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Wednesday, June 7, 2006 (No. 72)
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General Assembly's broadband task force faces reluctant industry,, April 20. Editor's note: learned yesterday that the next meeting has again been postponed and no new meeting date has been set.
Nashville Electric Service (NES) Board votes to explore further offering businesses leased access to NES' broadband fiber-optic infrastructure,, May 24. NES using e-Whiz cash-payment kiosks, Tennessean, May 28.

Sen. Doug Jackson's (Dist 25-Dickson-D) bill to encourage municipalities to provide broadband services died after being assigned to a General Assembly committee, after being amended four times, and targeted for defeat by incumbent providers.

The General Assembly acted May 22 to prohibit Tennessee Regulatory Authority from regulating broadband services (reference: HB3635/SB3207 PC0681).

VoIP and e-911 in the General Assembly:  11th Hour 'Good Samaritan' legislation raises suspicion,, May 22. UPDATE: The legislation reported here was further amended May 27 to allow tort immunity for VoIP providers, provider the provider is in compliance with relevant FCC orders.

Metro Council votes to fight congressional legislation that could limit municipal rights in cable franchising
and undermine funding of public-access cable-tv channels,, May 5.

Metro Telecommunications Innovation Task Force hears from cable-industry proxy Balhof
f, who says municipalities should incent incumbent providers to increase access throughout Davidson County, City Paper, May 2. Broadband task force hears from Salt Lake City representative who opposed muni broadband in Utah, City Paper, May 23. The task force resumes drafting its report Friday, June 9, 9 a.m., City Hall. 

Metro Telecommunications Innovation Task Force member Ken Russell of ISDN-Net responds to
story on committee's work, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2.  Butler Networks CEO thinks Metro Council Telecommunications Innovation Task Force should stress Wi-Fi, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 21, May 26.  (Editor's Note: recent meetings of the Task Force indicate the group is much more focused on fiber-optic, while Wi-Fi might be a gap-filler. - MFC.)

President Marty G. Dickens responds to questions about BellSouth investment in broadband deployment
, skepticism regarding o-it-alone municipal broadband projects, inequity of Net Neutrality, etc. Tennessean Q&A, May 28.
VU Law Professor Christopher Yoo says allowing telecoms to establish pricing tiers for Internet download levels of service makes sense, just as do premium charges for overnight delivery by FedEx, etc., CNN, May 25.  Net neutrality, Web access tiering:  Editorial urges equality in Cyberspace, Tennessean, May 25.

Telecoms say the're glad TRA regulates BellSouth rates, Tennessean, May 20. CompSouth coalition of competitive carriers applaud TRA asserting authority over BellSouth rates, release May 16.

Home access to Internet among Williamson County K-12 students is 85 percent
, versus perhaps 56 percent Statewide average. Tennessean, May 25.

Cable and small-town interests vye over legislation in General Assembly
, Times News Kingsport, April 15.

American Fiber Systems describes network expansion, positions as fiber alternative to Bellsouth
, May 11.

Demand builds only slowly for Comcast "family tier" programming
; executives say local families are using parental controls. Tennessean, April 22 (archive).  Kennedy to lead Comcast operations in Tennessee, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 5.  Comcast inserts Mahoney for marketing in mid-TN, Tennessean, May 4.

Cricket Communications nears completion of Tennessee build-out, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 21, not on web.

XO Communications expands VoIP services, City Paper, p. 8, May 9, not on web.

USLEC announces Nashville Ethernet local loop, with bandwidth up to 500mbs, release April 20.

Charter Communications introduces telephone service in E. TN., Knox. News Sentinel, April 22.

Morristown, Tenn.'s Morristown Utility Systems adopted Concurrent Computer Corp's MediaHawk for Video on Demand
, release June 5.

Congressional proposal for increase in Universal Service Fund
rates may increase mobile and Internet phone bills, Wash. Post, June 2.

Update on U.S. communities' getting into wireless, broadband
, NY Times, May 3. Philadelphia's council votes to proceed with high-speed Wireless Internet project with Earthlink, Wash. Post, May 12. GAO study broadband deployment.


Nashville Health IT execs may view the June 13th meeting of the American Health Information Community online, details here
Healthways' Cigarran sounds alarm regarding inadequate Nashville pool of IT talent,, May 19.  Related: Healthways international push creates need to do more IT hiring, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, p. 30, not on web.

HealthSpring will roll-out to its physicians network the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology developed by e-MDs, Inc. of Austin. e-MDs release June 5.

Bredesen Administration reveals 16 members of eHealth Advisory Council,, June 1.  Tennessean, June 2. Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2. Tennessean, June 2. Comm. Appeal, June 2.  Tennessean editorial encourages Governor's e-Health Task Force, Tennessean, April 14

INFORMATICS:  Star Technologies, a West End informatics play, contemplates name change to Informatics Corporation of America, signs first client; with comments on Nashville's potential as America's e-Health capital,, April 28.   Addendum:  VU's Bill Stead also told he believes Vanderbilt University Medical Center is uniquely prepared to share revolutionary e-Health technology and crucial expertise with other institutions. Stead said he believes Vanderbilt’s e-Health, medical-education and related contributions are likely to prove as influential in transforming modern healthcare, as were the contributions of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, more than a century ago. Toward such ends, Stead and colleagues will soon develop a new five-year plan for VUMC technology. 

Pathfinder Therapeutics awarded $1.4M grant for image-guided surgery development and moves ahead with recruitment of more private capital, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 26, not on web.

