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"Security in Real Time," details here.


   The Fall 2006 schedule is just heating up, get the details, right here...

CONNECTIONS:   BellSouth gets a bigger contract, ENA is wary, WV Fiber sold, Comcast increasing space and speed, and More...

HEALTHCARE:    Healthways deal on hold, SyMplify, Ardent, MedAssets, Biotech, Qualifacts, HealthStream, Capstone, Albion, Earmarks ...and More...

VENTURES:    New companies erupting in Nashville — as in today's announcement, plus leadership changes and where the money's going and

FOCUS:  Tom Wiese is a former Nightstalker, and still using technology to thwart terrorists, through his new firm, High-Ground Corp. of Nashville. Learn more here.

Analysts on Dell, Smart Data, Goldleaf, InfoSystems, new hires and More...
SPOTLIGHT:  Pat Shepherd provides an update on Avondale Partners LLC, here. 

EAST WEST:   TVA jobs end, e-vehicles in Chattanooga, plus innovations, deals ...and 

GOVERNMENT:    Keep up with government agencies, technology policy, trends, RFPs and

INNOVATIONS:   Idea incubators, education, research and development...and More...

  Buffett's billions, Wiffiti, IBM strategy, marketing technology, music tech and more, all...right here.


BELLSOUTH:  On Wednesday,  the General Assembly 's Fiscal Review committee voted to support the Finance & Administration Department's request to extend by three years the state's contract with BellSouth for support of the state's primary information infrastructure (TNII).  The original contract was worth about $134 million, and Wednesday's action virtually assures BellSouth and its partner, Qwest communications, an additional 2 to 3 years without rebidding, earning an additional $16 million or so per year, in the process. Some observers believe this week's action further strengthen's F&A's hand in trying to combine the TNII and ConnecTEN (ENA) contracts, in an RFP contest that will culminate in 2007.  Although ConnecTEN contractor ENA is not directly affected by this week's committee action, ENA's President and CEO David Pierce told NONT that if F&A does, in fact, eventually combine the TNII and ConnecTEN contracts, ENA will "aggressively" compete for the business, including the portion now held by BellSouth and Qwest.  In an earlier interview, Pierce explained that in preparing for such a contest, ENA would partner-up with another provider. Earlier NONT coverage, here.  BellSouth's noncompetitive contract extension was provided by F&A OIR CIO Bill Ezell, in apparent response to an unsolicited proposal by BellSouth/Qwest for a five-year extension, with discounted rates; and, in recognition of omissions in the earlier contract and amendments regarding needed vendor transition time between contracts.

FCC:  Former Tennessee TRA director and current FCC Commissioner Debi Tate
announced appointment of Chris Robbins, 34, (Princeton, VU Law '97) as her point-person on media and related issues, release Aug. 3.  FCC may have split between Dems and Republicans on AT&T-BellSouth merger issue, due to former Comptel exec McDowell's need to recuse himself from voting as FCC commissioner, Tennessean 2E, Aug. 9, not on web. USA Today, Aug. 8. Related McDowell release.

Nashville's Wilhagan Ventures ' Peter Marcum sells WV Fiber to Integrated Media Holdings,, Aug. 1.

Education Networks of America (ENA) commits $6 mil 3-year contract with AT&T - release Aug. 8.

Nashville's Digital Connections Inc. buys into Florida market via purchase of Nortel and other business from Nashville's Southeast Telecommunications, release July 10;  story in Jacksonville Bus. Journal, July 24.

VU partners to study improving use of high-speed networks:  Data depots will help speed huge volumes of scientific data along the Internet, VU release, Aug. 15. Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 15.

Comcast's mid-Tennessee GM Gauder says Comcast Digital Voice and PowerBoost for still-higher download speeds will soon be introduced to Nashville, City Paper, July 31.  Comcast doubles call-center space at new location near Opryland, Tennessean, Aug. 25.

Cingular adds cells in Davidson and Marshall Counties of Tennessee, release Aug. 21.  Tennessean, Aug. 24. Cingular building more infrastructure in E. Tenn., release July 31.

Tennessee wireless service from Nextel will continue, for now, to be provided by iPCS Inc., a Nextel affiliate, after an Illinois judge ruled in its favor. Wall St. Journal, Aug. 16.

Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) gambit is among ventures benefiting from latest surge in DC-area VC investment
, Wash. Post, July 31.

Nortel is teaming up with Broadstream Communications, the industry leader in IPTV content transport and management services, to provide a complete end-to-end IPTV solution that now includes both video infrastructure and television programming. Release Aug. 7.

VOD:  Verizon, Comcast, Adelphia moving on new content, NY Times, July 31. Time Warner buying Adelphia, NY Times, July 31. AOL expanding online video, NY Times, July 31 and Wash. Post, July 31.

Without its own network, Earthlink struggling to evolve into telecommunications role, NY Times, Aug. 18.

Despite its Bay Area initiative, Google says it has no plans to provide Wi-Fi, nationally, NY Times, Aug. 16.

Country Music Television (CMT, owned by MTV) has launched CMT Loaded broadband network, Nash. Bus. Journal, July 28.

Broadband network enables Chattanooga physicians to study medical images, via PACS systems. Times Free Press, Aug. 12.  See also Healthcare section, below.


Note: See item on broadband for telemedicine, in Connections, above.
The future of Nashville-based Emdeon Business Services (sub of Emdeon) remains uncertain, with an announcement of sale or strategic plan anticipated within 30 days, release Aug. 8.  Sage Group announced acquiring Emdeon Practice Services, Aug. 8.

Healthways and Lifemasters merger on hold
, Healthways release Aug. 25. Healthways CIO Bob Chaput addresses building trust within the value chain, and the role of technology, streaming video, July 20.

Tennessee award for Dept. of Health Patient Tracking and Billing MIS seems bound for best offeror Symphony Corporation, Madison, Wisc. (RFP 343.60-428)

Cymetrix announces revenue-cycle outsourcing center in Nashville area, Aug. 15 release.

WebMD's improving financial performance and Pew report on Americans using the Web for health information seems to be spurring investors into the space, Wash. Post, Aug. 8.

