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Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2006 (No. 67)
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(Jan. 12)  NTC Tech Roundtable: 'Blogging for Business,' details here.


   The New Year begins rapidly, with a half-dozen events scheduled in January, including a special NTC Tech Roundtable on Blogging for Business, calendar here...
CONNECTIONS:   Tate is confirmed for FCC... Metro Telecom Task Force resumes work... BellSouth adds VoIP alliance, links with satellite, announces layoffs... and More...
HEALTHCARE:   American Healthways may leave Davidson County... Transcend-Xtensia... St. Thomas parent CEO predicts billions for IT... eTransX and LBMC in alliance... Technology Access for those with disabilities... Correct Care retains BCA... HMS revenue leaps... Perot checks into Nashville General... Spheris/Vianetta... Virtual Doc's office... ReDoc... Centerstone... Sy.Med, and More...

VENTURES:   Black Box makes second local acquisition... Asurion completes Lock/line DST merger... Luminetx eyes Security play... VU ventures resources... Innovation Valley VC... Idleaire... Indie artists... Harpeth Capital's merger... iPayment... Private Business... Online retailers... ClientLogic and Viisage complete transactions... Harbert plans investor site... 

IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  Mohan, the founder, president and architect of eTransX is our subject, here.
PARTNERS:  Cumberland Consulting, Xebec IT, Symbility, Centresource, East Academy and FRA, Equinox IS, Stored Value, Symphony Center gets IP... and More...

EAST WEST:  TVA, DOE, Qatalyst, Remotec — Plus, new leaders at Nashville, Chattanooga and NE TN technology councils... First Tennessee phishing incident ... other items from around state. 

GOVERNMENT:   Agency's proposed Software tax meets Tennessee business resistance... Legislative Plaza goes wireless... Tellenium wins contract in do-over... Yoran to CIA's In-Q-Tel... First Data of Colo. wins 511 Travel Phone RFP competition... Metro Gov IT fees... Smart Data win... State ITPRO contracts to be let to three bidders... New RFPs/RFI and

COMPETITIVENESS:  Key elected officials are pressing for improved R&D, and more aggressive education for Math, Science, Engineering... Tennessee's highly regarded Comptroller make a radical proposal for funding public education... and More.

INNOVATIONS:  SunGard gets multi-university contract for IT... Push intensifies for Tech Corridor in E.TN.... State ranks well in In-Sourcing... NASA grant... IP commercialization... cyber-charter schools ...

RESOURCES:   E-commerce and Internet trends, IT Jobs growth, Wikipedia and Seig... Musicians vs Napster... Security, and More...
TN Regulatory Authority's Debi Tate, former aide to Governors Alexander and Sundquist, has been confirmed as FCC commissioner, Tennessean, Dec. 23. FCC's Martin on key issues, Washington Post, Dec. 23. Martin advocates broadband access for everyone, sees promise in Broadband over Power Lines, Modesto Bee, Dec. 22.  Tate declined to offer specifics during confirmation hearing, Tennessean, Dec. 14More Net taxes proposed by FCC chair,  CNet News, Dec. 14.

Metro Council Telecommunications Innovation Task Force next meets Jan. 9, 2006, 1:30 p.m., Metro Courthouse, 225 Polk Ave.  Related: America's municipal broadband map, CNet News here.

BellSouth CTO Bill Smith again among those advocating varying charges for web performance, Cox News via Tennessean, Dec. 13, not on web. Near-identical story, Baltimore Sun, Dec. 13, here. Related story, Wash. Post, Dec. 15. 

BellSouth and 8X8 team to offer residential VoIP, CNet, Dec. 9. Comcast rolls-out VoIP in DC market, Wash. Post, Dec. 10BellSouth adds SES Satellite service to its IP mix, CNET, Jan. 4.

Switch to Digital TV seems likely by February 2009, as analog licenses are surrendered for wireless and broadband applications, NY Times, Dec. 20. Industry praises Senate, House action on DTV conversion, but consumer group complains about cost, NY Times, Dec. 22. Tennessean editorial cautions DTV shift must not deprive anyone of access to free television, Jan. 2.

Verizon launches BroadbandAccess and V CAST wireless services in Memphis, release Dec. 12. Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 16. Investors may be growing restless paying premium for Verizon, NY Times, Dec. 28

Knoxville-based Home&Garden TV (HGTV, Scripps) launches one of five broadband channels, AP via Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 16.

Congressional Telecom rewrite will take a fresh look at broadband, CNET News, Dec. 19. Related BellSouth statement, Dec. 16

BellSouth to cut 1,500 management jobs, citing competition from cable providers, AP via Tennessean, p. 2E, Dec. 16, not on web. Same story, Charlotte Observer. Release Dec. 15 here

Cable TV operators may be forced to serve-up programming by the channel, rather than by the package, Tennessean editorial, Dec. 17. Comcast Corp. will offer family package. Tennessean, 1A, Dec. 23. Related FCC Statement, Dec. 12



eTransX alliance with LBMC eHealth, in the Spotlight feature on eTransX Founder P. Mohan, below.

