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Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006 (No. 68)
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"Web 2.0" Tech Roundtable
Thursday, Feb. 2, 4 p.m.


   The Feb. 2 Tech Roundtable on "Web 2.0" at Dyer Observatory, plus two-dozen events here...
CONNECTIONS:   Gov. Bredesen seeks funding for emergency communications... Report cites inadequacy of TNII net... Metro wireless and broadband ... and More...
HEALTHCARE:   Tennessee eHealth coordinator created... Plus HealthSpring, Healthways, HCA IT&S, Passport Health, Pivot, Sy.Med, ClinixMIS, HealthLeader Awards in Nashville... and More...

VENTURES:   NTC Innovation Conference... Cadre5 and Brandon Tech new to town... upSnap snaps-up XSVoice... Plus Verus Financial, Richland, Clayton, Waller, Viisage, EaseMD, Private Business, O-H, Eastern Ventures... 

IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  JJ Rosen of Atiba Software is in the Spotlight, here.
PARTNERS:  Digital Entertainment, Emma, C3 Consulting, Check Imaging, EFC Systems, InfoWorks, CIBER, Qualifacts, Landmark Digital... and More...

EAST WEST:  Changes at Fedex Kinko's, a death a Nashville data center, Logic Networks, Idelaire, AIMS Logistics and 

GOVERNMENT:   Update on the Software property tax, Dialogic, ECD grants to Tech councils, RFPs and

INNOVATIONS:  Forums on Tennessee's technology economy... SimCenter... Cyborg lecturer... VUSE Dean leads U.S. peers... UT Supply Chain alliances... More...

RESOURCES:   Media convergence... career resources... Red Hat in Nashville... Outsourcing... the growing Auction Culture... Ajax and web development... and More...

Gov. Bredesen announces budget will include millions to improve State communications among first-responders to disaster and emergencies, release Jan. 27.  Interoperable system could cost $25M, with State's $4M used to determine best approaches. Related story, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 30.  New Orleans Katrina veteran Honore to visit Tennessee in February. Related Jackson Sun commentary, Jan. 29.  Nashville Public Television on Jan. 1 announced the launch of NPT2 digital channel, citing emergency-communications and other capabilities, release here. Former NPT President Steve Bass briefed NTC Tech Roundtable on this and other potential roles for PTVs in Sept. 2004. An NPT release, March 04, described DTV IP and other capabilities. Metro Nashville Government plans an Emergency Preparedness Challenge exercise, April 7-8, details here. Exercise had been postponed from 2005, due Hurricane Katrina.
BusinessTN Magazine's report ("The Dark Ages," A. Smirnov, p. 33, 2/06) on Tennessee Information Infrastructure (TNII) signals that the state's existing networks are "inadequate in capabilities and excessively costly to operate." Some researchers are forced off the net to other highways. Meanwhile, the Bredesen Administration may be readying a next-gen TNII initiatiave. See related information, Dec. 8 NONT Connections.

Shaffer left Nashville XO office to join FCC as deputy chief of wire-line communications, Tennessean, Jan. 27.

Internet, VoIP meet in Schermerhorn Symphony Center
, p. 13, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6.

Mayor Purcell, Council Member Briley recognize progress on wireless in Metro Libraries; distinction drawn between hotspots and community wide network, Tennessean, Jan. 20; City Paper, Jan. 20. Announcing campaign for Vice Mayor, Briley notes his role in launching Metro broadband task force and need for tech jobs, City Paper, Jan. 19. Related, Tennessean, Jan. 19. Advocates of Wi-Fi in cities learn the art of politics, NY Times, Jan. 19. 

Business-class VoIP was the topic Jan. 28 on Let's Talk Computers, when ISDN-Net Founder/President Jerry Dunlap discussed his firm's new VonX communications services. Audio file available.

Nashville's Converged Solutions Group's Seifers indicates he'd much rather Juniper, an Avaya ally, buy Meru Networks than Cisco,, Jan. 24.

Thomas Nelson IT VP Rick Proctor discusses importance of Blackberry, TechWorld, Jan. 26.

Verizon V CAST Music Services enters Memphis, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 17.

Alcoa, TN:  Charter Communications taps Arroyo for Video-on-Demand server, release Jan. 9.

Upgrading Emergency Communications to IP may make nets hardier, more resilient, CNET News, Jan. 13.

rentwood-based Mobile Solutions Inc. has tested Palm-linked RouTek Route Management Systems at Respond First Systems, and is ready for roll-out to large distributors; technology improves receivables income by speeding accounting, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 6, Jan. 20, not on web.

Comcast steps into Time Warner's shoes in Memphis, Memphis Daily News, Jan. 23.

NuVox Communications names Coker Chief Technology Officer, release Jan. 25.

BellSouth part of AOL broadband access deal with AT&T, Qwest, Time Warner, Verizon, NY Times, Jan. 28.

Implications for broadband providers and consumers:  Does Information 'Want to be Free'?
NY Times, Jan. 15.

New wireless technologies would enable neighbors to share access to and cost of DSL or Cable bandwidth, NY Times, Jan. 16.


Gov. Bredesen creating e-Health coordinating council, to be led by Spheris/WebMD veteran IT exec Agassi,, Jan. 27., Jan. 27. Release Jan. 27.   Related story about support for CareSpark EMR initiative in E.TN., Johnson City Press, Jan. 31.

