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RSVP:  Nashville Technology Council President Ray Capp seeks opinions about tech community's most-needed resources and services, via online NTC Survey. Members and Non-Members are asked to respond to the Survey, as soon as possible. Please complete the Survey, here.

ARTE Center for Advancement of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurialism opens as nonprofit tech incubator along S. Nashville's Foster Avenue, with impetus from Founder Tarun Surti. Release May 17., May 17. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17. The City Paper, May 18. ARTE mention in Pathfinder story, Tennessean, May 18. Notes on biotech incubators,, May 12.

Pathfinder Therapeutics Inc. Co-Founder and CTO Bob Galloway explains how he, a VU Engineering professor by day, has helped to widen the medical-devices marketplace for Nashville intellectual property — but, midstate entrepreneurs need more specialized support, Tennessean,
May 18.  

Indy-based Brooksource, a division of Technical Youth, is opening IT consulting shop in Nashville, staffed by designated Ofc. Mgr. Dan Hanrahan.

Nashville's Dealerskins e-commerce operation sold to Norfolk-based Auto Trader, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 6.

Wi-Fi in middle-Tennessee is lagging nation, but Franklin making progress, Nashville Scene, May 5.

Darrell Freeman of Zycron Computer, a member of the NTC Board, is named Nashville Area Chamber's Chair-Elect,, May 10.  Nash. Bus. Journal, May 10. Tennessean, May 11. City Paper, p. 11, May 11, not on web. Freeman's Zycron Computer won Minority Supplier of the Year; CEO says there are no 'gimmes' for minority contractors, who must provide high-quality service, City Paper, May 11. CEO Jay Clarke told the May 5 NTC Tech Roundtable his firm is probably
Google's largest ad client in TN, given his firm spent $1.5 million with Google for key-word ads last year. Firm has useful blog, also.

(June 2) "E-Learning" program at NTC Tech Roundtable, 4 p.m.- 6 p.m., Panel includes Andrew Duthie, Duthie Associates, Inc.;  Bill Grana, PureSafety; and Joe Christopher, Healthstream, Inc. Details here.

(June 7) Nashville Technology Council "Tech After Hours" business networking event returns, this time at Adventure Science Center, 800 Fort Negley Blvd. Time: 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. $15 Members, $25 non-members before May 31, then $20/$30. Online registration via or call (615) 743-3160.

(Aug. 24) 4th Annual InfoSec Nashville NTC-ISSA Conference, Nashville Convention Center, details here.
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Axis Accounting Founder Wilt finds Nashville business climate exciting
"Speed matters" to Dallas Wilt, founder and CEO of 9-year-old Axis Accounting Systems, Inc., a value-added reseller of accounting software from Microsoft, Best and Epicor. "It's almost 'shocking' how rapidly we can roll out off-the-shelf solutions today, and have them quickly improve the performance of back-office operations," she explains. "The Web-based, .Net, thin-client applications and other tools have made ordinary things like automating inventory control pretty sexy."

Wilt says the new technologies, plus her mid-tier clients' traditional insistence that contractors "get in, get it done and get out" have enabled Axis to adapt well to the current marketplace. "The days when clients were willing to have six or seven consultants work long-term to roll-out big packages -- and big cushy projects in general – seem to be over, and that's fine with us, because we’ve never really operated under that model."

People also matter to Wilt, who is sole owner of Axis. That's why, with the birth of her daughter drawing closer last year, she moved to hire long-time client CIO Tammy Hawes to serve as Axis' president, to enable Wilt to offload some of her responsibilities, and to ensure that Axis' ten full-timers got more support on sales and customer relations. "Our folks work hard and they deserve someone who can really focus on fully leveraging their talents. Tammy quickly helped us take a fresh look at our own CRM processes, implemented Microsoft CRM in our office, then encouraged everyone to make the most of all the available information.  We're finding that many Nashville businesses, who may have been burned earlier with failed CRM implementations, are taking a fresh look at CRM," in keeping with trends reported nationally.

