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Wednesday, February 18, 2004 (No. 28)
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(Update) April 8th! Nashville Technology Council's annual Technology! Nashville IT Leadership & Innovation Conference will be Thursday, April 8, 2004, Hilton Suites Nashville, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Scheduled speakers include Tony Holcombe, president, WebMD; Athan Gibbs, president, TruVote; Cliff Duffey, president, Cybera; John Jones, vice president, Asurion; George Argodale, vice president-IT, Tractor Supply; Chris Pair, asst. vice president-enterprise reporting, HCA; Jeff Duncan, vice president-IT, Louisiana Pacific; Michael Voss, health practice director, Syntel Inc.; Eric Cromwell, TN ECD Director of Technology; Tom DePauw, Global program director-IT, CAT Financial; David Condra, president, NTC, and others pending confirmation. Sponsors thus far include GCI Information Systems Consulting and the Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development. Details, here.

TODAY: Nashville Capital Network's program on the challenges of raising outside capital starts at 5:30 p.m. (til 7 p.m.), Averbuch Auditorium, Owen GSM, Vanderbilt. Moderator is Marc Fortune of Century II. Panelists include Katie Gambill, Council Ventures; Stuart McWhorter, Clayton Associates; Eddie Pearson, Digiscript; Joe Maxwell, Investment Scorecard; Stuart Campbell, Stites & Harbison; Page Davidson, Bass Berry & Sims; Jon Billington, Ernst & Young. No registration required.


Canadian firm 'Taps Into' into U.S. market via Nashville's Newby

Meticulous planning or serendipity? Either way, by reaching out from Canada to Nashville to develop more U.S. and European partnerships, Streamlogics Inc. (Toronto) has found in Co-Founder Judith Newby a tech marketer who speaks their language and who won't need directions on Music Row. Streamlogics' provides live and on-demand webcasting, streaming media hosting, and related technology services.

In conversation, Newby's emphasis on the "non-downloadable" nature of Streamlogics live webcast events comes naturally. After all, in 1996, Windsor, Canada-born Newby founded Untapped Music in Nashville, intent on providing Indie artists new distribution channels, live-performance Netcasts, and retailing support. (For nearly 15 years prior to that, she provided management services for dozens of performing artists, including Tom T. Hall and Lorrie Morgan.)

"I was going to to marry music and the Internet," Newby explains, "but, we were about five years too early." By 1997, Newby secured funding and relaunched as In 1999, she hired David Perdue as president/CEO, and she became COO/VP. Perdue has left for Atlanta, where he tells NTC he's pursuing a leveraged-buyout prospect. Streamlogics's current clients include Tennessee House of Representatives (live streaming), Onex Corp., American Music Channel, Adventure Science Center (Sci-Cam) and the Elephant Sanctuary; and, Newby says recent clients include World Trade Organization, MailBoxes Etc. and UPS.

Newby explains Sales and Marketing Director Preston Sullivan and Webmaster Robert Wilson, mainstays in, continue in those roles with StreamLogics. Streamlogics, itself, is owned by management and (38%) by SaskTel (Regina, Saskatchewan).


Nashville Capital Network announced surpassing first fundraising milestone, thanks to new contributions from Frist, Ingram, Turner, Miller & Martin, Chrysalis Ventures. "Raising outside capital" seminar is this afternoon. NCN release, Feb. 17, here. Tennessean, 3E, Feb. 17, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 17, here.

Earlier today, Tractor Supply executives opened NASDAQ market for day's trading, during ceremony from Times Sq., marking 10th anniversary of firm's listing, Tennessean, scroll here.

In Nashville, Beacon Technologies CEO Bill Hapner says the firm has opened an office in Bowling Green, which is home to 86 corporate HQs and Beacon client Western Kentucky Univ. The office will be staffed by Acct Manager Shawn O'Keefe. In Nashville, Beacon added Randall Dennis as Sr. Process Improvement Coordinator; plus, account managers Susan Bryant (Life Safety/Security) and Paul Leach (Audio/Visual). Hapner notes that COO Tony Wakefield, a Beacon owner, is Black Belt in Six Sigma.

