Wednesday, June 2, 2004 (No. 35)
Editor Milt Capps
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Homeland Security industry coalition forms in Tennessee, Knox. News Sentinel, June 2. Homeland Security Secretary Ridge speaks today in Knoxville, Knox. News Sentinel, June 2.

(Thurs., June 3) NTC Tech Roundtable: TN Revenue Commis. Loren Chumley discusses issues of interest to Tech sector, incl. Streamlined Sales Tax. Registration here today.

Relocation of "significant media company" to Williamson County anticipated, NewsChannel5 via Tennessean, Williamson AM, May 31.

Nashville Public Radio (WPLN) eyes move to digital-radio broadcasts as counter to satellite radio, City Paper, June 1. In April, WPLN received a digital-radio grant from Corporation for Public Broadcasting, release.

Nashville attracts dozens of tech-oriented information providers for the Special Libraries Association confab at Opryland Hotel, June 5-10, including Factiva, FIND/SVP, Indus, Thomson Media, D&B.

Rush law group join digital-content project with Cal. company, May 21, Nash. Bus. Journal.

Creative Artists Nashville gets data-backup from HQ deal with EMC, May 24.

Dell fulfills promises in Davidson County, Tennessean, May 16. Dell reports record earnings, NY Times, May 14. Dell results generate little enthusiasm, Wash. Post, May 14. Dell in agreement with Katz Technology Licensing to address product/service support, May 11. Dell reaches recycling goals, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13.

Gov. Phil Bredesen says "2003 was a record year for eGovernment in Tennessee. Over 8.5 million online transactions were performed at -- a 61% increase over 2002." His remarks preface a report re and eGovernment, produced and paid for by TennesseAnytime portal contractor National Information Consortium, Inc. (Olathe, Kan.). Report's on Web. For print copies, write here.
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Richard McKinney, director of Metro Nashville's department of Information Services, says he believes Metro is "within striking distance" to push for ensuring that all Metro Government and Metro Schools facilities, personnel and K-12 classrooms are completely networked with robust infrastructure.

That's one reason McKinney, now five years in his post, is looking for at least eight talented network technologists to join his 116-person staff, to shoulder development and support for Metro government and schools.

McKinney says he and Lance Lott, chief administration officer and CIO for Metro Schools, are committed to ensuring that the school district has not only connections, but also the vital larger broadband pipes they need to catch up with tech needs for teaching, learning and administration. This work is rising in priority within Metro IS' $10 million annual budget, and most near-term initiatives have been assigned or contracted out, sometimes piggybacking on contracts put in place by state government.

Meanwhile, in the past year Metro IS completed the build-out of synchronous optical network (SONET) standard infrastructure that will enable Metro to "carve out voice and data and to move Metro's entire phone system onto Metro's own upgraded infrastructure." Metro is "moving aggressively on VOIP and wireless networking," McKinney adds.

McKinney says he relies heavily on such strategic partners as BellSouth, Cisco, Gartner for updates on technology and trends, and if over-the-transom vendor inquiries coincide with current priorities, he'll try to find time time to talk. Inevitably, he must decline or refer to subordinates over-the-transom queries and offers from would-be vendors, which flow toward him at a rate of well over 50 unsolicited offers per week.

McKinney, 54, has served in state and Metro government nearly 20 years, in the offices of the state Treasurer, the Department of Finance & Administration, the General Assembly's office of information services and now Metro IS. Earlier, McKinney learned firsthand the art of knitting together communities, while he served as board chairman and business officer for The Farm, an "intentional community" or commune, founded 33 years ago at Summertown, TN. The father of five earned his Master of Public Administration and his B.A. in political science at Tennessee State University. In June, McKinney will address return-on-investment issues during a conference hosted by the respected Governing magazine. McKinney profiled in July 2003 Government Technology.

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Technology 2020 is accepting apps from VC-seeking companies for Tenn. Valley Venture Forum, Sept. 23-24, Chattanooga. App. deadline, June 11. Accepted companies present to 300 institutional, individual investors. Details or via Tom Rogers (865) 220-2020. Related, Knox. News Sentinel, April 19. Story on forum importance, Knox. News Sentinel, June 1.

Internet Cafe, E-Learning and Play: The Mouse Pad debuts in Brentwood. Thene Sheehy, the veteran Nashville tech exec who helped pioneer remote application-development teams and other business-process disciplines for Sprint PCS is creating The Mouse Pad, a new facility serving businesses and families that frequently need more access to e-learning, training, gaming, social networking and other technologies. Sheehy recently completed a term on the NTC Board of Directors, and served as Board chair. She also recently completed her Vanderbilt Engineering master's in managing technology.