Projects big and small will earn Axis about $2.4 million in 2005, Wilt says.  The Axis VAR portfolio includes Best Software (Platinum for Windows); Epicor (financials, distribution, manufacturing and CRM); and a full range of Microsoft Business Solutions, including Great Plains and Microsoft CRM. Axis professionals include CPAs, technology professionals, distribution and manufacturing veterans. The firm's 85 current clients range in industry from healthcare and professional services(Quorum, Healthstream, Passport, American Healthways), to transportation(Central Parking, First Fleet, Mapco), to government and non profits(Metro Airport, United Way) and range in size from Augusta National Golf Club to Deutsche Bank. Wilt is modest about the firm's manufacturing expertise, but believes they do a good job for their 15 manufacturing and distribution clients. Axis CTO Britt Lowry holds much of that expertise, and boasts APICS certifications that seem in relatively short supply in Nashville.

Careers? Axis has 'em, but Wilt notes that typically pros with tightly relevant skills know that Axis will always entertain their resume. "We seldom go looking, but sort of wait for them to call us when they're ready for a new opportunity," she explains.

Wilt was born and reared in Nashville, attended Harpeth Hall, then earned a B.S. in Accounting at Washington & Lee University. She spent more than seven years working in Atlanta, where she was a staff consultant with Arthur Andersen's Business Systems Consulting Group, and then cofounder of Lighthouse Consulting Corp. (now Lighthouse Group, also a MS VAR). She sold her Lighthouse interest in 1996 and returned to Nashville to establish Axis. Axis has twice been named to the Music City Future 50. In 2002, Wilt was nominated for Nashville Business Journal's Young Entrepreneur of the Year. She is a golfer, plays piano and is active in local arts and education organizations.
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United Telephone Co. of Chapel Hill, Tenn., reportedly will announce today in a Nolensville subdivision United's new voice, video and broadband Internet bundle, using gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology,, May 18.

East TN alliance launches marketing campaign for nanotechnologies, leveraging Spallation Neutron Source, Knox. News Sentinel, May 17., May 16.

Black of iMagic reportedly sues former Private Business colleague Anderson for loan repayment,,
May 9.

Radnor Point II Fund will invest in technology and healthcare companies,,
May 5. Builds on success of Radnor Point I Fund, which invested in technology stocks.

iPayment receives stock-purchase option from CEO Daily, May 16. Nash. Bus. Journ.,
May 16. Tennessean, May 17. City Paper, p. 7, May 17, not on web. iPayment acquisition of First Data Corp portfolio paying returns,
but performance slumps, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 6.

ClientLogic is working with colleges and universities on distance learning for customer-care staff, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 10. Release here. Quoted in CNN story on call centers in developing nations, excerpt May

Academy of Country Music Foundation in deal with eBay,
May 6.

Cybera and Stinger Medical are highlighted during GBS Eagles entrepreneurs program at Emory University,
Tennessean, May 8.

CTI Molecular sale to Seimens culminates a major entrepreneurial case-study in E.TN, Knox. News Sentinel, May 15. Profits and Promises: What happens to CTI after Siemens purchase? Knox. News Sentinel, May 16. CTI Molecular sale to Siemens is completed, Knox. News Sentinel, May 5.

Venture South VC initiative for the South is launched by Southern Growth Policies Board,
release here. A report on the Future of the South is also due out in June.

Evaluating a Patent system gone awry, Wash. Post,
May 5.

(May 18, BellSouth Auditorium):
True, 'you had to be there'...but:   Yesterday's NTC Technology Innovation Conference – spearheaded by NTC Member and Northpoint Chairman Dave Chapman – was a milestone, with superb speakers who touched upon: IM; RFID; Web (EDI, SOA); knowledge discovery and natural language processing; display technology; just-in-time enterprise education and learning; venture investment in the Southeast; storage trends and media; Wide Area File Service (WAFS); intelligent environments; standards and protocols; speech recognition; VoIP drivers, media servers; 3G adoption; intelligent environments; machine-human interfaces; business processes; autonomic information interchange; and the growing importance of integrative functions, among many other topics.

EDS Futurist Jeff Wacker's compelling and wide-ranging presentation vividly reframed key issues, and revealed that he thinks it likely that modeling and simulation technologies and processes are among the most likely candidates for the tech sector's "Next Big Thing." Woven through it all was a sense that Wacker indeed sees "process" as the next "data," as information volume grows at high velocity and as
organizations struggle to embrace continual change.

