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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 (No. 70)
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April 6 - NTC Tech Roundtable on Tech Sales & Marketing, University Club, VU, details here .


   NTC Technology! Nashville, monthly Roundtables, the annual Infosec Nashville, and other events major and minor, here...

   TRA has AT&T-BellSouth in its does Tate at FCC... Dunlap sees chaos looming... Metro Telecom task force... US LEC, WildBlue, and More...

HEALTHCARE:    Exporting Tennessee Health IT products and services...ONCHIT working groups this week...BioMimetic...Medical Banking... HCA, Evolved Digital, Transnetyx, Genentech, Healthways, VU, HCA...and More...

VENTURES:    CenTradeX...Noro-Moseley...Gibson Guitar...American Music Channel...Kroll...Cumberland Pharma...Texas Instruments...eLogbook investment...

IN THE SPOTLIGHT:  Jeff Costantine, president and CEO, Nashville Technology Council, in the Spotlight, here .

PARTNERS: Consulting...Snappy Auctions...Cabedge...Comdata and More...

GOVERNMENT:    General Assembly online...TRA on 211...TBI technology...RFPs...Streaming billboards...surveillance, and

INNOVATIONS:   American Sentinel, VU's ISIS and 'Acclerator', distance learning and VU streaming, Intelligence studies at TSU...and More...

RESOURCES:   From Blogs to Wikis, more download litigation, click fraud, tech-centric seminars...and More...


FCC Commissioner Debi Tate, formerly of TN Regulatory Authority, says she'd like to hold forum in Nashville on illegal downloading of digital music and video files, Knox. News Sentinel, March 17. She says her in-state experience will help her in addressing such issues as AT&T / BellSouth merger.  At FCC, former TRA Director Tate may play key role in reviewing AT&T / BellSouth merger, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 6, March 10, not on web. U.S. inquiry into pricing Online Music, NY Times, March 3.

Blackburn bill in Congress might mean more competition among broadband providers
, but worries public-access advocates, City Paper, March 3.

On Feb. 28, Metro Council Telecommunications Innovation Task Force members
received presentations about broadband and wireless initiatives by Tony Perez, director-IT, City of Seattle; Fred Banner, director-IT, City
of Franklin, Tenn..  Task Force members were also invited to attend a presentation on municipal broadband development by Paul Morris, executive director, Utah Telcommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) on March 15.

TN Regulatory Authority Chairman Ron Jones says TRA will address impact of AT&T-BellSouth merger on Tennesseans, Knox. News Sentinel, March 17.  BellSouth landlines business under pressure from VoIP,
wireless, cable providers, Tennessean, March 14.  State's Broadband Task Force may activate in response to AT&T - BellSouth merger plans,, March 8.  BellSouth:  A challenge for Comcast? Tennessean, March 7. Deal makes AT&T largest broadband provider, Tennessean, March 7. AT&T Acquisition announced, Tennessean, March 6. Sidebar on Internet clout, AP via Tennessean, March 6. Layoffs, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 6. Historical perspective on AT&T system breakup in 1984,, March 5. BellSouth headquarters building empties, Tennessean, March 8.

ISDN-Net's Jerry Dunlap says uncertainty regarding telecommunications regulatory environment
has hampered the spread of VoIP; he sees need for regulatory oversight to ensure that broadband 'roadways' are equitably
available for all content, traffic.  ISDN-Net says avoiding debt was key to surviving the Nineties downturn, Tennessean, March 19. Merger of AT&T & Web offerings could boost Internet, Web services; ISDN-Net's Dunlap foresees 'chaos' resulting, rather than productivity, p. 7, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 10, not on web.

Update on Franklin's $3 million wi-fi build-out, Tennessean, Williams. County, March 2. Granting public access to the wireless system would require further action by Aldermen.

NE TN economic-development officials look forward to fiber-optic connection to Oak Ridge NL's
supercomputing resources, see boon for region, Kingsport Times-News, March 19. 

WildBlue Communications March 13 announced its high-speed Internet via satellite service
, is now available throughout Tennessee.

US LEC announces push of MLPS VPN services in Tennessee
, release March 7.