WV Fiber telecom venture to relocate from Atlanta to Nashville,, Feb. 11, here.

NationLink Wireless launches GPS division under Comcast/Charter vet Wayne Vowell, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 3, Feb. 13.

Nashville-based enters arena to fight student plagiarism and best competitors, says Owen GSM student Max Lytvyn, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 4, Feb. 13.

Cendant Marketing Grp may help Progeny Marketing Innovations, City Paper, Feb. 13, here.

Dialysis Systems Inc. exemplifies Nashville's patent innovators, City Paper, Feb. 16, here.

Fleet One in deal with Petroleum Card Services, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 18, here. Release, here.

Rejoicing in FCC's VOIP action, ISDN-Net released Free World Dialup ( partnership, ISDN Q&A, here. Earlier, ISDN Jan. 27 release here.

Former iPayment execs' ProfitPoint chooses Franklin headquarters, Feb. 16, Nash. Bus. Journal, here. Earlier GreenSheet item, scroll down here, says "ProfitPoint provides electronic processing for all non-cash forms of payment to merchants, financial institutions."

Nashvillian Tom Neff's idea for the all-digital Documentary Channel has been gestating for years, but he told NTC Monday that he's raising "final financing" for the project, and hopes to launch in fall 2004. Neff's doc site refers to both cable and streaming services. He indicates he feels the market is responding well to "creation of new digital channels."

Asurion CEO Bret Comolli says "out-execute everyone else" to win in business, (profile), Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 13, Feb. 13, here.

Memphis-based ATWEC Technologies' KiddeVoice will be ready, if legislation passes General Assembly to require alert systems to tell drivers when kids are still aboard, BW release Feb. 13. On Feb. 11, ATWEC indicated it will step-up financial reporting, to improve chances for being listed on OTC Bulletin Board. Related story about stock exchange with parent Agri-Foods International Inc. (Saputo) (11/03), Memphis Bus. Journal, here.

Ascendant Media/Film House chief Curt Hahn sees technology democratizing filmmaking, thinks Nashville should push entertainment leadership more aggressively, Tennessean, 1E, Feb. 15, here.

The Tennessean's parent, Gannett Co., announced acquisitions of Murfreesboro's Daily News Journal and Franklin's Review Appeal from Morris Multimedia, Feb. 16, here.


CAT Financial has named Larry Woods Chief Information Officer; and, Tom DePauw, who previously served as CIO, is now Global Program Director, responsible for design and deployment of CAT's Core System which will include the Oracle e-Business suite, Oracle Lease Management system, and more. As previously reported (scroll here), Paulette Jackson has become executive vice president over IT, HR and major projects.

Axis Accounting Systems Inc.'s CEO Dallas Wilt announced promotions of Julie Townsend to Chief Operational Officer and Britt Lowry to Chief Technology Officer, and added Chrystal Chambers as systems consultant. Release here, Feb. 17.

InfoAdvantage enabled client Second Presbyterian Church to reestablish tech infrastructure following devastating September fire, release, Feb. 16, here.

BMG/Bertelsman, parent of RCA Label Group-Nashville, inks ring-tone deal with Zingy Inc. wireless enterprise, PRN rel., Feb. 17, here.

Bondware announced the Parsons News Leader is using Bondware online.

Palmgear announces Qualcomm, Tapware and Power by Hand partnerships, Tennessean, 3E, Feb. 12, scroll here.

Franklin-based BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals appoints chief financial and science officers,, Feb. 11. Biometics release, Feb. 12, here.

Craig Featherstone joins Brentwood's Integrity Publishers to focus on product development and strategic partnerships with new media, tv/radio, B2C marketing, 5E, Tennessean, Feb. 15.

(further) John Schaffer to GM of Nashville District Energy Sys., Tennessean, Feb. 18, here.