As he did in yesterday's Tennessean article (see Upfront, above), VU School of Engineering Prof. and Pathfinder Therapeutics Co-Founder Bob Galloway told the Innovation audience that middle-Tennessee businesses should organize aggressively to support startups in the medical-devices field, partly because in Nashville physicians and engineers have learned to work with one another; because Nashville healthcare executives know how to sell to hospital administrators (the primary buyers of medical devices), and other factors. "We could spin-off five [devices] companies tomorrow," said Galloway -- if there were adequate
infrastructure supporting such ventures in Nashville.
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Link2Gov President Braswell named CEO, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 17. Tennessean, May 18.

Avondale Partners LLC equity analysts win Wall Street Journal plaudits, May 16., May 16. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 16. City Paper, May 17, not on web. Memphis' Morgan Keegan ranked 16th in rankings, Commercial Appeal, May 17.

Novacopy gets small win in domain war with MBM Corp., Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13, not on web. Glanx at predictive modeler SeniorMetrix is profiled, Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 13, May 13.

Hapner of Beacon Technologies among four finalists for NBJ's Entrepreneur of the Year award during Best of Business event May 24, p. 21, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13, not on web. Best in Business event registration here.

ISDN-Net's Jerry Dunlap named to Board of Endavo Media and Communications, a provider of integrated
multicast services, Tennessean, May 8.

Duthie Associates advancing e-Learning in Nashville, played key role in support of public-television
persuasive efforts nationwide, City Paper, May 18.

Spheris Inc. (Franklin, med. transcription tech) adds Degati as chief medical officer and Seloff as SVP corp. development, Tennessean, 1E,

Dell Inc. cheers five years' success in Davidson County; CEO says Dell uses Nashville as pattern for
elsewhere, Tennessean, 1E, May 18.
Caremark may use Metro Center space for call center, Tennessean, May 18
McKee Foods (Little Debby, Collegedale) opts for Meru Networks' wireless voice/data solution, release May 18.
Former Deloitte exec:  Healthcare Management Systems names Schimmel director of programming, Tennessean, May 16.

Paramore Redd online marketing allies with Bohan Ideas, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 6.

Smartvue announces advanced wireless system based on Airgo, release, May 11

2-Com Development is completing Brentwood quarters for software group, Communications Components marketing fulfillment operations, etc. The City Paper, May 10.

Martin Burns has been named as Managing Sales Director for Nashville's GLW Incorporated, manufacturer of the popular Harrison mixing console line, MacVideoPro, April 29.

Sewanee: Univ. of the South launches new website with Sitemason, release May 11.

Bob Chaput of American Technology Group appointed to expert faculty of insurance group's Virtual University, Tennessean, May 8.

BellSouth agents now selling digital services door-to-door, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 4.

Snappy Acutions franchisor Gordon featured in Investor's Business Daily coverage of franchising trends, May 7, here.

Update on Ingram Books fulfillment and delivery services for publishers, City Paper, May 11.

Comdata, Jet Fleet Intl. purchasing-card deal, release May 9.

Nashville architect knows firsthand about Dell Inc.'s fast-track approach to plant construction in NC, City Paper, May 9. Dell investment at Winston Salem begins to attract logistics suppliers, others, Business Journal of Triad Area, May 8. Dell Inc. operations highlighted during Industry Week's Best Plants showcase here this week, p. 6, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13, not on web.

PureSafety nets Best Online awards by Compliance magazine, Tennessean, May 8, scroll down here.

Franklin-based Passage systems integrator introduces RFID for Greer Stadium, using Precision Dynamics technology, RFID Journal, May 13.

Tennessean leads Madison Avenue marketing of collaboration technology, release May 13.

Mailnet names franchising guru Seid to its board, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 11. Tennessean, May 15.

Adtech launches new HD and compression product during Infocom in June, release May 9.

Converged Solutions Group's Vocera line extension combines features of VoIP, wireless, speech recognition. April 27 release. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 13, not on web.

Willie Lewis named chief manager of Iris Networks, City Paper, May 18.

Former eBay CTO Corrado joins Asurion to lead IT, investment initiatives and product management, City Paper, May 18.

Barbara Webb joins Comframe Nashville office as business-development manager, City Paper, May 18.
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Gov. Bredesen stresses role of healthcare IT before HIMSS conference, release May 5.