Correct Care Solutions, serving Metro Corrections, has retained Business Computer Applications to implement CCS' PEARL EMR system, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 30,p. 12, not on web. 

merican Healthways reportedly leaving Davidson County for Williamson, if tax abatement approved, Tennessean, Dec. 23. American Healthways, Inc. announced appointment of Robert L. Chaput to EVP and CIO, Release Dec. 15. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 15.

Healthcare Management Services (HMS) revenues leap $41 million under Stephenson’s leadership, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 4, Dec. 16. HMS adds technical systems engineers, app support analyst, scroll down here, Tennessean, Dec. 11

Health-information exchange grant awarded Tennessee by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 14. Release, Dec. 14

Ascension Health CEO Tersigni projects St. Thomas - Baptist parent company will spend $2 Billion on IT in EMR era, but forecasts no assured ROI and notes industry's IT-implementation record isn't perfect, adding technology primarily enables provider to fulfill its calling, Tennessean, Dec. 11. 

ashville's General Hospital hires Perot Systems to collective accounts receivable, aggressively, City Paper, Dec. 23. Perot link

Lanterns in windows of Caterpillar Financial Services Building reflect growing support among groups and individuals helping the Technology Access Center of Middle Tennessee provide assistive technology to individuals with disabilities, Tennessean, Dec. 16.

Avega Health Systems, which says it has an office in Nashville
, lands Minneapolis' Fairview Health Services and Tucson's TMC Health as customers for decision-support system, enterprise reporting and related. 

Spheris (Franklin) buys Vianeta Communications, and will enhance and service Vianeta software for medical community, Tennessean, 3E, Dec. 20, not on web. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 19. Release, Dec. 20.  

Leadership Health Care's peer-mentoring group addressing "virtual doctor's office" project that would use telemedicine to provide cost-effective triage at night's and on weekends; Humana Chief Innovation Officer urges providers to give consumers 'a fair shake'. Tennessean, Dec. 12

Transcend Inc., revenue-cycle management firm, buys contracts, hires employees from Xtensia, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 1, Dec. 9

Gerry Stone’s ReDoc Rehab Documentation alleviates clinics’ redundant data entry through automation, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 5, Dec. 9, not on web. 

(more) Osborn, Gallivan discuss formation of Health Care Solutions Group, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 30., Dec. 9. 

Guth of Centerstone says Healthcare IT will play growing role in treatment of mental disorders, p. 31, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 9

Sides of Crosslin Vaden emphasizes documentation systems in medical, healthcare accounting, p. 34, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 9

Pres./CEO Warren of CIMplify stresses urgency of meticulous planning in move to Electronic Medical Records, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 9

Sy.Med promotes Casalone to VP for client resources, Tennessean, Dec. 28

Luminetx signs manufacturing agreement for VeinViewer with Plexo (Wisc.) for initial manufacturing in Chicago, Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 9. Release, Dec. 9See related story in Ventures, below. 

Memphis biotech 7th least costly, Memphis Bus. Journ.,
Dec. 23. Alabama biotech update, Dec. 23Memphis will need more than low costs in the Biotech War for ventures, Comm. Appeal, Dec. 24.

Memphis law offices adding attorneys specializing in biotech, recognizing IT aspects, Memphis Bus. Journal,
Dec. 9.   


Black Box acquires Converged Solutions Group, itself the result of Brian Jones' purchase of Expanets from Avaya, City Paper, Dec. 27. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 27. Release, Dec. 23. Black Box has offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro and Johnson City. 

LBMC Technology sees continued rapid growth, increased coherence in organization, Nash. Bus. Journal,
Dec. 23. LBMC Technologies is among 2005 Top Pacesetters in U.S. in ranking by Accounting Technology and sister pubs, Tennessean, Dec. 18

iPayment accepts Daily bid, essentially putting company into private hands, with financing boost from Bank of America, Tennessean, Dec. 28. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 28. Daily announces Grimstad joined offer to buy-out the payment-processor,Tennessean, Dec. 15

Jim Phillips, Pres/CEO/Chair of Luminetx Corp. says Snowflake application will apply VeinViewer technology to security screening, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 1. See related story in Healthcare, above.

Private Business' leadership and product maturity will be watched in '06, after 52 percent stock-price downturn, Tennessean,
Jan. 1. Private Business and Captiva say they've completed their merger, release Dec. 9.

Asurion completes merger with Lock/Line (DST), Nash. Bus. Journal,
Jan. 3. Release, Jan. 3. Revenue now predicted at $1 billion, City Paper, Jan. 4. Earlier coverage: DST provides extended warranties for telecom carriers. Release, Oct.27. Nash. Bus. Journal, Oct. 28. Related, City Paper, Oct. 31.

Nashville-based Documentary Channel debuts on Nashville Public Television NPT2 digital space, City Paper, Dec. 30. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 29Release re Jan. 1 launch. Related item, Tennessean, Jan. 4, scroll down.