Capstone Govt. Sols. will use Trizetto personal health management software in pilot, release Aug. 3.

Healthcare Management Systems (HMS) issues so many announcements of staff appointments
, we wondered whether this was expansion or turnover.  Co-founder and Vice Chairman John Doss tells us it's both, and they've taken steps to mitigate turnover among their very mobile workforce.  Doss notes the company is on-track for $50 million in 2006, and since 2000
has been entirely employee-owned.  Company aims for 15-20% annual revenue increase, annually.  Company headcount is now about 310 persons.  Newest clients include Miller County (Ga.) Hospital; and, several facilities owned by Healthcare Partners Investments (HPI, Okla. City).  Among the folks recently noted in HMS press releases:  HMS taps Wilkerson as documents coordinator and Maccagnone as financial-implementation specialist, City Paper, p. 10, Aug. 8, not on web. Here are names of HMS application-support, project-management and related staff, Tennessean, Aug. 6.  And, Bivens now provides desktop ASP engineering services to staff and clients, Tennessean, Aug. 20.

SyMplify Technologies, a division of Sy.Med Development Inc. (Brentwood) named Jim Marks vice president and product manager, with primary responsibility for developing a new software product for the insurance industry. Marks was with NMG Advisers, with which he retains an affiliation, according to NMG President Art Rebrovick.  Rebrovick told NONT Marks had worked on the SyMplify account for several months, as part of his duties with NMG. Related: Tennessean, Aug. 8.

Ardent Health Services made several appointments, including Howard Coles to senior system engineer (from Digital Connections) and Mark Medlin to data-warehouse analyst (from Vaco Resources). Tennessean, Aug. 6.

MedAssets says Chattanooga's Erlanger Health System adopted Chargemaster, CrossWalk, and related tools. Release Aug. 1.

Joe Rolwing of Tenn. Biotechnology Assn. provides an overview of Tennessee biotech sector,
including comments on investors, research institutions as leverage, Nash. Med. News, Aug. 06.

Reportedly, in the mind of the Bredesen Administration, medical research may be the niche for E. TN. State University; university celebrates its gains in sponsored research, Johnson City Press, Aug. 24.

Memphis Bioworks and Memphis Leadership Academy team to create biotech internship programs for young students, Memphis Bus. Journ., July 28.

Technology Access Center
is key resource in promoting use of assistive technologies, such as a home-environment automation system for a youth with cerebral palsy. Hendersonville Star News via The Tennessean, Aug. 4.

Qualifacts Systems among new SoBro-2nd Ave. denizens, Tennessean, Aug. 4.

Chattanooga hospitals increasingly adopt PACS for image archiving and transmission, Times Free Press, Aug. 9.

HealthStream added consultant Gerard (Gerry) M. Hayden Jr. to its board.  Hayden is former CFO for Private Business (now Goldleaf) and Envoy (now part of WebMD).  He's also a former Audit Senior for Arthur Young & Co., and is also a board member with Nashville's Sy.Med Development Inc. HealthStream release, Aug. 15.  Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 15., Aug. 15.

Nashville's X-Ray Services Inc. adopts Evolved Digital Systems' RadWeb radiology information system
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 18.

Dickson (Tenn.) Medical Associates adopted MYSYS EHR system
, Tennessean, July 28.

At helm of Inspiris Inc. two months, John Lehman aims to unveil an EHR platform in 1QCY07, and to develop suite of clinical systems to support nurses serving frail elderly in senior-living facilities. Lehman was previously with Gordian Health Systems. Nash. Bus. Journal, p. 3, Aug. 11.

Capstone Govt. Solutions has partnered with Shared Health to test feasibility of populating Personal Health Records, release July 24.  Related:  Capstone and Medicare processing, release Aug. 11.

In Knoxville, University Health Systems anticipates migration of e-mail to new release of Exchange, and adopts DYS Analytics' Email Control! Release Aug. 21.

Nashville's Neurosurgical Anesthesiologists, PLC outsources revenue-cycle management to Per-Se Technologies, release Aug. 23.

Albion (Cambridge Sols.) says its Vantage Rules Engine, in use in Tennessee, can determine complex Medicaid eligibility queries in average 1.8 seconds, release, Aug. 22.

HealthSpring names Andy Flatt, 44, new CIO,, Aug. 10.  Flatt was previously CIO for AIM Healthcare Services. No word on Flatt's successor at AIM.

Vol State launches medical-transcription education program, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 23.

Outpatients Imaging Affiliates, LLC announced opening Florida Hospital Imaging, LLC,
a joint ventured outpatient imaging center with Florida Hospital Memorial System, a division of the Adventist Health System, Inc.  Release Aug. 14.

Memphis' MetroCare and Methodist Healthcare (partners in HealthChoice) partner with Greenway
Medical Technologies, for ambulatory software suite, release Aug. 14.

Chattanooga hospitals moving toward EHR.  Tenn. Hospital Association will support Bredesen e-Health
Advisory Council efforts to determine extent of adoption of EHRs in the state. Times Free Press, Aug. 14.

Tenn. Hospital Association, eTransX and LBMC Technologies collaborate to provide decision-support technologies to rural hospitals, release Aug. 14.

Evolved Digital Systems (U.S. offices in Brentwood) reports 1st Half losses, release Aug. 14.

HCA goes into damage-control mode in wake of computer theft,, Aug. 19.  HCA computers with patient billing info stolen, Tennessean, Aug. 11.

eHealth Initiative reports on rampant growth in States' legislation supporting Health IT for patient care
,, Aug. 18.

Congressional earmarks for 7th and 8th Congressional Districts, submitted by 7th Dist. U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-7-Franklin) and 8th District U.S. Rep. John Tanner (D-8-Union City), AP via Jackson Sun, Aug. 20.  The article suggests that Blackburn's requests in HR 5631 for $2.4 million and HR 5647 for $275K would benefit Metadata in Brentwood, and Wayne Medical Center in Waynesboro.

Healthways Inc. network manager Cassada questions Microsoft policy on patch releases
, underscoring need to stay ahead of exploits, SMB News, Aug. 1.