Cambridge-based NaviMedix, provider of communications for healthcare providers and business partners, says its network has grown and include Tennessee sponsors, release May 31. The company tells us that in Tennessee "We have 295 offices enabled in Tennessee (265 professional, 9 hospital and 21 ancillary) representing 894 physicians. In Nashville, we have 91 professional offices and 305 physicians enabled."

Luminetx sets goal of $25 million with VeinViewer launch, Memphis Bus. Journal, April 21. Phillips shows with Luminetx how ideas get to market, Memphis Bus. Journal, April 28. Luminetx (VeinViewer) gains RedHerring's accolades, as among nation's edgiest technology companies, Comm. Appeal, May 24.

PivotHealth (which acquired ClinixMIS) signs CHW Medical Foundation, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 18.

Franklin-based Relegent's Planning 2.0 Health Analyst Online enables healthcare providers to map growth based on demographic and other data, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 12, p. 11.

Major insurers collaborate to put personal health recors on the Web, Tennessean, May 17. BCBS-TN subsidiary Shared Health may participate in EMR initiative, Tennessean, May 17.
HCA commits to pricing transparency, release May 1. Sysmex laboratory-systems developer gets HCA contract, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 23.  HCA wins WayPaver barcoding pioneer award from unSUMMIT, release April 24.   

Brentwood's PivotHealth, which last year acquired ClinixMIS, expands contract with Sacramento providers, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 18.

Centerstone Community Mental Health Centers Inc. CEO Guth says company will launch EMR-linked Knowledge Network to guide treatment, Tennessean, May 14.

Vanderbilt School of Medicine drug-safety expert leaves VU for Symphony Capital biotech investment firm, NY Times, May 2.

MDG Medical named Robert Goldstein, formerly of Healthstream, to VP-operations. MDG develops pharma management systems, Tennessean, May 21.

Qualifacts Systems provides CareLogic signs to Oaklawn Psych center (Ind.), Tennessean, May 8.  

First Consulting Group signs Montrose Memorial, release May 4.

Former Erlanger Health Systems strategy chief Marc Larsen is named COO for the Health Technology Center, which is playing a leading federal role in galvanizing RHIOs, EMR adopters, etc. HealthTech release Jan. 5.

St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett is piloting CarePages, personalized webpages for patients, Memphis Bus. Journal, June 6.

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Shared Health subsidiary may rollout electronic health record later this year, Tennessean, May 16. Shared Health wins Chattanooga's Kruesi Award for Innovation, , May 10.

Provision Healthcare founder seeks to develop partnerships that may turn the tide in healthcare costs and wellness, Knox. News Sentinel, May 21. Provision parnters with Wachovia, Baptist Health, others. Related facts, here

Mobile-based Health IT firm Computer Programs & Systems Inc. (CPSI) announces management changes, Birm. Bus. Journal, May 17.

HealthSouth spin-off Source Medical Solutions buys Conn.-based Prescient Healthcare Systems, Birm. Bus. Journal, May 17.

Tennessee's medical-device manufacturers need skilled workers, Comm. Appeal, May 20.
Frisse:  Brailer departure won't slow e-Health adoption, Computerworld, May 1. Departing Brailer says HIT has momentum, GovHealthIT, April 24. HHS plans to name Brailer successor by summer,, April 25.

State of Kentucky awards grants to physicians for e-Prescribing, Louisville Bus. Journal, May 16.

IG Report:  U.S. military's EHR initiative makes clear a grim fact:  integrating off-the-shelf software can be as risky and costly as building systems from scratch, GovHealthIT, May 19.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System at Baptist Memorial-Memphis is great aid digitally guided surgeries, Comm. Appeal, June 4.

Chattanooga hospitals and physicians using X-Plain educational technology to describe patients' illnesses, Times Free Press, May 30.

Ardent Health Services named Julie Kendrick, Health IM project coordinator; Crawford Roberts, sr. mid-range engineer; John Westbrook, senior network engineer, Tennessean, April 30.

Nashville's Community Health Systems hospitals in Pennsylvania adopt Nuance physician-transcription technology, release May 10.

Telehealth: UT Health Sci. Cntr. faculty member among editors f
or new telemedicine book, release May 8.

ION Media Networks (AMEX:ION), formerly Paxson Communications,
announced May 31 its plans for the nation's first 24-hour digital-broadcast network dedicated to consumer healthcare and healthy living.


Louisiana Pacific lost no time yesterday in announcing creation of a website for LP Field, home of The Tennessee Titans.

Hadfield, at age 19, launches and joins Merasys IT consulting,, May 18.

NP story chronicles Private Business' turnover in Sales leadership,, April 26.  Private Business plans stock offering, Tennessean, April 28.

Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) wants to bring design, production of gaming equipment home to middle Tennessee, but TBI Director Gwyn is resistant to the idea,, May 5.  Sevigny named VGT COO, Tennessean, April 25.  VGT names Morgan CFO,, June 2.

Franklin's PassAlong Networks launching new digital-media and commerce services for performers and fans,, May 9. Related mention of Corey Cleek, Wall St. Journal, May 1. Passalong and echomusic partner with Owen Graduate School of Management in Accelerator program offering, release May 26.

Hot Faucet helps entrepreneurs launch businesses for a stake in ownership. Venture brings together Five Chairs, Cabedge, Hayes Consulting, FinWorth Partners as management and consulting resource, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 2, May 26, not on web. HotFaucet's first project is online residential real estate service, for beta launch this summer.

Local investors put money in Meridian Surgical, Cybera and Tenvera, Tennessean, April 25.

Nashville filmmaker Vidmer launches, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 17. Investors reportedly include member Mark Lincoln, president of Nashville's Jacques Ventures LLC.