Gov. Phil Bredesen's Blog unveiled May 9, here.

WebMD among healthcare players getting strong consumer-responsiveness ranking in Pew study, with most firms having not yet figured-out how to use the Net, Investor's Daily, May 18. The Pew report, May 17. Related release, here.

Baptist, St. Thomas upgrade to wireless barcoding, Nash. Bus. Journ., May 4.

Passport Health wraps up acquisition of HealthWorks Alliance, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 3.

Metro Hospital CEO Spitzer sees looming catastrophe as she seeks $49M budget increase, Tennessean, May 5.

Brailer tells Nashville executives he's amazed by traction already achieved by healthcare information initiatives, HealthLeaders, May 10. Brailer speech highlights at HiMSS,, May 5.

NetRX's ContracxtRx helps automate pharmacies, May 9 release.

Blues are Bustin' Out - Roundup: BCBS' Gregg addresses E.TN. execs on healthcare benefits and looming catastrophe for healthcare delivery system, which can be averted partly by improved sharing of information, Knox. News Sentinel, May 11. Tennessean, May 8. Bluecross Blueshield in biz intell text-mining news, BI News, May 9. BCBS TN Cerner deal in Shared Health EMR venture, May 13, Kansas City Bus. Journal. More on Shared Health HIT,, May 23/30. BCBS (Chattanooga) main and Medicare webpages win web awards from Health Information Resource Center, Tennessean, 5E, May 15, scroll down here.

Laboratory model of human immune system unveiled at St. Jude's in Memphis, May 9

Shared Health EMR pilot program could be applied more broadly in TennCare to reduce fraud, Clarksville Leaf Chronicle editorial, May 9.

Health Services Research Web Sites, including HIT, U.S. Natl. Library of Medicine, here.
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Link to key in-state government bid-tracking resources, here. Also, see previous issues, here.
Tennessee Digital Government Summit is June 1, here. Schedule and speakers here. Venue: Hilton Suites Downtown Nashville.

NTC Member Survey - Please participate right away, link here.

FCC expected to rule today on "911" access, obligations for Internet phone providers, Wash. Post., May 18. Related, Reuters via CNET, May 18. VoIP 911 background, CNET, May 19.

State of TN chose Cingular as only providers of high-speed wireless data services, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 17Government Technology, May 18.

Gov. Bredesen announces Maj. Gen. Jerry Humble steps down as head of TN Homeland Security, release, May 6. TN Homeland Security funding from Feds is only slowly making its way into service,, May 10. Leaders assess Tennessee Homeland Security, threats and advances, Commercial Appeal, May 7.

TN Senate okays Bredesen jobs and broadband bill, Knox. News Sentinel, May 12. Nash. Bus. Journal, May 11. The, May 11. TN Econ. Dev. Commis. Matt Kisber says broadband for TN ranks only behind education in importance to state's economic future, Jackson Sun, May 15.

State Comptroller's audit underscores uncertainty regarding effectiveness of efforts of TN Economic and
Community Development agency, Tennessean, 1E, May 7.

Bredesen may kill unaudited grants programs, AP via Tennessean, May 5. Commercial Appeal, May 7.

Gov. Bredesen's blog introduced, May 9.

Wamp to lead Energy & Technology subcommittee, Times Free Press, May 13. Wamp statement on fuel cells,, May 12.

Computer-assisted remote hunting now outlawed in TN and many other states, Tennessean, May 12.

NEW - State of TN Dept. of Finance & Administration Portal Services RFP 317.03-121, June 30 proposal deadline, with aim of Nov. 29, 2005, fully operational portal for all TN e-government transactions, with contract including application development, consulting, etc., and with provisions for rebates linked to certain portal transaction revenue.

State Board of Parole's closely watched RFP  324.02-407 for GPS Electronic Monitoring Program scheduled to
provide proposal evaluation results, Monday (May 23).

Entrepreneurship is defining characteristic of health-care community in Nashville, Tennessean, May 16.

State of TN General and Environmental Health Computer Services, RFP 343.39-020, due June 10. Centers around IS support of permitting, inspections, etc.

State director dedicates Wide Area Radio System, Knox. News Sentinel, here.

TBI background checks provide criminal histories for small business; Kroll exec says TBI is one tool they use, also; Tennessean, April 29.