Update on Health IT implementation in Memphis hospitals
, Memphis Med. News, Aug. 06.

New KnowledgeQuest Institute at Cool Springs Life Sciences Center meets needs of biotech and healthcare, Nash. Med. News, Aug. 06.

Stinger Medical (Murfreesboro) offers hospitals mobile technology, Nashville Medical News, Aug. 06.

Paul Butler joined Net-Rx, provider of pharmacy solutions, as VP-sales/marketing. Tennessean, Aug. 20.

Jeff Dorris is now director-IS for NorthCrest Medical Center, Tennessean, Aug. 20.

Pharmacists' view on e-prescriptions are mixed, Kingport Times-News, Aug. 20.

e-Health could actually contribute to greater healthcare costs, NY Times, Aug. 20.

Internalized computer chips may soon help delivery anti-cancer therapies,
like a "pharmacy on a chip," Comm. Appeal, Aug. 25.


Vanderbilt's vice chancellor for investments and treasurer — and the cabinet-level executive overseeing the university's office of tech transfer and commercialization — announced his retirement plans,, Aug. 21.  Release, Aug. 18.  Related: Tennessean, Aug. 22.  City Paper, Aug. 22.

Delta Capital Co-founder Don Mundie plans to relocate to Nashville after $50M 3rd fund closes in early '07., Aug. 17.

Lucius Burch still innovating:  Smaller, high-potential businesses get financing help from Collateral Plus and Collateral Guaranty funds, Tennessean, Aug. 18.

Luminetx's Jim Phillips, who's pressing Snowflake vein-ID technology into many sectors, contends his firm holds patent, while admirers say Luminetx is putting Memphis on the international biotech map.  BusinessTN, p. 36, Aug. 06.

One-third of TN stocks rated "high risk" by David Trainer's firm:  Nashville-based New Constructs LLC scrubs financials' footnotes, looking for telling distortions in reports vs GAAP policies, p. 43, BusinessTN, Aug. 06.

Pharos Capital Group (Dallas and Nashville) joined Fujitsu Siemens Computers in raising $26 million for Egenera, Inc. (Marlboro, Mass.), a player in virtual data centers, blade computers and other fields, release Aug. 14.

Wilhagen Ventures sells struggling WV Fiber to Atlanta-based I-Media; ISDN-Net among beneficiaries,, Aug. 1.

Nashville Capital Network announced additions to its full slate of sponsors,, Aug. 11.

Middle Tennessee Entrepreneurs apparently didn't get the word:   Only two turned out for a UT-driven workshop at Cool Springs, Aug. 22, on how to submit competitive grant requests via the federal Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.  To participate in another workshop, next spring, visit here and register to receive notices.

ARTE Center for advancement of research, technology and entrepreneurship will resume facility remodeling for incubator on Foster Avenue, thanks to $4.5 million from government and from Wilson Bank & Trust, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 18.  Nashville's ARTE Center for life-sciences startups announces financing package for incubator on Foster Avenue, Nash. Bus. Journal, July 31.  Earlier: $1.2 million federal grant to help the incubator on Foster Avenue begin operations, Tennessean, June 30. Release, June 29.

Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber, Cumberland University and TN. Small Bus. Development Cntr. collaborate to launch small-business incubator in Lebanon, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 18.

8th Annual Southeast BIO Investor Forum, Nov. 8-10 in Atlanta, includes BioDtech, Inc. (Nashville, TN) as an early-stage participant, details here.

Tennessee Valley Venture Forum (TVVF) announces companies that will present Sept. 27-28 at Knoxville Convention Center.  Presenting companies:  BBR Wireless Management Louisville;  The Documentary Channel, Nashville;  Epic Secure Solutions, Inc., Bristol; Filekeeper, Inc. Knoxville; InRAD, LLC Knoxville; Jenkin Biosciences, Inc., Research Triangle; NC LiveCargo, Greensboro, NC; Pathfinder Therapeutics, Nashville; PetroGreen, Athens, Tenn.; Piedmont Pharmaceuticals, Greensboro, NC; SemiSouth, Starkville; Signal Mountain Networks, Alpharetta; Sunlight Direct, Oak Ridge; Telesensors Knoxville; Tier 1 Performance Solutions, Covington, KY; Vanick Group, Memphis.  Related coverage, Tennessean Aug. 17.

Chattanooga Technology Council Capital Connection invites early-stage companies to apply for possible attendance of a 4th    Qtr 06 forum that will bring together investors and entrepreneurs.  $300 nonrefundable fee required. Details here.  Related coverage,, July 31.

Panoff named head of Harpeth Consulting LLC, Tennessean, July 29. Nash. Bus. Journal, July 31.

Spheris posts continuing losses,, Aug. 14. Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 14. Tennessean, Aug. 15.  Spheris adds Hensley to board; he'll head audit commmittee. Release Aug. 21.  Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 21.

RenTech sells to Peak10, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 4Release Aug. 4.  NONT Spotlight profile of RenTech entrepreneur Ken Nelson, July 2005, here.

Video Gaming Technologies (Smyrna), Spheris and Avondale among Tennessee firms in Inc. 500's list for 2006., Aug. 23. Earlier story on VGT's thus-far unsuccessful efforts to get TBI support for larger operations in Tennessee, here.

Jerry Cover, former head of Private Business (now Goldleaf) and, has become investor and chairman with generational media firm in Nashville,, July 27. Tennessean, Aug. 13.

PureSafety launches online series for semiconductor industr
y, release Aug. 2.

Federal business:  BlackBox, building on infrastructure experience it gained with it acquired Nashville-area TennMark seven years ago, is pushing into federal market,, July 24.

Amid bankruptcy, a sales agent has been named by the court to sell Ipix Corp.'s 360-degree surveillance technology patents and related assets, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 17.  Imaging-technology patents of bankrupt IPIX Corp. will go on the block; story recounts the history of this former Dot-bomb survivor (with links to bankruptcy documents, etc.), Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 6.  Ipix Corp., formerly of Oak Ridge, files bankruptcy, Knox News Sentinel, July 31. reported swirling around the drain toward ceasing operations, SHNS via Knox. News Sentinel, July 29.  Further Ipix board member resignations, Knox. News Sentinel, July 28.