Million-dollar investor reportedly likes taste of Plumgood,, April 14

PassPort Health communications completes $70 Million recapitalization, Tennessean, April 15.  Nash. Bus. Journal, April 17. Wylly of Brentwood Capital says Passport Health Communications deal highlights value of leveraged recapitalization, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 7, April 28, not on web.

Keystone Automotive (NASDAQ:KEYS, Pomona) announced moving some corporate offices to Nashville, but leaving IT unit in California, release May 11. Tennessean, May 12 (archive). Nash. Bus. Journal, May 12.  

Owen GSM's Boer seeks million-dollar warchest to help Owen students pursue business plans between semesters, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 6, May 26.

Whitney Johns Martin discusses failure of former Nashville-based Capital Across America, in context of failing sources for venture funds, after SBIC takeover of CXA, Tennessean, May 4.

Avondale analyst named top stock-picker, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 2. City Paper, May 4. Avondale expands asset-management, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 18.

DELL INC.:  Dell announces 1,000 increase in workforce, customer-service push
,, June 2. Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2. City Paper, June 2. Tennessean, June 3Dell release June 2.  Dell upgrades to PowerEdge servers, NY Times, June 7. Dell announced DellConnect remote troubleshooting service in Nashville Friday, Dell release, June 2. Dell will experiment with storefronts for sales, in Texas and NY, NY Times, May 24. Dell Inc.received the 2006 Mayor's Award for Outstanding System-wide Partner for Dell employees' voluntarism in Metro Schools, Tennessean, May 7. Dell sells hardware and project-management services to Maryville, TN-based Ruby Tuesday's restaurant chain, release May 23. Dell Inc. won its defense of $279 million in state economic-development incentives the company negotiated prior to investing in North Carolina, Raleigh News & Observer, May 11.

Gateway computer locates facilities in middle Tennessee
,, May 17. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17. Tennessean, May 18. Nash. City Paper, May 18. Daily News Journal, May 18.  Gateway release, May 17. Gateway signs notebook computers deal with State of Tennessee, GCN Feb. 10. Internet auto store plans headquarters, call center, distribution in Columbia (Maury County), Tennessean, May 24., May 24. Nash. Bus.Journal, May 24. City Paper, May 25. Tennessean, May 25.

Nashville-based Salem Publishing acquires Preaching magazine and web assets, May 18. Salem Publishing buys on-demand publisher Xulon, Tennessean, May 18.

Fibergrations to be acquired by MicroTRAK (Dallas),
Nash. Bus. Journal, May 24. MicroTRAK said in a May 25 release it would also open a MicroTRAK office in Nashville.

BioMimetic will offer more shares for less
, release May 12. Tennessean, May 12. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 11. Tennessean, May 8. Related,, April 26.  Nashville Bio Era accelerates on BioMimetic IPO pricing,, April 26.  

Healthways offers $307.5M for 4th ranked LifeMasters Supported Car
e, Tennessean, May 31. Wall St. Journal, May 31. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 30. Healthways release, May 30.

Daily completes purchase of iPayment, May 10, Nash. Bus. Journal.
City Paper, May 8. Payments to lawyers in iPayment deal,, May 2. iPayment will challenge legal fees to foster takeover, Tennessean, May 3. iPayment goes private under Daily and Grimstad, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 5.

ShopAtHome to cease operations, idling 660 workers
, Tennessean, May 16. City Paper, May 16. Nashville-based Shop At Home may die, Tennessean, May 11. Comm. Appeal, May 12. Jewelry Television eyeing Shop at Home, Tennessean, May 26. (add) Shop At Home Closing, Tennessean, May 17. City Paper, May 17.

Spotlight:  Passport Health deal in Lavender's hands at Fifth Third

Kevin P. Lavender (pictured at right), Fifth Third Bancorp's Nashville-based senior vice president for nationwide healthcare lending, recently told that Fifth Third’s recent role in handling the senior debt portion of last month's $70 million leveraged recapitalization of Passport Health Communications, Inc., was "a really good first deal."

In the Passport transaction, Fifth Third collaborated with Allied Capital, which handled subordinated debt; and, with Brentwood Capital Advisors, LLC, which provided financial counsel to Passport and arranged the involvement of Primus Venture Partners, Inc.

It seems likely Passport will bring many of these same players together, again. Passport Chief Financial Officer Bob Brown recently told that the recap gives Passport access to "deeper pockets" to fund further acquisitions, building on the three purchases Passport has made in the past five years.

Brown explained that acquisitions may remain Passport's strategy of choice, given that declining analysts' coverage of small-cap companies and rising urdens of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance are making IPOs increasingly expensive. Brown also said Passport would probably keep the IPO option, particularly if the company "doubles in size," which he indicated would mean hitting $50 million or more in annual revenues. Brown said that virtually all the roughly 60 angel investors who had been with Passport more than eight years at the time of the recent recap liquidity event are still involved, as are most of the VCs. Passport management raised more than $22 million in angel and Series A and B rounds of financing, 1998-2002.

Conversations with Lavender and Brown made clear that Fifth Third’s support of Passport’s recapitalization resulted in large measure from Lavender’s 20-year relationship with Passport CEO Jim Lackey.  Lavender described the relationship as a "huge" factor in Fifth Third's decision to "come to the table with a $30 million commitment." Lavender told he plans to leverage nineteen Fifth Third affiliate banks to increase the lender’s healthcare exposure, currently about $4.2 billion. He said his strategy relies on reaching beyond traditional nonprofit hospital customers, to serve disease-management firms, long-term care and surgery centers and other for-profit enterprises.