With Symphony in bankruptcy, Peary focuses on BulldogIT, Tennessean, May 13. Renaissance Healthcare Systems names BulldogIT to exclusive IT role, release June 2. signs with Nike and Adidas, expands editorial services and offices, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 28.

Kroll Inc. sale to Marsh & McLennan should aid Nashville-based Kroll Background America, headed by Shmerling,, May 18.

Nelson Capital Partners III venture fund reaps big gain from $58 million Performics sale to,, May 18. Performics software helps online advertisers target ad placements.

Asurion CEO Comolli says he's staying focused, May 16. Tennessean Q&A.

Inflow ramps up iServerCare, weathers reorganization. Now, Klements says growth may warrant second data center in Nashville, May 28, Nash. Bus. Journal.

Goldleaf Technologies and partners launch Goldleaf Payment Solutions for sales and marketing of e-check services, electronic funds transfer, direct deposit payroll, and point-of-sale lock boxes. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 28. looks to launch Christian website operation, May 19,

Verizon Wireless promotes Murfreesboro as center for wireless, in wake of number-portability changes, release May 24.

Consultant Doug Ward squeezes profits from manufacturing processes, May 21, Nash. Bus. Journal.

TruVote's dilemma and tragic death of founder continue to draw attention, Knox. News Sentinel, May 17.

Oak Ridge Micro-Energy announces 3:1 split, May 20.

iPayment downgraded by Wachovia, Morgan Keegan, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 25. profiled, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 20.

Dispute with Vanderbilt scientist moves to Memphis court, May 19, Tennessean.

Cingular expands phone service in Cookeville, release May 17.

Former startups finding new life upon leaving owners who gobbled them up in acquisition binge, NY Times, May 15.

Detroit-based TruArx (ArxS product) opens Franklin/Nashville office for IT security practice, May 14, Nash. Bus. Journal.

Knoxville's Pinnacle Distribution's Freightlogic software nets transportation management customers, Knox. News Sentinel, May 17.

ISDN-Net expands coverage with acquisitions of MultiPro and Net-Serv,, May 13; The City Paper, May 14. Release May 17.

Private Business revenues slip (further), Tennessean, May 14 scroll here.

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Milt Capps Communications reached agreement with Nashville Technology Council to continue publishing "News of Nashville Technology," which Capps created in July 2003 in collaboration with NTC.

Nashville-based Investment Scorecard Inc. announced May 19 a strategic alliance with Bear, Stearns to provide an investment performance measurement and reporting system to investment advisor clients of Bear Stearns Global Clearing Services.

Nashville's Director General opts for Ceridian HR solution, release June 1.

Creative Artists Nashville gets data-backup benefits in HQ deal with EMC, May 24.

Rush Law group join digital-content project with California company, May 21, Nash. Bus. Journal.

Comframe Software named Tim Mitchell to senior software engineer in Nashville, Tennessean, May 30. Hires Jerry Prosise for business development, May 30.

Little Planet Learning's employee-training work for Captain D's is applauded,, May 17. Related, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 18.

Cybera Inc. forms marketing pact with PerformanceRetail, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17.

ClientLogic Nashville's Amit Shankardass, solution planning officer, now also serves as contact for business intelligence functions, following Channing Rollo's move to A/E with Maverick Group.

Nashville's Infoadvantage offers examples of its "extreme Web makeovers" for clients, site here.

Chris Werner joins SmartDM as vice president-sales. He was with Digital Connexxions. Tennessean, May 23.

One to jail, three 'not guilty' in case of fraud against Nashville's Essex Technologies, Tennessean, May 15.
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U.S. Health & Human Services (HHS) seeks to encourage development of Medical Technologies, May 24, SSTI report, seeks public comment.

HMD The Smart Hospital Company management say they'll continues fight for permission to build, Tennessean, May 14.SeniorMetrix signs Group Health Cooperative, release May 26.

Health Trio signs Massachusetts Medicaid, May 24.

First Consulting Group's Nashville data center will serve American Hospital Association, Tennessean, May 12, scroll here.

E 5 Project: Vanderbilt Hospital will work toward paperless operation, following success of Medical Group, May 28; related,, June 1. Previous VUMC House Organ story on computerized physician order entry.

In Nashville, President Bush pushes for computerized healthcare records, Tennessean, May 21. Tennessean, May 22. Tennessean, May 27. AP via Commercial Appeal, May 28. Washington Post, May 28. Washington Post, May 28. AP via NY Times online, May 28. Bush cure for illegible prescriptions, Reuters via NY Times, May 27. Health IT News, May 28. Vanderbilt campus coverage.