Startups:  Mildred Walters,  exec. dir., Nashville Business Incubation Center said yesterday that 33 finalists have been identified in the Center's Business Plan competition. Next, finalists attend FastTrac classes this month on development of business plans.

Terrablogs, spawned by CEO of Chattanooga's Coptix, spawns 700 blogs for those in search of community, Times Free Press, Jan. 1

Online nostalgia?
Tennessee's oldest business - St. John Milling Co. - will introduce computers and sell products online, Kingsport Times News, Dec. 29. Tennessean, Dec. 30, 1E. First website due by end of January. Mast General Store, based in NC, opens Knoxville shop, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 1.

Harpeth Capital, West End Capital merge; Stevens retains CEO job, Byrge named President of firm doing business as Harpeth Capital, Tennessean, 3E, Dec. 20, not on web. Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 16. Release, Dec. 16

Harbert Management Corp. says it'll launch online investor center, later this month.

Vanderbilt Ventures:  VU Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development, Mission here. Investment criteria, here. McKinney comments on IP management, licensing, venture funding mission, here. VU science and research news update, here. Summer 05 update on VU biomedical commercialization efforts, here.

Synchronics (Memphis), which develops software for retailers, is being acquired by Radiant Systems (Alpharetta). Comm. Appeal, Dec. 23 and Dec. 28

Viisage completes Integrated Biometrics purchase, City Paper, Dec. 20., Dec. 19

(more) ClientLogic sells list-management and insert media unit to Mandel, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 8

Battelle-affiliated Innovation Valley Partners, a $35 million venture fund, is participating in $4.65 Million Series B financing of Multispectral Imaging (infrared-imaging), an Oak Ridge NL licensee. Oak Ridger, Jan. 3.

Beegle's Ten Million Dollar Indie Billboard announced website to promote Indie artists by selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space. Release, Dec. 29. Related, City Paper, Jan. 4, not on web.

Idleaire finalized capital deal for $320 Million, via debt and stock, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 4.


Mohan leads Nashville enterprise integrator eTransX,
teams with LBMC eHealth for new real-time BI offering

Shortly after his birth on this date, 46 years ago in India, the single name Mohan
was bestowed upon the man who is
now the founder, chief architect and consulting principal of Brentwood-based
eTransX, Inc. 

eTransX clients have thus far included Duke Energy, U.S. Army, NASA, Exxon Mobil, IMB, Sara Lee Corp., Accenture, Quorum Health Resources, U.S. Department of Transportation, Dalcon Technologies, and numerous others. eTransX has
offices in Brentwood, Huntsville, Houston and Boston.

Mohan says his six-year-old system- and application-integration firm has grown to 22 full-time employees, with annualized revenues exceeding $1.5 million. Mohan says the firm has yet to offshore any IT work, primarily because
he believes the actual costs of 24x7 operation are disproportionate to the benefit for his firm and its clientele.

Mohan describes eTransX as providing "comprehensive solutions and professional services related to information
technology, with a focus on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Intelligence (BI) dash-boarding technologies." At the heart of eTransX offerings is eTXIntegrator, an EAI technology that enables companies to "leverage existing information infrastructure to facilitate Real Time Entertprise initiatives." eTransX's technology suite also includes products that build upon eTXIntegrator: eTXHL7 (Health Level 7 messaging for healthcare industries); and, eTXIntel (Business Intelligence and data-boarding technologies.)

Mohan says a new revenue-cycle management solution for hospitals, based on eTXIntel and eTXIntegrator technology, will be central to a new offering that will soon be announced in partnership with LBMC eHealthSolutions, which is led by President Tom Tarver. 

Prior to founding eTransX, Mohan worked in the Franklin office of San Francisco-based URS Corporation (known as one of the largest global engineering firms, particularly in environmental and transportation fields) as vice president and senior project manager, leading an array of engineering and systems-development projects for industrial and commercial customers. Earlier still, he rose to vice president with the Baton Rouge branch of Woodward-Clyde Consultants. There, his many achievements included designing and developing an Internet-based data-services system for Healthcare Financial Administration (HCFA) Hospital Cost Reports, as well as numerous environmentally oriented IT projects. He previously served Louisiana State University as computer programmer, research assistant and
administrative and system analyst.

Mohan earned his B.S. in chemical engineering at the University of Madras Regional Engineering College, generally regarded as second in prestige only to the Indian Institute of Technology. He subsequently was awarded a full scholarship by University of Windsor (Canada), enabling him to earn his M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. He then earned his M.S. Computer Science at Louisiana State University. He is a certified Siebel 2000 Business Analyst and Core Consultant; an IBM e-business solution designer; and a Professional Engineer (PE), among other credits.  Mohan and his wife have two sons and reside in Brentwood. Though his given name of Mohan is complete in itself, he explains that in keeping with Indian custom, he adopted the first letter of his father's name, Perumal, making his full name P. Mohan, for official purposes. Mohan has lived more than half his life in the U.S. and Canada. After successively holding a Student Visa (F1), a Work Permit (H1-B), and a Green Card (GC), Mohan became a U.S. citizen in 1999.