Future transactions – particularly those Lavender said he seeks in the “$100 million-plus range” − are likely to originate within Lavender’s far-flung personal network. Lavender, 44, is a Democrat stalwart, and helped guide Gov. Phil Bredesen's transition into office.  Subsequently, he served as commissioner of Tennessee's Department of Financial Institutions. Earlier, he was executive vice president of MediSphere Health Partners Inc. Prior to that, he was a Nashville group vice president for SunTrust Bank, Inc.

Reflecting his inner-circle standing, Lavender has also been dubbed a “Good Guy" by the Nashville Women's Political Caucus, and has held key roles in the Nashville Sports Authority, the Country Music Foundation, Meharry Medical College and Nashville Electric Service.



Former TVA Chairman and ECD Commissioner Bill Baxter received the Tennessee Valley Corridor's Champion Award for his advocacy for the region, during yesterday's Summit at Chattanooga,, June 6.

O'Charley's Inc. (NASDAQ/NM:CHUX) named Larry Taylor to the new post of Chief Supply Chain Officer, release May 9, reporting to Chairman/CEO Gregory Burns.

forecasts $4.5 Million in technology platform and creative services
to help artist/fan relationships, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 11A, May 19, not on web.

BMI names Conlon VP-New Media
, City Paper, June 6.

Nissan must recruit most of its headquarters IT workers when it relocates from California, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 12. Nissan must replace half its headquarters staff. Tennessean, April 25.

Nashville-based NFIB's Stottlemeyer, previously CEO of Apogen Technologies
,  says he'll use his IT background to modernize NFIB grassroots communications, NY Times, May 4. Related story on contemplated NFIB changes,, May 23.

Fident Consulting springs full-blown into business, after April Aden and Joey Dunagan
left the Nashville office of Atlanta-based North Highland, p. 7, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, not on web. Dunagan told NONT yesterday that Fident's website is due up mid-month, and they have taken space in 3200 West End.

Franklin-based Spheris' Indian hub keeps work flowing, company prefers employees rather than outsourced centers, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, p. 29. Spheris now at $209 million. Spheris names Callahan CFO, Tennessean, May 16.

Avankia's Reena and Rajeev Gupta have set up Bangalore software-development
center to complement Nashville presence, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, p. 29.

Cybera seeks living room in former Primus space at Cool Springs from Grassmere
,, April 27.

Renal Advantage Inc. (Brentwood) named Tarwater VP-IS;
Newman promoted to VP-supply chain. City Paper,  April 25.

Condra's Dalcon Business System opts for faster growth, steps away from 25-year partner and FACTS business,, April 24. Related TMCNet story, April 22. Release from acquirer Pivotal Systems, April 22.

Galo succeeds Flanagan as President of XMi Technologies
(Xebec),, May 3. XMi gets new president, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 3.Tennessean, May 10. City Paper, June 6.

John Gauder named VP/GM Comcast of Nashville from marketing role,
Cableworld, April 10. Comcast names Martine Mahoney to run Nashville marketing, succeeding Gauder, who moved up. Tennessean, May 4 (archive). Mahoney related, City Paper, June 6.

Vandy grad Cypra, a co-founder of Internet poker site
, expresses his opinions on efforts to outlaw online cardplay, Tennessean, May 18.

Ingram Micro teams with Xandros to supply Canadian resellers
, May 24.

Hassett to VP-Service Delivery
, Cybera Inc., Tennessean, May 14.

SnappyAuctions brings in Concept Technology for network development
, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 11.

NMG Advisers announced May 8 that Tony Heard, former chairman of US Bank in Nashville
, joined the firm as a partner and leader of a new financial advisory services unit. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19.

Exec profile: Church Birge, Harpeth Capital president and head of investment banking, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 15, May 15, not on web.

ClearTrack announced June 1 it has been named by Inbound Logistics magazine
as a Top 100 Logistics Information (IT) Company.

Gibson says it has further enhanced the digital guitar,
release May 15.

PureSafety and DriversAlert partner,
release April 28. PureSafety alliance with Driver's Alert, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 2.

For Zambooie, online presence is important part of merchandising bands, Tennessean, May 15.

ClientLogic, subsidiary of Canada's Onex, ranked among top dozen outbound teleservices
companies, with rankings varying from 4 to 11 among domestic, international and global lists compiled based on teleminutes billed by Customer Interactive Solutions (CIS) magazine, March 06.

EDP Licensing announces branded credit-card agreements with Elvis Presley Enterprises and the Johnny Cash estate, releases in April 2006.

Check 21:  EFC Systems (Nashville) introduces remote-capture technologies
, release April 20.

Cold Feet Creative selected Winner (1-25 employees) in NBJ Best in Business Award
, p. 16A, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, not on web.

CentreSource Inc. , led by Nicholas Holland, named Emerging Business Winner in NBJ Best in Business Awards program, p. 19A, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, not on web.
Pam Watkins, Health IT director at HCA Redmont hospital awarded a Frist Humanitarian Award, release May 1.

Goldleaf Technologies unit of Goldleaf Financial Solutions (formerly Private Business, Brentwood) responds to threat of what company suggests is phishing, shuts-down community banks' hosted websites,, May 30. Goldleaf release, May 27.  Related Tennessean, May 31. Goldleaf expenses up, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 12. Private Business completes name change, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 5.  Goldleaf Financial Solutions is new name for Private Business, Tennessean, May 5. Goldleaf plans secondary stock offering, changes sales lead, again,, April 27. Tennessean, April 28. Related, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 26.