Trial for Al Ganier of Education Networks of America further delayed after rare recusals by all 7 federal judges in midstate, Tennessean, 3B, May 11.

3M security materials awards detection technology to Maryville, Hixon, Dunlap Schools, releases.

Metro Police budget request includes IT improvements, City Paper, May 11.

Metro Emergency Communications cites caller-ID problems associated with rising cell-phone usage, seeks tech
solution, City Paper, May 11.

Metro Airport uses virtual-reality technology for driver training, City Paper, May 13.

Chattanooga Mayor Littlefield says he might follow Bredesen lead and start a blog, Times Free Press, p. 9, May 14.

E-voting: Letter writer insists on paper documentation of e-votes in Davidson County, Tennessean, May 3.

State seeks CapTel telecom service provider for disabled, RFP response due June 1. Previously reported RFPs are listed at bottom of this section.

State seeks database-services vendor to support New Hire Reporting and TCSES Employer data, RFP 345.13.753, May 23 due date.

Fed funding for school technology dropping, Knox. News Sentinel, May 18.
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Tech2020 wins incubator award, Knox. News Sentinel, May 16.

Note We need your responses to NTC technology-community Survey, right here. 

emphis City Council cuts off line of credit to MLGW's Networx telecom operation, could mean private investors have control, Commercial Appeal, May 18.

Knox County Clerk says he'll continue to use software from firm co-owned by his son, Knox. News Sentinel, May 19.

Knoxville's perennial highway snarl may be alleviated by SmartWay system that lets drivers monitor congestion via Web, Knox. News Sentinel, editorial,
May 16.

Crime-mapping software helps Chattanooga law enforcement, Times Free Press,
May 16.

Red Herring has named to its top 100 Private Technology Companies of North America list, Memphis Bus. Journal,
May 16.

New center for designing, prototyping, testing new products in a single day is moving out of 'garage' to Fairview Technology Center in E. TN., Knox. News Sentinel,
May 9.

Knoxville "threepeats" on Forbes best-places-for-business ranking, at 17th spot and only Tennessee city in Top 25 this round, Knox. News Sentinel,

Online forums for mothers keep midstate groups connected, Tennessean, 1A
, May 8.

Insequence (Smyrna) supplies Faurecia in Mexico with hardware, software for supply chain operations, Tennessean,
May 6. offers business-to-business barter in E. TN, Knox. News Sentinel,
May 9.

U.S. Wireless (Louisville) online completes acquisition of iSkywire, release
May 9. U.S. Wireless and Lightyear announce major agent agreement, May 6.

Chattanooga gets new city website, produced by Purple Monkey, release. is by Aristotle of Little Rock.

GameZnFlix announces targeted advertising in middle Tennessean,
May 11.

Technology emerges from looking into rear-view mirrors: AutoZone's founder's private-equity firm in Memphis supports LaneScan LLC,
The Trucker, May 9. ALLDATA linked to AutoZone software, Memphis Bus. Journal, May 10.

Knoxville's Modern Tech Mechanical acquires 3rd Degree Engineering, software and solutions firm,,
May 12.

Knoxville-based Scripps Productions announces new broadband channels, Knox. News Sentinel,
May 16.

Geocaching grows in popularity, Times Free Press,
May 15.

Xodiax (Peak 10) establishing second data center in Louisville,
May 13, Louisville Bus Journal.

Multimedia Solutions will offer American Technology hypersonic Long-Range Acoustical Device and demo during Aug. 17 AV expo in Knoxville, release. Firm also offers A-V system and software for funeral-home tributes to the deceased, May 11.
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Austin Peay St. Univ.: Former NATO officer Col. Greg Kaufman begins leading APSU global security institute July 25, Tennessean, Leaf Chronicle, May 12.

Vanderbilt Univ. School of Engineering faculty participate in Air Force study of impact of radiation
continually shrinking electronic devices and new microelectronic materials – both in space and on the ground. VUSE release, May 16.

Univ. of Memphis Engineering college wins $1.2 million grant for development of advanced sensors with military applications; the work is linked to VU Engineering, also. Memphis Bus. Journal, May 16.

Security breach of computer system announced at MTSU, Tennessean, May 14. Warning post here.

VU Engineering Faculty and Staff garner annual awards, release May 16.