BMI named Scott Andrews (at left) director-business development for new media licensing, having previously directed Internet licensing for BMI, Tennessean, Dec. 18 (scroll down) and Dec. 20.

Gibson Guitar adds wireless feature to Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 3. Related story, 2/05, here.

Cumberland Consulting Group (Franklin) adds Fareed Naeem as principal, from BlueStone LLC (Chicago), Tennessean, Dec. 22.

Rob Carter, IT chief for FedEx, is integral participant in FedEx strategic planning, Comm. Appeal,
Dec. 9. Related Information Week cover story. 

Michael Galo, formerly in business development for
Northpoint Software & Services' Nashville presence, has joined XebecIT as Director-IT Services. Release here

Schermerhorn Symphony Center will have IP communications, provided by Southeast Telecom Inc., City Paper Profits & Profiles page 8, Dec. 14, not on web. News Release,
Nov. 30.

East Academy technology enhancements will enable multi-campus education, with ISDN-Net providing IT and network services, Tennessean Davidson A.M., Dec. 14.

Franklin Road Academy adopts Meru Wireless via Nashville's Converged Solutions Group, release Nov. 14.

DigiScript Inc. retained Avankia LLC to implement CRM software; Avankia provided workflow, business-
process optimization, data-customization and related administrative services for DigiScript.

Nashville's Griffin announces more iPod products, Dec. 9 release

Proctor named client-services support group manager in IT services unit of Baker Donelson, Tennessean, Jan. 1. Memphis Daily News, Jan. 4.

CATALYST Technology Group (formerly Protemp), based in Knoxville, names Asbury VP-sales and strategy, Tennessean, Jan. 1.

Developware (Louisville-based asp for project management) staffing announcement suggests push into mid-TN, Tennessean, Dec. 25, scroll to end here

Dialogic Communications Corp. announces annual grants winners in Calif., Ore., release Dec. 7.

Stored Value Systems (Comdata, Brentwood) announces gift-card deal with Hyatt Hotels, release Dec. 21.

Nashville's Frugal Reader Founder Gene McCabe continues to refine offerings, forms Advisory Board, pushes member recruitment, expanded catalog, on trek toward sustainable revenue. 

Brentwood-based Information Impact International's Larry English received Distinguished Alumni Award from Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene. He is cofounder of the Intl. Assn. for Information and Data Quality, Tennessean, Dec. 18

Symbility Solutions (sub., Automated Benefits) named Mike Lees VP-Sales in Nashville, Tennessean, Dec. 18. Symbility develops mobile claims systems for the insurance sector.

Nashville's touring musicians are signing with Tampa's RoadBeetle for management software, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 13.

Equinox IS lands Startec business for telecom software applications, Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 14

(more) Private Business completes Captiva acquisition, Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 14. PBiz' new CEO Lynn Boggs has joined its Board, while President/COO Baroco and Sturm resigned from Board, Tennessean, Dec. 15, scroll down here

Multi-Media Solutions (Alcoa and Brentwood) announced CEO Mike White has joined the InfoComm International Board of Governors, release Dec. 14. retains CentreSource to help with online presence for market for short-term temporary employment, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 2, Dec. 9, not on web. 

P&G is getting into music-download business by using Passalong Network's p2pRevolution technology, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 8.

Web wins Web Marketing Association Best Legal Website WebAward for firm with Nashville office, Tennessean, scroll down Dec. 11


On Jan. 1, 2006, as previously announced, Jeff Costantine began serving in an interim basis as President of Nashville Technology Council, serving middle Tennessee, Dec. 5 release here.

Chattanooga Technology Council appoints Novobilski new president, Times Free Press, Dec. 22. Novobilski is head of CS/EE at UT-Chatta.

NE Tenn. Tech. Council now led by Executive Director Debbie Boggs, Kingsport Times-News, Jan. 1

West Virginia mine rescue team used Remotec (Clinton, TN) robot in failed effort, WVLT TV, Jan. 3.

Merastar Insurance (Chattanooga) adopts California firms' technologies: Steel Card and Guidewire's ClaimsCenter, Insurance Networking, Jan. 1, 2006. 

Knoxville News Sentinel to launch Knoxville Business Online, around Jan. 17. Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 24.

Louisville's adding Irvine data center, Louisville Bus. Journal, Dec. 23.

Columnist Munger takes DOE to task for delaying announcement of Oak Ridge NL IT outsourcing contract recently held by SAIC, and for treatment of long-time IT workers, Knox. News Sentinel, Dec. 21.

VA touts economic-development, industry-recruitment efforts, Times Free Press, Dec. 21.  

Most Vought Aircraft Industries jobs will stay in Davidson County, Tennessean, Dec. 20. City Paper, Dec. 20

Nashville's Gayle Technologies and Quadrascan compete to provide soundwave technologies that help automakers spot air, water leaks, Tennessean, Dec. 16.