Healthcare Management Systems extends contract with Horizon Health (Texas), Tennessean, May 8.  Nash. Bus. Journal, May 1. Healthcare Management Systems named Craig Rogers technical systems analyst, Aaron Goodman tech support analyst, Ellie Chason senior product manager-regulatory compliance. Tennessean, May 7.  Healthcare Management Solutions named two technical-support specialists, David Morrison, formerly of Vanderbilt University; and, Matthew Dishner, fomerly with Dabbs Computer. Tennessean, June 4.

MedSolutions named Jen Coriell sales analyst in informatics
, Tennessean, June 4.

Comdata buys SASH,
Nash. Bus. Journal, May 8. Tennessean, May 9Comdata named Gustin national account manager for public-sector industry. City Paper, April 25. Comdata signs State of Florida customer, May 18.  Signs Airgas Inc. (Ceridian), June 1.  Signs State of Texas, May 17.

Nashville airport wireless-access provider Concourse Communications LLC is sold to Boingo Wireless Inc. (Sta. Monica), release May 22.

Connie Baggett received Distinguished High School teacher award from Austin Peay State University, for her performance as instructor of Business and Information Technology at Stewart County High School. Tennessean, May 7.
Nashville-based ADS Security now ranked 21 in nation, City Paper, May 16.

Altair Data Resources named NCOA data-update licensee serving U.S. Post Office
, City Paper, May 16.

Equinox IS licensed its Collector and TeleLink to TeleGuam Holdings
(Guam), Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 18, April 28, not on web. Equinox IS software adopted by NTS Communications, p. 18, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 21, not on web.'s history and passion for college sports translates into more than 150,000 subscribers to websites, Nash. Bus. Journal, 3a, April 28, not on web.  

Automated Home Technologies is building business through custom-home builders,
5a, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 28, not on web.
Advanced Network Solutions growth continues briskly, 7a, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 28, not on web.
CentreSource's Holland projecting $1 million in revenues this year, 8a, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 28, not on web. sees custom development leading its strategy from websites to marketing counsel, 8a, Nash. Bus. Journal, April 28, not on web. won Gold and Silver ADDYs for IV Group internet presence and Posh Puppy's Posh Puppy logo, respectively, Tennessean, April 30. opens Brentwood office, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 3.

Styers shoulders sales and marketing for RenTech,, May 12. Tennessean, May 21 (archives).

Cadre5's Fourman, former Gaylord CIO, named VP/GM
, Nashville. City Paper, April 25.

Reeves named CIO for ERA Pacesetters real estat
e, City Paper, April 25.

Holdren joins Sitening as VP-business development
,, May 3. Holdren to Sitening VP-business development, Tennessean, May 14.  City Paper, June 6.

Carl Grimstad, president, iPayment Inc., was named to the Cheekwood board of trustees, Tennessean, April 30.
PHG Technologies named Maxine Wilson director-customer relations, serving the healthcare industry, Tennessean, April 30.
Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain (LBMC) added Ebin Nesbit as senior technician in Brentwood IT office. LBMC also announced Ryan McWaters, previously with Investment Scorecard, joined as project manager.

Atmospheric Glow announced earlier today the CEO role will shift from Chairman Thomas Reddoch to newcomer Scott McDonald, previously GM-Automotive, Imagepoint, Inc. Release June 7.

New U. Tenn. Provost Holub aims to leverage UT partnership with ORNL, Daily Beacon, June 6.

Visikey (Chattanooga) announced new keyboard layout and compatibility, release June 7.

oxville-based Action Sports Media Inc. has partnered with A.E. Engine LLC to create Varsity Sports Media to follow high-school sports. Release June 6.  Action Sports' primary investor is Parallel Investment Partners (Dallas).

Knoxville-based Ruby Tuesday's adopted Tripwire technologies for auditing changes in IT systems and assets that handle credit-card data, release June 6.

Neutron Chronicles:  How Oak Ridge NL's Spallation Neutron Source came into being, with rumored help from Al Gore, BusinessTN, May 2006.

E. TN Cities and counties partner for Alcoa's high-tech business park, Knox. News Sentinel, May 15.  Alcoa technology park isn't pie-in-the-sky, Knox.News Sentinel, May 5. Related, DailyTimes, May 4.

Pro2Serv Professional Project Services Inc. will be first tenant at new Oak Ridge Science and Technology Park, the first to be created on the campus of a national laboratory and the only park in Tennessee to bear tech-park certification by the Association of University Research Parks (AURP), release May 30.  Knox. News Sentinel, May 31. Park is attracting extraordinary interest, Knox. News Sentinel, June 6.

President of Accurate Automation says Enterprise South and Hamilton County aren't truly interested
in relocating his company, Times Free Press, May 5.

Knoxville's Eonstreams sold to VitalStream Holdings
, Knox. News Sentinel, May 23.

International Paper closes Memphis-based ASURYS RFID business, turns RFID development and services to internal projects, only. Comm. Appeal, May 23.

Sedgewick CMS (Memphis) acquires VPA claims company (California), Sedgewick release May 16.

Update on ClearFunction's for teachers and parents, Memphis Daily News, May 1.

Pomeroy IT (Hebron, KY) posts further disappointing results for quarter, Louis. Bus. Journal, May 16

Memphis lands Kyocera Mita distribution site, Comm. Appeal, May 31.

Four E.TN. communities will develop tech-focused business park at Alcoa
, Knox. News Sentinel, May 4.

Pro2Serve seeks tax breaks to grow company inside Oak Ridge Science and Technology Park, Knox. News Sentinel, June 2. Announcing the park, Times Free Press, May 31.

East Tennessee Technology Council names officers, OakRidger, March 13.

Memphis-based Inventory Locator Services (ILS) announced aviation inventory management software, April 24.

Huntsville's Avocent announces acquisition of LANDesk businessrelease April 27.