Bredesen Administration announces $3.5 million grant for Memphis BioWorks will be in Budget he unveils next week, Gov. release Jan. 30Profile: Steven John Bares, president and executive director, Memphis BioWorks. Commercial Appeal, Jan. 30

Biotechnology in middle Tennessee gains momentum, with gains by Cumberland Emerging Technologies, Williamson County Life Sciences Center and others. Industry observers say Nashville has all ingredients necessary to become a
signficiant node of biotech activity. Tennessean, Jan. 30. Kazimi's partnering skills paying-off for Cumberland Emerging Technologies, as allies statewide win grants and science and technology, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 20. Not on web. Earlier story, Sept. 05

New Chancellor at UT Health Science Center at Memphis is physician with interest in spurring development of biotechnology, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 27.

Nashville IT execs may listen-in on American Health Information Community workgroup sessions underway this week, via audio streaming, for details on EHR and other workgroups, visit here. The National Alliance for Health Information Technology has created a Clinical Advisory Group to help the organization set a course for wider acceptance and more effective use of information technology in clinical settings. Release, Jan. 23.

HealthSpring IPO may be launched this week, Tennessean, Jan. 28. GTCR Golder Rauner again a big player in Nashville deal. Buildup to IPO. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 19., Jan. 19. Tennessean, Jan. 20Greg Allen is now COO for Healthspring, Tennessean, Jan. 29. Other Healthspring appointments, also.

PPO-oriented The Initial Group will move headquarters to Nashville from Knoxville, as result of buying Nashville’s Regional Healthcare Holdings from Baptist Health Systems, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 12.

American Healthways move to Williamson County said to be final for 2007 Tennessean, Jan. 15. Move anticipated, firm may change name to Healthways.Tennessean, Williamson AM, Jan. 9. Healthways spokeswoman cites concentration of innovative healthcare companies, in addition to tax-abatement incentive, as factors in relocation. American Healthways' prospects and business environment reported in BusinessTN, p. 23, Feb. 06. MyHealthIQ from American Healthways adopted by Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa in contract extension, release Jan. 9

HCA Information Technology & Services will move to $3+ Million property at Metroplex near airport, p. 6, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 13, not on web. HCA Media Relations Director Jeff Prescott says HCA patient-safety initiatives have led to growth of HCA's implementation, customer-service and education-training units. Also located beyond main HCA campus near Centennial Park are HealthTrust Purchasing (Md. Farms); Patient Account Svcs. Cntr. Hermitage area); and, a consolidated warehouse operation at MetroCenter.

Passport Health Communications sells claims-submission portion of business to Payerpath, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 10.

Pivot Health LLC (Brentwood) names Stoll SVP, Tennessean, Jan. 8.

Alana Sullivan named Erlanger Health Systems chief compliance officer, Times Free Press, Jan. 29. 

Former Smart Hospital's David Joiner delighting in Edgehill Studios venture, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 7, Jan. 6.

Nashville's Healthcare Solutions Group looking ahead to summit this spring
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6. See 5th online page here

Nashville's Leadership Health Care delegation meets with Congressional delegation, March 1-2, itinerary here. Canada/Brentwood-based Momentum Healthware is one of the trip's sponsors, as well as Bass Berry; Boult Cummings; Deloitte; Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN. 

Expansion of Health IT among Senator Frist's goals, Tennessean, Jan. 15.

Atiba Software LLC is providing design and development support within Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Division of Neonatology vNICU Enhancement Project, which will use web-based applications to enable more robust tracking and research of infant-patient data, following planned implementation this spring. Link VNICU project lead, Dr. Judy Aschner. Link NICU

Luminetx (VeinViewer) EVP Darty discusses how technology is changing the world, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 27.

Dell Health infrastructure now inplace at 175-year-old Regional Medical Center at Memphis, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 13. Release Jan. 9

Imprivata, the enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) appliance company, announced Gateway Health System, a family of not-for-profit healthcare facilities based in Clarksville, adopted Imprivata OneSign as its ESSO solution for 1,050 physicians, nurses and administrative staff. Release, Jan. 24.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN launches AdminAble services site, using Edgewater Technology, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 13.

Sy.Med promotes Hebert to vp-technical resources from vp-client services, Tennessean, Jan. 14.

1Point Solutions of Dickson inks pact with MedDirect to supports HSAs, Nash. Bus. Journ., Jan. 14

The Southern States Regional Forum of the eHealth Initiative Foundation included speakers Mark Frisse, M.D., Vanderbilt Center for Better Health; Jim Bureau, Shared Health of Tenn.; and, Mark Bengel, Deputy CIO and CTO, OIR Div., State of Tennessee, earlier this month in Tampa.

Shared Health EMR names Jim Bureau to extend reach nationwide,, Jan. 17

HCA Midwest Health System putting $7 mil. into EMR, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 11.

ClinixMIS promotes McGugin to lead marketing and sales, Tennessean, Jan. 23.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee enterprise-systems chief hails Agilysys amid opening of innovation center in Manhattan, release Jan. 17

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association prepares to launch medical bank as Health Savings Accounts gain attention, Nashville Medical News, Jan. 06

Memphis Baptist Memorial uses SimMan patient simulator, Memphis Medical News, Jan. 06

Knoxville etHIN chosen for e-Health initiative by Patient Safety Institute, E. TN Medical News, Jan. 06

Dr. Joseph Ketcherside has joined Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare as the chief medical information officer. Comm. Appeal, Jan. 22.

Etowah's Woods Memorial Hospital desperately needs new computer systems, but short of cash and hoping for loans or grants, Times Free Press, Jan. 20

Caretaker uses Website to assist wife recovering from cancer, and other families under stress, Tennessean, Jan. 11. 

Healthcare Management Systems announced several appointments, including Rady Madison as e-Health systems administrator, Tennessean, Jan. 29.

Nashville-based CHD Meridian adds e-scripts from Chicago's Allscripts Health Solutions, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6.
HHS HRSA forms Office of Health IT
,, Jan. 3. Legislation would strengthen ONCHIT Health IT,, Jan. 5. Culture slows Health IT deployment,, Jan. 23

New NIST site helps in healthcare IT standards development (Healthcare Standards Lanscape), Govt. Computer News, Jan. 5

UnumProvident supports Disability Management Employers Coalition Virtual Education Forum, release Jan. 23.

HealthLeaders Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference and Awards event will in Nashville in June (data TBA). The event features winning leadership teams, discussing common strategies for urgent problems besetting hospitals, health plans and physician groups.



NTC's Nashville Technology Innovation Conference, March 15 (BellSouth Auditorium), has opened for registration and sponsorship. Speakers include execs from Intel, EDS, IBM, Vanderbilt School of Engineering and Utah's UTOPIA broadband initiative. Details here. Notes from the 2005 Innovation conference, scroll down here

Verus Financial Mgmt. CEO sues FTVentures' CEO, demanding another $10M; FTV countersues,
Tennessean, Jan. 31.  Verus moves sale to Sage of England, Tennessean, Jan. 10. City Paper, Jan. 10., Jan. 9. IrelandOnline, Jan. 9. Release, Jan. 9. Verus Financial Management moves toward completion of sale to Sage, but now faces competing offer from Solidus Networks, Tennessean, Jan. 27 scroll down

United Surgical Partners (Dallas) to buy Surgis, Tennessean, Jan. 31. City Paper, Jan. 31., Jan. 30. Nash. Bus. Journ., Jan. 30.

Brandon Technology Consulting Inc. (IT) contemplating expanding Nashville presence, may relocate headquarters from Frederickburg, Va., Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27

In Nashville, XSVoice (audio streaming to cellphones) success leads to its $6M acquisition by North Carolina-based UpSnap, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 9, Jan. 20. Partnerships with Associated Press, National Public Radio, Fox News and others enriched content. Release Jan. 18. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 18. City Paper, Jan. 19., Jan. 18

EDITOR'S QUERY:  Would you like more information on Venture investments, tech commercialization and related? Please write me
with comments. Thanks, Milt Capps

Richland provides $12 million equity to Intechra Holding Corp., City Paper, Jan. 12. Intechra release, Jan. 11. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 11

Cybera closes $12.8M round of Series C financing, City Paper, p. 7, Jan. 11. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 11. Release here

Viisage adds Indentix to its armamentarium, just weeks after buying Integrated Biometrics in Nashville. No.  Adover (Mass.) Eagle Tribune, Jan. 14

Nashville is new market for Knoxville-based Cadre5, represented here by VP/GM Kent Fourman, former Gaylord CIO. Cadre5 is part of the ClearPath Group.

Clayton Associates LLC (Brentwood) names Richard Rodgers, formerly CFO, Infrastructure Corp. of America, as CFO, Tennessean, Jan. 9. Clayton Assocs. named Richard Rodgers CFO and Nancy Allen director-finance, 5E, Jan. 15, Tennessean

Waller Lansden named William Morrow partner, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity investments. Tennessean, Jan. 8.

Profile: Sr. Managing Partner Riven of Avondale Partners LLC, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6, not on web. Avondale hires four more analysts, Tennessean, Jan. 27 scroll down

Dell Inc. executives discussed Dell's services strategy with investment analysts, Jan. 9, audio here. Accompanying Dell PPT presentation Dell expands presence in India, NY Times, Jan. 31.

EaseMD (Brentwood) buys Chaput's American Technology Group, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23; Tennessean, 3E, Jan. 12, scroll down here.

Eastern Ventures arm of Eastman Chemical participated in Series C round of investment in biotech innovator Athenix (RTI-Durham), Jan. 6 release

FedEx Institute Business Plan Competition 2006 is underway, details here

Morgan Keegan & Co. (Memphis) appointed Gentry first vice-president IT. Comm. Appeal, Jan. 29.

Osburn-Hessey Logistics adds acquisitions pro Weaver to its bench, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23.

PATENTS:  Tennesseans won more than 700 patents in 2005, Times Free Press, Jan. 23.  U.S. Patent Office may create patent-quality index, working with open-source developers to examine more thoroughly patent applications, to reduce conflict, NY Times, Jan. 10. IBM again led in patent awards in 2005, with nearly 3,000. Trends and Challenges in Data-processing patents: Update on US Patent & Trademark Office white paper, Jan. 4

Quadrascan Technologies (Brentwood) wins patent for monitoring sealed compartments for security and safety, City Paper, Jan. 25.

Chattanooga launches business incubator-accelerator within CEG, Times Free Press, Jan. 28., Jan. 27 and Jan. 19

The Southern Appalachian Fund, L.P., a New Markets Venture Capital Company, has closed seven investments. The venture fund has invested $4.1 million in companies in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. SAF’s co-investors have invested an additional $8.9 million in SAF portfolio companies

Medical devices are hot, with "sweet spot" close to investors' hearts, NY Times, Jan. 21. See related comments by Pathfinder Therapeutics' Bob Galloway during last year's NTC Technology Innovation conference here. Agenda for 2006 Innovation Conference (March 15) is here

Health-care sector still attracting most of the Venture Cap in Tennessee, and that trend is likely to grow stronger as next cohort of funds emerges, Tennessean, Jan. 28. Software, Media and Telecom got about 12 percent of $66M invested, according to MoneyTree.