Qatalyst puts Logistics Information Systems distribution unit in Memphis, to support computer configuration for large customers like HP, Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 16.

First Tennessee phishing incident prompts review of the scam within Memphis area, Comm. Appeal, Dec. 18.

Owner of ITNiche in Memphis is among entrepreneurs launching web portals to serve Asian Indian communities in major metro areas, Comm. Appeal, Dec. 18.

Birmingham's Arxceo Corp. will license its network-protection technology to California-based Shotspotter, for military applications, Birm. Bus. Journal, Dec. 14.

New Directions Academy in Charlotte (Dickson Cty.) received a $100,000 state grant for advanced online courses and has been selected as a beta testing pilot for online curriculum, through TN's e4TN program, Robertson County Times, Dec. 14. 

Knoxville website helps you navigage automated phone trees, WATE 6, Dec. 8

Memphis' Software Earnings hopes Check21 legislation will help firm expand check-imaging technology into smaller banks, Memphis Bus. Journal, Dec. 9

The board of directors of Eastman Chemical elected as director Howard Lance,  chairman of the board, president and CEO of Harris Corp.,, Dec. 9. 


POLICY WATCH:   Business executives express concerns about costs of proposed Tennessee personal-property tax on business software, Times Free Press, Dec. 25.  The TN Board of Tax Equalization has scheduled a public Notice of Rulemaking hearing on the matter for Jan. 23, 10:30 a.m. CST (17th Flr. conf. rm., Polk State Ofc. Bldg, Deaderick St.). No prior registration is required to speak, although persons with disability are asked to call ahead for assistance. The Board’s Executive Secretary Kelsie Jones said yesterday that he anticipates estimates of revenue associated with the proposed change will be produced by Board staff between now and the hearing; and, he believes the hearing will attract representatives of corporations doing business in various states. Jones said he believes the issue arose from the Board Division of Property Assessment identifying inconsistencies among Tennessee counties that make distinctions between operational and application software. The Division of Property Assessment recommended that a distinction between the two classes of software no longer be made, and this led to this month’s scheduled hearing. Jones said tax rules relevant to this matter have been in-place since 1988.

Former DHS Cyberchief Amit Yoran becomes CEO of CIA-linked In-Q-Tel venture-capital firm, Wash. Post, Jan. 4.

Legislative Plaza: Wireless Internet access, multimedia presentations systems among improvements nearing completion, AP via Tennessean, Dec. 29, p. 4B.

The First Annual Geospatial Integration for Public Safety Conference will be April 10-12 in Nashville. Jointly sponsored by URISA, NENA, for 911 professionals, GIS professionals, addressing coordinators, incident management and emergency response specialists, addressing mapping in public safety and emergency management. 

Tennessee Retirement System and state Education trusts seek IT sector's input on proposed Trade Order Management System,
RFI 309-.01-081. Comments are sought by Jan. 20.

State ITPRO bid evaluations:  The State advised Dec. 16 that CIBER, Majestic Systems and KBM Enterprises were "the best apparent evaluated proposers," in response to
RFP 317.03-127, which had been issued Oct. 25.

After delay on RFP 403.85-002, TDOT is finalizing terms of 511 Travel Phone Service contract with Colorado-based First Data Corporation Government Solutions Group; Related story, City Paper, Jan. 3.

After a State RFP failed to attract any bidders, Tellenium Group (Mt. Washington, KY) has been awarded the State's TNII Network Consulting Services (RFP 317.03-129), worth more than $390K over two years, addressing support of "sunset" SNA technology. The non-RFP award was made through "competitive negotiation" among nine IT providers identified by the State, in the interest of having a firm inplace prior to end of current contract. Eventually, there'll be an RFP to replace this network. 

BI request for electronic fingerprinting services, proposals due Jan. 19 for RFP 348.00-15

RFP 325.05-003 Re-Release:  Computer Services for Regulatory Services Division Programs, due Jan. 27. 

For Metro Schools, Metro Government seeks E-rate eligible Wireless Services, proposals for RFP 05-131 are due Jan. 12. 

Responses to Metro Government's Chancery Court Case Management System (RFP 05-82) are due Feb. 1.

Brentwood's Smart Data Strategies will handle Williamson County conversion to Manatron GIS property-appraisal mapping software, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 15.

Cleveland, Tenn., prepares to implement Intelligent Transportation System, Times Free Press, Jan. 1.

State launches online database tracking Methamphetamine offenders, Times Free Press, Dec. 31.

Metro/Nashville Government again in top rankings for e-Government, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 12.

TDOT launches web-based SmartWay mapping system showing real-time road conditions, Tennessean, Dec. 23. 

U.S. Homeland Security is preparing to distribute GIS information-sharing software and other commercial IT tools to local jurisdictions, Govt. Computer News, Dec. 12. Homeland Security background paper

Nature and level of Metro Government internal fees for IT services among those reportedly questioned by some Metro agencies; Council Member McClendon says many Metro officials are reluctant to speak publicly about their complaints, Green Hills News, p. 3, Dec. 22, not on web.