Cable a la carte: Tennessean editorial urges using competition and the carrot vs the stick
to induce cable providers to offer a la carte video services, Tennessean, March 4.

As they see competitors seize Municipal Wireless opportunities
, AT&T and some cable-broadband providers are reassessing their efforts to thwart municipal wireless initiatives. Tennessee is cited as having a law
aimed at preventing municipalities' competing with private sector. Wall Street Journal, B1, March 20.

Digital Divide: More politics and inertia than technology? Ranks of Newbie Internet users dwindling
, San Jose Mercury News, March 5. DC preparing to invite bids on muni wireless for the poor, Wash. Post, March 9.

Broadband providers look for revenue among web content providers
, NY Times, March 6.

SL signups outnumbered cable signups in 2005, AP via Tennessean p. 4E, March 4. Leichtman research group here.


Health IT exports?  Tennessee Economic Development is coordinating a trade mission to Australia, June 18-24 (April 14 regis. deadline), and promotional materials suggest Australia may need our IT acumen. However, NYC-based Chris Knepler, a senior business development manager for the Australia Trade Council, says Australian EMR and related adoptions in that nation are "ahead of the game" -- meaning that Tennessee firms may be more likely to partner with Australian exporters hoping to increase their shares of the U.S. market. Indeed, online JAMIA materials bear out Knepler's assertions that Aussies are particularly advanced in adoption of EMR in the primary-care physicians offices, as a result of a major push that one U.S. white paper describes as a "remarkable transition." Find out more about the trip, here.
Health IT:  ONCHIT consumer-empowerment group begins work this afternoon. Details here. EHR workgroup looks at barriers, tomorrow. The Chronic Care working group of the American Health Information Community meets today. Its focus is currently on secure IM, and longer-term on remote monitoring. Background here. The Biosurveillance group, focused on monitoring and reporting health-threat events nationally, meets March 23. Details here. Contact all work groups, here.

Through Medical Banking Project , Casillas urges using banks' infrastructure to manage healthcare finance, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 26 , March 3 .

PDA technology for physicians is topic of Strayer of PocketMed at U. Memphis Health Sci. Center, Thursday, Comm. Appeal, March 21.

Franklin's Bio-Mimetics Therapeutics may consolidate manufacturing and quality-control operations in Cool Springs Life Sci. Center, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 4, Feb. 24, not on web. Franklin-based BioMimetic, which recently registered for IPO, announces clinical trials in U.S., Canada, Sweden, March 20, BusinessWire. Nash. Bus. Journal, March 20 .

Qualifacts Systems Inc. is mining the HHS space, strengthening its management team, putting together an outside sales force led by Klements, formerly of Sungard (Inflow). Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 3, March 10 . Qualifacts emerged from former owner Phil Bredesen's Camelot Care.

States' CIOs are surveying Health IT practices nationwide,, Feb. 23.

Evolved Digital announced the integration of its Radiology Information System and Picture Archive Communications System at Cleveland, Tenn., Community Hospital, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 16, Feb. 24, not on web.

Mid-Tennessean's story illustrates benefits of cardiac telemetry via Medtronic Carelink Network, Daily News Journal, Feb. 25 .
Boosted by Data Management & Research acquisition, HealthStream finished 2005 in-the-black, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 2, Feb. 24, not on web. Texas Health Resources adopts HealthStream, release Feb. 23 .
HCA Senior VP-Supply Chain Fitzgerald profiled here .

Parish, former WebMD and Deloitte exec, is named GM of Oakwood Sys. Grp.'s Nashville office, Tennessean, 5E, March 5 .
Memphis biotechnology momentum draws heavily on patentable work of faculty at University of Memphis Health Science Center, Memphis Bus. Journal, March 17.

Memphis Mouse Metrics:  Transnetyx automates genetic testing of mouse tissue for labs worldwide, may open ex-U.S. facilities, Memphis Bus. Journal, March 17 .
Genentech has opened a distribution center at Louisville, Louisville Bus. Journal, March 6.

AIM Healthcare and Arbor Healthcare settled lawsuit over proprietary software, , March 15; Tennessean, March 16 .  Nash. Bus. Journal, March 15 .