Brentwood businesses bundling:  Private Business Inc. buys Goldleaf Technologies, Tennessean, Jan. 25. City Paper, Jan. 25. PBix buys assets of P.T.C. Banking Systems, City Paper, Jan. 25. Private Business buys P.T.C. Banking Systems (Bradenton, FL) for banking software, Tennessean, Jan. 19. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 24. Private Business announced a new $18M credit agreement with Bank of America, Jan. 23

Comcast Interactive Capital is $350M fund for equity investments in companies in the Internet and other interactive technologies.

Gannett, owner of The Tennessean, took minor ownership position in mobile search services firm 4INFO (Louisville), Louisville Bus. Journal, Jan. 17.

EaseMD buys Chaput's American Technology Group, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 23.

VCs' blogs may reflect departure from self-censorship, NY Times, Jan. 27. One observer notes 'zero incentive' to tell the truth.

Cashing-out:  In D.C. area, many tech entrepreneurs run their companies as though they're "For Sale" continually, as cash looks for a new home, Wash. Post, Jan. 16.



Rosen's ATIBA Software & Consulting is broadening its base

At Atiba Software & Consulting LLC, 35-year-old Founder-Owner JJ Rosen (right) is intelligent, intense and cautious, and during business conversation he seems to run every new thought against the twin imperatives of results for clients, and the impact on Atiba's bottom line. 

Those traits, plus a youthful capacity for hard work that's the stuff of legend, and the broad personal network of a native Nashvillian who is a graduate of both University School and Vanderbilt's Peabody College, have helped bring Atiba to its current position:  With an enviable clientele, debt-free operation, 15 fulltimers and revenue figures he won't disclose, except to say they've risen during each of his 14 years in business. That growth qualified Atiba for the Music City
Future 50 ranking each time Atiba was nominated, 2001-2003.

He opens-up on just about everything else. Greatest challenge? "Finding programmers who have the skills you want, and who are the kind of people you want to work with, with a good work ethic. So, it can take a long time." At the same time, he says, "the constant learning curve is a challenge, in itself."

Biggest mistake? "Waiting too long to hire that first person."  Best decision? He says, "Apart from 'starting young'," it was hiring his first employee – programming and networks specialist Glenn Wilhoite, a linchpin who remains aboard.

Immediate priorities? They're laid-out pretty well on the Atiba website. "Maintaining a core group of people, so we can be together over a long period of time, and achieve the scalability we need to achieve our longer-term goals." Simultaneously, he explains, he aims to continuing diversifying Atiba's skill set, to reinforce its standing as a "one-stop shop." Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP,  and ColdFusion skills are in short supply. In the slightly longer term, Rosen explains, he plans to "start another side of the the company that will productize software we develop, and improve the Atiba mix for the long haul." Meanwhle, in 2005 he hired former SCB Computer Technology veteran
Gary Ellis to help accelerate business development.

Atiba has also added a second hosting location, in the Los Angeles area, for clients who need "geo-redundancy."

Atiba offers custom software development, network services, web development and hosting and IT
consulting services. Atiba clients include HCA, Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, U.S. Department of Justice, Plumgood Food, NewsChannel 5 (WTVF), Dollar General, Deloitte Consulting, the Nashville Area Chamber's Partnership 2010, and the Vanderbilt Medical Center's NICU (See Healthcare, above). There's always something new in the Atiba cooker, and right now that includes new clients The SoundKitchen and

JJ is an avid racquetball player, and says he often plays drums in his living room. Rosen, his wife and 2 future drummers, ages 1 and 3, reside in Nashville.




Nashville again tops! for industry relocation, Expansion Magazine release Jan. 25. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27. Tennessean, Jan. 28. City Paper, Jan. 28. Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 28

Logistics, digital entertainment companies may be among targets for growth and recruitment under Partnership 2010's new 5-year plan, beginning July 1. HCA's Bovender says Nashville Chamber-affiliated group has a plan to keep Nashville "the hottest city in America for business relocations." Tennessean, Jan. 6. City Paper, Jan. 6. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 5

Local Music-industry economic impact estimated by Belmont University and Nashville Area Chamber, Tennessean, Jan. 11. Chamber release, Jan. 10., Jan. 10. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 20. Belmont study here. 

(more) Costantine succeeds Capp at helm of Nashville Technology Council, begins p. 38, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6, jumped to 5th online
page here

Tennessee Biotechnology Association announced its new Board of Directors, Jan. 26. Updated list here.

The folks at Emma (ColdFeet Creative) announced that producers of "Car Talk" radio program via National Public Radio adopted Emma. Emma site says the e-mail marketing service has more than 2,500 users; site indicates additional hiring underway. Related,
Tennessean, p. 3E, Jan. 31.

ClientLogic picks up National Geographic DVD/VHS fulfillment contract, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 30. Release here.

Business Wire Nashville among offices sold: Berkshire Hathaway ($75 Bn., 42 companies, according to one source) cites increasing corporate transparency and reporting as factors in future growth of BusinessWire. Release Jan. 17. Interesting to note the simplicity of the website of the company with one of the highest stock prices in the world, here. Wonder if Warren maintains this, himself. Note the frugality reflected in wording of the Webmaster-contact note at the very bottom of the home page. Hmmm...there's no blog. 

