Betancourt launches QuikQ transactions venture

By Milt Capps

Betancourt launches QuikQ transactions venture | Ernie Betancourt, QuikQ, Innovative Computing Corp., Betazone, TMW Systems, transportation, supply chain, logistics, trucking, Vince Peschio, SaaS, software development, angel investors, entrepreneurs

Ernie Betancourt

Ernie Betancourt, former owner of Innovative Computing Corp. in Brentwood, has launched QuikQ LLC, another software company.

Just yesterday, Betancourt announced the sale of ICC to TMW Systems, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  Terms of that deal were not disclosed.  Betancourt told VNC today he has no continuing role with TMW, but is assisting new management with the transition.

Betancourt, 68, said his new QuikQ venture involves "a software engine to process fuel transactions" and will be offered as on-premise software, as well as in the software as a service (SaaS) model.

Betancourt is president of QuikQ, which he and other individual investors have funded.  "The capital needs are well met," Betancourt told VNC, and no further outside investment is sought.  Betancourt said he is exploring personal angel-investment opportunities.

Betancourt is joined in the new venture by Vince Peschio, who will serve as QuikQ vice president and general manager.  Peschio was previously ICC's director of development.

TMW and ICC have often jointly provided products and services to customers in the truckload-carrier industry.  Together, they now have 1,800 customers, including shippers, third-party logistics companies, private fleets, brokers, and truckload and less-than truckload carriers, intermodal carriers, construction fleets, ready-mix and waste management fleets, as well as commercial heavy-duty repair businesses.  Trade media have characterized ICC as a pioneer in SaaS.

ICC was a subsidiary of Betazone Inc., a 40-year-old Davidson County-domeciled firm previously chartered as PTC Acquisition Corp.