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Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006 (No. 69)
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"Web Content Management"
 Tech Roundtable

Thursday, March 2, 4 p.m.


   Events major and minor, in Middle Tennessee and across Tennessee, here...

   Metro broadband task force... Chamber views on broadband development... Local Blackberry response to lawsuit.. CSG and Lifeway... VIPGift goes VoIP... Passalong... TN ties to FCC... Bells, and More...

HEALTHCARE:   Frisse on RHIOs, MedSolutions IPO, HCA claims-processing, Digirad stake, appointments and more... CET, Healthways, Ciber, MedAssets, CTI Molecular, Protein Discovery, McKesson, Luminetx...and More...

VENTURES:   Thomas Nelson goes private in $half-billion deal with Intermedia partners...NCN seminar on raising outside capital (tomorrow)... NTC Innovation Conference, Momenum Health moves here, Verus dispute, American Learning acquisition, BioMimetic IPO, Salix III, Phoenix Partners, PBiz and Goldleaf, Idleaire, Kleiner Perkins...and

IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  Jerry Dunlap, Founder of ISDN-NET, is in the Spotlight, here.

  Sitening,, RenTech, Lifeway, Duthie Learning, Dell, BMI, ISSA, Cumberland Consulting... and More...

EAST WEST:  T-Mobile announcement in Chattanooga...TechConnect's demise, Fischer adds Battelle duties, Eastern Chem. hiring, Debitek, SensorNet deployed, LBMC, Tricycle, EonStream, and 

GOVERNMENT:   Massive payroll IT project attracts Accenture, Maximus... Dialogic gets Homeland Security mission... TN Drivers License processes, Metro surveillance, Election tech, RFPs and

INNOVATIONS:  Kisber signals "Innovation Initiative"... VU's Galloway... TSU SEMA funding threatened... TN reaction to Bush initiatives... UT Cyberinfrastructure...and More...

RESOURCES:   NTC Tech Roundtable on Web Content, SOX unconstitutional? BusinessTN Fast50 invitation...and More...


The Metro Task Force on Telecommunications Innnovation is scheduled to meet Feb. 28
and March 15. The group last met Feb. 17.  Task Force Chairman Darrell Freeman, president of Zycron Inc., said that during the group's Feb. 17 meeting, Task Force members deepened their discussion of customers most likely to benefit by increased local broadband services, service-delivery options and other topics stipulated in the
authorizing resolution, adopted by Metro Council, Oct. 4, 2005.

Continued development of broadband technologies in Davidson County figures prominently in the 2006 Legislative Agenda of Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, with the Chamber declaring its full faith in private-sector technology providers to supply what Nashville needs, provided incentives offered industry by Metro Government are adequate and provided that Government is consistent in "removing any disincentives" to such private investment. Related story, Feb. 3,

The State Broadband Task Force created by legislation in 2005 has gained some appointed members, but as yet there are no discernible plans for that group to meet. Related item, here.

Dodds says new Nashville Convention Center should include Tech incubator and links to TennGrid and Internet2, generating jobs for persons with disabilities and telemedicine and other infrastructure for rural areas,, Feb. 17.

NationLink's Bailey (Nashville) says RIM/Blackberry is in it for the long haul
, despite NTP patent-infringement suit outcome, Nash. Bus. Journal,
Feb. 17.

Converged Solutions Group and Lifeway partner for new Siemens IP telecommunications, City Paper, Feb. 14. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 13.

Franklin's PassAlong Networks adds Wi-Fi Concert of the Future on p2pREVOLUTION platform, release Feb. 16.

Chattanooga's VIPGift adopts VoIP technology with BellSouth support, projects robust growth; entrepreneur tells of being asked by tech pro's during a visit to SiValley, 'What part of The Valley are you from', and replying "the Tennessee Valley." Times Free Press, Feb. 19. BellSouth release, Feb. 20.
TN Nortel Meridian announced officers for 2006, including Neal of HealthSpring to president and Steltman of HCA Tristar to vice president, others are from Deloitte, American General and Gannett/Tennessean. Tennessean, 5E,
Feb. 19.

FCC:  Former Tenn. Regulatory Authority official Deborah Tate is cautious in statements about government's role in leading broadband development, cable a la carte programming, etc. Tate recently attended demo of Broadband over Powerlines, Tennessean, Feb. 12. Previously reported: Shaffer left Nashville XO office to join FCC as deputy chief of wire-line communications, Tennessean, Jan. 27. FCC Media Bureau describes substantial Consumer benefits in a la carte model of delivering video programming. Release Feb. 9.