Tennessee ranks top among states in economic-development index weighing capital investment, jobs created and retained
, Business Facilities, July 2006. State trails NC, Texas and So. Carolina in readers' personal preference for siting facilities, based on perception, Business Facilities, July 2006.

Medtronics Sofamore Danek exec in Memphis says medical devices are hotter industry than biotechnology
, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 16.

iPayment Inc., payment and credit-card processor, posts net loss, due partly to merger expense
, Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 16. Company announced earnings, Aug. 15.  Analysts call replay, Aug. 16.

CIBER Inc. announced earlier this week it will purchase up to $6 million in either common shares
or convertible debt, as part of buy-back efforts, release Aug. 14.

Harbert Management Corp. (Nashville unit not involved) and Firebrand reveal their stake in Gateway Inc., and signal drive to 'enhance shareholder value', Wall Street Journal, Aug. 22.  Gateway's 'disappointing earnings' release, Aug. 3.  Related coverage (with mention of Nashville site plans), analysts see weakness in billion-dollar company. San Francisco Chron., Aug. 1.


Counter-terrorism:   High-Ground Corp. team recently returned from Kabul

Less than two years ago, Tom Wiese (left), a veteran of the "Black Hawk Down" incident in Somalia and a former private-security expert in Iraq, formed technology integrator High-Ground Corporation in Nashville.

His partner in the venture is Donald Ashworth Cox III, a 31-year-old consultant on Internet 2 development, who also lives in Nashville.  Wiese says High-Ground has earned $1.5 million, thus far in 2006.Wiese and four subcontractors recently returned from Kabul, Afghanistan, where they installed an advanced intelligent surveillance system to protect a U.S. State Department compound. High-Ground partnered for the job with hardware supplier ioimage US, the subsidiary of an Israeli technology company. High-Ground also provides data-mining expertise, network-linked media, exploitation of telecommunications, and other services.

Wiese, 47, is a retired U.S. Army chief warrant officer who piloted Little Bird light-assault helicopters in Somalia and other posts, during more than 16 years' duty with the "Nightstalkers" of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), based at Fort Campbell, Ky. 

He was awarded the Air Medal for valor, for his role in the now-fabled Battle of Mogadishu, Oct. 3, 1993.  He retired from the Army in 2000, 24 years after enlisting at age 17.  Reared in Omaha, Wiese earned an undergraduate degree at Embry-Riddell Aeronautical University at Daytona, and his master's in technology management at Murray State University, while on duty at Fort Campbell.

Wiese (pronounced WEESE) and Cox currently work out of their Davidson County homes, but are outfitting office space near Vanderbilt. ♦

SPOTLIGHT:  Avondale Partners steps out in California and debuts among Inc. 500

Nashville investment bankers convened Bay Area investors, organize 'field trips' to Nashville 

On August 10th, two years after opening the doors of its office near San Diego, Nashville-based Avondale Partners LLC convened its first "Small Cap, Internet and Telecommunications Conference," in San Francisco. 

Afterward, Pat Shepherd (pictured at right), the firm's senior managing partner, general counsel and head of administration, explained that the event had been attended by roughly 80 representatives of 58 buy-side institutional investors, as well as executives from 23 private companies. 

Presenting firms included: (DSCM); EDGAR Online (EDGR); Entrust (ENTU); INVESTools (IEDU); Logitech International (LOGI); NeuStar (NSR); Novatel Wireless (NVTL); NutriSystem (NTRI); Option NV (OPNVY); (OSTK); PetMed Express (PETS); Plantronics (PLT); Safenet (SFNT); Sierra Wireless (SWIR); SpectraLink (SLNK); SPSS (SPSS); Syniverse Technologies (SVR); (TSCM); Tumbleweed (TMWD); Vasco Data Security (VDSI); Websense Inc. (WBSN); (UBET); ZipRealty (ZIPR).

Shepherd explained that a West Coat presence is essential for Avondale, particulary in advancing offerings in e-commerce, telecommunications, and Internet security and data analytics, "because so much of the investor base is out there. "

"As far a the size of the Bay Area buy-side business, I would say that it is the third-largest market in the country, behind only the New York City area and Boston.  In [the Bay] area, there are more than 300 hedge funds, alone.  When you add in the more traditional buy-side accounts, such as Franklin, RCM, RS Investments, and others, you probably get to 400, rather easily."

While hometown Nashville is not currently a focal-point for Avondale technology-related offerings, Avondale does conduct  "investor field trips" to Nashville, each year, bringing to Middle Tennessee buy-side executives interested in healthcare.
Less frequently, Avondale conducts tours of Nashville chain restaurant outlets, including those run by locally based Cracker Barrel and O'Charley's.  He noted that many of the restaurant-tour participants get their first look at some restaurant concepts, on the ground in Music City.  Avondale also conducts field trips to Utah and to the Boston area, allowing buyers an opportunity to see direct-selling call-center operations, up close.

Avondale will soon transfer Nashville-based Analyst Abtin Iranmanesh to its San Diego office.  Iranmanesh will join three executives who have been in-place since Avondale opened the doors of its La Jolla office, north of San Diego, in May 2004:  Peter Boyes and Henk A. Henselaar, both of whom are managing directors and co-heads for technology, media and telecommunications, both having been recruited from California investment-banking firms.  Jonathan Vance, a vice president in Avondale's investment-banking group, rounds-out the group.

Related coverage:  Avondale makes Inc. 500 for 2006, at number 315:   Release, Aug. 23., Aug. 23. City Paper, Aug. 24. Tennessean, Aug. 24. Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 24. ♦ 


In Franklin, Susan Marlow resumes role as Smart Data Strategies' president, after Dave Barnwell departed to rejoin Memphis' Valocity, valuation solutions provider, which named Barnwell to COO., Aug. 16.