Nashville's WKRN 2 (ABC) is breaking ground with journalists doubling-in-brass as both videographer and reporter, resulting in increased story count, and supposedly more freedom to develop deeper coverage, Wash. Post, Jan. 28. Same story, Tennessean, 1E, Jan. 28, not on web. Related, Broadcast Engineering, July 11, 2005. 

Nashville's EFC Systems adds Bank of KY for imaging systems, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 17

Brentwood-based Check Imaging Solutions cited among solutions for businesses depositing checks remotely, Tennessean, Jan. 18.

CIBER employees create website to help families of military personnel returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom know when their men and women will land, reducing uncertainties associated with covert movements of troop transports, release Jan. 20

Retiring president of LifeWay Christian Resources sees technology as tool for evangelism, Tennessean,
Jan. 30.

Hilton Hotels names Memphis-based Harvey to EVP/CIO role, release Jan. 30.

Jeff Duncan, VP, CIO and director of technology for LP Corp., was elected to the board of Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity, 5E, Jan. 15, Tennessean.

David Klements, formerly of SunGuard (previously Inflow) is now VP-Sales & Marketing, Qualifacts Systems Nashville).

The ubiquitous Jeanine Martin, formerly of Oasis Software, has joined Microsoft as Solutions Professional, Provider Healthcare Industry. Ms. Martin was founding president of Women in Technology of Tenn., among other contributions.
Gibson Guitar Teams with Microsoft, Intel and Cakewalk in Launch of Gibson Digital Guitar, Modern, Jan. 4. 

Christian music artists, promoters and venue managers are now linked by marketplace, here.

MMA Creative (Cookeville, Nashville) won a Silver Davey Award for its creative contribution to SESAC's website. MMA's site says the firm has also done work for Bredesen reelection campaign and Asurion, among others. Release Jan. 13, here adds subscription "Insider" feature for streaming-video on-demand site, City Paper, Jan. 9.

CMA launches 2006 Country Music Festival website for June 8-11 event, here. Tennessean, 3E, Jan. 17. CMA names Whitaker to head strategic planning, administration, City Paper, Jan. 17

BMI’s Landmark Digital Services prepares for office move to One American Center, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 13, not on web. Related BMI release, Aug. 05. Related NONT, Sept. 05

Janet Miller, staff chief of Partnership 2010, a project of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, was named National Sales Person of the Year by the Sales & Marketing Executives Intl., Tennessean, Jan. 22, 5E.

PayMaxx acquirer CompuPay opens Franklin sales office, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 27.

Debbie Gordon launches Snappy Sales Solutions, S3, to complement global reach of eBay auctioneer franchise started here in Nashville, p. 1, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 13. Profile Q&A of Gordon, p. 9, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 13. 

RenTech CEO Nelson says the most important lesson he’s learned it to “always following your gut instinct,” and notes that competitiveness requires “leveraging all assets,” particularly employees. Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 11, Jan. 13. Earlier NONT profile of Nelson here

Brian Bowman joined C3 Consulting as principal, after running an enterprise PMO for AIM Healthcare, Tennessean, Jan. 29.

Herrman named vp-marketing for Infoworks, Inc., City Paper, Jan. 11.

Reeves' Mouse Calls Computer Services scurries all over mid-state from Bellevue base, Tennessean, Jan. 11.

'You Stupid Computer' entrepreneur Trombo makes house calls, offers aid via web and book, Tennessean, Jan. 20.

La Vergne-based Ingram Entertainment Inc. named Bob Geistman SVP sales and marketing.
He was SVP interactive media and business development. Tennessean, Jan. 6.

Paul Hawkins is now consultant with Carnes Group LLC (Franklin), Tennessean, Jan. 29.

Ruchi Gupta is consultant with Cumberland Consulting Group (Franklin), Tennessean, Jan. 29.

DPRA Defense Systems Group (Knoxville div.), gets $3.3 M Pentagon contract, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 15
Supporting due-diligence and fairness in vendor selection, IHL Consulting's
(Franklin) RAPID POS Project Toolkit attracts notice in context of retail federation's RFP framework, Jan. 10.


East TN Economic Development Agency and Jobs Now! partnership market the business location advantages of the 16-county Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 29.

Tennesseans rank high with respect to In-sourcing employment within foreign-owned companies, Tennessean, Jan. 13. City Paper, Jan. 13. ECD Commis. Kisber statement on insourcing, Jan. 12

CIBER Inc. Memphis facility will support Gate Gourmet, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 23

Community Innovation Forums in E. TN. focus on creating and keeping technology jobs, results will feed into So. Growth Policy Board work, Oak Ridger, Jan. 26.

emphis' Buckman Laboratories adopted WebFOCUS from Information Builders for enterprise business intelligence and reporting, release, Jan. 30

Federated Department Stores will boost online sales with distribution center in Robertson County, Tennessean, Jan. 26.

FedEx Kinko World Production Center at Memphis is the production arm linked to FedEx Kinko docStore, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 14. Kinko's division chief Kusin departs as margins and service levels remain inadequate, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 10. FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Services CEO will be Kenneth May, following Kusin departure, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 10

Tennessee's federal-funds inflows are result of prominence of Tennessee Valley technology corridor, particularly Oak Ridge NL. Times Free Press, Jan. 9.

Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid combustion-electric auto will be produced at Smyrna plant, rolling-out this summer, Tennessean, Jan. 9.

Memphis-area zoning for medical and technology park approved, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 11.

Nashville's Bank of New York data-processing facility on Woodfolk Ave.:  elevator technician from Nashville Machine Elevator Co. was killed and another injured Jan. 6 when an elevator fell on them. Tennessean, Jan. 6. USA Today, Jan. 9.

