People: Phil Gibbs' Disruption Lab hits the road to Chattanooga

Milt Capps

People: Phil Gibbs' Disruption Lab hits the road to Chattanooga | education, training, The Disruption Lab, Gibbs Solutions Group, ESpaces, Feetz, Variable, Branch Technology, Mike Bradshaw, The Company Lab, GigTank, Chattanooga, Gigabit, Executive Learning, Encore Interactive Solutions, Lipscomb University, Auburn University, University of Ohio, entrepreneurs, innovation, disruption, disruptors,

Phil Gibbs

Updated 16 Nov. 2015 - Gibbs posted an interesting trip report on his blog here. Original story follows, below. - Ed.

PHIL GIBBS, Ph.D., is clearly an incorrigible lifelong learner and entrepreneur, is apparently also an innovation "carrier."

Early tomorrow morning, a bus chartered for Gibbs' Disruption Lab field trip will depart for Chattanooga, where about 20 registrants will participate in an intense overview of the emerging 3D Printing sector, in which "Gig-City" Chattanooga has laid claim to a pioneering role.

On the program are some of Tennessee's most talked-about startups, including Feetz, the 3D-printed custom shoe company; 3D Ops, which produces 3D replicas of anatomical and disease features for medical purposes; Branch Technology; and, Variable Inc. -- all acclaimed ventures.

In Chattanooga, Company Lab Executive Director Mike Bradshaw, whose outfit runs the annual GigTank competition, will also meet with the travelers.

The expedition is in-line with Gibbs' mission of advancing corporate innovation, particularly disruptive innovation, which he says may be technology-driven or business model-driven.

Don't worry, if you're just hearing about this this evening, they'll still make room for you, if you choose to join-up. Details here.

Gibbs, 67, has lengthy entrepreneurial and exec-education credentials. The Disruption Lab is an offering of his practice, Gibbs Solutions Group.

He was co-founder, CEO and now a director of the E|SPACES the "office as a service" startup, based in Nashville. Earlier, he was CEO of e-commerce driven Encore Interactive Solutions, as well as a VC in Evergreen Investments and Management.

And, for 17 years he served with Executive Learning, Inc., where he was ultimately chairman and CEO, according to his LinkedIn.

Gibbs earned his doctorate in organizational communications from Ohio State University, a Master's from Auburn University and a bachelor's from Lipscomb University. VNC