Knoxville Utilities Board licenses Emergis (Montreal) electronic-payment patent, release Dec. 22.

Shelby County Election Commis. opts for Diebold over Electronic Systems for e-Voting, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 4.

Wireless SCRAM monitoring system worn on ankle transmits alerts for Davidson County Criminal Courts when alcohol offenders stray, Tennessean, Dec. 17

nsealed documents detail recovery of Ganier e-mails in case involving Education Networks of America and Sundquist administration, AP via Tennessean, Dec. 16.

Law enforcement efforts to track individuals via their cell-phone whereabouts comes under increasing court scrutiny, NY Times, Dec. 10

Bredesen says Tennessee cattle should be tracked at more than 5,000 TN locations, and Ag Dept. will begin tagging individual animals, in '06. AP via Tennessean, 2B. Dec. 9

How State IT purchasing power can fuel rural economic development (Va. coal country), Wash. Post, Jan. 2.


Alexander pushes Math, Science education, diversity of thought on campus, Tennessean, Dec. 10. Sen. Alexander makes case for technology investment during Bush Administration's final three years, Times Free Press, Dec. 16., Dec. 15. David Broder column on Alexander initiative,, Dc. 19. Sen. Alexander says in New Year he'll push legislation to strengthen American brainpower and lower energy costs, improve science, math and engineering education, Times Free Press, Dec. 24Sens. Alexander and Bingaman met with President Bush, Dec. 15, release here.

U.S. Rep. Gordon (TN's 6th Congressional District) reviews legislative iniatives responding to National Academy of Sciences report (click report cover at right), and addressing education (including AP and IB); doubling funding for the nation's basic scientific, mathematical and engineering research; and, new energy technologies, Tennessean, 7A, Jan. 2. Related Gordon release, Dec. 9.

Comptroller John Morgan offers radical idea:  Fund Tennessee's public education with solely State budget dollars, City Paper, Dec. 20. Morgan says Tennessee education will never catch up with leading states, otherwise. City Paper editorial supports Morgan proposal for State funding of K-12, City Paper, Dec. 22.  Tennessean editorial supports debate of Morgan proposal, Jan. 3. Relate analysis, Commercial Appeal, Dec. 28. Related, AP via Tennessean, 2B, Dec. 29. E. TN officials wary of Morgan proposal, Kingsport Times News, Dec. 30

Governor's Schools in Tennessee are adjusting to Gov. Bredesen's insistence on "hard science" and college credits for summer efforts, Tennessean,
Dec. 27. Editorial applauds raising expectations for Governor's Schools, Tennessean, Jan. 1.

Tennessee must take steps to improve lagging ACT scores, so more students make it into colleges and competitive jobs; math, science education are seen as the culprits, Tennessean, Opinion, Dec. 27.

New SMART (pushed by Sen. Frist) and Competitiveness grants provide additional scholarship funding for Pell-eligible students studying math, science, engineering, technology, key foreign languages, Tennessean, Dec. 22, scroll
down here.

Nashville conferees urge higher education to do more to produce workers who can compete globally, Times Free Press,
Dec. 9

In Chattanooga, American Electronics Association President Archey rebukes U.S. policymakers for choking-off supply of Green Cards for students from other nations to pursue advanced studies here; fears further weakening of U.S. competitivenss in reaction to 9/11, Times Free Press, Dec. 15.

TN's new Teach Tennessee program to equip non-teaching professionals for the classroom is helping the state meet the high demand for math and science teachers, City Paper, Dec. 15.

Nashville Area Chamber President Mike Neal says innovation, entrepreneurship, education/workforce and infrastructure will get a stronger push in Partnership 2010 five-year plan to be unveiled in January, Tennessean, 1E,
Dec. 18.  Nashville is highlighted by Next Generation Consulting, evaluator of "cool communities," here. Related white paper, here. Earlier press release on Nashville work, here. Related, Nashville Young Professionals.

Commentary re Fordham Foundation report on Tennessee science-education improvement, by Clif Cleaveland, a President Emeritus of the American College of Physicians. Times Free Press, Dec. 29


 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities

Google, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems toss in $7.5 million to help fund U. California center for basic research to create more reliable, adaptive, distribute computing systems, NY Times, Dec. 15. San Jose Mercury News, Dec. 15 Of interest:  Vanderbilt University School of Engineering Distributed Object Computing (DOC) Group for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems, here.

SunGard SCT gets the assignment:  19 TN Colleges pool $50 million to upgrade antiquated technology, City Paper, Dec. 29. CIOs from TBR, MTSU, Vol State among sources cited. 

UT MS/MBA program officials say $600K NSF grant will advance efforts to create a "Silicon Valley"-type high-tech business corridor, by strengthening entrepreneurial focus of tech-oriented studies,
Oak Ridger, Dec. 12. 