Landmark GIS wins two NE TN Tech Council Tech Star awards, Times-News, Jan. 15

Campaigning for Senate, Corker cites technology among successes in Chattanooga, Kingsport Times-News, Jan. 19.

Web increasingly used in Knoxville-area campaigns and e-government
, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 16.

East Tech Co. plans expansion of computerized numeric manufacturing and tool-design operations. Times Free Press, Jan. 11., Jan. 10

Oak Ridge - Hackers drain $70K from Y-12 Credit Union site in 90 minutes, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 12 .

Chattanooga-manufactured TMIO Internet-linked kitchen ovens are making a splash among upscale homebuilders, Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, Jan. 17. Chatta. Chamber release, Aug. 04 here. Related CEO appearance, May 05

Parsam Technologies launched its Account-to-Account (A2A) Funds Transfer Service (FTS) solution for Memphis Area Teachers' Credit Union, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 12.

Chattanooga home to Gospel Network via satellite for Church of Christ churches, Times Free Press, Jan. 24.

Online version of Knoxville Business went live Jan. 17. Related Column, Jan. 15. Knoxville News Sentinel editor launches his blog, partly due to blows against mainstream media, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 22. KNS adds readers' blogs to its YourHubs community websites, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 9

Officials praise Idelaire's nationwide expansion plans, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 5.

Transcript of discussion by Knoxville-area leaders regarding imperative of improving U.S. K-12 education to compete globally, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 8.

Memphis workforce crisis: Youth must gain skills that count toward certification of some kind, Memphis Bus. Journal, Jan. 20.

Knoxville's Logic Networks and Catalyst part ways after brief joint venture, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 20.

Jana Simmons has been promoted to director of operations for AIMS Logistics. Comm. Appeal, Jan. 22.

New crime-stopping database in Memphis is being rolled-out, as cops step-up efforts to thwart bad guys, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 21.

Tennessean reports surge in youths blogging in mid-Tennessee, Jan. 23.

Greeneville (Tenn.) High School remodeling gave more weight to technology, Greene County Online, Jan. 24.

Shelby County Schools announce EdLine 24/7 information for parents, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 26.


POLICY WATCH:   TAX - State Board of Equalization delays action on proposal to tax applications software as personal property, Tennessean, Jan. 24. Times Free Press, Jan. 24. NTC President Jeff Costantine sent report to Members, Jan. 23. Businesses worry over proposed property tax on software, with Board of Equalization hearing Jan. 23, Tennessean, Jan. 23. Bridgestone-Firestone among companies speaking out. At least one bill filed in the General Assembly would have the effect of preventing applications software from becoming taxed as tangible personal property. 

The State Comptroller has invited submission of IT vendors qualifications for development of Debt-Management Software, with responses due-in Feb. 13.

TN Bureau of Investigation is creating E-Gov enterprise out of selling background checks to the general public, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 28.

Metro Schools RFP 06-09 calls for proposals for textbook management and inventory system, due Feb. 27.

Tn Economic & Community Development provides $25K sponsorsips to regional technology councils, ECD Release, Jan. 18. 

Online application for heating-payment assistance will speed Metro response to the needy, reduce traffic in commission office, The Tennessean, Jan. 26.

Metro Night Court's Videoconferencing technology arrested for dysfunctional behavior:  Video-arraignment may not be as effective in practice as the old perp walk with an audience, Tennessean, Jan. 26.

hattanooga Police put accident reports online using DocView, Times Free Press, Jan. 22.

Chattanooga Housing Authority Board chairman puts new emphasis on website, prepares for launch of, Times Free Press, Jan. 22.

GAO ruling on state, local taxation of internet, CNET, Jan. 25.

BIO-key International Inc. and Cingular Wireless have been awarded a contract valued at more than $270,000 to equip a seven-county consortium of fire, police and EMS agencies with public-safety communications software. Release, Jan. 3.

Cheatham County adopts Dialogic Communications' Reverse 911 web tool for emergency notification, Tennessean, Jan. 5.

Proposed law would put more pressure, backed by fines on Tennessee government to ensure Open Meetings, Times-Gazette, Jan. 28. (Ed. Note: Related legislation could prove invitation for streaming video to ensure "public view.") 

FedEx executives' tips on how to improve Tennessee Drivers Licensing operations are now in the hands of Department of Safety, according to comments attributed to Gov. Bredesen, Times-News, Jan. 16.

TVA continues its winning ways in jobs creation, tools include community grants for technology, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 17.

tar Students software implemented by Century Consultants (Nashville) is reportedly drawing criticism statewide, Dickson Herald via Tennessean, Jan. 13. IS issues slow Shelby County report cards, Commercial Appeal, Jan. 14

Williamson County schools using Notification Technologies offering to alert parents to school changes, City Paper, Jan. 19.

Metro Police remain involved in eBid bidding controversy, Tennessean, Jan. 19.

Gov. Bredesen participating in forum on youth obesity; convenor America Speaks using technology to provide same-day analysis of participants' opinions, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 16

Surveillance cameras may be installed in some Metro Parks, City Paper, Jan. 18.

Meth Offender Registry is important tool in war against crime, Editorial, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 10.

City of Hendersonville plans contract with IT firm to help move City Hall network, Tennessean, Jan. 4

Rep. Davis (R-Va.) criticizes congressional ignorance of information technology, citing IPv6 network protocols, Govt. Computer News, Jan. 9.

E-Government:  Wikis may be best way to spread government information to the public, enabling public to provide context in a free-range layer of information atop stable government info, Govt. Computer News, Jan. 9.