Knology pays Knoxville to make good on franchise contract, Knox. News Sentinel,
Feb. 13.

Columnist describes concerns related to BellSouth, Verizon and others' charging variable fees for download speed and other changes in Internet custom, and notes that telecom providers could charge their own customers more and/or innovate, themselves, Wash. Post, Feb. 10. "Scandal" author Kushnick and columnist criticize on Baby Bells. NY Times, Feb. 11.


MedSolutions tantalizes with prospect of IPO notice in 2007; CEO Thorne discounts growth of managed-care insurers managing radiology benefits inhouse, but foresees more self-insured employers. Largest investors are MedCare Investment and Bank of America. Tennessean, Feb. 10.

Vanderbilt's Frisse among experts commenting on incentives and deal-killers in creating regional health information exchange; Gov. Bredesen cited as playing key role as convenor in mid-South, GovHealthIT, Feb. 13.

Urology Associates' COO Samiere discussed challenges in shifting reimbursement environment, City Paper, Feb. 8.

HCA relocating regional claims-processing facility from Goodlettsville to Hendersonville, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 8.

Lee Stroupe, project manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, will discuss improving payer-provider connections and unifying fragmented claims systems through common language and service-oriented architecture, during 2006 Semantic Technology Conference (San Jose, March 6-9). Release Feb. 15.

HCA increases its stake in Digirad medical-imaging company, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 14.

Health care sector worth $18.3 Billion, Tennessean, Feb. 15. Related data, Tennessean, Feb. 15. Nashvhille uniquely positioned in Health Care? Tennessean, Feb. 15. ECD Commis. Kisber says Nashville healthcare sector is magnet for creative business persons, Tennessean, Feb. 15. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 15.

Eastate's Covenant Health selects Filekeeper data-protection, PR Leap, Feb. 8.

Robert Goldstein, erstwhile HealthStreamer, now director of Operations for MDG Medical.

Passport Health Comms. CEO Jim Lackey, a pilot, is among those advocates for Willliamson County airport, Tennessean, Feb. 7.

Intel, Cisco and Oracle are promoting use of electronic patient records among providers serving the companies, San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 31.
Healthways Inc. brand launched Feb. 1 by former American Healthways Inc.,
as step in globalization of the business, Tennessean, Feb. 1. The 25-year-old firm was founded as American Healthcorp., and in 1999 became American Healthways. City Paper, Feb. 1. Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 1.

CIBER enters new phase of $4 Million IT contract with Centers For Disease Control; Prevention IT System supports Public Health Information. Release here.

NIH Small Business Technology Program grants Cumberland Emerging Technologies
grant for alliance with U. Miss. on biotech, City Paper,
Feb. 1.

MedAssets (Atlanta) acquires Knoxville Inobis supply-chain data management firm, creates MedAssets Analytical Systems. Release Feb. 16.

Update on CTI Molecular following its absorption by Siemens, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 17.

Protein Discovery opens new lab in downtown Knoxville, Daily Beacon, Feb. 16.

U. Ala. creates two new interdisciplinary research centers at Birmingham, for glial cell study and for nanomaterials and biointegration, Birm. Bus. Journal, Feb. 8.

St. Mary's Medical Center, Knoxville, adopts McKesson Clinical Performance Suite, release Feb. 10. Triad signs Perot Systems and McKesson for Triad-wide IT services and Horizon Clinicals and revenue cycle software solutions, release Jan. 25.

BCBSTN Shared Health release supporting Bush Administration innovation efforts, Feb. 2

HealthSpring completes IPO, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 9. Earlier, 
Tennessean, Feb. 4

Luminetx' Jim Phillips explains philosophy of achievement, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 9.
Luminetx expands Memphis offices, Memphis Bus. Journal, Feb. 10.

HCA Patient Account Services, serving 16 HCA institutions in mid-South, announced Laurie Austin (from an HCA med. center in Texas) will head medical record coding, Jason Hill (from Avega Health Sys.) is now director of quality assurance, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.

Northcrest Med. Cntr.-Springfield named Kim Huddleston dir. revenue integrity and interim director of Health Information Mgmt., Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.


Nashville's Thomas Nelson executives will be on the horn tomorrow in a conference call, explaining their go-private deal with Intermedia Partners, a private-equity firm that invests in media companies. Release here.

(Tomorrow, 5:30 p.m.) Nashville Capital Network seminar on "Raising Outside Capital," 5:30 p.m., Averbuch Auditorium, Owen GSM, VU. Moderator and panelists: Marc Fortune, Century II Staffing; and, Matt Burnstein, Waller Lansden; Cliff Duffey, Cybera; David Fitzgerald, Richland Ventures; Bobby Frist, HealthStream; Tom Roady, Bank of America; John Titus, Boult Cummings. No fee, no advance registration required. Seating limited. For info, 743-3151.