Vanderbilt expands its occupancy at 3401 West End, home of VU tech transfer, Center for Quality Health, American Learning, others. p. 29A, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 24, not on web.

Pamela Casey promoted to Chief Privacy Officer at Iasis Healthcare , Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 19, Feb. 24, not on web.

Renamed InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute will collaborate with BioWorks Foundation to advance Memphis tech sector, Memphis Bus. News, March 1 .
Erlanger adoptions of Rauland ResponderNet allows tracking of Nurses' productivity, Times Free Press, March 15 .
Becherer, healthcare entrepreneur, assumes UT Chattanooga chair of excellence, Times Free Press , March 19.
The Supportive Oncology Services (Memphis) e-tablet is now used in about 24 sites across the country for patient assessment in heart and cancer clinics. Another 90 sites are set to adopt in coming year. Comm. Appeal , March 15.

Healthcare IT spending rising, Nashville Medical News, March 2006 , p. 9.
With Erlanger Health System (Chattanooga) an example of VoIP implementation, Avaya CIO and other experts say the focus should be performance, not cost-reduction, CIO India , March 9. (Golden, Colo.) offers quality-of-care ratings on doctors and hospitals; Blue Cross Shield of TN provides its members a "treatment-price calculator." Tennessean, March 20 .
Healthways, Inc. announced an expansion of its existing agreement with Mutual of Omaha. The company will begin offering Healthways' myhealthIQ(TM) program to its Group Health customers.  Release March 14 . Nash. Bus. Journal, March 15 .  Healthways Tennessee Medical Center deal, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 10 . Release here .

Health-care providers must persist in march toward full implementation of Electronic Medical Records, Tennessean, Feb. 25 .
EHRs maybe required for Federal employees, Wash. Post., March 2 .
Technology increasingly aiding workers with disabilities, NY Times, March 1.

Respiratory Support Services' website applauded for helping educate patients and caregivers about weaning-off respirators, Nashville Medical News , p. 30, March 2006.
Intel is on the telemedicine bandwagon, Sci-Tech Today, March 2.


Noro-Moseley's Elliott says VC's are 'ready to write checks' for healthcare IT, healthcare, business services, TechJournalSouth, March 2.

Franklin-based CenTradeX may become the 'the industry standard for international trade intelligence for years to come', BusinessTN, March 2006, p. 10.

Edgenet buys Wisconsin software maker Big Hammer,, March 9.  Nash. Bus. Journal, March 10

Kroll Background America buying California-based Infolink, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 6. Tennessean, March 7. Release, March 6.

Nashville's SmartVue chosen for InvestMidwest (April 5-6), release March 3.
USA Today reporter's illuminating interview with Gibson Guitar CEO Juszkiewicz, The Tennessean, Feb. 26.
Knoxville's Provectus is ready to pursue success with cancer-fighting drugs, Knox. News Sentinel, March 15.

FastTrac Growth Venture classes for entrepreneurs begin soon, Chamber details here.
Birmingham-centered angel network and venture fund are in-the-offing, Birm. Bus. Journal, March 17. VCs may be losing their appetite for risk, Birm. Bus. Journal, March 17.

Healthcoast's HealthFolio online service for individual health records proceeds with soft launch in Louisville, Louis. Bus. Journal, March 17. Early-stage, pre-revenue enterprise is looking for money.

(more) Intermedia Partners' acquisition of Thomas Nelson, p. 10, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 24, not on web.

Canada's Sirit buys Knoxville's startup Tradewind Technologies, RFID provider, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 28 and Feb. 27.
American Music Channel redesigned its Internet broadcast music video network and debuted its subscription-based Music City Insider section, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 17, Feb. 24, not on web.
FDA approves Cumberland Pharmaceuticals' Acetodote, Tennessean, March 7.
Nashville Star television program website enhanced through alliance with Crowfly, release March 14.

TVA Chairman Baxter encourages economic development centered around Spallation Neutron Source, OakRidger, March 1.
Oak Ridge Micro announces new micro-battery model, coating patent and provides update on mission of creating battery for
RFID and other applications that can survive in higher temperatures, OakRidger, Feb. 28.