Knox. Metro. Planning agency begins review of Technology Corridor overlay that could eventually link Innovation Valley from Oak Ridge NL to the Knoxville airport, Knox. News Sentinel, scroll
down here, Dec. 12. 

Tennessee 16th among states in number of in-sourcing jobs with subsidiaries of international companies, Memphis Bus. Journal,
Dec. 20.

Twenty-two inventors from Y-12 Security Complex honored for their patents, Oak Ridger, Dec. 27.

E-Learning:  BellSouth Foundation and federal funding will push online education in Nashville area, City Paper, Dec. 23.

IBM, HP, Intel, Cisco, Kauffman Foundation and a cluster of universities establish IP and commercialization agreement, NY Times, Dec. 19. IBM release, Dec. 19

NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Solar System Division, Washington, selected the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for a grant to support the Mars Odyssey research program. Release Dec. 28. 

Oak Ridge NL wireless savvy for harsh environments may help industry, Oak Ridger, Dec. 22

Page Mid. School in Franklin (Williamson Cty) volunteers for student achievement asessment pilot to strengthen Math, Language, Tennessean, Dec. 29. Other schools wading into frequent, online assessments. Many schools don't have tech infrastructure to participate, yet. 

Six Murfreesboro schools will get Apple Computer resources, Tennessean, Dec. 21.

Cyber Charter Schools urged in essay released by Tennessee Center for Policy Research, cites omission of cyberschooling authorization in 2002 charter schools legislation, Oct. 31, 2005.

Tennessee Regional Library System and West Tennessee libraries offering downloadable e-books, Comm. Appeal, Dec. 31.

Nashville School of the Arts gets guitar lab, Tennessean, Dec. 16.



Jan. 12, 2006 -- Nashville Technology Council Tech Roundtable, "Blogging for Business," covering Blog platforms, RSS/XML feeds, collaborative communities and social networking, and their relationship to business processes and other issues. Panel discussion and presentation, with Nick Bradbury of Bradbury Software and NewsGator Technologies; Brittney Gilbert, Blog Producer, WKRN Channel 2; Rex Hammock, President, Hammock Publishing and owner of Moderator Ken Russell of ISDN-Net. Workstations available for demonstrations following program, covering blog authoring, setting-up and navigating Reader/Aggregator, and Social Networking/Tagging. Location: Auditorium, Nashville State Community College, 120 White Bridge Road (37209). $15 NTC Members; $25 Non-Members. Details and online registration at or phone (615) 743-3160.

IT sector among hot industries in 2006, says Wall St. Journal. ERP- and IP-comms-related jobs are emphasized, Wall
St. Jrnl., Jan. 4.

Rising concern about Nanotechnologies in Washington, D.C., Hoover column, Nash. Bus. Journal, Dec. 9, not on web. Same story via Memphis Business Journal, Dec. 9, here. Related, AP via, Dec. 11. Related resource, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies

SECURITY:  2005 termed worst year for known computer-security breaches; cybercrime value surpasses $100 Billion mark; Cybersecurity Industry Alliance and DHS at odds over pace of improvement, USA Today,
Dec. 28. (Same story, Tennessean, Dec. 29, 12A, not on web.) AT&T launches "Internet Security News Now" IPTV cast for network managers, San Jose Mercury News, Dec. 21.

Slingbox enables consumers to connect with their homebound cable-tv or satellite feeds while on the road,
NY Times, Dec. 21. 

Convergence: This time we Mean It, a prelude for Intl. Consumer Electronics Show, NY Times,
Jan. 2.

Palm CEO Colligan talks about future of handheld devices, NY Times,
Dec. 10. Poll: American consumers increasingly tethered to high-tech gadgets, Internet, AP via Wash. Post, Dec. 21. 

Seigenthaler vs Wikipedia:  Seigenthaler column warns that Wikipedia calumny may lead to federal regulations
governing speech on the Internet, Tennessean,
Dec. 30.  Federal law should be changed to allow offended persons to sue those who serve-up false information via Internet, City Paper, Opinion, Dec.27. Hoaxer comes forth in Nashville:  Local man who created original Wikipedia false bio of journalist steps forward, apologizes; Seigenthaler asks perpetrator's employer not to accept his resignation, Tennessean, Dec. 11. Book indexer tells how he tracked-down Wikipedia hoaxer, CNET, Dec. 15. Wikipedia ups and downs:  Free-range site now challenged by Digital Universe, NY Times, Dec. 24. Journal says Wikipedia is close to Encyclopedia Brittanica in accuracy of science entries, Nature, Dec. 14. 

Transcript:  Wash. Post Reporter David Vise, a Nashville native, is interviewed online re Google culture and future,
Dec. 15.

MCS Music America, a Nashville-based publisher, is accused of greed as it moves against Napster in belief its copyrights have been infringed by downloading in advance of license agreement, The City Paper,
Dec. 22. Nashville-based publishers group fighting Napster, Tennessean, Dec. 23.

