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Tech-talented VU School of Engineering alumni quickly spread afar
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NASHVILLE has a major concentration of Vanderbilt University alumni, generally.

But, samplings of the whereabouts of recent School of Engineering (VUSE) undergraduates and doctoral students seem to reinforce the long-held belief that Music City competes globally to keep this talent in Tennessee.

Moreover, competition is not likely to lessen. Next week, a Career Day for Engineering students has attracted 47 companies, listed here.

Almost year-round, corporate recruiters work VU's Center for Student Professional Development. Companies from Red Ventures to Bank of America Merrill Lynch are on campus this month, hosting events targeting students interested in various fields, according to the Center's website.

What's at stake for the Nashville Tech/Venture community?

Some evidence: It's a small slice, but take VUSE PhDs who within the past couple of years served as valued research assistants in just one VUSE laboratory -- the Human-Machine Teaming Laboratory (HMT), established in 2003 by Associate Professor Julie A. Adams, Ph.D.

Where are those nine? Only one of the nine remains in Nashville, with local startup GameWisp, which is gaining traction, as reported here today.

The other eight PHDs went to:

  • Bosch North America (Mountain View)
  • Charles River Analytics (Cambridge)
  • Charleston (S.C.) Southern University
  • Dynetics (Huntsville)
  • Google (Mountain View)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi)
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Indiana)
  • The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (Cambridge)

Potential emigration of such talent from Nashville seems even more striking, when the talk turns to VUSE Undergraduates who reported that they took jobs in 2012-13-14-15.

Even though we haven't determined exactly where these jobs were located, we suspect most of jobs listed below, which went to VUSE undergraduates during the 2012-15 period, inclusive, are located outside Tennessee.

Please note that this listing does not include numerous instances in which undergrads did not join the labor force immediately, but went on to further academic studies and related pursuits. The list does not reflect the minority of students during this four-year period who did not report their status or who last reported they remained open to opportunities.

The listing of job placements below may not be complete and in a handful of cases, which Venture Nashville chose not to single-out, the entry was based on a job having been offered to a student, though those acceptance decisions had not yet been reported to VUSE. Any errors in interpretation are VNC's. The assistance of VUSE Associate Dean Cynthia Paschal Ph.D., and others is appreciated.

Links to much more detailed annual fact sheets, which include ranges of proffered salaries and other data, appear at the bottom of this story.

Immediately below, the Engineering Code for each degree program is followed by the number of VUSE students with that degree each listed company has recruited in the four years bounded by 2012-2015.

Codes: BM=BioMedical - CH=Chemical CS=ComputerScience EE=ElectricalEngrg ES=EngScience ME=MechanicalEngrg