Texas Instruments expands its R&D presence in Oak Ridge NL vicinity, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 28.
FUTURES:  Nanotechnology is still producing small potatoes, figuratively, Wash. Post, March 10.  Biotech IPOs stirrings draw attention, despite risks and long payout, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 5, March 3, not on web.
"Report OnBoard" electronic logbook for truckers gains Memphis investors' attention, as Federal transport-reporting mandate approaches, Comm. Appeal, March 10

Momentum:  Costantine establishes his leadership at Nashville Technology Council

On Dec. 5, 2005, the board of directors of Nashville Technology Council announced that Jeff Costantine would serve in an interim capacity as president and CEO of NTC, effective January 1, 2006.

That decision was quickly followed by Costantine's total immersion in NTC operations. By New Year's Eve, Costantine and predecessor Ray Capp had passed the baton.

Soon, Costantine was moving aggressively and effectively on a wide array of projects, and his interim status had blown-by with the speed of a Burma Shave sign alongside the Kentucky highways of his youth. On March 16, the Board voted unanimously to accept Costantine as unqualified leader of NTC, ending the transitional period that followed the March 2005 retirement of David Condra, founding president of NTC.

TC Board Chairman Linda Rebrovick, a Dell Inc. vice president, said yesterday, "The three months since Jeff's arrival have brought a surge of progress on every front. We have emerged from the 'interim' period that Jeff and the Board thought would be helpful, with tremendous energy and focus, and the Board could not be more satisfied with Jeff's leadership."

As reflected in Costantine’s March 14 message to NTC’s Members, he has moved with ease to launch, strengthen and sometimes terminate NTC activities, while winning new sponsors’ support and recruiting new
members. Early achievements range from reaching out to scores of individual Member firms, recruiting as sponsors IBM and Dell, and relaunching the recently inactive Software Development and Network Managers Roundtables. He is also developing new technology-centered seminars that draw on the expertise of local attorneys; and, he has declared his commitment to a more robust NTC web presence, including a beefier online membership directory.

Costantine has energetically adopted NTC's new maxim, "United and lead."  He explains, "I won't even try to hide how excited I am to be in a position to help local companies and make the middle-Tennessee tech sector stronger, while at the same time working on relevant educational, workforce and public-policy issues. We've only got three of us on staff, but we have a great board and super volunteers, people who want to work beside us. This gives me a feeling that we may have more abundant resources than might have previously seemed the case. I'm finding local executives eager to get involved."

Costantine says he is brokering relationships and services, almost every day. As fresh evidence, he cites how earlier this month he learned via the Young Leaders Council that Jere Baxter Alternative Learning Center (7-12) in Metro Schools was in dire need of e-learning support, having earlier abandoned its shopworn computers.  In 24 hours, he had brokered an arrangement by which Dell Inc. and Cisco would provide needed resources for the school, including ten desktop computers and wireless networking. Though he realizes he could quickly find himself overwhelmed with similar requests, he says he believes that being available for such calls is the only way to understand deeply what the community needs from the technology sector.

He adds that he is using every bit of skill and experience he acquired in the healthcare industry, particularly his ability to perform due-diligence on projects new and old. For example, he believes there is tremendous potential value in the Center for Information Technology (IT) Excellence, housed within Nashville State Community College, and as a member of CITE's board he is pressing to strengthen the organization.

Prior to joining NTC, Costantine served as vice president for customer-account management within HCA's Information Technology & Services subsidiary, a role he held eight years.  In July 2005, he retired from HCA, concluding 28 years' service there. During that span, Costantine served in a half-dozen leadership roles for the healthcare provider, serving scores of domestic U.S. and ex-U.S. customers for HCA. His senior-management responsibilities ranged from operations and budgeting, systems design and implementation; to software development, sales, customer relations and strategic planning. Prior to joining HCA, Costantine served seven years with Appalachian Regional Hospitals.

Costantine, 56, was born in Morgantown, W.Va., and reared in Brandenburg, Ky., near Ft. Knox. He earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration and Accounting at the University of Kentucky (1971). He also participated in Harvard University's advanced courses in hospital administration. Costantine and his wife, Debbie, reside in Brentwood and have two married children, and two grandchildren. He is active in
Encouragement Ministries, Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity, and is an avid (“but lousy,” he stresses) golfer and angler. 