Chattanooga's InfoSystems and partner Agilysys ship shipped the largest IBM eServer Cluster 1350 with Cluster Systems Management (CSM) through the channel. The solution was shipped to COLSA, a federal agency private contractor specializing in missile flight simulation testing. Release, April 27.

Czuchry's leadership in E.TN. technology circles lauded, EastTennessean Online, April 27.

Scripps (Knoxville) expands broadband offerings with DoItYourself Channel, release May 9.

Knoxville's Regal Cinemas rolling-out Sony's 4K digital projectors in theaters, Knox. News Sentinel, May 20.
TVA adopts JDSU (Milpitas) telecom test platform
, release May 18.

ByAllAccounts signs Guardian Wealth Management advisory firm in Chattanooga, release May 4.
Knoxville labeler Consolidated Products launches Identitrak (RFID) Technologies subsisiary, Knox. News Sentinel, June 4.

Marketron/Birmingham executive Moiz seeks to unite software community in Magic City, Birm. Bus. Journal, June 2.

Accuship of Memphis names Jerry Rau CEO, May 2 release.

Mohawk Group adopts Tricycle Inc. SIM technology for designing carpet for hospitality businesses, , May 15.
Wachovia Corp. creating $400 million data facility in Birmingham, Birm. Bus. News, May 12.

Memphis law firms adopting case-management software
, Memphis Daily News, March 30.

Smith named SVP-IS at Thompson & Co. Marketing Comms
., Memphis Daily News, May 17.

Memphis Realtors increase use of GPS for locating properties
, Memphis Daily News, May 16.

Knoxville-area phone matchmaker helps businesses navigate
voice-data options, Knox. News Sentinel, May 15.

Software Earnings (Memphis) announced First Tennessee National Associatio
n adopted Software Earnings to optimize
check-processing operations. SE release, May 22.

Church-management software is niche for Shelby Systems
, Comm. Appeal, May 1.

Memphis start-up delivers singing telegrams
via phone and Internet, Comm. Appeal, May 28.

Chattanooga parents create youth social-networking sit
e, intending to counter, Times Free Press, May 21. News website based in Chattanooga, April 24.

Chattanooga drivers using websites to find cheapest gasoline
, Times Free Press, April 26. addiction growing at Mid-TN colleges
, Tennessean, April 26.

LAN One in Memphis names new engineers
, Comm. Appeal, April 23.

Chattanooga veterans disturbed by theft of VA data on millions of retirees, Times Free Press, May 30.

Helicopter Headquarters opens high-tech, sim-driven helicopter museum
at Pigeon Forge, release May 30.

Intro of Apple storefront in Knoxville could hurt MCS and other Apple resellers, Knox. News Sentinel, April 17.

First Citizens in Collierville adds Internet access for patrons, Comm. Appeal, May 4. UT Federal Credit Union introduces e-pod customer-service onsite, Knox. News Sentinel, April 17.

Knox mental-health center gets Microsoft, Fujitsu tech gifts
, Knox. News Sentinel, April 26.

Bredesen names Tenn. Regulatory Authority (TRA) veteran Roberson to succeed Debi Tate as a TRA Director,, May 30. Tennessean online, May 30. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 30., May 30.

Software property tax prohibition was among General Assembly's legislative actions, Tennessean, May 31. Nashville Technology Council had expressed concern and provided background, Jan. 5.

The General Assembly on June 2 pass legislation (HB3236/SB2963) creating an electronic database of organ donors' anatomical gifts, to be updated by Dept. of Safety.

General Assembly on May 30 completed legislation (SB2482) supportive of Victims' Rights, creating an automated offender-status notification system.

Gov. Phil Bredesen on May 18 appointed two IT executives to the State's Information Systems Council:  Donald R. Enfinger (VP-GM, Tennessee Processing Center, Bank of New York, Nashville); and, Timothy R. Getsay, (Asst. Vice Chancellor MIS, Vanderbilt University, Nashville).

MAXIMUS Inc. gets the nod in State's $130 Million Edison ERP implementation,, May 11. State's May 11 statement.

Comptroller John Morgan continues campaign vs inadequate public schools, citing threat of lawsuit, Knox. News Sentinel, April 28.

Anti-Spyware bill passes Tennessee House and Senate, City Paper, April 27.

Immigration database may help Nashville employers determine legality of hiring immigrants, Tennessean, June 2.

eBay stores exempt from auctioneer licensing, City Paper, April 26.  Tennessee among states in which eBay intervened to avert licensing of auctioneers, NY Times, June 4. Gov. Bredesen signed legislation exempting Tennessee's online auctioneers (including Nashville's SnappyAuctions) on April 19.

ACLU files complaint with TRA on phone-company data sharing with U.S. intelligence community, BellSouth has 30 days to respond, Tennessean, May 25.

Briley law firm pressing potential class-action lawsuit for Nashvillian claiming damages from alleged BellSouth provision of phone data to National Security Agency, Tennessean, May 16.  Angry consumers sue phone giant over data, Tennessean, May 17.

BellSouth says no law broken in providing data to National Security Agency, Tennessean, May 12. Poll says majority of Americans support NSA phonecall tracking, Wash. Post, May 12. BellSouth denies giving NSA phone records en masse, Wash. Post, May 16.  

AT&T may have built special facility to assist government monitoring of its network, Wash. Post, May 23.

Metro will hear pitch for traffic cameras, Tennessean, May 16. Opinion: Traffic cameras worth a look, Tennessean, May 20.

Metro Government's RFP 06-33 for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and expanded 3-1-1 system calls for vendor responses by Friday, June 9, and would implement recommendations of a 3-year-old study by Gartner.

