Update: VGT's Yarbrough investing along twin paths

By Milt Capps Updated 11:01 a.m. June 18, 2009

Update: VGT's Yarbrough investing along twin paths | VGT, Video Gaming Technologies, 2nd Generation Capital, private equity, family office, venture capital, angel investors, entertainment, Jon Yarbrough, gaming,

VGT's Jon Yarbrough

As previously reported by VNC, Smyrna-based Video Gaming Technologies founder and CEO Jon Yarbrough is still aiming to invest roughly $100 million in other ventures, during the next five years.

Yarbrough told VNC yesterday that, in keeping with his plans, VGT has thus far invested perhaps $10 million strategic investments in his current industry. He did not disclose the nature of those investments.

He also said he plans to recruit a "private investment director" that will allow VGT to "pick up the pace and diversify into other industries." Yarbrough invited investment professionals interested in the position to write him via jon.yarbrough@vgt.net

In addition, Yarbrough said, he plans to invest personally through a family office he is establishing. ♦