UT Chattanooga engineering facility named after Crutchfield in preemptive legislative move, Times Free Press, May 17.

More Metro students earn free computers through Dell TechKnow program, Tennessean, May 5.

Alcoa-based Multimedia Solutions gets contract for electronic whiteboards for UT and TN Board of Regents, May 11.

UT Chattanooga SimCenter begins work with fuel cells, Times Free Press, May 15.

Distance Learning Systems is recruiting franchisees for Nashville and/or Memphis, recruitment ad May 14.

Oak Ridge NL software-defined radio technology enables Carolinas firm in commercializing navigational technology, Ashville, May 6.

Oak Ridge licensee Front Edge Technologies is making gains in power sources in the nano-world, Science Daily (UPI), May 9.

College mentors learned online-speak from their k-12 wards in UT lit discussion, Knox. News Sentinel, May 10.
UT Chattanooga engineering competition, Times Free Press, May 10.

H.G. Hill Middle School seeks technology funding through Panther Prowl fitness fundraising challenge, Tennessean Davidson A.M. p. 6, May 11, not on web. In high-tech world, college education is essential to full employment, Daily News Journal editorial, May 15.
Columnist reflects on Gates' criticism of obsolete American schools, Knox. News Sentinel, May 12.
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Nashville Technology Council announces four, one-day Management Skills seminars with instructor Jay Ress, focusing on Proactive Communications Skills & Methods; Assertive Management; Project Leadership; and, Conflict Management. May/June/July/Sept. Details here.

Forget this: Boulder leads, but Nashville supposedly ranks 86th among cities in American Cities Business
Journal brainpower index, overview here, spreadsheet here.

Remember this: st3 survivors built Tubatomic interactive media firm that's gaining renown, Times Free Press, p. 19, May 14.

Tennessean Editor E. J. Mitchell said May 10 during a meeting of the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) that, even though he's still revamping the newspaper, itself, he's getting pressure from higher-ups to strengthen, the paper's online presence. Look for more news updates, more interactive features. Coverage may heavy-up on core Health, Religion, Music beats. Earlier NONT item on news-audience audit. Meanwhile, the mid-TN SPJ site has gone with blog format website, RSS, other upgrades.

VU Vice Chancellor Schoenfeld says city will be better when more Nashvillians embrace both intellectual and creative legacies, May 16, Letters, The Tennessean. Schoenfeld was responding to letter writer Michael Deal, who opined 'it'll take more than "Music City" branding' to develop high-technology businesses in Nashville, Tennessean, May 11, scroll down here. Meanwhile, the Chamber's recent industry- recruitment numbers indicate local economic push may have traction, scroll down here.

Blog Nashville conference at Belmont spotlights relationship between traditional mass news media and bloggers, Tennessean, 1E, May 7. Bloggers conference emphasizes tools of journalism, CNN, May 9.

(May 25) Is one Universe really enough? Physicist Tegmark lectures on the possibility of parallel universes, 8 p.m., Scaritt Bennett auditorium, following VU conference on cosmology and astrophysics. Release.

Michael Dell invests $100 million in Red Hat, Triangle Business Journal, May 6.

Software careers are among very hottest for new graduates, Times Free Press, May 6.

Banks' mergers and acquisitions prompt review of legacy voice and data systems, including consideration of VoIP, Column, Nash. Bus. Journal, May 6, p. 34.

Tips on going wireless from columnist Neff, City Paper, May 9.

Grokker shows web search results in visual maps, rather than in a list, NY Times, May 9.

Vonage reportedly testing Wi-Fi routers to simplify consumer access to hotspots, while Nextel/Sprint rolls-out new service, CNET, May 13.

Lucas plans to re-release all Star Wars sagas in 3-D, beginning in 2007, HollyWood Reporter via MovieWeb, March 18. Star Wars spawned EditDroid and galaxy of technologies, AP via Tennessean, May 13. Vader conducts weekly review with project lead, while programmers look-on, here.

Pew study on bloggers, Washington Post, May 16.

Microsft OneCare virus-protection service is first tested on those closest to the kool-aid, AP via
Washington Post, May 14.