Metro's PeopleSoft upgrade RFP 05-77:  responses due June 19.

State of Tennessee for Commerce and Insurance for support of evaluation of information systems of insurers and HMOs audited by the State:  RFP 335.02-709 deadline is currently June 29.

State Dept. of Health RFP 343.60-428 for Patient Tracking and Billing MIS, deadline is July 10.

State Comm. & Insurance RFP 335.10-637 Controlled Substances Database, deadline is June 16.

State RFP 309.01-095 for Trade Order management System, deadline is July 7.

State RFP 327.01.009-07 for Enterprise App. Development Tool, deadline is currently July 7.

Brentwood's Smart Data Strategies wins federal GSA contract,, May 31.

Digital Reasoning Systems (Nashville) announced June 2 its receipt of task orders valued at $2.7 million, as provided for in a $7 million contract awarded earlier for support of the U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center. DRS earlier announced appointments of John Minetos to the post of Chief Operating Officer (Minetos is a former Quilogy exec); and Max Goff to Chief Marketing Officer (Goff is a veteran of Sun Microsystems and other enterprises).

Student Management Software in Franklin Special School District will change again; complexity of state reporting requirements a factor in keeping-up, Tennessean, May 12. Tennessee among states struggling to computerize student data, NY Times, May 15.

NASCIO survey on states' IT consolidation and shared services, NASCIO, May 2006.

Metro Airport police get PDAs for security upgrade
, Tennessean, May 29.

Analysis of VA data theft shows extent of veterans' exposed personal data, Wash. Post, June 7.

U. S. House Judiciary Committee passes Internet access measure
, Reuters via Wash. Post, May 25.

LoJack tracking device helps Metro police find stolen vehicles, Tennessean, April 26.

The Nashville regional office of York, SC-based Data Imaging Solutions won a Govt. Printing Office (Atlanta) contract worth nearly $120K.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation adopts Beyond2020 Vista database system, release May 30.

FCC reinforces rules regarding law-enforcement access to certain broadband and VoIP providers, FCC, May 3.

Cyren Call Chairman and Nextel pioneer O'Brien calls for new wireless network for first responders, Wash. Post, April 28.

Watch General Assembly House and Senate chambers at work via Nashville Public Television's NPT2 digital channel (Comcast, Charter), or via web streaming, Tennessean, May 20. NPT Channel 8 Nashville adds digital Tenn. House of Reps. coverage and programming, City Paper, May 4.  

U.S. Rep. Cooper's funding request include technology, Tennessean, May 1. Members of TN congressional delegation comment on pork funding, Tennessean, May 1.

AnComm marketing anti-bullying e-messaging services to Tennessee schools, Comm. Appeal, May 4.

Franklin Road Academy takes K-12 class technology up a notch, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 19, p. 36.

Chattanooga 3-1-1 services expand with improved software
, Times Free Press, May 30.

 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities 

Tennessee Tomorrow has apparently selected its new chief executive, but is not prepared to disclose his or her identity, pending authorization from ECD Commissioner and others.  The new chief was recruited with support from Center for Nonprofit Management, earlier story:, April 5.

Robotics and fluid-power initiatives in Vanderbilt School of Engineering could 'spawn new industries',, May 25.

Vanderbilt Engineering investigator taps Defense millions for "global information grid," May 10, VU release, May 19.

As result of work at Vanderbilt's Free Electron Laser facility, VU, UT and Minnesota researchers' discovery could help more stable and reliable silicon chips; the group is filing joint patent application, UT release May 18. Related research:  FEL facility is center of study of nanotech insulators in chips, release here.

Vanderbilt is marketing technology capable of finding 'dirty bomb'; Atlanta legal counsel enlisted to support licensing effort,, April 24. Related:  VU stadium site of demonstration of radiation detection technology, Tennessean, April 21.

Tennessee State Univ. Aero program could lose accreditation, Tenn. State University Meter, April 20.

Tenn. State Univ. signs research and study agreement with Desert Research Institute, May 8.

FedEx's Fred Smith praises innovation and sticktoitedness, Comm. Appeal, May 12.

NANO:  FedEx Institute of Technology launches nanosensors development center, as result of Pinkhassik's winning business plan, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 26.  Seniors incorporate nanotech studies into their degrees at Maryville College, KNS Hub, May 16.  E. TN Nanovalley campaign gets web presence. E. TN. Nanoscience initiative gets additional funding from Tech2020, U.S. Department of Commerce and Jobs!Now, Knox. News Sentinel, May 11.

Chattanoogans push locally developed fuel-cell technology and energy- and transport-related manufacturing during TN Valley Corridor Summit, Times Free Press, May 28.

Memphis designated center of excellence for NSA/DHS information security, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 1.

'Philip K. Dick' Robot has gone missing and FedEx Institute team is in hot pursuit, BusinessTN, May 2006.

Oak Ridge NL Deputy Director for Technology and materials says ORNL can help nation regain its global competitiveness, release May 3.

Oak Ridge NL's commitment to supercomputing will contribute to region's economic growth and image, BusinessTN, May 2006.

Software developed at Oak Ridge NL Institute for environmental monitoring, cleanup wins NRC grant,, April 27.

Oak Ridge Micro-Energy (OTCBB:OKME), a developer and producer of thin film rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries announced development of a new rechargeable thin film lithium-ion battery that can operate at high temperatures. Release, May 18.

Oak Ridge's Micro Technologies receives presidential nod for entrepreneurship by former ORNL engineers, Knox. News Sentinel, April 15.