NTC's Nashville Technology Innovation Conference, March 15 (BellSouth Auditorium
), has opened for registration and sponsorship. Speakers include execs from Intel, EDS, IBM, Vanderbilt School of Engineering and Utah's UTOPIA broadband initiative.
Details here

Vanderbilt ramps-up Medical Center tech transfer and commercialization efforts with Holroyd appointment as vice chancellor, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 17. Dr. Bill Stead's informatics organization may grow in importance.

Software maker Momentum Healthcare relocates to Tennessee, retains Harpeth Capital for next raise, City Paper,
Feb. 1. Nash. Bus. Journal, Jan. 31.

Online-education company
American Learning Solutions (Nashville) acquires American College of Computer & Information Sciences and has consolidated course offerings of ACC&IS and ALS' American Graduate School under the name American Sentinel University, Tennessean, Feb. 14., Feb. 13.

Deal closes, but Verus CEO Roberts still pursuing legal action of acquirer Sage Group, alleging underpayment, Tennessean,
Feb. 7.

CORE BTS (Indianapolis, Nashville) evolves into larger provider, retaining the CORE name, after its acquisition by Convergence Technologies (White Plains), in deal largely funded by Founders Equity. CTi has been on the acquisitions trail for more than a year. Converge release,
Feb. 17.

IPO:  Bio-Mimetic Therapeutics Inc. filed intention to sell stock, Tennessean,
Feb. 11.

Salix Ventures III fund should close in June with up to $150 million for 15 to 18 companies, Nash. Bus. Journal,
Feb. 10. Only a small portion of the new fund is said to be slated for healthcare IT firms.
Phoenix Partners' Joyner and Holmes join 2nd Generation Capital,
Tennessean, Feb. 10. New blood represents 2nd Gen's pursuit of  'true enterprise' status, through succession planning, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 1, Feb. 10.

Private Business wraps-up Goldleaf Technologies acquisition for $17.2 Million, Tennessean, Feb. 1. Brentwood-based Private Business added John Schneider to its board, while Howe of investor Lightyear resigned. Tennessean, Feb. 3. Related, here. On Feb. 21, PBiz also announced adding Lawrence Hough of Stewart Mill Capital to its Board and Audit Committee.

Nashville's QuadraScan Technologies sues Gayle Technologies over leak-detection patent infringement,
Tennessean, Feb. 9.

Idelaire venture's numbers seem to be lagging vs plan, but Knoxville truckstop-connectivity enterprise, which faces competing technologies and difficult economics, has attracted funding and about 1,500 individual investors, mostly in E. TN, Knox. News Sentinel,
Feb. 20. Keim column notes Idleaire venture could be local boon, but has many 'holding their breaths', here.

Update on Kleiner Perkins BioDefense, Pandemic and clean-energy funds; priorities tied to Federal initiatives, Wash. Post,
Feb. 16. Biotech's sparse harvest:  Genetically engineered agricultural commodities are slow to emerge, NY Times, Feb. 14

Dunlap positions Nashville's ISDN-Net for 'Triple-Play' Digital Future

Jerry Dunlap, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Nashville-based
, will probably be found at the center of the action when the Federation of Internet Service Providers of the Americas (FISPA) convenes in Nashville, March 2-4.

His influence stems chiefly from his role as chairman of the Vendor Relations Committee of FISPA, which, despite FISPA becoming more active in
public affairs, Dunlap currently sees as primarily a purchasing group. As vendor-relations chairman, Dunlap is overseeing vendor presentations during the FISPA convention, here.
Dunlap founded ISDN-Net in 1994 and the company is widely accepted as the "oldest and largest" independent Internet Service Provider in Tennessee. The firm is now six years into an aggressive campaign of diversification of services, acquisition of smaller providers and – with key technology now tempered by a three-year development push – positioning for a larger role in the
Triple-Play future of digital voice, data and entertainment.
ISDN-Net's footprint is far broader than Dunlap and Co-Founder Ken Russell imagined in 1994: A year ago, the company introduced its
VonX suite of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, after two years' testing. Less than a year ago, the firm formalized its IT services business as Network Assessment and Management Services. Those offerings fleshed-out the ISDN-Net bundle of services, with emphasis on voice (IP telephony), security, satellite, wireless connectivity, colocation and managed services. 