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and The Tennessean unveil Future 50 up-and-comers
, including IT/software firms and one -- Digital Connections Inc. (DCI), which made the cut for the fifth time since the rankings began in 1992.  DCI recently assumed the Nortel porfolio of Southeastern Telecom, Inc.  The 50 will be honored during a dinner, Sept. 20. Tennessean, Aug. 13. 2006 Tech and tech-related honorees include, in addition to Sysgenix and Digital Connections:  Cold Feet Creative (Emma);, LLC; Paramore/Redd Online Marketing; Altair Data Resources; Passalong Networks (TN. Pacific Group LLC); Snappy Sales LLC (dba Snappy Auctions); PureSafety; 1Point Solutions; digiChart Inc.; Concept Technology
Inc.; Avankia LLC; Dalco; Optimum Technology Services; Rustici Software;; ASE Technology Inc.; Cybera Inc.; Freedom Communications USA.

Dell Inc.:  One analyst says that beyond laptop battery fires, and disappointing earnings, the company's financial woe
s result from the rising strength of competitors, and a supposed shift from direct-sales, back to instore retail sales. San Jose Mercury News, Aug. 19.  Dell Inc.profits drop sharply, SEC scrutiny revealed, NY Times, Aug. 18.  In cooperation with U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, Dell Inc. recalled notebooks' Sony  batteries, release Aug. 14.

Ingram Micro Inc. announced Aug. 14 it will distribute Websense Inc. web security and filtering products in a new agreement, to help resellers build channels.  Websense release, Aug. 14.  The company also announced the launch of its new, next-generation service management platform via Ingram Micro Services Network, to help IT providers deliver solutions.  IMSN release, Aug. 14.

Vanderbilt Network Design & Engineering Manager Bachrach explains deployment of Network General's Sniffer Infinistream
technology to monitor network performance, release Aug. 22. Case study, here.

Baker Donelson's Bo Spessard joins Cold Feet Creative (Emma) as director-operations, Tennessean, Aug. 21., Aug. 21. Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 21.

Nashville Technology Council's board of directors announced new officers and new members:
  Damien Creavin, Chairman (Emdeon); Beth Chase, Chairwoman-elect (C3 Consulting LLC); Linda Rebrovick, Past Chairwoman (Dell Inc.); and, additions:  Jay Clarke,; Rebecca Munn, Cisco Systems; Helen Lane, CIMplify; and, Tom Doyle, HCA. Tennessean, 5E, Aug. 13; earlier, NONT, July 27, here.

Ignify, a Microsoft offshore development partner, has established a Nashville office,
plans to grow from 15 to 50 by March '07.  Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 18.

Goldleaf Financial Solutions erred in reporting KVI Capital and Captiva acquisitions
, Meyerhoff tasked with reviewing acquisitions and reporting more closely. Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 18.  Goldleaf addressed these issues in its Aug. 16 SEC filing.  Goldleaf announced 2d Qtr earnings, Aug. 15. Brentwood-based Goldleaf Financial Solutions Inc. reported 2d Qtr revenues up 48 percent to $14.1 million, with operating income down about $500K to $701,000. Tennessean, Aug. 16.

Accredo Health and First Tennessee are among clients of Consulting Concepts and Management LLC
, a year-old IT, telecom an equipment firm founded by a former Sprint sales exec, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 10.

Merasys LLC landed contracts to support Gaylord Entertainment Center and the Nashville Predators,, Aug. 1; Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 1.

Scokin launches
  Nash. Bus. Journal, Aug. 17.

LBMC Technologies added Raetz and Holden as software-development manager and general manager-sales
and marketing, respectively. Tennessean, Aug. 13.  LBMC Technologies gains Microsoft Inner Circle recognition, release.

Infosystems Inc. of Chattanooga, Nashville and other cities hits $24 million annual revenues
after 115 percent growth year. Times Free Press, Aug. 16.  Company is named to CRN Fast Growth 100.

Nashville's XMi Technology is now a reseller Interneer, Inc.'s Intellect web-based business process-automation and project-management platform, release July 30. has launched indie music streaming service
, Nash. Bus. Journal, July 27.

Valutec Card Solutions, Inc. of Franklin, provider of gift and loyalty card services, and Shift4 (Las Vegas), a developer of enterprise payment solutions, announced a high-speed connection that allows Shift4 to accept and process Valutec gift cards directly at POS. Release Aug. 22.

Nashville's Fibergrations is renamed by parent (Tracking Corp., formerly MicroTrakGPS of Dallas) and is now TRACKINGrfid, reflecting broadening from RFID base, BusinessWire release Aug. 16.

McKinney appointment SVP-Sales for Edgenet
, Tennessean, Aug. 4.

Colleen Long now heads middle Tennessee office of Mike Collins and Associates, Tennessean, July 30.

InnLink LLC, a reservations and technology firm, announced Cathey joined as JAVA programmer; Meeks joined as electronic-distribution supervisor, Tennessean, Aug. 13.

EFC Systems and Dye Van Mol partnered to upgrade Metro Nashville Airport's website, in advance of new marketing campaign, Tennessean, Aug. 23.

CompuPay (the payroll processor that absorbed Nashville's Paymaxx a year ago) landed First Tennessee Bank, release Aug. 23.

(more) Peach and Jamieson join Axis Accounting
, Tennessean, July 30. Earlier NONT item, here.

(more) InfoWorks Inc., IT management and consulting firm, announces hires of Sheehy, Halitsky, Hutton, Heggie, Kelley
,  Tennessean, July 30.  Earlier NONT item, here.

Online:  State's champion auctioneer says online eBay, SnappyAuctions and other resellers
have spurred interest in auctions, generally, Gallatin via Tennessean, Aug. 2. Avid collector uses Web search to research his finds, Dickson via Tennessean, Aug. 2.  Online collector partial to kittens, Times Free Press, Aug. 2.

Louisiana Pacific named Sherman vice president for procurement, logistics and supply management
, Tennessean, Aug. 16.

Corrections Corp's enterprise technology leader, Brad Wood, says companies that haven't introduced storage resource management (SRM) are 'drowning in complexity'., Aug. 16.

Horne LLP, an accounting firm, named McDonald to provide IT assessment and other services, Tennessean, 5E, Aug. 20.

Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity gained Rick Simon as VP-administration.  Simon served in recent years in project management, IT consulting and other roles with HCA, Asurion and others. Tennessean, 6E, Aug. 20.

Franklin-based SumEffect Software released chatFUSE sales support and live chat software, release Aug. 17.

Former Nashville Public Television (WNPT Ch. 8) CEO Steve Bass is using what he learned here about HDTV and emergency communications networks in his new gig with Oregon Public Broadcasting, Bend Weekly, Aug. 18.

EVamerica may be answer to resuming electric- and hybrid-vehicle production in Chattanooga,, Aug. 17.  Chattanooga's Advanced Transportation Technology Institute is leveraging city's energy and transport history, and recent gift of TVA e-vehicle test track, BusinessTN, p. 20, Aug. 06.

TVA abolishing 70 nuclear engineering jobs at Chattanooga
, Times Free Press, Aug. 17.

New Alabama Information Technology Association CEO Kate Gray sees strong opportunity to grow the tech sector, Birm. Bus. Journal, July 28.

Federal fraud trial against CEO of Advanced Integrated Management Services is postponed, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 2.

With impetus from Ingram Micro and reseller (sub. of Unistar-Sparco Computers Inc., Millington, Tenn.), the Memphis Technology Fair Aug. 10 emphasized IP telephony, other newer applications, Comm. Appeal, July 29.

City of Jackson is courting Portfolio Recovery Associates for call center; issue of workforce is key, Jackson Sun, Aug. 24.

Museum of Science and Energy at Oak Ridge NL seems to be moving toward private nonprofit ownership, if conditions are met, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 9.  Oak Ridge Foundation says DOE will give land and improvements for American Museum of Science and Energy, OakRidger, July 26.

New IT director slot in budget for Memphis city schools
, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 1.

Pellissippi State introduce facial-recognition technology for its Security Engineering and Administration Technology education track,, Aug. 4. Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 10.

Idleaire Technologies Corp. gains in 2d quarter are accompanied by former employee's lawsuit, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 21. Knox transportation board turns down Idelair request for technology grants, Knox. News Sentinel, July 27.  Idelaire execs say they're on-track, despite 2Q loss, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 17. Related SEC filing, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 17.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security (Knox.), InfoSystems Inc. (Chatta.) and Saratoga Technologies
(Johnson City) are among "Fast Growth 100" tech companies in the nation, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 21.

In Memphis, Public Library and Information Center and Society for Information Management (SIM) cosponsored Teen Tech Camp, for immerse introduction to technologies. Comm. Appeal, July 30.

Bionic arm and muscle and nerve implants allow injured utility lineman to use his brain to control prosthetic arms, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 12.

Plough Foundation grant gives Christian Brother University in Memphis more science, math facilities, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 19.

Rodefer Moss Technologies Group wins kudos as employer, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 21.

Systems Improvements of Oak Ridge names Skompski head of software development,, Aug. 22.

Youthful entrepreneur leverages Unum software experience into web-services firm in Chattanooga, Times Free Press, Aug. 19. (Columbia) opened operations, Aug. 9.  Earlier story on firm's relocation to mid-Tenn.,, May 24.

Davis promoted to marketing manager for Shelby Systems of Memphis, Comm. Appeal, July 30.

Online ticket sales and management allows Memphis sports fans more flexibility in transferring tickets, Comm. Appeal, July 30.

Chattanooga's TransMarkets Technologies (sub. of Innovative Processing Sols., a fleet-card fuel and payroll debit provider) provides small-fleet owners access to mobile-communictions networks, Times Free Press, July 30.

Kingsport's Protokraft LLC, provider of optical-communications components, wins Fast 50 award, Times News, Aug. 6.

Vanderbilt Athletics monitors players' blogs for content VU deems inappropriate or harmful, Tennessean, Aug. 6. The view on MySpace and FaceBook from UT, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 7.

Bailey Computing Technologies adds Farmer as IT services and training re
p, Kingsport Times News, Aug. 21.

In Memphis, Cricket's Youth Ambassadors program provides free cell phones and instruction in resume prep, etiquette and more. Comm. Appeal. Aug. 16.

Knoxville News Sentinel launches TextMe interactive center on its website for school-age youth, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 13.

GOV. PHIL BREDESEN is reportedly contemplating higher-ed research and governance reform for Tennessee, as well as five-year high schools that might offer concurrent community-college credits, AP via Knox. News Sentinel, July 31, and Tennessean, July 30.

INNOVATION TENNESSEE may have up to $5 million to help startups pursue SBIR/SBTT grants to development technology,, Aug. 16. Backgrounder on Innovation Tennessee, April 13, 2006.  Eric Cromwell, director of technology for the state's Economic and Community Development (ECD) agency, will be among presenters during the Governor's Economic and Community Development conference, Nashville Convention Center, Sept. 12-13.  The Tennessee Biotechnology Association's annual meeting in Nashville (Sept.28-29), will include panel discussions on "Biotechnology Across Tennessee, Technology Transfer, Venture Capital, and Tennessee Biotechnology Success Stories," according to TBA Exec. Dir. Joe Rolwing.  Vanderbilt's Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Dr. Harry Jacobson will address the group, as will Cromwell and Dan Marcum, chairman, Tenn. Technology Development Corp.

Congressional earmarks for 7th and 8th Congressional Districts, submitted by 7th Dist. U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn
(R-7-Franklin) and 8th District U.S. Rep. John Tanner (D-8-Union City), AP via Jackson Sun, Aug. 20.  In H.R. 5647, Tanner has asked for $300,000 for the Dyersburg State Community College online enrollment and information system initiative.  In H.R. 5647, Blackburn has asked for $300,000 for information technology equipment for Franklin Special School District.  In H.R. 5647, Blackburn has asked for $82,000 for a technology-enabled alternative education program for Lexington City Schools.