3M Company ME1
Accenture BM5 CH4 CS1 EE1 ES3 ME1
Accretive Health BM1
Affinity Solutions ES1
AF Supply CE1
Allison Transmission ME1
Amazon COMP1 CS3
American Megatrends COMP1
Aon BM1 ES1
Apple CS2
AquAeTer CE2
Architecture Technology Corp. EE1
Asurion CH1 CS2 EE1 ME1
Auramist ME1
Bain & Co. CH1 CE1
Baker Hughes BM1 CE1 EE1 ME11
Bank of America Merrill Lynch ES2
Bank of New York Mellon BM1 COMP1 EE1
Belvedere Trading ME1
BlackRock CE1 ES2
Black & Veatch ME1
Boeing COMP1 EE2 ME4
Booz Allen Hamilton BE1
Boston Consulting Group CH1
Braintree Payments COMP1
Brasfield & Gorrie CE1
British Petroleum ME1
Burns & McDonnell Engineering CE1
Bury + Partners ME1
Cambridge Associates CH1
Cameron International ME1
Camgian Microsystems COMP1
Capgemini BM3 CH2 CE2 EE1 ES3 ME1
Capital One CH1 COMP1 CS1 EE1 ES1 ME2
Carnegie Foundation BM1
CDI Corp. ME1
Cerner BM8 CH1
Ceteris ES1
Chevron CH3 CE2 EE2 ME5
Citigroup ES1
Clarity Consulting CS1
Clark Construction CE10 ES1 ME1
Clearview Healthcare Partners BM1
Cowan & Co. CE1
Credit Suisse ME1
Crowe Horwath CH1
Deloitte BM3 CH1 CE1 COMP1 EE1 ES4 ME3
Descase Corp. ME1
Deutschebank ES1
Devon Energy ME2
Dexco Polymers BM1 CH1
Digital Reasoning CS2
Divney Tung Schwalbe CE1
Dow Chemical CH1
Dow Corning CH2 ME2
DuPont CH2 ME1
Eastman Chemical CH1 CS1
EchoStar CS1
Emdeon ES1
Enercon Services CE1 ME1
Environ CE1
Epic/Epic Systems BM8 CH3 CE1 CS3 EE2 ME3
Epsilon ME1
Experitec CH3
Exxon Mobil CH1 CE1 ME2
Facebook CS1
FaithLife CS3
FedEx CE1 CS1
Fiserv Output Solutions CH1
Fluor Corp. CH2
FPT Corporation ME1
General Electric EE1
General Mills CH1
General Motors ME1
Glaxo Smith Kline CH1
Google CS2 ME1
Halma BM1 CH1
Harbour Results ME1
Healthcare Management Systems HMS CS1
Healthstream COMP1
Hope Found ES1
Hospira BM1
HSC Builders ME1
Hunter Roberts ME1
Huron Consulting Group BM4 CH4 CS1 ES3 ME1
Huron Healthcare CE1
IBM/IBM GBS Public Sector ES1 ME1
InfoWorks EE1 ES/2
Ingersoll Rand CH1 ME1
Intergraph CS1
International Paper CH1
InvivoLink BM1
Jagoe Homes CH1
JET Program CH1
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab EE1
Johnson & Johnson VisionCare BM1 EE1
Johnson Controls EE1 ES2
Johnson Matthey CH1
JP Morgan Chase ES1
Kewit ME1
Key Tech ME1
Kimley-Horn Associates CE4
Kinder Morgan CE1
King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology BM1
Koch Industries ES1
Koch Pipeline Company CH1
Kraft Foods CH1
Lifeway Christian Resources COMP1
Littlejohn/S&ME CE4
Lockheed Martin Space Systems ME1
Manhattan Associates BM3 CH2 CE2 COMP1 EE2 ES3 ME5
Mass Electric Transportation CE1
McKinsey & Co. COMP1 ES1
McMaster-Carr ME1
MedShape Solutions BM1
Mercedes Benz ME3
Merck Sharp & Dohme BM1 CH1
Metova COMP2 CS1
Metro Nashville Public Schools ES1
Microsoft COMP3 CS9
MIT Lincoln Laboratory CS1
Morgan Stanley ES1
Motorola EE1
National Dilwell Varco ME1
National Gypsum CH1
National Institutes of Health BM1
National Instruments BM2 COMP2 CS1 EE5 ME6
NCH Corporation CH1
Nestle Purina Petcare CH1 ME1
New Line Structures CE1
Newport News Shipbuilding ME1
North Point Solutions CS1
Northrup Grumman CS1 ME3
Oliver Wyman BM1
One Subsea ME1
Optio Labs COMP1
Optum BM1
OSIsoft ME2
Pacific Gas & Electric CH1
Pandora Media CS1
Parsons CE1
PeopleFluent ES1
Petronas/Malaysia CH1 ME1
Polymer & Chemical Technologies CH1
Power Plan BM1 CH3 CE2 CS2 ES1 ME5
Philips BM1
Praxair CH1
PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC ES1 ME1
Procter & Gamble ME1
Professional Service Industries ES1
Qgenda BM6 ME1
Quality Manufacturing Systems ME1
Raymond James CH1
Raytheon EE1
Real Time Innovation CS1
Reflektive ME1
Reformed University Fellowship CH1
Regions ES1
Rice 360 BM1
RMP Transportation CE1
RW Armstrong CE1
Sandia National Labs ME1
Sandler O'Neill & Partners ME1
Schlumberger BM1 CH3 CE1 EE1 ES1 ME1
Schneider Electric CS1 ES1 ME1
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) EE1
Scott Fetzer Electrical Group 14
Seequ CS1
Sensec Security COMP1
Shell CH1
Solar City Energy Systems ME1
Southeastern Tool and Design ME1
SpaceX ME1
Spirit Aerosystems ME1
St. Jude Medical BM3
Stephens ES1
Strand Associates CE1
StudioCRB CS1
Summit Polymers ME1
Teach for America ES2 ME1
Teach for Malaysia CH1
Tesla ME1
Texas Instruments BM1 EE2 ES1
The Navigators CH1
Thornton Tomasetti CE1
Thriven Financial ME1
Thumbtack CS1
TriStar Health (HCA) ES1
Tudor Pickering and Holt (TPH) CE1
Turner Construction CE2
Turner Universal CE1
U.S. Air Force ME1
U.S. Army CE1 EE1 ES1 ME1
U.S. Army Department CS1
U.S. DoDefense COMP1
U.S. Marine Corps CH1
U.S. Navy BM2 CE2 EE1 ES3 ME3
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office BM1
Vanderbilt School of Engineering BM2
Vanderbilt University BM1
Vanderbilt University Medical Center BM1
Verizon CH1
VMG Health CH1
Walt Disney EE1 ES1
Wells Fargo CE1 ME1
Whiting-Turner Contracting CE1 ME2
Zynga CS1

FOR more detailed information on jobs and salaries, etc., that have gone to graduating seniors at VUSE in each of the past four years, please click here: 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 VNC


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