Tennessee again rises in Site Selection magazine ranking for corporate location, Memphis Bus. Journal, March 21 .

Five-year-old Cybera makes the cut for Shell Oil Products U.S. effort to complement satellite network
, release March 6.  Nash. Bus. Journal, March 8.

Online: launches Industry News Services unit, appoints Capps unit's associate publisher of News of Nashville Technology, other reports, City Paper, March 15., March 16. Tennessean, March 19.

Dell Inc. partners with Metro Schools to encourage parental involvement in education, Tennessean, March 3.

Broadband spurs 'Godcasting' for religious audiences, Tennessean, March 8. Related articles on PodPoint and Streaming Faith. 

(more) Hornbuckle joins Duthie Associates as program manager, Tennessean, 5E, March 5. Green Hills News, p.15, March 9, not on web.

Rocco leaves Black Box for VP-Sales slot for SmartVue Corp., Tennessean, 5E, March 5.

After 18 months, Nashville-based SnappyAuctions eBay reseller breaks into Top 50 (rank 39) Franchise honors from Franchise Business Review, March 16

Bynum is new website, communications director for TN Alliance for Legal Services, Tennessean, March 19.

Iron Mountain strengthens alliance with Symphony (NV presence), release March 17.

Short rejoins ISDN-Net in customer care, Tennessean, March 12.

Klein-Kracht is now principal at C3 Consulting LLC, after stint with Andersen Consulting, Tennessean, March 12.

Oakwood Systems Group named Board, Leahy, Lupien and Hawkins sr. consultants; Fennessey consultant-custom dev.; and, Ferry and Reitz to consultant and manager, respectively, in BI, p. 19, Nash. Bus. Journal,
Feb. 24, not on web.

Cabedge web work drives expansion, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 17, p. 3. is a blog for fans of Saturn automobiles, Tennessean, March 8.

Equinox IS licensed tech platforms to IP provide Startec and vo-data provider Cleartel, p. 16, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 24, not on web.

ClientLogic establishing new call center in Las Cruces, NM., Nash. Bus. Journal, March 6.

Nashville's Mailer's Choice adopts Pervasive software, release March 6.

MediaJolt online management firm makes its Nashville debut, release March 2.

Comdata will be among honorees recognized for helping children with all disabilities, during First Step Awards' inaugural dinner, March 30th. Tennessean, March 12.


Target Jobs:  Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's Partnership 2010 relocation pipeline of prospects includes 2,600 potential call-center jobs, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 6, March 3.
3M Chairman Buckley will address Chattanooga Chamber's May10 Spirit of Innovation leadership dinner in Chattanooga,, March 16.

Eastman hiring plans:  Company urges jobseekers to take math, science education
, Kingsport Times News, March 5.
UnumProvident picks Affiliated Computer Services over incumbent IBM, Times Free Press, Feb. 28., March 1.
Hewlett Packard renews lease at MidSouth Logistec I at La Verne, Nash. Bus. Journal, Feb. 24, p. 30A, not on web.

Eastman announced realignment of organization and top management, March 6.
Asentinel (Memphis) telecom-expense management firm will hold TEM conference in Memphis in April, BusinessWire, March 6.

FedEx improves online support of Global Trade management, Memphis Bus. Journal, March 8. Fedex facilities network is magnet for corporations seeking relocation, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Feb. 23.

Verizon to take on BellSouth in phone-directory market in Tennessee, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 1, March 3.

Hub Group cites technology leverage in completing acquisiton
of Memphis-based Comtrak, release March 1.
Post-KATRINA:  Mid-TN HAM radio enthusiasts play vital role when cell phones die amid natural disaster, Tennessean, March 10. Mid-Tennessean Waterman leads Army HAM operators project,, March 10. Avaya CEO comments on post-disaster telecommunications response, notes Red Cross CIO is among those trying to draw tech companies together, NY Times, Feb. 26

TRA approves Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (phone), Tri-Cities Bus. Journal, March 9.
Memphis schools question promises:  Effectiveness of Plato, other e-learning materials now called into question, Comm. Appeal, March 6

Tennesseans' opinions on Technology issues continue as focus of forums leading to report in June, Knox. News Sentinel, March 14.

