Venture Disruptors: Executives shaping Tennessee Innovation

By Milt Capps

Venture Disruptors: Executives shaping Tennessee Innovation | leadership

Leaders statewide are working to make a plus within Tennessee's 'new economy'.

Who will most significantly influence the course of innovation, invention, entrepreneurship and discovery in Tennessee in the year ahead?

Please CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT your candidates and comments -- it takes about 90 seconds.

We're looking for people throughout Tennessee whose new business model, tech innovation, philosophy or leadership might help advance the state's venture ecosystem in the next 12 months.

An entrepreneur, a VC, a scientist, an educator, a government official?  You may name just one, or up to three persons.  Yes, you're welcome to nominate yourself or others.

Identify yourself, only if you wish.  Notice that companies, institutions and governments cannot be nominated -- only the people within them who will bring their knowledge, skill and personal resources to bear in making Tennessee a more inventive, innovative and entrepreneurial state.

Thanks! for participating. If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Cheers, Milt Capps