Clinix Medical Information Services LLC announced yesterday it has entered the American Academy of Family Physicians "Partners for Patients" program, which advocates AAFP members' making best use of technology, with tech standards intended to ensure compatibility, interoperability, affordability, etc., and supporting "data stewardship." The Clinix-AAFP relationship helps AAFP members recognize vendors who share AAFP standards and should facilitate Clinix's reaching prospective customers. AAFP announced the initiative's initial industry partners, in Nov. 2003.

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Link to key in-state government bid-tracking resources, here.

Tennessee statement on recouping internet taxes, May 20. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 20. Tennessean, May 21. Related program, Tech Roundtable, tomorrow, register here.

TN seeks contractor to develop technical standards for emergency communications districts and wireless 911 communications, RFP 335-08.515, due today (6/3/04).

Metro Government rapidly replacing IT networks; State OIR chief Ezell looks ahead to network and payroll systems upgrades,, May 28.

Tennessee ranks low on Tech, high on enthusiasm for business, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13.

MAP ROI software makes it easier to track Government bidding opportunities, assess competitiveness, etc., Washington Post, May 31.

Governor Bredesen signs law making Tennessee first to restrict offshore outsourcing under Tennessee contracts, Tennessean, May 16. Times Free Press, May 17. Washington Post, scroll down, May 17.

NES CIO Vic Hatridge says 35 vendors attended NES' proposal conference for RFP for on-site services, and 9 attended the proposal conference for Data Center Services. See NES procurement.

Metro Nashville anticipates drop in Cingular cell phones under Metro contract, May 20 letter to prospective bidders for RFP 04-48 Single Flat Rate Cellular Telephone services, scroll down here.

Tennessee uses GPS ankle bracelets to track sex offenders, May 31, Commercial Appeal. June 1, Knox. News Sentinel.

Metro Government's RFP 04-48 for cellphone support drew proposals from AT&T Wireless, Cricket, Nextel Comm. Under evaluation.

Metro RFP 04-27 for PeopleSoft drew proposals now under evaluation from Born, Datasoft Technology, Dell Marketing, Eisener Technology, MDC Consulting, Systime Computer. Under evaluation.

Metro received proposals (RFP 04-36) for school district's web content management from CGI, Conviveon, Interpulse, Hewlett Packard, Hummingbird USA, HyperWave, Internet Solutions/PayMaxx, Sagestone Consulting, Vignette, Xtron. Under evaluation.

Metro Government's RFP for VOIP (RFP 04-33) attacted offers to support the Nashville Convention Center from XO Communication, ISDN-Net, USLEC of TN, and BellSouth. Under evaluation.

back to top is in Nashville, but the Memphis Biotech "BioWorks" launch is in Memphis. It happens with a reception, June 4. Bioworks recently hosted biotech execs in Memphis.

BusinessTN's June issue includes stories on "BioNext? The Memphis biotech sector comes to a boil," including update on $10 million state grant for biotech park; and, "Secret City," a look at hiring at BWXT Y-12, operator of Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge NL. Not on web.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith: more recognition in CEO Mag, Commercial Appeal, May 25.

Blue Mountain Avionics at Copperhill makes its mark with "glass cockpit" flight simulator; returned to TN after relocating to Colorado, Times Free Press, May 29.

Tennessee's Five Rivers Electronic Innovations is among successful petitioners against Chinese dumping of color TVs, release May 14.

Council says Jackson is the only city in TN to qualify for broadband list, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 19.

Air2Lan GM David Parker profiled, firm offers web and telecom services, Commercial Appeal, May 24.

TVA enters operations data-exchange agreement with power providers to strengthen the energy grid, release, May 24.

Y12 plant at Oak Ridge NL gets more high-tech security, Knox. News Sentinel, June 1.

NASA exec David King wants space initiatives to benefit mid-South, Times Free Press, May 20.

Jacobs Sverdrup of Tullahoma coordinated design and installation of wind tunnel testing equipment and technical facilities at Behr Group's Troy, Mich., facility for testing automotive heating and cooling. Release May 19.

NuMarkets e-Bay franchise names Van Beke to franchise-ops leadership, May 24. NuMarkets announces brand-strengthening, market-development campaign, May 28.

First Tennessee Bank names Feehan SVP for customer-contact leadership, release May 24. Bank opts for VECTORsgi image enhancer technology, May 19.

Memphis police are one of the first targets for Firearms Training Systems (FATS) simulation technology, May 19.

Knoxville-based Scripps Network signs for more SES Americom satellite resources for HD-PRIME network, release May 17.

Editorial on Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit, Knox. News Sentinel, May 28. Corridor wins national prize for economic development, Knox. News Sentinel, May 18.

Cellphone signal a problem for Oak Ridge National Lab workers, Knox. News Sentinel, May 28.

Memphis-based Mallory Alexander International Logistics named Kupper Parker Communications to market the global logistics and supply-chain services. Memphis Bus. Journal, May 24.

King Technologies, Trenton, TN, announced role as national-international distributor for Comdial Corp. King bought Comdial's American Phone Centers. Offerings include CONVERSip(TM).

Cocke County residents face realities of sustainable economic development, including technology, vs creating jobs with prisons, other industries, Knox. News Sentinel, May 16.

Kentucky appoints new commissioner of technology, May 21, GovTech.

Kentucky seeks to expand broadband access, BellSouth announces push on DSL, SSTI, May 24.

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Vanderbilt and Univ. of Tenn. gain access to Oak Ridge NL supercomputers, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 1.

Memorial Foundation grants $1 million toward $4 million Adventure Science Center BodyQuest interactive projects, June 1,

HCA Foundation grant enables Tenn. State Univ. and Belmont to buy computers to support student testing, Tennessean, May 21.

Franklin special school district plays catch-up with school technology, Tennessean, May 19.

Tennessee State University announces science, engineering, technology summer camps, May 18. TSU Chemistry offers camps, May 14.

Belmont Center for Professional Development offers "mini-MBA" with an IT management module, release May 26, here.

Tennessee State University wins Kauffmann Foundation entrepreneurial internship grant, TSU release, May 26.

Science Exploratorium at Oak Ridge NL center for computational science, Knox. News Sentinel, May 31.

Muzzy Lane Software puts students in charge of rewriting history, NY Times, May 27.

Science fairs are attracting entries focusing on cybersecurity and other topics, NY Times, May 16.

Knoxville computer-assisted learning, Knox. News Sentinel, May 14.

Knox County schools investigate students' use of text messaging to cheat on exams, Knox. News Sentinel, May 12.

NEC admits to E-rate fraud involving K-12 Schools, NY Times, May 28.

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Middle-Tennessee leaders urged to prepare for terrorism to avert losses, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17.

Business Roundtable criticizes information-technology industry, Washington Post, May 20 and May 19.

3Q 2004 Tech Hiring Index and skills survey shows CIOs extremely cautious, May 25.

NTC Network Managers Group will hold its first formal meeting June 29, 8:30 a.m., with speaker Metro Government CIO Richard McKinney. NTC President David Condra explains: NMRT membership is open to persons with management responsibility for the support of computer-based infrastructure, including networks and/or servers and who are not vendors to other NMRT members. NTC membership is not required, initially, but some level of dues may be assessed for non-NTC members. The NMRT will provide forums for education and exchange of information on trends and best practices in their industry; and, will seek opportunities for NMRT members to participate in community and education initiatives related to strengthening the region's IT workforce and employment base. For information, write Kyle Cooksey.

Blogs and other media are crowding-out academic publishers and other middlemen, NY Times, May 16.

Owners say HyperOffice affordability model could supplant other IT services for small businesses, Washington Post, May 17.

Data Center Markup Language (DCML) Organization released May 24 a draft of the DCML 1.0 Framework Specification, considered a major step toward addressing requirements of utility computing. Comments are invited on the standard.

Franklin-based IHL says self-checkout transactions are rising rapidly, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 1. IHL reports rising restaurant POS transactions, June 1.

Internet merchants showing strong numbers, May 31, NY Times. Online retail sales show that e-Commerce has proven resilient, profitable, AP via Washington Post, May 24.

Digital Divide: Racial distinctions in access to technology, Vanderbilt E-Lab.

Need breed of spam-fighting Private Eyes emerges, NY Times, May 31.

Computerized, virtual orchestra technology creates controversy in theater district, NY Times, May 31.

American Technology Group's Chaput lists six tips for making IT decisions, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 28.

Lack of demand for IT Data Center buildings, Washington Post, May 27.

Penguin that ate Microsoft, May 27, Washington Post.

Dell Inc.'s push in computer printing reveals how Dell clout sets product standards, Washington Post, May 24.

Interwoven Inc.'s TeamSite enterprise content-management software attracts record adoptions, including Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, release May 17.

Online crime in U.S. costing businesses and individuals more than $600 million yearly, Washington Post, May 24.

Technology changing the practice of law, Knox. News Sentinel, May 23.