Birmingham's Check21 player, Aquracy, changes name to AQ2 Technologies, Birm. Bus. Journal, March 20. Banks are putting IT to work in wake of Check21, Birm. Bus. Journal, March 17.
CTSI signs 7-year, million-dollar contract for web platform with TVA, Memphis Bus. Journal, March 17. Web-based platform that will manage TVA's carrier selection and freight bill audit, among other processes.

GameZnFlix (Franklin, Ky.) tries marketing through Circuit City partnership, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 17.
E.TN Tech Council elected new officers, reaches 250 members, Oak Ridger, March 13.
Chattanooga TWCGraphics owner wins Microsoft web design contest, Times Free Press, March 21.

Memphis' Roebuck uses Internet, satellite connectivity in auction center to link live auctions in multiple cities, Memphis Daily News, March 21.

Chattanooga's T-Mobile call center is ramping-up toward 700-employee complement, Times Free Press, March 17.
Sword & Shield Enterprise Security of Knoxville named Qualified Data provider by Visa, release March 16.

Rodefer Moss accounting firm that provides IT infrastructure is recognized for entrepreneurship
by Knoxville Chamber's Pinnacle Awards, Knox. News Sentinel, March 18

ServiceU (Memphis), online events-management software company, names network administrator, software engineer, Comm. Appeal, March 19.

(more) Agro- Bio-defense research facility contemplated with ORNL participation in KY and TN.  Knoxville-based Tenn. Homeland Security Consortium has a role to play. Courier-Journal

Sumner Sheriff's IT director quits following criticism of contracts awarded to his brother's firm, LPS Integration, Tennessean, March 15

Computer lab will be highlight of new Adult Education Center in Sumner County, Tennessean, Feb. 26.
Memphis school may get robotics technology for education, if it can raise local match for grant, Comm. Appeal, March 2. website enables schools' principals to list projects for which they need volunteers' help. Times Free Press, March 20

Chatta. Times Free Press adds Tech podcasts to menu, Times Free Press, Feb. 28

UT Chatta. students using, Times Free Press, Feb. 28

WKNO TV (PBS, Memphis) installs Sundance Titan Automation for 24-hour analog and digital services, TVTechnology, Feb. 24.
Knoxville's NetExpress Internet acquires Internet service business from Xxpansion/Esper group, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 24.
De'VIA computer-enhanced artwork expresses cultural differences of being deaf or hard-of-hearing, Knox. News Sentinel, March 5.
RFID:  International Paper's ASURYS (Memphis), an RFID systems integrator, is implementing Gen 2 technology assessments in its Customer Solution Center, RFIDSolutionsOnline, March 10.
Students at Memphis' Kingbury tech center participated in Virtual Business Sports Challenge, Comm. Appeal, March 9.

Donna Brinkley is now director of database development for archer>malmo
, the Memphis advertising agency, and Carldell

Hudson is now director of database production. Commercial Appeal, March 5, scroll here.
Jackson Sun columnist discusses their new podcast "toy," March 12.
Nature Center recycles business electronics for funds, Times Free Press, March 14

Memphis Comtutors coaches consumers on their computers
, Comm. Appeal, Germantown, March 17.

Third-graders required to make PowerPoint presentations at Charlotte Elementary
, Dickson, Tennessean, March 10.


Tenn. Information Infrastructure-II requests for information are asking for comments on leasing TNII infrastructure and on lighting infrastructure.

Tennessee General Assembly House and Senate plan further strides in online witnessing
of proceedings and research tools, Tennessean, March 18.  Critics says it may not be enough to fulfill intent of State's Open Meetings and Open Records laws, particularly during budget hearings, when deliberations are often inaccessible. Some Senate streaming should begin in April, with improved Senate search engine by summer.

Knoxville News Sentinel Editor McElroy announces increased online political
coverage and public access to candidates, newspaper's podcast candidate-endorsement grillings and candidates' video profiles, Knox. News Sentinel, March 19.

State invites bids on TennCare systems management and business process management
, RFP 318.65-210. Bidders conference is Thursday, March 23. Proposal deadline April 27.