Dunlap also sees a growing role for ISDN-Net's Nashville Regional Exchange Point (NREP), which he describes as the region's first carrier-neutral secure-data colocation service, with facilities atop One American Center. NREP residents include BellSouthAT&T Inc., XO Communications, TelCove and Xspedius.  ISDN-Net also is an owner and operator of Digital Crossing Networks in Knoxville. 

Dunlap says ISDN-Net, which he notes has often itself been courted for acquisition, is not to his knowledge currently an acquisition target. In fact, he says he is looking to add more companies to the clutch of
operations assembled during the past five years within the ISDN-Net network, including Acelink, MultiPro, Net-Serv, Access LLC and others.

Dunlap explains that ISDN-Net emerged from the Bust virtually "unscathed," partly because "all our competitors went bankrupt." He explains that that experience, plus a dramatic change in the telecom regulatory environment, mean that "while there's been no repeat of the investment boom of the Nineties, business has been sufficiently steady to allow ISDN-Net to diversify, strengthen our margins and prepare for the big play in voice, data and video, and we intend to be right in the midst of that."

Dunlap keeps a tight grip on ISDN-Net's tiller and an eye on the technology horizon: He's cautiously rebuilding a workforce that now totals 35 in Nashville, Cookeville and Dallas. He declined to provide current customer or revenue figures.
Dunlap has spoken plainly of his support of FISPA's position regarding state and local governments' roles in development of broadband infrastructure that would support "a self-sustaining market for wholesale telecommunication services." Dunlap says he would welcome broadband-improvement initiatives by the
State of Tennessee and-or Metro Nashville government, provided that any government initiatives serve to encourage development of "carrier-neutral" cyber roadways, and encourage wholesale or retail content providers to run new businesses atop those roadways. Dunlap and his management team are following state and local developments, closely. "We believe Metro Networks are the future," says the chief architect of ISDN-Net's ecosystem. (FISPA headquarters are in Jackson, Tenn. The group originated in Florida and quickly spread to cover the Southeast, and now has larger ambitions. In 2005, FISPA endorsed the legislative agenda of the Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy.)

Prior to founding ISDN-Net, Dunlap was regularly drafted as a volunteer
in such projects as an e-learning consortium centered at Tennessee State University; introducing ISDN technology to Middle Tennessee State University; and, as a subcontractor, engineering and designing the statewide elementary- and secondary-schools network that gained some national attention as ConnecTEN. ISDN-Net also joined Nashville's 1995 CityNet initiative. Dunlap, 52, is a registered pharmacist, and earned his B.S. in Pharmacy at the University of Tennessee at Memphis (1976), having earlier studied at Lipscomb University. During eighteen years in pharmacy at Meharry Hubbard Hospital, Dunlap also seized opportunities to design, adapt, install and maintain clinical information systems – activity that proved precursor to his technology career.  He was born and reared in Dickson. Dunlap, his wife and two sons reside in Bellevue.



Tyler Hall, who was interactive systems developer for Tricycle and developed and sold Stephen King website to King's publisher, joins Sitening as a web developer, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 19. Sitening release, Feb. 13. Sitening offers an interesting blog on web design, SEO, development, etc. experiencing leap in webpage views, and company CTO Gough cites support of RenTech, City Paper, Profits & Profiles, p. 11., Feb. 8.

Lifeway Christian Resources upgrades software for management of Vacation Bible Schools, release Feb. 15. Former Lifeway technology director is now VP-application services for the insurer, Aflac. Tennessean, Feb. 12.

Wayne Lambert, former Shop At Home CIO, joins Jewelry Television as CIO, release Feb. 13.

Garry Hornbuckle has joined e-learning provider Duthie Associates, Inc., as program manager. Hornbuckle previously held senior product-management and marketing positions with Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems.

Jim Phillips of Pharos Capital Group (Dallas, Nashville), served as a judge in Venture Capital Investment Competition for MBA students, at Vanderbilt University.

Dell, Ingram Micro among donors supporting e-business supply chain management program at TN. State University, City Paper, Feb. 13.

Hammock and WKRN cited in BusinessWeek review of citizen journalism and blogging, BusinessWeek, Feb. 20.

Sibelius Software, with a Nashville office, has a "flight simulator" for musicians, release Feb. 12.

EFC Systems signs Bank of Kentucky, release Jan. 11. EFC Backgrounder, Feb. 10.

iPod Ecosystem -- accessories represent hundreds of billions in sales; Franklin, Tenn.-based Griffin is mentioned, NY Times, Feb. 3.

Avondale's Sean Jackson follows Safenet acquisition of nCipher, Balt. Sun, Feb. 9.

PureSafety adds Bartholomew of Staffmark to their Board, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 15.