METRO CONTRACT:  Despite problems again this year with Chancery's student-information system implementation in Metro Schools, Metro Schools' Asst. Superintendent for Technology and Strategic Planning says he remains confident in Chancery (a Pearson sub.) and, regulations permitting, plans to seek renewal of Chancery's contract, rather than letting a new RFP. Chancery case study, here. Lott told NONT that Chancery costs Metro about $7.5 million during the current contract, "with $2.5 million of that being the 5-year software cost (including development of custom reports and interfaces.)... This does not include related hardware," he added. Chancery began work in 2003, after winning an RFP issued in 2002.

Metro Police posting photos of crimes in progress from surveillance cameras, via website, Tennessean, Aug. 13.  Metro will need more money for video surveillance in parks, due to caliber technology needed outdoors, Tennessean, Aug. 24.

Metro Government competition for Customer Relations Management RFP now down to a short list that will conduct demonstrations of their solutions, Aug. 28.  The presenting companies are:  ACS - State and Local Solutions; Fujitsu Consulting;  Lagan Technologies; Motorola.

The TennCare Call Center RFP 318.65-216 deadline has been shifted to Sept. 18.

Metro Online Auction System RFP 06-58, deadline for proposals is today, Aug. 25.

Tennessee's Integrated Point of Sale and Inventory system RFP 317.03-141 Sept. 26 - amended deadline.

Deadline extended:  Tenn. Treasury Department Trade Order Management System, RFP 309.01-095, new deadline is Aug. 28.

E-VOTING:   Too few e-voting machines on-hand in Shelby County, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 1.  E-voting machines little used in primary in Chattanooga, because relatively few disabled voters turned out, Times Free Press, Aug. 19.  Lack of familiarity with new voting technology and too few machines in the midstate contributed to delays and some abandoned voting efforts, Tennessean, Aug. 4.  Many Williamson County voters opted for paper ballots, Tennessean, Aug. 3.  Lack of paper-ballot scanner delayed reporting of results following introduction of e-voting in Hawkins County, Tri-Cities Times News, Aug. 6.

SCHOOLS:  Horizon software gremlins foil school opening for Rutherford County schools,
Tennessean, Aug. 17.  New software and infrastructure enable instruction and administration in Franklin Special School District, Tennessean, Aug. 17.  Metro Schools adopts School COPS software from Abt, to track vandalism, City Paper, Aug. 24.  New Williamson County schools e-mail newsletter commences, Tennessean, Aug. 2.  Shelby County Schools said to be pushing greater technology for teachers, greater Math/Sci knowledge for students, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 6.  McGavock High computer-network improvements by Beacon Technologies are among summer improvements at school, Tennessean, Aug. 4.  Franklin Road Academy adopts ADC's cabling, release Aug. 16.

REI (Algood, Tenn.) technology is helping prison officials find contraband cell phones among prisoners, Cellular News, July 31.

Integrated federal database reporting agencies' spending, grants and contracts is goal of a Senator from Oklahoma; analyst predicts lobbyists and contractors will resist creation of the new transparency, Wash. Post, July 31.

Tennessee becomes 24th state to introduce 5-1-1 traffic-information services, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 14. TDOT release, Aug. 14.

Tennessee Dept. of Revenue collected more than $4 billion via online e-filing for sales and use taxes during first three years of e-filing, City Paper, July 28.

Debacle of the FBI Virtual Case File: how $170 million bought an unusable computer system, Wash. Post, Aug. 18.

 INNOVATIONS: Research, Commercialization and Universities 

Oak Ridge NL supercomputer surpasses 50 Teraflops, release Aug. 25.

NASA's next Space Shuttle ("the most complex machine ever built") mission set for Aug. 27
.  Release, Aug. 16.

Students in Metro's Wright Middle School are first public mid-school kids to speak live to an astronaut, VU release Aug. 15. Tennessean coverage, Aug. 18.

TSU professor Frank Fekel was scheduled to be among those who voted this week in Prague on whether to declare 12 planets in our Solar System, 'stead of 9.  Tennessean, Aug. 22.  Fekel's vote Y/N, not known, currently.  Voting astronomers stun world by dropping Pluto as planet, Tennessean, Aug. 24. Local reaction to Pluto demotion, Tennessean, Aug. 25. Related, Wash. Post, Aug. 25.

Vanderbilt Engineer's Institute of Space and Defense Electronics has singular role in examining radiation
effects on microelectronics, VU release, July 31.

The nanotechnology "utility fog" illuminated by researcher speaking in Knoxvill
e, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 23.

Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA) will broaden its scope to look for business throughout Tennessee for E. TN.-based members of the alliance,, Aug. 2.

Martin Luther King Magnet school 7th-grader Jennifer Oakes is competing for $100K in scholarship funds as one of 400 semifinalists in "America's Top Young Scientist of the Year" competition by Discovery Channel (Young Scientist Challenge). City Paper, Aug. 24, not on web.

Seven Nashville-area students attended Governor's School for Information Technology Leadership at Tennessee Tech University, Tennessean, Aug. 7.

Nashville's Stratford High School IT academy is reaching out to all Metro Schools, just completed summer camp, Green Hills News, p. 1, July 27, not on web.

Oak Ridge to seek state and federal infrastructure funds for new sci-tech park at ORNL
, OakRidger, July 26. Oak Ridge Science and Technology Park is moving ahead, Expansion Management, Aug. 7.

Oak Ridge NL scientist outlines plans for advancing nanotechnology and manufacturing in E. TN. and beyond, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 24.

Vanderbilt working with Metro Schools, using NASA Hubble grant, to immerse Metro middle-schoolers in science camp, VU release July 30. VU biochemist launches Aspirnaut program in Arkansas, VU release July 30.  Tennessean, Aug. 18.

Amy McDown, a Tennessee Tech student from Fayetteville, Tenn., worked with NASA Robotics Academy at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, release July 27.

Faculty and staff of Fisk University said to be collaborating in new Center for Layered Polymeric Systems at Case School of Engineering, Cleveland. Tennessean, July 28.

University of Tennessee Campaign for leadership —  UT President Peterson envisions state's Chambers of Commerce and UT Extension Service collaborating to increase numbers of college grads, Blount Today, Aug. 23.  Peterson pushing galvanizing role for UT system in Tennessee's economic development and education, Memphis Bus. Journal, July 31.  Related, Memphis Bus. Journal, Aug. 14.  UT's Peterson pressing case for more college education in Tennessee, Times Free Press, Aug. 2.  Weakley County Press, Aug. 1. AP via Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 4. AP in Tennessean, Aug. 4.