America's kids download music without compunction? Washington Post, May 18.

Tennessee Tech Talent (T3) -- 200 executives are needed to help judge Technology Student Association competition in June, at Opryland Hotel. Any time you or colleagues can contribute will be welcomed during the group's national event here in Music City, June 20-24. Technology background not required. Judges coordinator Dorothy Gribble says they'll work around your schedule. Interested? For more information write Judge-recruitment flyer here. Conference agenda here.

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For frequent updates, check the NTC home page and the NTC "Tech Links" page, found here. Check business calendars of The Tennessean; The City Paper ; and Nashville Business Journal.

And, visit Tennessee's technology councils' sites:


(May 31-June 2) TN Corridor Knoxville/Oak Ridge Summit, Tennessee Valley Corridor, here.

(June 2) Protecting proprietary information, seminar, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Fogelman Exec. Center, Univ. of Memphis. Speakers include NTC member Michael D. Moberly, president, Knowledge Protection Strategies; Craig Grossman, associate director of the FedEx Institute of Technology; Robert F. Wallace, CPA; and Kirk Baird, FBI supervisory special agent. Details.

(June 3) NTC Tech Roundtable - Loren Chumley, Commissioner - Revenue, State of Tennessee - The Streamlined Sales Tax Project, electronic commerce. Registration today.

(June 4) Chamber Behind the Business, Robert Henry, CEO, American Endoscopy Services, details here.

(June 5-10) Special Libraries Association gathers in Nashville to discuss library and information services and technologies (Gaylord Opryland). Topics include Wireless, Intranet, Competitive Intelligence, eLearning and Information convergence, branding information services, bioinformation.

(June 8) NE TN Technology Council breakfast, 7:30 a.m., Gray Operations Center, Citi Commerce. Write or (423) 279-9000.

(June 10) AITP Nashville, The Changing Strategic Value of IT, Matthew Mullins, Gibson Musical Instruments. Details.

(June 15) "How Biotechnology Enhances the Region," Cathy Elliott, Aetos Technologies, Inc., SW TN Community College (Macon), 6 p.m., contact Loretta Dale.

(June 24) Chattanooga Technology Council breakfast, legal issues associated with licensing. Register via (423) 755-7481.

(June 29) Initial meeting of the Nashville Technology Council Network Managers Roundtable, speaker Richard McKinney, director, information-technology services, Metro Nashville. For more information, write here.

(July 8) AITP Nashville - IT Strategies at Thomas Nelson, Rick Proctor, CIO, Sheraton Music City, 5:30 p.m., details here.

(July 26) NE TN Tech. Council, Dr. David Pond, Managing Director of USC NanoCenter, "Nanotechnology Strategies...", for info or (423) 279-9000.

(Aug. 2-5) Synergy 2004: IT education-program reform conference in Nashville, led by Center for IT Education at Nashville State Community College, covering improvement of teaching and learning, and alignment of IT education with changing workforce and workplace demands. For more information, write David McNeel, director, CITE.

(Aug. 5) NTC Tech Roundtable, Tim Stafford, CIO, EdgeNet, University Club, Vanderbilt.

(Aug. 12) AITP Nashville - IT at Direct General Corporation, Suzanne Lattimore, CIO, Sheraton Music City, 5:30 p.m., details here.

(Aug. 24) 3rd Annual Nashville Technology Council - ISSA "Information Security Conference," Nashville Convention Center. Details here.

(Sept. 23-24) 8th Ann' Tenn. Venture Forum - hosts: Tech2020, City of Chattanooga. American Venture magazine touts success of Tennessee Venture Forum, page 11, Jan/Feb. 04, not on web.

(Sept. 24) Annual Economic Outlook Conference, sponsored by the Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee University. Details not yet available.

(Sept. 28-30) 2004 Governor's Conference, Nashville Convention Center.

(Sept. 28) Music City Future 50 recognition at Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. Nominations open in June for this annual recognition, with nominations deadline of July 2. Event site, criteria here.

(Sept. 29) Healthcare IT conference, details to be announced. Save the date.

(Sept. 30) Nanotechnology enterprise will be the topic of a program convened in Nashville by faculty with Vanderbilt's owen Graduate School of Management and VU School of Engineering. 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Details to be announced.

(Oct. 04) NTC Tech Roundtable - Mike Dunne, President, Quanta Nashville.

(Oct. 5-7) Memphis Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference, Memphis Biotech. Fdn, here.

(July 7) NTC Tech Roundtable - "Open Source" panel discussion, University Club, Vanderbilt.(June 16) Chattanooga Technology Council luncheon, details (423) 755-7481.

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