Music industry, including Nashville songwriters, reportedly has concerns about Sirius Satellite Radio's new S50 receiver-download device,
Tennessean, Dec. 11.  NY AG Spitzer investigating record labels' pricing of downloads, NY Times, Dec. 24. Recording Industry Assn. of America (RIAA) announces filing copyright-infringement lawsuits against 751 more alleged offenders in a dozen states, release Dec. 15. Announcement highlights role of Kazaa and Limewire. What's up with downloading since the Supreme Court ruling? Social networking sites ramp-up role, CNet News, Dec. 16. File-sharing services seek more cordial relationships with labels, AP via Tennessean and Washington Post, Jan. 3.

Online marketing via AOL, Yahoo, social-networking venues is now an impetus for new Nashville talent, as niche-linked fans seek increased volume of artist-related content,
Tennessean, Dec. 27. Related: Net exposure is boon for Indie labels, NY Times, Dec. 27. Book publishers and authors expand online content in search for visibility and readers, NY Times, Dec. 27. 

E-Comm:  Holiday purchases leap 25 percent over year-earlier,
NY Times, Dec. 30. Small retailers using Web commerce to level the playing field; eBay exposure competes with click-through advertising, NY Times, Dec. 19. Mondays may be biggest web-shopping day of the week, Times Free Press, Dec. 10. Japanese may be leading the way to cashless society, using e-Cash everywhere, Wash. Post, Dec. 12. 

Internet usage, benefits may vary by role and gender, with Women gaining ground, but disparity among oldsters maintains participation-edge of Men, according to report by Pew, AP via Tennessean, p. 2E, Dec. 29, not on web. Pew release,
Dec. 28. Related story, Washington Post, Dec. 29. 

Gartner offers IT managers' resolutions for New Year, including testing Xbox and 3 types of software,
Cnet, Dec. 9. 

UN-sanctioned Video game offers players a chance to feed peoples,


* (Jan. 10) PMI East Tenn.: Alan Hammersmith - VP and CIO, Siemens Medical Solutions, 5:30 p.m., Details here.
"Implementing a PMO."
Details here.

(Jan. 11)  NTC members get discount reg. for Nashville Chapter, Amer. Marketing Assn. luncheon program with Nichole Becker, Senior Marketing Research Mgr. for Yahoo! Search Marketing. Maggiano's. Info hereRegistration here.

(Jan. 12) NTC Tech Roundtable, "Blogging for Business," details here

(Jan. 12) AITP Nashville, Death March Projects: Gary Ellis, Atiba Software. 5:30 p.m.
Details here.  

* (Jan. 17)  PMI Nashville Chapter presents Angela Grett, PMP, a CORE BTS Business Consultant on "Strategic Project Management," 11:30 a.m., at Select will present "Strategic Project Management".  11:30 a.m., Select Hotel Holiday Inn.  

(Jan. 19) Nashville Health Care Council Health Care Industry Analyst Panel Discussion,
details here.

* (Jan. 24) WITTN, program with Vanessa Hickman, CEIO, Metro Nashville Airport Authority, including data-center tour. 11 a.m. registration, details here.

(Feb. 2) NTC Tech Roundtable, program: Web 2.0, details TBA. 

* (Feb. 19) Engineers Week, national and state.

(Feb. 22)  Nashville Capital Network educational event on raising outside capital.

(March 1-2) Leadership Health Care delegation to Washington, D.C. Details here.
(March 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable, program: Content Management Systems, details TBA.

(March 6-9) Major Software Engineering process conference at Nashville, via Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.  

* (March 7) TN Soc. of Professional Engineers Day on Capitol Hill (Legislative),
Details here.

(March 15) 2nd Annual NTC Technology Innovation Conference, BellSouth Auditorium. Details write here.  

(March 16) Manufacturing Excellence Conference at MTSU, March 16, 2006. For info, write here.  

* (March 18) State MATHCOUNTS Competition. TN Soc. of Professional Engineers. Jack Wood Hall, Adventure Sci. Center. Local Details.

(April 18) Leadership Music Digital Music Summit, Belmont University. NTC Members get discount registration. Details TBA.   

* (April 27-28) PMI Nashville Spring Project Management Symposium, with PDUs. Details here.

(May 2) Tennessee Digital Government Summit. Details here.

(May 3-5) HIMSS 2nd Annual NHIT Summit, HiMSS TN Chapter, Nashville. 

* (May 16) Tour - Comcast facility, Society of Manufacturing Engineerings SME Nashville, details here.

(May 17) 6th Annual Technology! Nashville conference. Hilton Suites Downtown. Details write here. 

(May 31-June 1) Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit, Convention Center, Chattanooga. 

(August TBD) NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. 




Mohan of eTransX is in The Spotlight.
Became NTC's interim President, Jan. 1, 2006, succeeding Ray Capp. Dec. 5th release here.


Rex Hammock
Tech Roundtable
panelist —
'Blogging for Business'
Jan. 12, 2006

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