Consumers frustrated with service from providers of complex technologies, newspapers, other services, Tennessean, 6E, May 17, not on web. Detroit News version, May 17. National Quality Research Center American Consumer Satisfaction Index page, U. of Mich., here. Related resource, Optimize (TechWeb), Technology/Consumer disconnect, here. Related, ForeSee Results, here.
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For frequent updates, check the NTC home page and the NTC "Tech Links" and Calendar and Member Press Release pages. Visit Tennessee's technology councils' sites:
CALENDAR ( * indicates new or revised item) 
(May 19) InfraGard Middle TN meeting, Advisory Council Update, Remote Video Technologies by ADT Security, 
Homeland Security by Mark Coffee DHS, FBI Update by Adriaan Valk 800-501-4344

(May 23-25) National High Performance Computing Conference, Pellissippi State High Performance Computing Regional Center in conjunction with the National Center of Excellence for HPC Technology and the National Science Foundation.
Details here.

(May 24) Mayor Bill Purcell, Mayor of Nashville, State of Metro Address. Nashville Convention Center. 7 a.m. registration.

(May 25) Financing the Deal: Strategic Issues for Health Care Companies, with Jim Elrod - Vestar Capital Partners; Jim Forbes - Merrill Lynch; Allen Moseley - Noro-Moseley Partners, and others. Moderator: Tom Wylly - Brentwood Capital Advisors,
details here.

* (May 25) E.TN. Tech Council program on WIMAX for Government and Municipalities, with Kelly Guthner with CH2M HILL and a representative from Redline Communications. RSVP by noon on Monday, May 23  to or call 865-220-2020. 
Details here.

* (May 26) Williamson County business-issues panel, Career Center 225 Noah Drive, Franklin, with Brentwood Chamber Pres. Don Vizi; Nash. Bus. Journal Ed. Geert DeLombaerde; MTSU Bus.-Economic Cntr. Assoc. Dir. Murat Arik; Jeanine Martin, Oasis Software. Info: Matt LeBlanc, (615) 790-4244 or
write here.

(May 26) Chattanooga Tech. Council, program: A Hard, Cynical Look at E-Commerce, The Business and Technologies, with Mike Harrison of
GeekLabs. Convention Center. RSVP at (423) 209-6813 or write here.

* (June 1) Tennessee Digital Government Summit is June 1, here. Schedule and speakers here. Venue: Hilton Suites Downtown Nashville.

(June 2) NTC Tech Roundtable, program on E-learning with NTC Tech Roundtable program on eLearning, with panelists Andrew Duthie, President, Duthie Associates, Inc.; Joe Christopher, Dir of Development, Healthstream; and, Bill Grana, CEO, PureSafety. Details here

* (June 7) Nashville Technology Council "Tech After Hours," business networking event, with technology exhibitors, at Adventure Science Center, 800 Fort Negley Blvd., Nashville (37203). Time: 5 p.m. -7 p.m. $15Members, $25 non-members before May 31, then $20/$30. Online registration via or call (615) 743-3160.

*(June 8) TN Valley Corridor New Industrialism conference, Oak Ridge, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., for infor write here.

(June 9) AITP Nashville Chapter Meeting, Topic TBA. Details here.

(June 16) Information Technology Initiatives in Health Care, with Scott Wallace - National Alliance for Health Information Technology and Commission on Systemic Interoperability; Dr. Mark Frisse - Vanderbilt Center for Better Health; Dr. Dan Masys - VUMC Biomedical Informatics; and  Dr. Bill Stead - VUMC Center for Informatics. Luncheon with John Hammergren, chairman & CEO of McKesson Corp.  Details

(June 19) InfraGard Mid-TN General Meeting, TN DHS Maj. Gen. Humble, Advisory Council launch.

(July 7) NTC Tech Roundtable, program on Supply Chain/Logistics, with panelists Stuart Smith, Asurion Senior Vice President Technology and Logistics; Bob Spieth, CIO with Ozburn-Hessey. Details

(July 12-15) Tenn. Valley Corridor 2005
National Summit, Washington, D.C. 

(Aug. 4) NTC Tech Roundtable.

(Aug. 13-15) 14th IEEE International
Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Marriott at Vanderbilt.

(Aug. 24) – NTC-ISSA InfoSec Nashville 2005 information-security conference will be Wednesday August 24, with
CSI information-security training Aug. 22, 23, 25, 26. For further information, write

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