U. Tenn. Innovative Technology Center reaches 10-year anniversary, its mission to support teaching and learning, here.

Vanderbilt psych researcher Troseth studying kids' interaction with Video, HealthDay, May 30.

Vanderbilt School of Engineering bestows awards for Excellence in Service (L.W. Dowdy, Computer Sci.), in Teaching (D. Jansen, Biomedical Engrg.) and for Professionalism in Staff Services (S. Lowe, Administration). VUSE release.

U. Tennessee is digitizing 10,000 historical artifacts library holdings for "Growth of Democracy in Tennessee" project, thanks to $927K grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services, for posting on (consortium of TENN_SHARE, with its 450 Tennessee libraries and information sources). UT Torchbearer, Spring 2006.

Biotech boost:  InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute gets $3.6 million in grants from Plough and Assisi foundations, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 24.

E. TN. Environmental Bus. Assn. announces 2006 Earn and Learn scholarships and internships, OakRidger, May 17.  

ORNL-supported further enriches sci-tech search portal, OakRidger, May 15. 

Memphis BioWorks Foundation launches website supporting UT-Baptist Research Park.

Vanderbilt Peabody Dean Benbow named to presidential Math commission, Tennessean, May 15. City Paper, p. 5, May 16, not on web., May 16.  VU release May 15. 

Soddy Daisy High School Engineering Academy is result of $14 million in grants from Carnegie and Chattanooga education advocate, Times Free Press, May 1.

NSF Grant to UT will improve science education in K-12 by placing grad students in classrooms,
UT release May 18.

Technical-education community seeks more credit for tech courses
, including those leading to industry certification, Tennessean, April 25.

U. Tenn. physicist Plummer elected to National Academy of Sciences
, Knox. News Sentinel, April 26.

Tennessee Science scores up a bit in latest National Assessment of Educational Progress
, Tennessean, May 24.

U. Memphis math department ranked number 14 in nation
, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 1.

State ORBIT grant incorporates technology into classroom at Millington Central High
, Comm. Appeal, May 11.

TN Asst. Education Commissioner Tim Webb will join chief state school officers' Science
and Math education initiative, release May 25.


WORKSHOP:  IT Executives and Marketing Professionals Strategies and Tactics, begins June 26. Sponsored by Nashville Technology Council, Nashville Capital Network and Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. Info here.

IT HIRING REPORT:  NTC President Jeff Costantine says this year's IT hiring data underscores the need for the Nashville Technology Council "to look at new ways of developing pipelines to our colleges and developing career ladders for employees – all under the umbrella of workforce development." Costantine said NTC is making the creation of connections among colleges and employers a priority.  One result is likely to be a new college IT internship program with business and industry.  Annual Nashville Technology Council IT Hiring report by David Condra:  Hiring for IT workers in Middle Tennessee seems to be increasing sharply, Tennessean, May 18. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17. Condra presentation (ppt) here.  Related story:  IT career opportunities booming, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Birm. Bus. Journal, May 17.

NTC Legal Corner:  Attorney Chris Sloan offers white paper on legal issues associated with unauthorized modification of software, here.

Intellectual Property (IP) Governance Task Force involves three Nashville executives, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2.

Business groups praise Congress for raising H-1B visa cap, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2.

Online sales projected to surpass $211 Billion in 2006, according to Forrester, Comm. Appeal, May 27. Online payments of personal bills could surpass payments by check in 2007, NY Times, May 29.

Local TV news is fodder for ClipSyndicate streaming services nationally, NY Times, May 22. 

Successor to fabled Homebrew Computer Club spurs open-phone movement, Merc. News, May 10.

'Astonishing' helps you tap a melody and find a song, NY Times (blog), May 17.

Attorney Steele says metadata in documents is a concern for lawyers, Nash. Bus. Journal, June 2.

Butera of ITS Techs opines on true costs of cheap computers, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 26, p. 13.

Bandwidth analysis primer provided by Coffey of USLEC, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 23, May 26.

LBMC's Hudsmith discusses the 'software-as-service' wave, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 25, May 26.

Hewlett-Packard announces consolidation of "lights out" global data centers in Houston, Atlanta and Austin, release May 17. Move includes $600 million investment for two data centers in Atlanta exurbs,, May 17.

Microsoft SVP Research discusses MS' status as research leader, Wash. Post, May 19.

* (June 8) AITP Nashville tour of Genesco Distribution Center and presensation by Warehouse Systems Manager Wesley Lankford, RSVP via . Box lunch. $15 Members, $20 guests.
* (June 22-23)  eHealth init and VU Center for Better Health conduct Privacy and Confidentiality workshop.

* (June 28) Monthly luncheon, Tech2020, topic RFID update, presenter Jay Fryman, Executive Director, IDentiTRAK Technologies, RSVP by June 26. or info, write here.
* (July 6)  NTC Tech Roundtable: Smart Client Technologies.

* (Aug. 3) NTC Tech Roundtable:  Service Oriented Architecture.

* (Sept. 7) NTC Tech Roundtable:  Legal / Regulatory issues.  
(Sept. 11-12) Gov. Bredesen's annual Economic Development Conference.

* (Sept. 14) Richard M. Russell, Associate Director for Technology for the Office of Science & Technology Policy at the White House, is keynote for 2nd Navigator Awards.

(Oct. 4)  NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Details to come.

* (Nov. 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable: Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

(Oct. 4)  NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Details to come.

* (Nov. 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable: Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing
* (Nov. 15) NTC Technology Leadership Awards dinner, Downtown Hilton Nashville, details TBA.
* (Dec. 7) NTC Tech Roundtable - Metro Nashville Telecommunications Innovation Task Force update.



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