BCA execs creating $25MM fund here

By Milt Capps Lasted updated 2:55 p.m.

BCA execs creating $25MM fund here | venture capital, Brentwood Capital Advisors, Tom Wylly, Nick Carteaux, Jack Harrington, Kevin Murphy, Brentwood Capital Partners, Brentwood Equity Management, finance, TNInvestco, TNSBICCA

Executives with Nashville-based Brentwood Capital Advisors LLC have joined to launch a $25 million capital raise.

A filing posted today with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that entities formed in late December by members of the BCA team have set about raising $25,000,000. The filing, signed July 1, indicates a $250,000 minimum-investment criterion and indicates no investments had been secured, at that time.

Named in association with Brentwood Capital Partners LP and the new fund's promoter, Brentwood Equity Management LLC, are BCA Managing Partner Kevin Murphy, SVP and Partner Jack Harrington, Senior Partner Tom Wylly and SVP-Partner Nick Carteaux. Both BCP and BEM were registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State within the last ten days of 2008.

During the past year, Wylly (at left) was among venture capitalists and others who participated in industry consultations with state officials and others as the state moved toward eventual passage of a new law that will soon help put fresh capital into the hands of indigenous Tennessee venture-capital firms.

Wylly is also co-founder and chairman of the Nashville Capital Network, a for-profit angel-investors network that has a sidecar fund.

None of the BCA executives has yet responded to a query made this afternoon by VNC, via their staff person. Brentwood Capital Advisors provides capital-raising and financial-advisory services.