Jessica Hetzler of SRC Network and Software Solutions (affil. Henderson Hutcherson McCullough PLLC) earned Peachtree cert. (accounting), Times Free Press, Feb. 15, (sub/search), here.

Brentwood's Career Imaging helping job seekers with e-vita, Tennessean, Feb. 12, here.

Rick Murray of Kraft Technology Group has been named president of the board of Community Resource Center, Feb. 17, City Paper, scroll here.


Healthcare Management Systems Inc. announced today it signed Springbrook Hospital, Brooksville, Fla., for HMS integrated hospital IT system. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 18, here. HMS also reports gaining IBM Premier Business Partner designation, BW Rel., Feb. 16, here. HMS cited in Health Data Management article, Feb. 04, here.

Evolved Digital Systems (formerly Inphact), Inc., says radiology, cardiology practices and departments have RadWeb 4.0. Feb. 16, release here., here. Earlier story, Tennessean, July 11, here.

Nashville's Gordian Health Solutions and Miavita strike partnership for Gordian's online health assessment, Feb. 18, PRN release, here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 18, here.

VU Engineering Alum James Golden, informatics expert, named VP-research for Life Sciences Insight (IDC), BW release, Feb. 18, here. IDC forms Life Sciences Insight, rel. Feb. 3, here.

MedSolutions announces David Hill as senior vice president for network development and management for radiology management services, PRN Rel., Jan. 28.

Vanderbilt University Informatics Center - Overview, strategic vision, here.


Sen. David Fowler's tech incentive bill enters the TN Legislative process (SB 3268), awaits clear track for discussion, Times Free Press, Feb. 15, (sub) here. Bill aims to provide certain community and economic development tax incentives. Companies that perform research and development in the fields of advanced computing, advanced material, biotechnology, electronic device technology, or environmental technology within the state, and companies involved with pilot scale manufacturing or commercialization in Tennessee of products developed as a result of such R&D may be eligible for tax credits. Background in news summary of Jan. 28, 2004, scroll down here.

Vanderbilt gets RIAA warnings on downloading, Tennessean, 1E, Feb. 18, here.

Metro Airport contracts for ETC simulators for disaster mgmt., driver training, PRN Rel. Feb. 16,
here. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 16, here., here. City Paper, Feb. 17, here.

Metro Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas will use COMPSTAT GIS crime-mapping system to hold police accountable, spot crime trends, Tennessean, (Kerr column), p. 1B, Feb. 18, here. Related background, here. Accountability is a Serpas theme, Tennessean, Feb. 14, here.

The TN OIR PowerBuilder Development/Services RFP (317.03-111) ended with three apparent best-evaluated proposers, all of which may be considered for contract award: KBM Inc., SCB Computer Technology and Computer Aid Inc. Notice, Feb. 2, here.

Coalition criticizes Tennessee legislators for handling of SB 3101, which aims to thwart theft of cable services,, Feb. 17, here.

Offshoring getting increasing attention; inequities between adjustment benefits available to knowledge vs manufacturing workers cited, New York Times, Feb. 15, here.

ECD Commissioner Kisber testifies Feb. 11-12 on ECD budget, Knox. News Sentl, Feb. 13.

Creative financing of Government IT: Government buys technology with savings achieved by contractor, Washington Post, Feb. 16, here.


RESEARCH FUNDING - Tomorrow in Knoxville, Tennesseans in science, technology, government and related pursuits join Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), to identify points opportunities to pursue infrastructure and other grants that are intended to strengthen states' capacities for attracting more federal research funding. Additional forums are Feb. 27, Tri-Cities; March 3, Chattanooga; March 22, Nashville. For more forum information, here.

Duley Hopkins & Associates gets $1.3 million BWXT Y-12 federal computer services subcontract at Oak Ridge, Times Free Press, C1, Feb. 17, (sub and search) here.

Affiliated Computer Services acquires Truckload Management Services, which has Nashville presence, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 13, here.

Michael Westerman has become Senior Vice President and CIO for U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc., after stints with SunTrust, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, American Express, Times Free Press, Feb. 14, (sub and search) here.