TN Regulatory Authority yesterday approved grant for statewide 211 services, via TN Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, Tennessean, 3E, March 21.

Tygard seeks to use funds to shore-up Metro Schools' science and technology
resources, while MDHA wants money to shore-up housing, City Paper, March 10.

Metro Schools may add call-home notification system
at expense of other Technology Department priorities, City Paper, March 14.

TN Bureau of Investigation adopts 3DEyeWitness by DesignWare
Inc. to bring crime scene and forensic tools into the courtroom, Comm. Appeal, March 19.

Metro Schools may get Communications/Computed Aided Dispatch
(CAD) and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) System. RFP 041906, due April 19.

Tennessee Relay Service RFP 316.11-016 will serve communicatively
disabled callers, issued Feb. 28. Due April 7.

Latest computer crash at TN Dept. of Safety prevents Interim commissioner from renewing
his license, Knox. News Sentinel, March 9.

ACLU fears cameras in Metro Parks endanger privacy
, Tennessean, March 6. Gallatin video surveillance may catch red-light runners, Tennessean, March 13.

Anti-Phishing legislation passes in Tennessee Senate
, Knox. News Sentinel, Feb. 28.

TBI using databases to track methamphetimine production
, Times Free Press, Feb. 26.

Controversy surrounds City of Memphis payments to Integrate Technology
, Comm. Appeal, March 19.

More Knox County property owners paying taxes online
, Knox. News Sentinel, March 13.

New struggle for American competitiveness may surmount partisan warfare in Congress
, as in some state legislatures, Mercury News, March 10.

Streaming-video billboards before Metro Council:  Research supports case for regulation, The City Paper, March 21. Tennessean editorial cautionary with respect to impact on aesthetic and safety, Tennessean, March 13.  Council Member Williams among those with reservations about safety, decency; measure up for final vote, April 4. Tennessean, March 17. DOT research, here. Related City Paper story, March 17.

911 Systems face challenges from mobile technology
, NewsChannel5, March 13.


 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities 

Vanderbilt computer scientists among TRUST computer-security alliance,, March 7. Earlier, April 05 story.

Rick Oliver, the former Nortel exec, announced March 16, coincident with his appearance for the Manufacturing Excellence Conference at MTSU, that his American Sentinel University
will soon offer a Nanotechnology
option within ASU's online exec. MBA, with coverage of nano applications in manufacturing, health sciences, materials, and other industries. 

Vanderbilt computing scientists at ISIS win leading role in Air Force grant
to develop software for testing design of embedded systems, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 1, March 10.

Vanderbilt's Summer Business Institute 'Accelerator' incubates ideas
, networks undergrad students preparing for ventures, Vanderbilt Hustler, March 15.

Update Fedex Institute research agenda
, here.

Vanderbilt Information Technology Services is now offering expanded streaming media services
to share interesting lectures, sporting events, ceremonies and more with viewers around the world. Release here. VU ITS
also offers collaboration tools, here.

UT won $285 million in research grants in previous fiscal year, Knox. News Sentinel, March 17.

UT may buy former Metron consumer-electronics facility in Knoxville
, Knox. News Sentinel, March 11.

Chattanooga colleges increasing wireless Internet access on campus
. Times Free Press, March 19.

Tennessee Tech gets Science, Tech, Engineering grant from First National Bank
, Nash. Bus. Journal, March 20.

AI/Robotics Center at FedEx Institue nearly operational
, Memphis Daily News, March 1.

Protein Discovery wins SBIR grantfrom the National Institutes of Health
for further development of its protein analysis device -- scheduled for market launch this summer. Knox. News Sentinel, March 20.

Online-education restrictions lifted, may spur increased e-learning
in Tennessee, City Paper, March 7.

TN Board of Regents pushing online degree programs
,, March 9.

TBR Distance Learning Conference honored Nashville State Comm. Coll. staff Eli Alvarado and Troy Valentine, Tennessean, March 12.

Pols worry about supply of math, science teachers in Tennessee
, Times Free Press, March 5.