Founders Harmon and Lewis of Nashville-based Decision Science Center discuss business analytics, column, Feb. 10, p. 22, Nash. Bus. Journal.

'Crossdogs' connects Indie musicians to gigs,, Feb. 9.

BMI spokesman says technology is greatly improving ability of BMI to capture royalties, LongmontFYI, Feb. 17.

Homes growing smarter with automation systems and wireless technologies
, column by McGonagil, City Paper, Feb. 20.

Dawn Gates joined Capitol Records as director-new media marketing, overseeing new-media and Internet initiatives; she was a director of interactive media development at Word Entertainment, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.

Peter Cummings, John R. Hall Prof. of Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt School of Engineering, was named Fellow of the American Physical Society. Cummings' research focuses on computer-based modeling of chemical, biological and materials systems, with recent emphasis on nanoscience and nanotechnology applications of such systems, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.

Nicholas Dugger, founder of TN Digital Video, was among recipients of a regional Emmy Award, presented recently in middle Tennessee, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.

Healthcare Management Systems names Bowman JAVA developer, from post at Athlon Sports, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 19.

Logic Media Gp. named Frazier a web developer, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 19.

ISSA Middle TN Chapter names board of directors, Tennessean, Feb. 19. Burnette of Gaylord and Fulford of LBMC are president, vice pres., respectively, among others listed from such firms as Gartner, Ascension, CIGNA, Vanderbilt, NFIB, Willis and others.

Vreeland of Cumberland Consulting Gp. has been named to Board of Directors of Consulting SIG of PMI, Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 19.

TVA transmission engineer Ingram named TVA Engr. of the Year, Times Free Press, Feb. 18.

T-Mobile launching 700-person call center in Chattanooga area, Times Free Press, Feb. 21.

TechConnect, aka Oak Ridge Technology Connection, ceased operations due to lack of capital. TechConnect had announced it would provide search and analysis services related to government R&D initiatives, using software developed for the military. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 17, scroll down here.
Gregory Sedrick, founder and exec. director of New Economy Institute, as well as a professor of industrial and information engineering, has moved the Institute to the UT Space Institute at Tullahoma. He was at MTSU. Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 5.

Alex Fischer of Oak Ridge NL tech transfer, now adds Battelle commercialization duties to portfolio
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 11.

Knoxville's DPRA Defense Systems Group is leveraging success with software for military transportation and logistical analyses and repurposing for the private sector, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

Eastman Chemical announces plans to hire 2,000, with higher minimum-education standards
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 16.

First Tennessee continues layoffs in check-processing staffing as Check 21-driven technology
automates more tasks, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 2. Commercial Appeal, Feb. 2.

Sense Holdings announces new explosive-detection chips
, release Jan. 24. Company expands workforce, release Jan. 30.

Memphis-based Inventory Locator Service (ILS) announced that it has acquired the assets of Internet Business
Applications, Inc. (IBA), including the intellectual property of its inventory management software, Aerospace Repairable Management System (ARMS).  ARMS provides tracking of the maintenance, repair and overhaul process and inventory management for aviation and defense industry distributors, suppliers and manufacturers.  In addition, ILS will retain the services of IBA employees. Release Feb. 2.

Birmingham's "Outstanding Entrepreneurs" listing includes a number of tech leaders
, including one who earlier helped found ComFrame. Birm. Bus. Journal, Feb. 17.

Chattanooga's Debitek, a card reader/device manufacturer and stored value solution provider
, has been acquired from its prior owner Ingenico by Heartland Payment Systems. Release Feb. 13.

Oak Ridge NL's SensorNet installed in test at Ft. Bragg
, NC. UPI via Science Daily, Feb. 15.

Oak Ridge NL nano-manufacturing processes could improve manufacturing of computers
, flat-panel displays., Feb. 15.

First Horizon nearing sale of merchant-processing business to NOVA
(Denver), closure on NOVA merchant-processing deal, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 1.

Tricycle Inc. is the recipient of the Chattanooga Technology Council's inaugural Technology Innovation Award
, given as part of the Kruesi Spirit of Innovation event - attended in 2005 by a record crowd of 1400+. The 2006 Innovation Awards luncheon is April 26. Local entrepreneur Field offers a personal view on evolving Chattanooga technology sector,, Jan. 30.  

LBMC Technologies/Knoxville has named Stacy C. Schuettler partner
. Schuettler joined LBMC in January 2005 when the company acquired Knoxville based IT Solutions. She is the first LBMC Technologies partner in the Knoxville office. Also, R. Glenn Sharp II has joined the firm as a business systems consultant. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.,2682,KNS_24796_4468996,00.html

Memphis-based iviation and Advanced Data Research (ADR), Inc, announced JV to provide ADR customers with a training, consulting, sales and financing for electronic flight bags (EFB) and related products. Release Feb. 15.