Controversy regarding BWXT Y-12 security exercise and receipt of Libyan nuclear materials continues, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 15, here. CBS "60 Minutes" report, Feb. 12, here.

First Tennessee, Viewpointe announced First Tennessee will use Viewpointe's complete-check image-sharing and image-exchange solution.

In Memphis, Lokion Interactive adds Graber as VP-Marketing, release Feb. 17, here. Lokion chosen to manage FedEx website "content and style," Lokion release, Jan. 5, here.

JD Resources names bus-dev director for Intense Technology subsidiary (1/04), release here.

Today in Knoxville, Netscreen, Sword & Shield and Rodefer Moss Technologies collaborate for a security demo at Holiday Inn-Select. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 17, scroll here.

IPIX Internet Pictures Corp. installs 360-degree security cameras at key tunnel, dam, Oak Ridge NL, News Sentinel, Feb. 16, here. Software replaces pay-per-image, News Sentinel, Feb. 13, here.

Interntl. Wireless announces Ripley, TN, collection divsn for health industry, BW Feb. 11, here.

(further) Chattanooga Technology Council announces Matthews, Gentle to leadership, Times Free Press, C2, Feb. 12, (sub and search) here.

Memphis banks on biosciences, Commercial Appeal, editorial, Feb. 13, here.


The National Science Foundation has awarded grant of $600,000 to the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering for support of "A Biologically Inspired Adaptive Working Memory System for Efficient Robot Control and Learning." This project is under the direction of Prof. Mitch Wilkes in VUSE Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

Leveraging diversity, team of MBA students at Tennessee State Univ. compete strongly in microcomputer-industry simulation developed by UT professor, Tennessean, Feb. 14, here.

Legislators Atchley, Brooks want high-school students on technical track to be eligible for HOPE Scholarship without ACT/SAT testing, educator says change would provide more technicians for industry jobs, Tennessean, 9B, Feb. 15, here.

Metro Schools announces online search of schools' libraries, visit here.

Metro Schools' CTO/CAO Lance Lott says district embracing student-management system, teachers embracing technology, and classroom workstations should be inplace by in June for high and middle schools, by fall for all elementary schools. Green Hills News (GCA), p. 3, Feb. 12, not on web.

Metro Schools plans to provide PTO/PTA and school-cluster representatives Metro E-mail accounts to stay in touch with constituents, Tennessean, p. 3 Davidson A.M., Feb. 16, not on web. Related: 2002 Hoover-Dempsey/Walker report on family-school communications, here. Earlier Metro Schools IT update, scroll down here.

119 Metro students win Dell computers via Dell TechKnow, BW release, Feb. 13, here.

Alabama's Online High School wins SACS accreditation, AP / Times Free Press, Feb. 16.


NTC's Software Developers Roundtable leadership meets, Friday, Feb. 20. For info, here.

Resources for funding of research, commercialization of technologies, U. of Memphis, here.

Tennessee impact of Cingular purchase of AT&T Wireless not clear, Tennessean, Feb. 18, here.

Data-Center Markup Language Organization increases membership to 54, DCMLO rel. Feb. 12.

Surge in employment: Cybersecurity; forensics among fastest-growing, NYTimes, here.

Microsoft and IBM shift funding from advertising, toward CRM2, NY Times, Feb. 17, here.

EDS picks partners to compete with IBM strategy, Feb. 17, Information Week, here.

Google added 1 Billion pages to Web index yesterday, San Jose Merc. News, Feb. 17, here. CNN, Feb. 18, CNN here.

Open Source & Beowulf rise in esteem of senior corporate execs, Washington Post, Feb. 16.

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(TODAY, 5:30 p.m.) NCN seminar on "raising outside capital," see item in Upfront, above.

(Feb. 19) Business After Hours, business networking event, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Rocketown. For details, here.

* (Feb. 19) ASTD/Nashville presentation on achieving return on investment in training, Dr. Deborah Tobey at AIG/American General, 4 p.m., details here.