Oak Ridge NL's national-security workload is growing rapidly, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 25.

FTC announces $15M settlement with ChoicePoint over data disclosure, NY Times, Jan. 27. Wash. Post, Jan. 27



 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities

Gov. Bredesen will unveil Education Budget proposal Friday,  Feb. 3, during meeting of Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership. Governor also reveals plans for funding first phase of new Science Building at Middle Tenn. State Univ. Releases, Jan. 30. Governor plans Math/Science residential academy, Tennessean, Jan. 27

Want a say in "Building the Innovation Economy" in Tennessee and the mid-South?  Participate in February 10 or other forums: V
isit and select the “Register Now – Online” option under the Training Courses heading on the left side of the home page.  Once there, select Economic Development Courses and then choose the “Innovation & Technology: Making Choices for Your Community” session that best fits your calendar.  To register, you will need to click on the Register button at the right of the screen and follow the directions as they appear.

Computer Sciences short of women, Times Free Press, Jan. 31.  UT offers combo MS and MBA in five years, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 31. Provides, e.g., computer scientists with business-analyst skills.

As State Board of Education and Board of Regents contemplate raising Math requirements for high schools, some say the extra requirements make no sense for non-college bound, Tennessean, Jan. 30

Sen. Alexander, et al, push for Presidential backing for math, science education as they introduce legislation in U.S. Senate, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 26. Alexander release, Jan. 25. Times Free Press, Jan. 26. Related,, Jan. 25

TN higher education gets low marks for return on investment from Center for Higher Education Management Systems. Times Free Press, Jan. 30.

VU Engineering Dean Kenneth Galloway is chairing the 2006 Engineering Deans Council Public Policy Colloquium Feb 14-15 in Washington, D.C. "Engineering Colleges in Service to America." 

Chattanooga's SimCenter will test new hydrogen-producing fuel-cell prototype for Ion America, Times Free Press, Jan. 7.

Tennessee Science Bowl competition is Feb. 25

Williamson County students videoconference with peers in England, City Paper, Jan. 27

Creativity, invention, math and science are at the center of fun at Adventure Sci. Center, City Paper, Jan. 27

Inspiration from the Challenger disaster:  Chattanooga-linked science-education centers are sprouting, thanks in part to Commander Scobey's admiring widow, Times Free Press, Jan. 28.

Science labs in some Metro Schools will be improved, using funds obtained via federally sponsored bonds, Tennessean, Jan. 28, scroll down here. City Paper, Jan. 31.

Cyborg Kevin Warwick, British professor of cybernetics, appears Friday at FedEx Institute of Technology (Memphis), details here. FedEx Institute launches robotics center, Jan. 18 release. Related story, Jan. 9, Memphis Bus. Journal. Warwick is also on Memphis Philos. Grad. Students program this week

Norfolk Southern partners with UT Supply Chain pros to go global, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 15

Logistics: UT Supply Chain institute will help military get supplies to U.S. soldiers more quickly, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 15.

Columnist senses that Oak Ridge Associated Universities earned its unchallenged role in recent bidding to manage Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 11.

High Tech Institute marks first year in E. Davidson County, Tennessean, Jan. 13.

Tipton County schools receive e4TN e-learning grant for challenging studies, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 5

Businesses help Chattanooga schools acquire computers, Times Free Press, Jan. 16.

Chattanooga educator provides fresh evidence that college students learn better when instruction includes interactive games, Times Free Press, Jan. 17.

Franklin Road Academy uses Tablet PCs, City Paper, Jan. 24.



President Bush delivers State of the Union Address tonight, 8 p.m., arrives Nashville tomorrow for limited-access gathering, Tennessean, Jan. 27. Related, Tennessean, Jan. 31. Iraq, Energy, Healthcare among expected emphases. 

Feds' attempt to get data from Google could lead to larger threats to privacy, self-expression, First Amendment Center McMasters column, Tennessean, Jan. 30. Surveillance of Web behavior and patterns grows, NY Times, Jan. 25. Anonymity available for Internet users via technologies like, NY Times, Jan. 25.  

SECURITY EVENT:  InfoSec 2006's joint NTC-ISSA working group has begun designing this year's popular information-security event, which will probably be scheduled in the late-August-to-early-October timeframe.

Thoresen of Acumen Management asks whether your company places a premium on effective sales management, Knox. News Sentinel,
Jan. 15. Note: Thoreson will moderate NTC's April 6 Tech Roundtable, addressing C-level views on hiring, incentivizing Tech sales and marketing executives. 

(Feb. 23) Nashville Area Chamber workshop: Joe Calloway, Indispensable: How to Become the Company Your Customers
Can't Live Without, details here, Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt, 7:30 a.m. ($50Mem, $150NonMem). 

Boardroom Connection is online collaboration among Wall St. Journal, Information Week, et al, for IT Leaders to discuss using technology to drive innovation, Boardroom Connection. 

Just like major IT projects:  Scientists determine that each Black Hole has an event horizon, a point of no return,, Jan. 9.

Memphis-based Microsoft exec discusses financial savings that can be produced by software asset management, Memphis
Bus. Journal, Jan. 27

Report examines management and public perceptions of nanotechnologies, Emerging Technology Project,
here. Commercialization may be racing ahead of management, policy and public-engagement capacity. 

Changing Careers?  Tennessee's new fast-track-to-teaching program lures a former IT director and engineers among first class to replenish K-12 Math and Science ranks, Tennessean, Jan. 16. Related: More jobs being found online, NY Times, Jan. 15. 