Knoxville online-auction franchisees believe auctioning is a wave of the future
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 12. Knoxville Livestock Auctions go online, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 1.

Chattanooga benefits from foreign companies' manufacturing, technology "in-sourcing
" within U.S., Times Free Press, Feb. 6.

New technology business park considered for development close to Oak Ridge NL
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 1.

Knoxville's EonStreams in pact with MediaSpan (NYC) to serve broadcasters with streaming
, release Feb. 2. Related item, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

Innovative Processing Solutions of Chattanooga signs Crusader Staffing and Impact Logistics
, release Feb. 13.

Grubb of Perot Sys. (Knoxville) to president-elect of the American Society for Engineering Management
. Feb. 20, Knox. News Sentinel.

Memphis Chamber faces financial difficulties, competition from Memphis Tomorrow
, and pressure to achieve gains in economic development, particularly in music, logistics and biotech sectors. Comm. Appeal, Feb. 5.

Memphis Chamber touts Memphis Delivers and other attributes via industry-specific e-mail campaigns
, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 14.

In Memphis, supply-chain IT provider CTSI celebrates 50th
, Supply&DemandChain Exec., Jan. 31.

In Cleveland (Tenn.), software may help resolve traffic-flow problems
, Times Free Press, Feb. 19.
Electric utilities form new EUCG committee for Information Technology; current EUCG president is TVA's Saunders, release Feb. 13.

Buckman, pioneer in data-sharing, will receive Entrepreneur award at U. Memphis
in April, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 12.

Gallaher & Associates Inc., a low voltage technology systems design and installation company
, named Steven Thomas COO. Thomas spent five years at ePartners. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

Autodesk CAD software reseller Hagerman and Co. opens Knox. office
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

RM Technologies earned Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program
, for advanced infrastructure solutions and networking infrastructure solutions. Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

Knoxville Mayor Ragsdale employs e-mail newsletter in reelection bid
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 20.

Chattanooga map purveyors cite Internet mapping as a factor in liquidating map inventory and selling land
, Times Free Press, Feb. 14.

Knoxville Trust-management executive Shelby comments on "The World is Flat"
and the threat to U.S. economy, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 12.

Alcoa and Maryville schools will teach Internet safety
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 15.

Shelby County Schools adopt Edline for 24/7 parental communications
, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 9.

Tennessee F&A says $135 Million IT project for new state payroll system is largest IT procurement in state history, and Accenture and Maximus are the bidders, AP via Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 21.

Dialogic Communications nets Tennessee Homeland Security district emergency notification contract
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 20.

Gov. Bredesen seeks alternative-fuels strategy for Tennessee
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 15. Release, Feb. 15.

Under proposed ethics reform, TN legislators would have votes, expenses and per diem payments posted online
, Tennessean, Feb. 4. Tennessean Columnist Daughtrey applauds Ethics legislation, notes Internet may provide access to legislative dealings, Tennessean, Feb. 5.

Metro Gov RFP for Internet Recruitment and Applicant-Management (05-98), due March 15
; preproposal conference March 2. 

Master (Person) Tenn. Index software and implementation
RFI 317.03-145, due March 6.

Greene County votes emergency computer expenditures
, GreeneCounty online, Feb. 9. 

(more) Albion wins major Human Services IT contract
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 6. Fuller info, here

TN Drivers Licensing:  FedEx business-process experts report (pdf) many non-technology remedies
(including test-failure rate and diverting traffic to the Web), but among 39 recommendations are calls for exploring providing services via banks' ATMs, providing Internet access within testing stations and other self-service channels, conducting customer surveys via Internet, plus a new centralized call center. Tennessean, Feb. 17.

Voter databases may not be adequately protected against election fraud
, says Assoc. for Computing Machinery, NY Times, Feb. 17. ACM release here. Related, project (Pew).

Tennessee election officials race to adopt best voting technologies
, Tennessean, Feb. 20. Knox County election commission studying new voting technologies, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 2. Related, Feb. 6.

Campaign E-mailing error underscores importance of State workers not begin engaged in politics
, Tennessean editorial, Feb. 2. 

Metro Parks surveillance cameras considered
, City Paper, Feb. 1. Metro Government approves use of surveillance cameras, City Paper, Feb. 8.

Nashville traffic school goes online to cope with volume of offenders
, Tennessean, Feb. 20.