(Feb. 20) ISSA-MidTN chapter program on applications and database vulnerabilities, Willis Conference Center, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., for details and registration, here.

* (Feb. 23) Chattanooga Technology Council, Rep. Zach Wamp, Chattanooga Convention Center, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST, details and registration, here.

(Feb. 24) Women in Technology in Tennessee, WiTT, 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m., "Making the decision to outsource," David Wesch, senior vice president-technology, American Color Graphics, details here.

(Feb. 25) Tech Council Monthly Meeting 11:30-1:00 @ Technology 2020, Jeff Wadsworth, Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, details here.

(March 3-6) Chancery 5.0 Student Management Solutions Users Conference, Gaylord Opryland. Chancery has more than half TN school districts as customers.

* (March 4) "Creating our own economic advantage," with Futurist Ed Barlow, a collaborative event by Bristol and Kingsport Chambers with local city/county govs. Monarch Audit., Bristol Regl Med. Cntr. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. $30. Information, Kingsport Chamber, (423) 392-8800 or Bristol Chamber, (423) 989-4850.

(March 4) NTC Tech Roundtable, Paul Cleckner, U.S. Director of Client Service Technology, Deloitte, covering Deloitte implementation of Microsoft .Net, CMS and Share point, which Deloitte has leveraged in building its U.S. firm portal (now receiving 1 million visits per month); plus, knowledge-management platforms and applications that support service delivery. Register here.

(March 4) Publishing your own music, workshop at FedEx Institute of Technology, related story, Commercial Appeal, Feb. 7, here.

(March 5) ATIBA Software LLC is the subject of the Nashville Area Chamber's "Behind the Business" program, 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., preceded by networking, details here.

(March 11) AITP Nashville, Speech technologies, Tom Norman, CGI Consulting, Wyndham Nashville Arprt Hotel, details here.

* (March 13) David M. Kelley, Founder/CEO of IDEO Product Development, speaks at FedEx Institute of Technology, details TBA.

* (March 18) Prof. Wayne Wolf discussed "Smart Cameras in High-Performance embedded systems," 3 p.m. Featheringill Auditorium. Other EECS lectures, here.

(March 23) Tennessee Biotechnology Assn Annual Legislative Luncheon, Hermitage Hotel.

(April 8) Technology! Nashville, Nashville Technology Council's annual IT leadership and innovation conference, Hilton Suites, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. For info, visit here or write here.

(April 8) AITP Nashville, Titans Football IT operations tour, details here.

(April 13-14) Clinical IT Bootcamp for non-IT Executives & Board Members; Vanderbilt Center for Better Health, 3401 West End Avenue, Suite 290. Details, registration online here; for more info, write here or call (615) 322-7631.

(April 26-29) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Tech Expo held in Atlanta, agenda here, other details here.

(May 7) PayMaxx is subject of Nashville Chamber's "Behind the Business" program, 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., preceded by networking, details here.

(May 13) AITP Nash., Starting Your IT Business, Bob Chaput -American Tech'y Grp, details here.

(May 18) "NTC Tech After Hours," Marriott Franklin Cool Springs, 4:30 p.m., details here.

(May 19-21) Management skills for IT professionals, with Jay Ress, Tenn. Economic Development Center (BellSouth Tower). Details here.

(May 20) 41st Annual State of Metro Address by Mayor Bill Purcell, Convention Center, 7 a.m. registration and networking, 7:30 - 9 breakfast and program, info and registration here.

(May 25) GovTech Tennessee Government Technology Summit, details, here.

(May 31-June 2) Knoxville/Oak Ridge Summit, Tennessee Valley Corridor, here.

(Sept. 23-24) 8th Ann' Tenn. Venture Forum - hosts: Tech2020, City of Chattanooga.

(Sept. 28-30) 2004 Governor's Conference, Nashville Convention Center.

(Oct. 5-7) Memphis Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference, Memphis Biotech. Fdn, here.

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