A dozen Metro students -- out of more than 120 applicants
(drawn from pool of 300 academically qualified 8th- and 9th-graders) -- are headed for MIT's Edgerton Center March 21-24, as part of Science Ambition
Mission, a program sponsored locally by Adventure Science Center, to encourage talented science students to consider careers in science, p. 5, Green Hills News, March 9, not on web. March 2 release here (pdf).

U.S. Senate passes Science, Math education bill that should engage Oak Ridge NL
and other institutions, KRNS via Knox. News Sentinel, March 9.

Pilot for academic studies in Intelligence will go to Tenn. State University
, Tennessean, March 8.

Harwell, Ketron push legislation to allow premium pay to math
, science teachers, Times Free Press, March 6.

Chattanooga employers demanding more math, science skills
. Times Free Press, March 6.

Sen. Frist-backed SMART program will provide grants to college upperclassmen
studying Math, Science, critical languages, Times Free Press, Feb. 24.


Technology Law: Fundamentals and More, Baker Donelson, April 5 seminar, details here. Intellectual Property Law: Baker Donelson seminar, May 17, details here.

Formerly Knoxville-based Channel One TV may contribute to students' recall of advertisements
, more than recall of lessons, Knox. News Sentinel, March 12.

Nashville musicians' home recording studios are common and impressive
, Tennessean, March 12.

Nashville court action reaches into two states to protect Ryan Adams' alt-rock work
, under label Universal/Lost Highways, Tennessean, March 10. Indictments are first action by Nashville-based federal attorneys in CHIP anti-piracy unit based here, City Paper, March 10.

IT professionals form spirit-technology groups to 'bring faith into cubicles'
, San Jose Mercury News, March 16.

Microsoft Windows Live Expo social-networking service rivals Craigslist

D'BLOG:  Tennessee blogging scene surveyed, BusinessTN
, p. 22, March 2006. Blogging as part of business CRM, Wash. Post, Q&A with expert, Feb. 24. BlogMetrics and Intelliseek help companies find buzz in the blogosphere, Wash. Post, March 3. Edelman exec on tracking trends via blogs, transcript, Wash. Post, March 9.

D'WIKI: Wiki:  Members of Tenn. congressional delegation comment on tweaking
Wiki posts on Members of Congress, Times Free Press, Feb. 25. Columnist:  Wikipedia needs an identified benevolent dictator over each article, as in Open Source projects, NY Times, March 12.

Update on Click Fraud; Google has set aside funds for bogus-clickthrough
claims from advertisers, Wash. Post, March 16.

User-created content is surging at Yahoo, iFilm, elsewhere, NY Times, March 13.

Clash of the Titans:  Microsoft and IBM duke-it-out for the desktop
, NY Times, March 17. Washington Post, March 17.


(March 19-22) HDI Annual Conference in Nashville for help-desk professionals, here

(April 3-4) "Security Risk Assessment, Mitigation Seminar," by VU Civil and Environmental Engineering and the International Association of Professional Security Consultants. For Security, IT security, Risk managers, others. 
Details here (pdf).

* (April 4) Small Business Innovation Research/Tech Transfer grant-proposals writing workshop, UT IPS, Nashville, details here.

(April 13) AITP Nashville - OnDemand Middleware, Hector Hernandez, IBM. Details here.

(April 18) Leadership Music, Belmont University, with support of Nashville Technology Council and other marketing Sponsors, are holding their 2nd Annual Digital Music Summit, details here. NTC Members are among those receiving discounted registration.

(April 27-28) PMI Nashville Spring Project Management Symposium, with PDUs.
Details here.

(May 2) Tennessee Digital Government Summit. Details here.

(May 3-5) HIMSS 2nd Annual NHIT Summit, HiMSS TN Chapter, Nashville. 

(May 16) Tour - Comcast facility, Society of Manufacturing Engineerings SME Nashville, details here.

(May 17) 6th Annual Technology! Nashville conference. Hilton Suites Downtown. Details write here. 

(May 31-June 1) Tennessee Valley Corridor National Summit, Convention Center, Chattanooga. 

(Sept. 11-12) Gov. Bredesen's annual Economic Development Conference.

(Oct. 4)  NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Details to come.





Jeff Costantine of NTC is in The Spotlight.




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