Wikipedia had to shut-out Capitol Hill (D.C.) servers to prevent congressional staffs' prettifying politicians wiki-bred bios
, Wash. Post, Feb. 4


 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities 

ECD Commissioner Kisber says Tennessee's "innovation research" must be strongly leveraged to create jobs, citing Vanderbilt research and promising a new "Innovation Tennessee" initiative for high-value jobs creation. Jackson Sun, Feb. 16. ECD Asst. Commis. Mark Drury said this morning that "Innovation Tennessee" is "the package of technology initiatives that we've been talking about," which sprang in part from forums conducted statewide, to gain input for a report from New Economy Strategies (D.C.). Drury said he could not today provide package details or a date for the release of the tech-centered package, though he indicated that would occur during 2006.

VU Engineering's Galloway: To remain competitive and innovative, America should strengthen both education and research
, in line with President Bush's recent pronouncements, Tennessean, Feb. 3.

Funding may cease for TSU-based Science, Engineering, Math and Aeronautics (SEMA) program for K-12 students, City Paper, Feb. 10. Local funding may be needed to replace federal. TSU Department of Aeronautical and Industrial Technology distinguishes Tennessee State, TSU Meter, Feb. 20. TSU celebrates patent with Boeing, release Feb. 9.

BIOTECH Education: The sanofi-aventis Southeast regional "BioGENEius Challenge" is March 4 in Cool Springs Life Sciences Center. The regional event is organized by the Tennessee Biotechnology Association (TBA). Related story, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 18.

Rep. Wamp says Tennessee Valley is poised to leverage Bush Administration science-technology initiatives. Times Free Press, Feb. 14. $3 Billion of Bush Administration's new budget could go to Oak Ridge Natl. Lab., Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 7. Sen. Alexander column, Feb. 3, Supportive editorial, Tennessean, Feb. 6. Tennessee students need more Math classes, Tennessean editorial, Feb. 2 and public must be sold on ed benefits, Feb. 21.

Leaders applaud President Bush's new emphasis on basic scientific research and education, but note that Congress' response to speech remarks was lukewarm, NY Times, Feb. 2. Broder column: Math-, Science-education initiative may be one of two opportunities for Bush Administration in its final three years, Wash. Post, Feb. 2.

Commerce Secretary Gutierrez visited Healthcare Management Systems as part of his swing to promote Bush Administration innovation and competiveness plans, note here.

Some find troubling Tennessee's relatively weak linkage to Technology economy, Comm. Appeal, Feb. 3.

Via UT: Cyberinfrastructure news site and blog launched as CTWatch, largely as result of Dongarra's initiative at Innovative Computing Laboratory, U. Tenn. News release, Feb. 17.

Univ. of Tennessee to build business incubator, UT Daily Beacon, Feb. 3.

Universities place more emphasis on high-performance computing
; Oak Ridge NL often a factor, LinuxWorld, Feb. 2. UT-Ga. Tech supercomputing partnership, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 1 and Feb. 2.

Oak Ridge technology forum brought new understanding of socioeconomic value of entrepreneurialism
and learning to be 'uncomfortable', Oak Ridger, Feb. 16. Citizens in technology-discussion forum at Oak Ridge, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 15.

Co-Founders Hoffman and Novak of e-Lab at Owen GSM, Vanderbilt, were awarded Sheth Foundation
/Journal of Marketing award for research on "Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments," published in 1996. Related document here. Tennessean, 5E, Feb. 19. Hoffman comments on Disney's dropping of catalog in favor of online sales, NY Times, Feb. 20.

State's Virtual School will be housed in Hamilton County schools facility that will also accommodate IT expansion
; County eligible for more than $8 million in funding for this purpose. Times Free Press, Feb. 18.

Bellevue Middle School Principal Duckworth has implemented technology across the curriculum
, Tennessean, Davidson AM, Feb. 17.

Update on Stratford High School IT Academy, release here
. Related story, City Paper, p. 5, Jan. 10, not on web.

Battle Academy teacher takes 'amazing' ride on NASA C-9 reduced-gravity flight
, reinforces hands-on science and math lessons, Times Free Press, Feb. 16.

Citizens Panel's evaluation
of Metro Nashville Public Schools finds "aggressive journey" of school improvement is (p.12 pdf) "in danger of stalling,"
Tennessean, Feb. 2.


Tech Roundtable March 2 - "Web Content Management," HCA auditorium, 4 p.m. registration, program 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. Panelists and Presenters: Chris Pair, HCA; Lisa Green, The Tennessean; Nicholas Holland, Centresource; Chris Jones, Mid. Tenn. Electric Mem. Corp.; Jim Parker, Vanderbilt University; moderator Milt Capps, MCC/NONT. Register here.