Oak Ridge NL holds forum with NE TN Tech Council, local chambers and others, re
garding how to gain access to ORNL resources and how to do business with ORNL, TimesNews, Aug. 1. For info, write  Oak Ridge NL is mentoring small technical business on doing biz with government,, Aug. 24.

Oak Ridge NL playing key role in relocation and 'blend-down' of eastern Euro fissionable nuclear materials to Russia
, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 12.

Bardayan, an astrophysicist at Oak Ridge NL received a Department of Energy Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers., July 28.

The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has transferred its hybrid solar/artificial-light technology to Sunlight Direct LLC (Oak Ridge, Tenn.), a company spun off from ORNL to commercialize the approach., Aug. 21.

Hybrid solar-lighting technology from Oak Ridge NL is showing promise in 'greening of energy',, Aug. 7.

ORNL researchers in nuclear waste and supercomputing information fusion are named corporate fellow
s at the Lab, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 7.

Memphis-area colleges participate in NSF grant for logistics and manufacturing education, Comm. Appeal, Aug. 24.

Tenn. State University offers Regents' leadership-studies master's entirely online, Tennessean, Aug. 11. TSU Downtown campus work for distance-learning facility continues. APSU also offers the online degree, here. Nashville State Community College doing more with online instruction and Web education, also, here.

Austin Peay expands distance learning
, Tennessean, Aug. 21.

University of  Tennessee undergraduate supply chain/management logistics program ranked 8th nationally in U.S. News assessment, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 21.

Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source will attract scientists, produce economic benefits for the region, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 21.

UT-Battelle is awarding signing bonuses to E. TN. science and math teachers, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 12.  UT-Battelle 'signing bonus' helps recruit math, science teachers,, Aug. 17.

Vanderbilt:  College dorm rooms must have connectivity and power-surge protection to support electronic devices
, Tennessean, Aug. 19.



As national defense continues to bureaucratize, "Intelligence 'tribes'" remain reluctant to share Homeland security information via interoperable communications, Wash. Post, Aug. 9.

Tech Marketing:  NTC-sponsored course of building a technology marketing communications plan
, Sept. 11 and Sept. 18. Details here.

Pair enter guilty pleas for illegal downloading of Lost Highways artist Ryan Adams music, Tennessean, Aug. 25.

Apple joins in battery recall, NY Times, Aug. 25. Wash. Post, Aug. 25.

After Buffett's $31 billion gift, Gates-Buffett philanthropic partnership means giving away a minimum $3 billion per year; Gates Foundation is adding 300 persons to handle the chore, NY Times, Aug. 13.

Lieberman-Lamont in Connecticut:  Digital constituents, including bloggers spelled Liberman's defea
t, Nation, Aug. 9.  Australian columnist's perspective, The Australian, Aug. 14. Related,

President/COO Collins says mastering new modes of music distribution, and looks toward digital radio
, with meta-data on artists, etc.  Nash. Bus. Jrnl., Aug. 18.  Music publishers threaten websites that offer guitar tablature, NY Times, Aug. 21.

The Tennessean (Gannett) is now releasing more news coverage via its website, p. 19A, Tennessean, July 30.  Digital Director Glick says Tennessean reporters are now writing first for online publication, and second for the next day's print edition.

Data security:   Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN's Venable comments on new IBM storage initiative, release Aug. 22.   Advent of open-source Cleversafe, supporting distributed online storage of slices of sensitive information at diverse locations, shows the Web is impacting storage, as well as networks, NY Times, Aug. 21. Data backup increasingly common, story reports on BMI proactivity in disaster-recovery, p. 3, Nash. Bus. Journal, July  7.

New Wiffiti "wireless graffiti" enlivens a Knoxville bar, and demonstrates how text messagin
g, wireless and venue-specific blogging can create communities, Knox. News Sentinel, Aug. 4. Wiffiti from LocaModa encourages consumer interaction via large video displays.

IBM makes content-management play with $1.6 bn. purchase of FileNe
t, NY Times, Aug. 11.  IBM will buy Internet Security Systems, NY Times, Aug. 24.  Also on IBM-ISS, Wash. Post, Aug. 24.

Tennessee firms are using more blogs to reach stakeholder
s, Comm. Appeal, July 30.

Nashville artists explore how people connect, through exhibit "MySpace @ the Plowhaus," through Sept. 10. Tennessean, Aug. 18.

* (Sept. 1)  The Toad's "Talking Technology" event in Memphis on security risks, Richard Reed of SunGard. Details here.
(Sept. 7) NTC Tech Roundtable:  Sarbanes-Oxley, Legal / Regulatory issues.  

(Sept. 11) Tennessee Board for Economic Growth, 2 p.m. meeting at TN Dept. of Economic and Community Development.

(Sept. 11-12) Gov. Bredesen's annual
Economic Development Conference.

(Sept. 11 and 18)  Technology marketing communications planning, seminar sponsored by Nashville Technology Council, details here.
(Sept. 13-14) eHealth initiative Privacy and Confidentiality workshop, Nashville.

(Sept. 14) Richard M. Russell, Assoc. Dir. for Technology in OS&TP, The White House, is keynote for 2nd Navigator Awards.

(Sept. 28-29) Tenn. Biotechnology Assn.  annual meeting meeting.

(Oct. 4)  NTC-ISSA InfoSec Information Security Conference. Details here.

(Oct. 13) Software developers and other converge for DevLink 2006 at Lipscomb University, details here.

(Nov. 2)  NTC Tech Roundtable: Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

* (Nov. 2-3)  Business and Technology Expo and business matchmaking scheduled in Knoxville, sponsored by Chamber and Greater Knox. Business Journal (KNS).

* (Dec. TBA) NTC Holiday party, details to be announced.
* (January 2006)  NTC Tech Roundtable, presentation by Sitening on Search Engine Optimization. Details to be announced.












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