here.

Mike Meyer to senior manager at North Highland Co., Brentwood office, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 15, Feb. 6. Tennessean, p. 5E, Feb. 1.

InfoAdvantage hires Jeff Wreyford to manage Network Services group, Jan. 23, release, here.

Karen Spacek has been named principal of NMG Advisers Inc., the Memphis Office of Nashville Management Group, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 1.

Julie Murphy Burnstein joined Boult Cummings, with a portfolio including intellectual property, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 1.

Matthew Burnstein joins Waller Lansden, with portfolio including venture capital, technology law, City Paper, p. 12, Feb. 11.

Mailnet Services Inc. provides Mailing Listcleanup to Ancora (California), Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 6, here.

Linda Rebrovick of BearingPoint, a member of the NTC board of directors, receives Frist Award from United Way, for excellence in volunteer leadership, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 4, here.

Jason Epstein named shareholder at Baker Donelson, concentrating on eBusiness, technology, corporate litigation, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 1.

Samuel F. Miller, focusing on intellectual-property litigation, joins Stites & Harbison, 5E, Tennessean, Feb. 9, scroll here. The City Paper, p. 12, Feb. 5, not on web.

First American Payments Systems names Waller Lansden's Howard Herndon executive vice president and general counsel, BW release Feb. 9, here. Waller attorney Chase Cole profiled, p. 13, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 6, here.

Bry Pickett to software development manager and senior application architect for the Nashville office of Birmingham-based ComFrame, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 15, Feb. 6. Also, The City Paper, p. 12, Feb. 5, not on web.

(further) Tyler, Cooksey appointments at NTC, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 30, p. 13. The Tennessean, Feb. 1, scroll here.

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(Feb. 17) Project Management Institute, Nashville, 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 pm. Holiday Inn Select, 2613 West End, Frank Saladis, PMP, President of Project Imaginers, Inc., presents, "Your Future as a Project Manager."

* (Feb. 19) Business After Hours, business networking event, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Rocketown. For details, here.

* (Feb. 20) ISSA-MidTN chapter program on applications and database vulnerabilities, Willis Conference Center, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., for details and registration, here.

(Feb. 24) Women in Technology in Tennessee, WiTT, 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m., "Making the decision to outsource," David Wesch, senior vice president-technology, American Color Graphics, details here.

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(March 3-6) Chancery 5.0 Student Management Solutions Users Conference, Gaylord Opryland. Chancery has more than half TN school districts as customers.

(March 4) NTC Tech Roundtable, Paul Cleckner, U.S. Director of Client Service Technology, Deloitte, covering Deloitte implementation of Microsoft .Net, CMS and Share point, which Deloitte has leveraged in building its U.S. firm portal (now receiving 1 million visits per month); plus, knowledge-management platforms and applications that support service delivery. Register here.

* (March 4) Publishing your own music, workshop at FedEx Institute of Technology, related story, Commercial Appeal, Feb. 7, here.

* (March 5) ATIBA Software LLC is the subject of the Nashville Area Chamber's "Behind the Business" program, 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., preceded by networking, details here.

(March 11) AITP Nashville, Speech technologies, Tom Norman, CGI Consulting, Wyndham Nashville Arprt Hotel, details here.

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* (May 7) PayMaxx is subject of Nashville Chamber's "Behind the Business" program, 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., preceded by networking, details here.

* (May 13) AITP Nash., Starting Your IT Business, Bob Chaput -American Tech'y Grp, details here.

* (May 18) "NTC Tech After Hours," Marriott Franklin Cool Springs, 4:30 p.m., details here.

* (May 19-21) Management skills for IT professionals, with Jay Ress, Tenn. Economic Development Center (BellSouth Tower). Details here.

* (May 20) 41st Annual State of Metro Address by Mayor Bill Purcell, Convention Center, 7 a.m. registration and networking, 7:30 - 9 breakfast and program, info and registration here.

(May 25) GovTech Tennessee Government Technology Summit, details, here.

(May 31-June 2) Knoxville/Oak Ridge Summit, Tennessee Valley Corridor, here.

* (Sept. 23-24) 8th Ann' Tenn. Venture Forum - hosts: Tech2020, City of Chattanooga.

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