BusinessTN magazine is now accepting nominations for the 2006 Fast 50 recognition program. Fax nominations form to (615) 843-8021.

UT Colleges of Engineering and Business Admin. will on March 2 conduct a seminar on Innovation through Integration: Creating sustainable competitive advantage by linking business and engineering. Details here.

Moss succeeds Negroponte as leader of MIT Media Lab, says youthful consumers will lead technology innovation from the bottom-up, NY Times, Feb. 20. Twentysomethings arise again as key to innovation, SJ Mercury News Silicon, Feb. 12.

SOX:  Free Enterprise Fund and allies alleged Sarbanes-Oxley un-Constitutional and due revision, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 8. Related document (pdf).

Diversions:  Click here for the Virtual Weatherman on Knoxville News Sentinel site. Before you click, move cursor in small circles around his face.

With outsourcing to India growing 30 percent yearly, that nation's industry is addressing an 'incipient skills shortage', NY Times, Feb. 17.

Analog alternative to the PDA: The Moleskine notebooks are hot, hot.
Wash. Post, Feb. 20.

* (CONTINUING) Engineers Week, national and state. Vanderbilt E-Week Calendar.

(Feb. 22)  Nashville Capital Network educational event on raising outside capital. See Ventures, above.

* (Feb. 22) E. TN Tech Council, 11:30 a.m., Tech2020, Nell Walton, Pres., Cyrene Technologies
, provides overview of states' security-breach notification laws and uniform data protection legislation before Congress, followed by panel discussion with execs from Covenant Health, Home Federal Bank of East Tennessee, others. More info (865) 220-2020.

(Feb. 22-23) 4th National Medical Banking Institute in Nashville
. Details here.

(Feb. 23) Intro to Web technologies for user assistance, Mid-TN chapter Soc. for Technical Communications,

* (Feb. 28) WiTTN IT Infrastructure Library program on IT service-management framework, LBMC headquarters. Details here. Related background.

(March 1-2) Leadership Health Care delegation to Washington, D.C.
Details here.
(March 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable, program: Content Management Systems, HCA Auditorium, Chris Pair, HCA; Jim Parker, Vanderbilt; Nicholas Holland, Centresource; Lisa Green, Tennessean; Milt Capps, MCC/NONT. Details here.

* (March 2) Angelbeat seminar on security, wireless, VoIP, data center, IT infrastructure. Willis Conf. Cntr.
Details here.

(March 6-9) Major Software Engineering
process conference at Nashville, via Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.  

(March 7) TN Soc. of Professional Engineers Day on Capitol Hill (Legislative),
Details here.

* (March 7) Business Communications and Technology Seminar, Austin Peay State University and Clarksville Chamber,
details here.
* (March 9) AITP Nashville - Mike Gonce, Eastman Chem. Co.,
Details here.

(March 15) 2nd Annual NTC Technology Innovation Conference, IBM, Intel, EDS, Vanderbilt, UTOPIA execs. BellSouth Auditorium. Details here. 

(March 16) Manufacturing Excellence Conference at MTSU, March 16, 2006. For info, write here.  

(March 18) State MATHCOUNTS Competition. TN Soc. of Professional Engineers. Jack Wood Hall, Adventure Sci. Center. Local Details.

(March 19-22) HDI Annual Conference in Nashville for help-desk professionals,

(April 3-4) "Security Risk Assessment, Mitigation Seminar," by VU Civil and Environmental Engineering and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants. For Security, IT security, Risk managers, others. 
Details here (pdf).

* (April 13) AITP Nashville - OnDemand Middleware, Hector Hernandez, IBM. Details here.

* (April 18) Leadership Music, Belmont University, with support of Nashville Technology Council and other marketing Sponsors, are holding their 2nd Annual Digital Music Summit, details here. NTC Members are among those receiving discounted registration.

(April 27-28) PMI Nashville Spring Project Management Symposium, with PDUs.
Details here.

(May 2) Tennessee Digital Government Summit. Details here.

(May 3-5) HIMSS 2nd Annual NHIT Summit, HiMSS TN Chapter, Nashville. 

(May 16) Tour - Comcast facility, Society of Manufacturing Engineerings SME Nashville, details here.

(May 17) 6th Annual Technology! Nashville conference. Hilton Suites Downtown. Details write here. 

(May 31-June 1) Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit, Convention Center, Chattanooga. 

(Sept. 11-12) Gov. Bredesen's annual Economic Development Conference.

(Oct. TBD) NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Details to come.





Jerry Dunlap of ISDN-Net is in The Spotlight.




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