Attorney's column says Internet porn raises liability of employers, Knox. News Sentinel, Jan. 15

Law firms use of IT continues evolving, Coffey column, p. 16, Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 6.

Corporations increasingly monitor blogs for influence on brand, sales, CNET, Jan.3. is Wiki gateway for monitoring blogs by workers with Fortune 500 firms, NY Times, Jan. 7

Seigenthaler Wiki incident (more):  Letter writer extolls virtues of
Tennessee Electronic Library, compares and contrasts it with flawed Wikipedia, Tennessean, Jan. 5. In West TN., libraries offer online access to markets for potential antique treasures, Comm. Appeal, Jan. 5.  Digital Universe seeks to harden quality of information on web, through Wiki-like collaboration, Wash. Post, Jan. 19

Blogging awards approach; taxonomy of blogs grows in importance, Wash. Post,
Jan. 29.

GS1 US (formerly Uniform Code Council) will hold its annual U Connect Conference, June 6-8, in Nashville, focusing on critical issues in supply-chain management and technology.
Release Jan. 16

Red Hat Summit in Nashville - May 06. 

IT Outsourcing to India now includes more top-management functions, Wash. Post, Jan. 11.

Cybercrime rising at institutions everywhere, but going largely unreported,,
Jan. 24.

Pornography said to be an important driver of adoption of each new digital-media format,
NY Times, Jan. 21.

Author Nissanoff predicts online auction culture will soon explode, changing consumer culture, Wash. Post transcript of online chat,
Jan. 26.

Recommendation software can raise sales, or hackles, NY Times,
Jan. 22

AJAX sets-off Web development tools race,
CNET, Jan. 26.

Convergence has media businesses trying to figure out the sweet spot,
NY Times, Jan. 25. 



(Jan. 31) President Bush: State of the Union Address. 8 p.m. CT/9 p.m. Eastern.
* (Feb. 1) The Citizens Panel for a Community Report Card on Metro Schools issues a progress report and record card grade for Metro Schools, 8 a.m., the Adventure Science Center.

(Feb. 2) NTC Tech Roundtable, program: Web 2.0, presentation by Scotte Hudsmith, LBMC Technologies, registration closing soon, details here.  4 p.m. Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory.

* (Feb. 6) Gov. Bredesen "State of the State Address," 6 p.m., may be carried by state's public-television stations.

* (Feb. 6) NETNTech Council and ETSU sponsor presentation by Bob Robinson, who served on GTE-Bell Atlantic merger-approval team, in transaction that led to formation of Verizon. For infor, please contact Mitzi at or 423-439-7444. Meeting in Johnson City ETSU Innovation Lab, 5 p.m.

* (Feb. 9)  Innovation Valley Nano Alliance Monthly Meeting, 8 a.m., ETN Tech Council, with Warren Oliver, MTS Nano Instruments. There is no fee to attend. RSVP to Technology 2020 at 865-220-2020 or The Innovation Valley Nano Alliance will meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

* (Feb. 10) Innovation and Technology: Making Choices for Your Community, Clarksville, Austin Peay University. See INNOVATION section or visit here

* (Feb. 15) Innovation and Technology: Making Choices for Your Community, 2 p.m.-4 p.m., UT Outreach Center, 1201 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge. See INNOVATION above or visit here

* (Feb. 19) Engineers Week, national and state.

(Feb. 22)  Nashville Capital Network educational event on raising outside capital.

* (Feb. 22-23) 4th National Medical Banking Institute in Nashville. Details here.

* (Feb. 23) Intro to Web technologies for user assistance, Mid-TN chapter Soc. for Technical Communications, here.

(March 1-2) Leadership Health Care delegation to Washington, D.C.
Details here.
(March 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable, program: Content Management Systems, HCA Auditorium, Chris Pair, HCA; Jim Parker, Vanderbilt; Nicholas Holland, Centresource, others TBA. Details here.

(March 6-9) Major Software Engineering process conference at Nashville, via Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.  

* (March 7) TN Soc. of Professional Engineers Day on Capitol Hill (Legislative),
Details here.

(March 15) 2nd Annual NTC Technology Innovation Conference, IBM, Intel, EDS, Vanderbilt, UTOPIA execs. BellSouth Auditorium. Details here. 

(March 16) Manufacturing Excellence Conference at MTSU, March 16, 2006. For info, write here.  

* (March 18) State MATHCOUNTS Competition. TN Soc. of Professional Engineers. Jack Wood Hall, Adventure Sci. Center. Local Details.

* (March 19-22) HDI Annual Conference in Nashville for help-desk professionals, here

* (April 3-4) "Security Risk Assessment, Mitigation Seminar," by VU Civil and Environmental Engineering and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants. For Security, IT security, Risk managers, others. Details here

(April 18) Leadership Music Digital Music Summit, Belmont University. NTC Members get discount registration. Details TBA.   

* (April 27-28) PMI Nashville Spring Project Management Symposium, with PDUs. Details here.

(May 2) Tennessee Digital Government Summit. Details here.

(May 3-5) HIMSS 2nd Annual NHIT Summit, HiMSS TN Chapter, Nashville. 

* (May 16) Tour - Comcast facility, Society of Manufacturing Engineerings SME Nashville, details here.

(May 17) 6th Annual Technology! Nashville conference. Hilton Suites Downtown. Details write here. 

(May 31-June 1) Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit, Convention Center, Chattanooga. 

(Date TBD) NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Will be in August-October window.

* (Sept. 11-12) Gov. Bredesen's annual Economic Development Conference.





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