VC, Techie, Startup speakers pack March 12-17 week
with Nashville entrepreneurship at several venues


VC, Techie, Startup speakers pack March 12-17 weekwith Nashville entrepreneurship at several venues | Alan Bentley, Vanderbilt University, Jesse Bland, Heritage Group, John Bond, Twine Graphics and Printing, Andrew Bouldin, FCA Venture Partners, Jeff Bradford, The Bradford Group, Charlie Brock, Launch Tennessee, Mike Butera, Artiphon, Sam Butler, Outset Data, Colin Callahan, Acklen Avenue, Devin Carty, Martin Ventures, Brian Church, Ideashares, John Davis, Council Capital, Jason Denenberg, Nourishwise, Austin Dirks, Greenlight Medical, Cale Dodds, Classic Addict, Jemale Garrett, JR Garrett, PharmMD, Andrew Goldner, GrowthX, Jessica Harthcock, Utilize Health, Brad Holliday, GrowthX, Nathaniel Holzmann, Acklen Avenue, Jean Lauzon, Bryan Link, Advance Financial, Zac Litwack, Gobiquity, Brittany Lorenzi, Blueprint Strategy, Ryan Macy, Satchel Health, Joe Maxwell, Cultivation Capital Fintech Growth Fund, Heather McBee, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Betsy McHugh, Hurdl
Chris McMurtry, Data Music, Dart Data, Channing Moreland, EVAMore, Tommy Norman, LeanKit, Christopher Parks, Change Healthcare, Justin Philips, The Foolish Monkey, Chris Poole, Solidus, Marty Reed, RANDA Solutions, Eric Satz, Tennessee Community Ventures, Larry Scott, ScriptDrop, Phil Shmerling, InCrowd Capital, Stayko Staykov, Fivestone Corporate Ventures, Fivestone Ventures, Makenzie Stokel, EVAMore, Deanna Vickers, Acklen Avenue, Chuck Bryant, John Wark, Technologists Federation of Nashville, TechFed, Nashville Technology Council, Jason Dinger, Ascenscion, MissionPoint Health, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell and Berkowitz, Industrious, Ideacon, Belmont University, entrepreneurship, Nick Potts, ScriptDrop, Outset Data, Techstars, PYA, Pershing Yoakley Associates, The Iron Yard, Launch Tennessee, Utilize Health, American Music Water, Bunker Labs, Heroes Vodka, Startup Southerner, RIFT,

Nashville Startup Week, March 12-17, offers more than 40 speakers, panelists and startup Pitch entrants.

The entire schedule and free registration are here.

Artiphon's Butera

The Week's sessions are to be held afternoons and evenings at Baker Donelson Center (M-W-F) | Industrious (M-Tues) | Nashville Entrepreneur Center (W) | VU The Wond'ry (Tues-Thurs) | Close: George Jones Bar (Fri).

Here are NSW's 41 Corporate, VCs, Techie, Entrepreneur and Consultant presenters (15 startups pitching not yet selected):

  • Alan Bentley, Vanderbilt University
  • Jesse Bland, Heritage Group
  • John Bond, Twine Graphics & Printing
  • Andrew Bouldin, FCA Venture Partners
  • Jeff Bradford, The Bradford Group
  • Charlie Brock, Launch Tennessee
  • Mike Butera, Artiphon
  • Sam Butler, Outset Data Corp.
  • Colin Callahan, Acklen Avenue
  • Devin Carty, Martin Ventures
  • Brian Church, Ideashares
  • John Davis, Council Capital
  • Jason Denenberg, Nourishwise
  • Austin Dirks, Greenlight Medical
  • Cale Dodds, Classic Addict musician/songwriter
  • Jemale "J.R." Garrett Esq, PharmMD
  • Andrew Goldner, GrowthX
  • Jessica Harthcock, Utilize Health
  • Brad Holliday, GrowthX
  • Nathaniel Holzmann, Acklen Avenue
  • Jean Lauzon, Acklen Avenue
  • Bryan Link, Advance Financial
  • Zac Litwack, Gobiquity
  • Brittany Lorenzi, Blueprint Strategy
  • Ryan Macy, Satchel Health
  • Joe Maxwell, Cultivation Capital Fintech Growth Fund
  • Heather McBee, Nashville Entrepreneur Center
  • Betsy McHugh, Hurdl
  • Chris McMurtry, Data Music / Dart Data
  • Channing Moreland, EVAMore
  • Tommy Norman, LeanKit
  • Christopher Parks, Change Healthcare
  • Justin Philips, The Foolish Monkey
  • Chris Poole, Solidus Co.
  • Marty Reed, RANDA Solutions
  • Eric Satz, Tennessee Community Ventures
  • Larry Scott, ScriptDrop
  • Phil Shmerling, InCrowd Capital
  • Stayko Staykov, Fivestone Corporate Ventures
  • Makenzie Stokel, EVAMore
  • Deanna Vickers, Acklen Avenue

The lead organizer of Nashville Startup Week is Nick Potts, co-founder of recent Nashville startup ScriptDrop (prescription delivery). Much of the event's coordination is handled by Sam Butler, founder/CEO of Outset Data.

Hurdl's Betsy McHugh

This inaugural event has been encouraged by Techstars, from which support could become more substantial in future years.

The NSW volunteer crew partners with Technologists Federation of Nashville (TechFed), a year-old nonprofit that facilitates sponsorship and fulfills other requirements for other organizations in the region. TechFed was co-founded by Relationary Marketing Co-founder Chuck Bryant, Nashville Software School Founder John Wark and others.

Grant sponsors for Nashville Startup Week include The Heritage Group, PYA, The IronYard, Launch Tennessee and Utilize Health.

Solidus' Chris Poole

Other in-kind sponsors include Acklen Avenue, American Music Water, Baker Donelson, Bunker Labs, EVAMore, GrowthX, Heroes Vodka, Ideashare, Industrious, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Outset Data, RIFT Inc. and Twine Graphics & Screen.

Media Sponsors include Venture Nashville Connections and Startup Southerner.

Other events the same week include, among other things: